I woke to the beeping of a heart monitor.

Beep … Beep.

I opened my eyes to see Amanda, my beautiful step-sister sitting with her head in her hands. She sobbed and sniffed before looking up, and seeing my eyes were open. She leapt out of her chair.

“Matt!” She cried with a smile on her face. “You’re awake! Thank god! I was so nervous!”

Her golden blonde hair hung over and grazed my face as she leaned to give me a big hug. “Morning Sis,” I said, though my throat was scratchy, “What’s going on? What happened to me?”

“You don’t remember?” The last thing I remembered was leaving my economics class to drive home. I shook my head. “You were in a car wreck; a drunk driver almost killed you.”

She tilted her head and grabbed my wrist above my heavily bandaged hand.

“But you’re okay now, just a couple of broken hands and a bruised rib.”

It felt worse than that. My entire body ached like I’d been hit by a car. You were hit by a car, I realized.

“How long have I been out?” I asked.

“Just a day and a half. The doctor says we can go home whenever you’re up to it.”

“Okay, let’s go then,” I said, anxious to get home and in my own bed.

Amanda went out in the hall to speak to the doctor, and I looked at both my casted hands. What a nightmare. How would I survive like this? Amanda walked in with a serious-looking doctor in blue scrubs.

“Matthew,” he said, “you’ve been in a serious accident, you should stay at least another night, and there’s also the Matter of your home care. Will your parents be taking care of you?”

Amanda shook her head. “No, we’re orphans, so to speak. Our parents were remarried, but then they both died in a car wreck.”

“Then who will look after you?” the doctor asked me, instead of Amanda.

“I will,” Amanda replied.

“Well, we can’t release him unless you’re of legal age.”

“Of course, I am,” She said, her face beaming, “I turned 18 two months ago.”

“Amanda you can’t. What about your classes? I’ll figure something else out,” I said. I felt terrible that she would be stuck with the burden.

“Don’t you worry about it,” She said leaning in to kiss me on the cheek again. The smell of her cinnamon perfume made me feel like home. I loved my step-sister.

“I don’t want to stay here Doc, I want to go home.” The doctor nodded his head, and Amanda wheeled me out in a wheelchair not ten minutes later.

I passed a few days sleeping. I didn’t have the energy to do anything else. Amanda brought me my food and kept me company for as long as I felt like talking. About three days in I was gaining more of my usual energy back, but I was still stuck inside.

I couldn’t sleep that night and I rolled over to a clock reading 2 AM. I felt a stirring in my cock which meant he was coming illegal bahis back to life as well, and he hadn’t had release for some time. I pulled the covers off myself and touched my dick with my casted hands. The cast was hard and callous against the soft skin of my shaft.


I’ll never be able to jerk off.

Instead, I wrapped my soft sheet and blanket around the cast and tried again, but the hardness of my cast was felt straight through the soft material of both.


I turned over and tried to sleep, but now my cock was raging hard. I ground it into the Mattress beneath me, the Mattress yielded and the friction felt good. This could work. I ground away slowly while I yearned for release.

Suddenly, the room filled with light as Amanda opened the door and walked in. “Matt! Oh my goodness I’m sorry!”

I rolled over quickly, embarrassment settling in my loins causing my cock to feel unsettled. “Jesus, Amanda haven’t you heard of knocking?”

“I’m sorry I just heard noises and thought you might need help.”

“Well, I Do,” I said, desperation leaking from my voice. “But not the kind you can give me.”

I closed my eyes. This was a fucking nightmare. Amanda approached my bed, her feet falling softly on the floor until she sat.

“I’m sorry, Matt, I know things are hard for you.” I chuckled; she had no idea how hard. “But you’re right that’s the one thing I can’t help with. You’re my step-brother.”

I was joking when I told her I needed help, but she took it as a serious request. I re-opened my eyes to stare at her. She wore just a sports bra which barely contained her perky huge tits and a pair of old running shorts. For the first time, maybe because I was so horny, but I realized just how sexy Amanda was. Toned and tight and beautiful.

“Be good Matt,” she said, as she watched my eyes drink her in. “I’ll leave you now. I won’t bother you again, call if you need me.” She kissed me on the cheek and I saw her huge cleavage as she leaned down. “I love you,” She said.

Once she left I went right back to grinding my dick into my Mattress, but this time, I was thinking of her perky tits in that sports bra. I couldn’t cum, and I was frustrated beyond belief. I thought twice about calling out for Amanda and begging her to help me. I finally fell asleep that night unsatisfied, craving my step-sisters huge tits and tight ass.

The next morning Amanda woke me up by pulling the blinds in my room. The light flooded and my eyes jerked open to see her. She sat in a chair next to my bed and handed me a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon. “Thanks,” I said.

“No Problem. Eat that, then we need to get you a bath, you seriously stink.” She said laughing and holding her nose.

“Hey it’s not my fault; my nurse should probably take care of cleaning me!” illegal bahis siteleri She punched my arm playfully. “Ouch,” I said through a smile, “Now the nurse is abusive as well! This is the worst care ever!”

