Brother’s massage & my sexy bodyA lady can’t be a sole property of her hubby after getting married and as martial life passes ,always mind goes towards some specific relationship. Bina have spent a simple girl life till she get married but lot of things changed as getting laid on bed become like a routine life but not putting my thighs spread Infront of strangers as personal dignity to character are an important part of life but if sister Bina like me have had sexual affairs with her own brother and his friend prior to marriage , it’s a sin for our family as well as society but nothing have put my life in cage as both hubby Anish and wife Bina is enjoying their marital life and it’s my second visit to my parent’s home after getting married.So in the evening as I put my legs in home with my hubby Anish ,got a warm welcome as mom embraced me and than looking at me my younger brother Jeet shake hand with me ,so I moved inside bed room as Anish is sitting in dinning space and now I opened my my trolly bag as I took out a pyjamas and V necked shirt for Anish ,so I am fine in my long skirts with a sleeveless I walked to dinning space as my hubby is talking with Jeet and than I moved inside dinning space’s washroom as I took refreshment and well back to see cups of coffee for us as Anish asks me for getting refreshed as I took him inside bedroom ,than he moved to washroom as I walks back to dinning room and mom is sitting there as Jeet is also drinking coffee and sitting on opposite side ,I asked“how are you mom(Mom)fine and you(Bina) living a healthy life with him .”And as Anish came there ,mom left us and we three are drinking coffee ,so as our journey ends in the morning , our night was not normal as I am feeling too put empty cup there and left to my room ,so I removed my clothes and put a night wear as I slept on bed .so our days passed in a routine manner as in the evening ,my hubby is getting ready as he have to board train for new Delhi and so my brother is going to Kanpur central junction with Anish,it’s 07:00 pm as booked cab is standing out of our home and than they left for station as I am feeling bit sad but well excited about my illicit affair going to get some fuels as mom came to me and both starts talking“I think Jeet will be back till 9:00pm(Bina)yes mom than(Mom)if he have packed foods from a restaurant(Me)it’s all right but I am feeling bit tired ,so a cane of beer(Mom)stop drinking beer as you are addicted to it(Bina smiled)no mom ,I take it quite often.”And so mom called her son as he got the menu and it’s 09:10 pm as Jeet walked bakırköy escort inside home with a carry bag and put it on table .so he walked away as I hold it and took out packet of foods ,so I can see 4 canes of cold beer as I took it and put it in it’s a last week of February ,bit cold is prevalent but can’t drink beer if it’s bit hot also and after a while ,I moved inside Jeet’s bedroom as I am bit hot while looking at my brother’s semi nude body as he is on bed while a brief is on his pollution with heat always makes our life difficult in Kanpur city as Jeet have put his eyes closed ,I walked to him and sits beside his face and than as I touched his cheeks ,his eyes opened and feeling too shy ,he wake up and tried to put a towel on his waist but as I put away his hand he is bit crazy and now he hold my breast on night wear as he starts squeezing it and my hand is rubbing his bulge on his undies ,seems to be hard and than he hold my back as he pulled me on bed.Now a young guy is leaning on my body as he starts kissing my neck as his chest is putting pressure on my soft boobs just covered in night wear with no brasserie ,so feeling horny I hold his back as he is kissing my face and now as he tried to remove the night wear having front ropes ,I pushed him and he is a sleeping lion with his strong physique and I leaned on him as I put my lips on his lips and kissed hard ,so he is rubbing my back and as I shoved my tongue in his mouth ,he is sucking it hard while rubbing my sexy butts and as our sexual session have begun ,I heard mom’s screaming“Bina ,are you here to meet your parents or getting physical only(Bina took out her tongue and looks back)jealous ,it’s not more than a foreplay but tomorrow night I will show you my sexual affair with him.”and I left my brother’s body as his bulge is hard in undies ,so as mom Juhi is looking at us ,she said “Bina ,have your meals and go for sleep.”And I moved to washroom as after refreshment ,I got delicious food as I have put a cane of beer also ,so starts drinking it as Jeet is not there and after drinking beer in a hurry ,I left the dinning chair as food is still there and mom asked“have your meals baby(Bina )mom my body is in pain as I want bit rest and than I will have it.”so mom put two plates on my meals to cover it as I am looking for hard massage but it’s Jeet who can give me a nice massage but it’s Juhi who can put obstacles there.So as I moved to my room ,I get laid on bed and hold my mobile ,so called my hubby “hi ,how are you ?(Anish)fine baby ,have eaten beşiktaş escort my meals and going to sleep(Bina)ok ,so talk you in the morning ,good night .”and than I called my younger brother Jeet as he starts talking with surprise “hello ,what happened as you are calling me(Bina)are you free now(Jeet)yes but what’s the work baby ?