“I’m not your nurse asshole, and you better be more appreciative!” I couldn’t help but laugh as I ate my breakfast and she stood to walk to my dresser. “Here put these on,” she said throwing me a pair of swim trunks.

“What? I can’t take a bath with a swimsuit on,” I said.

“Well, you’re not going to be naked, especially after what I saw last night.” Her eyes looked suspiciously toward my groin. “I’m your step-sister after all! I know I heard more of … whatever it was … going on after I left so I hope you took care of it.”

I sighed, thinking about the awkwardness of the topic. “No I didn’t, and I don’t know why you have to play coy, you know exactly what I was doing.” She frowned and crossed her arms causing her big tits to bunch up under her white v-neck tee shirt.

“Well, I’m sorry, but you’re wearing the trunks.”

I put them on and walked to the bathroom behind Amanda. God, I wish my hands weren’t in casts so I could just jerk off. Her peach ass swaying in front of my eyes got me rock hard before I even got to the bathroom. She ran the hot water and turned to me. “Sit,” she said. I lowered myself into the hot water with Amanda’s help. It felt amazingly soothing on my aching body as it seeped into my pores. Amanda took a bar of soap and leaned over the tub toward me. She gently started stroking my chest with the soap and her tits continued to bob in my face. My cock was rock hard, I couldn’t hide it. She looked down and saw my eyes lingering on her tits, and then she looked at my dick. The bulge out of the thin fabric of my wet swimsuit was almost 8 inches long, and it was pointed directly at her. She shook her head and let a ‘tsk’ escape her luscious lips. I smelled her breath which was sweet like mangos.

“What are you going to do about that?” Amanda asked.

I know what we can do with it, I thought. You can take it in your hand and jerk me off. Make me cum all over my step-sister’s huge tits while you lick and suck me.

“I don’t know Amanda,” I sighed. “I just think it will work itself out eventually, but it’s torture.” I sighed.

“Well, I’ve been thinking, and maybe I can help.”

My dick renewed its throbbing.

“Really? You would do that for me?”

She smiled and sat on the lip of the tub and kissed my cheek. “I’d do anything for you. I know you’re really frustrated and angry.” Amanda bit the corner of her lower lip. “It can only be my hands. You’re my step-brother.”

I wanted to scream out thanks to god, but I kept my cool. “You’re right, that’s fine.” I agreed. What else could I do? Her hand dropped the soap into the canlı bahis siteleri water and she placed it on my chest. She rubbed my chest down to my stomach, then onto my waistband. Her hand was so soft and warm; I needed it on my cock.

She wrapped her long delicate fingers around my pole outside of my swim trunks. Just a thin layer of fabric separated her hand from my dick.

“Oh my god,” She said, her chestnut eyes wide. “It’s so big.” She stroked me through the swimsuit squeezing my dick hard and stroking me quickly then slowly causing her tits to bounce in my face. My dick was aching and throbbing against my swim trunks. Her hand squeezing me felt amazing, but my cock yearned for release.

“Almost there Matt?” She asked. “I can’t believe I’m doing this to my step-brother.”

“Well, It feels good, but maybe you can take my pants off?” Her grin turned sideways in a cautious glance.

“I don’t know,” She said. “You sure this is the only time? You’ll be okay after this?”

“I’m sure Amanda. Please, I just really need it.” She smiled, grabbed the waistband, and pulled my swimsuit down. Her eyes grew even wider, like a cartoon’s, as my cock sprang free. Its purple head beaded with pre-cum.

“Oh, my god,” She whispered before reaching out, and wrapping her hands around my shaft. That first touch caused a shiver through my body. I couldn’t believe how good just her hand felt. It was like a lightning bolt through my body. She held her hand tight around my cock for a moment. Pulsing it, feeling it, then she slowly began to work it.

She gripped the foreskin and slowly worked it up and down my shaft. Her soft fingers rubbed so gently on the head of my cock at the top of every stroke, and worked deep into my hips at the bottom. I moaned as she eyed my cock hungrily.

She pumped my cock up and down while I thrust my hips up to meet her. I stared at her huge tits and imagined the taste her fleshy nipples while her eyes and hand never left my cock. I fucked her soft squeezing fingers until I felt my release burning inside of me.

“I’m going to cum,” I said.

“Do it Step-Bro, Cum for your Step-sis. I want to see you cum for me.”

My cock pulsed as cum shot out all over her huge bouncing breasts. She gasped as she watched the cum shoot forward toward her and landed on her chest. The warm semen trickled down into her cleavage as she continued to stroke and milk my cock.

I settled into the bath and let out a long sigh.

She still didn’t let go of my cock as she used her other hand to wipe the cum off the skin of her tits. I saw a moment of hesitation pass where her eyes lingered hungrily on the warm cum in her hand. I was sure she would lick it off her fingers before she rubbed it into the tub.

“Right then,” she said, finally releasing my cock from her grip. “I think you’re nice and clean.” She stood to leave and threw a towel on the toilet. “I think you can dry yourself off.”

I laid back down in the tub hoping things wouldn’t be weird with my step-sister, but that’s exactly what happened.



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