(Bina)need a hard massage.”and Jeet came in my room as he is in drunken state and while sitting near my waist ,he said “go and have a bottle of oil with a cane of beer(Bina wake up)you are looking too inabreviated ,so please don’t drink more.”And he smiled as he wake up and hold me tight ,while standing he starts kissing my face as his hand is moving on my V shaped butts ,so I hold Jeet’s hair as I put my lip in his mouth and he is sucking it wildly as his hand is rubbing my as I felt my vagina starts itching ,I pushed him back and walked away ,so I can see mom holding a cane of beer as she is sitting on sofa and drinking beer“what’s going on inside Jeet’s room ?(Bina)mom I need a hard massage ,so please let him do it .”And mom nodded her head as I took a bottle of Melrose sweet almond oil and than a cane of beer ,if Jeet like to have it .so as I moved inside room ,he is sitting on bed and than I gave him oil as well as beer,he put cane on bed’s upper case as he said…..”put a bedsheet on bed as oil will make this bed dirty.” And I took out a bedsheet from a almirah as I put it on bed ,so I slept with my legs straight on middle of Jeet hold the ropes of night wear as he opened it and a panty is on my vagina ,so my sexy body is nude as he removed my cloth ,so he opened the cap of a oil bottle as he put oils in his palm and now starts using it on my flat tummy to waist as he have left my boobs untouched and now as he starts rubbing my body hard with his palm ,my body is in sensation and I starts rubbing my legs to thighs on Jeet inches down to my waist as he hold my crossed thighs and just widened it ,so drops oils on my soft thighs to legs but he is not touching either my boobs or vagina ,so as my thighs to legs are oily ,he starts rubbing it hard with his both palm giving me a nice massage on my both thighs to legs and feeling too horny ,I put my thighs apart in opposite directions ,so he is rubbing my legs to ankles as he asked “need more rub on it(Me) enough but you have left my chest and glory hole untouched(Jeet)yes my baby ,I am not a professional massage boy ,so I have to get my perks from your sexy body(Bina too shy as she put palms on her face)you are a bastard .”And now he beylikdüzü escort turned me back as I get laid with my front oily body down and my back with butts are in upwards he starts putting oils on my back to butts as his other palm is rubbing it hard and I felt like my cunt getting wet soon ,so looks back as I smiled and Jeet have put oils on my back parts of thighs to legs as my thighs are bit apart and I am sure ,he is getting my vagina’s look and as his both palm is rubbing my upper back to thighs and legs ,I am screaming in pleasure“uh ah um Jeet, please put oils in my holes as it’s horny for your fingers(He smiled)will give you darling ,let me do my message.”And now he put oil on his two fingers as he put one in my upper hole that’s anus hole and other in vagina’s hole but as my waist is beneath and little space is there to finger my cunt ,he hold a pillow and said “baby , please put your waist up for a moment”and there ,he pushed pillow under my waist ,so my legs got spread as my horny holes is giving him too space ,so his both fingers like a scissor is fingering my both holes and as it’s oily ,I am feeling too hot while sounding sexy “uh ah it’s great ,finger my cunt hard and if possible fuck me(I heard mom’s shouting)Bina ,it’s not a massage but you both are moving towards sexual affairs.”and as my vagina starts crying Jeet asked me to move straight.Bina is nude with her body oily but her tits and vagina are still untouched ,so as mom left us ,Jeet pulled down his undies and his long cock is in fire.jeet than put pillow under my butts as he starts licking my wet cunt with his tongue and feeling too aroused ,I starts pressing my both boobs hard “uh ah Jeet ,fuck me soon my brother”and after tasting my vagina’s fluids ,he leaned on my boobs and starts sucking it ,so a nice massage turned romantic and as my other breast is getting pressed ,I am too horny and I pushed my brother’s face back ,so he wake up but it’s unexpected as he hold his long cock and shoved it in my wet vagina ,now his 2/3 rd cock is fucking my vagina hard as he is shouting “uh ah sexy your massage is now at end .” And Jeet leaned on me as I hold him hard ,so starts bouncing my butts up & down as his whole body is on my top ,love getting fucked in missionary position as I am enhancing fuck pleasure while bouncing my butts and Jeet is not going to stop fucking her sister’s vagina till he ejaculates semen in my vagina and as he is fucking me for last 5-6 minutes ,my cums have evaporated and dry as well as hot vagina is in fire ,so I am feeling on top as he screams “uh ah have it ,it’s cumming but soon open your mouth also “as his cock poured semen in my cunt and there ,he took out his cock as he pushes it in my mouth and I have it’s cum.lastly ,he jerked cock on my boobs … my lips ,face and breasts are bit sexy with semens on it.jeet moved away as I am on bed like a slut lady…….



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