bro & sis togetherMy plane got in at 10.00 am, and I lashed out on a taxi to take me to see Mum. I’d phoned ahead, and she was waiting to see me. I got a big kiss and a very motherly hug when I arrived.”How long can you stay, Scott? It’s been so long since you were home.” “I’m sorry, Mum,” I apologised, “I’ve got to fly out to Melbourne this evening — I start my contract on Monday, but it’s only six months, and then I hope I can come back.””Oh, pooh,” Mum voiced her disappointment in the usual way, but she knew I wasn’t going to be able to stay for long. I’d recently finished my IT degree, and some intensive practical training, and was ready for my first professional challenge, even though it was interstate.”I hoped I’d be able to catch up with Abbie while I’m here, just to say, ‘Hi’ and see how she’s going.””Hmm,” – a shadow passed over Mum’s face, “I haven’t seen Abbie for months and hardly spoken to her on the phone. You knew she’d gone off to Melbourne with that bastard Eric, didn’t you?””Yeah,” I replied, “and I know she lost the baby, and then broke up with Eric, but I thought she’d come back home?””No, honey, she cut herself off from me and seemed to just disappear — look, if you’ve got a chance, could you look her up and make sure she’s okay; here’s her address and mobile phone number; at least, I think that’s where she is.”Abbie was three years younger than me, which made her now 22. Mum and Dad had divorced when I was eight; Mum threw him out when she got fed up with his drinking and chasing anything in a skirt; he died about 8 years later. Mum had a hard time bringing up us k**s; she was nineteen when she’d had me — it was a shotgun wedding, and I don’t think there was much love between my parents. Mum fought hard to care for Abbie and me, and I think she did a pretty good job. We managed to stay out of too much trouble, and I developed a big interest in computers, and ran a lot to keep fit.As I hit puberty, Mum made it clear that I would have to take on some of the family responsibilities, and I was okay with that, although Abbie always wanted to hang around me, and I found that a bit annoying.Mum took me aside one day, and said to me, “Scott, you know that Abbie really looks up to her big brother — you’re the main male influence in her life, and although she would never say so, I know she looks up to you, so cut her some slack.”After that, we started to become more friendly, and in her mid teens, she started to develop very nicely. When I last saw her, just before I headed interstate to university, she had become a very attractive young woman. She was happy, healthy, uninhibited and enjoyed teasing me about my lack of success with girls, and not afraid to flaunt her gorgeous body in my face, then run away giggling when I threatened to deal with her.Mum and I spent the rest of the day chatting and laughing and I caught up on the family gossip, most of which was pretty much what I expected. Later in the evening, Mum drove me to the airport, and treated me to a warm and generous kiss before I headed off to Melbourne. I’d found a room at a cheap hostel while I looked for something more suitable, booked myself in and settled in for the night.Next day was a Thursday, and early on I rang Abbie’s phone but just got an answering service. I left a message asking her to call me back, and continued hunting for a suitable car to get around the big city. By 4.00 pm, I hadn’t heard from Abbie, so I rang again, and left another message saying that I would call around 7.30 pm. As I didn’t yet have my own transport, it was closer to 7.45 pm by the time I worked out the directions and the tram routes and got to Abbie’s place. It was a small apartment in a rather run down block. I couldn’t see any light from her apartment, but I knocked on the door, and shortly I could hear steps coming towards the door. It opened, and it was obviously Abbie, but not at all how I expected.The Abbie who opened the door to me seemed to be quite different from the little sister I knew and loved.”Oh my God, Scott, what are you doing here?” Instead of the bubbly, laughing, gorgeous, sister that I remembered, Abbie looked drawn and stressed. Her hair was pulled back into an untidy pony tail, and wearing no makeup, her skin looked pale and a bit grubby. And her unit smelled rather stale and unappetising.”Well, hi to you, too, little sister; are you going to keep me standing on the doorstep all night ….?””Oh god, Scott …” she replied, “Why are you ….I don’t know what to …” she paused, and I was astonished to see her looking embarrassed, uncertain, and, most startling of all, terrified.”Scott, you can’t … I mean what are you doing here?” But before I could answer, she continued, “No, Scott you mustn’t ask … Oh, hell, I don’t know what I’m saying, but please don’t harass me.”I was very shaken, but tried to reassure her, “Abbie, I’m your big brother, and you know, or you ought to know that I love you, and the last thing I’m going to do is harass you, but …””No, Scott, PLEASE, no questions now. Please, I beg you, will you do me the biggest favour you’ve ever done for me in my whole life? If you care about me at all, just turn round and leave, but come back in 48 hours time, and I’ll cook you a meal and answer all your questions, but just not now — please, big brother?””Okay Abbie, if you say so, but just one question — is there anyone here who you don’t want me to see, or who is threatening you?”Abbie looked a bit surprised, but said, “No, now if you love me, please go and come back in two days”.More puzzled than I think I’ve ever been before, I left and made my way back to the hostel, and got an early night. But I spent most of it tossing and turning and trying to figure out what was wrong with Abbie. I was up early next morning, and after breakfast, I was able to find myself a half-way decent car at a price that I could just afford, and the deal was quickly done. The following day I spent in a rather desultory search for more permanent accommodation, but I was really more concerned with turning over and over in my mind the question of what had happened to Abbie. But I did stop off and buy a big bunch of flowers for her and a drinkable bottle of wine to go with the promised meal.By the time I left I had showered and changed into “smart casual” and headed for Abbie’s place. When I rang the bell, the vision in front of me was so unlike the Abbie I’d seen on the Thursday that I did a double take. Abbie was quite tall, maybe 5’6″, dark brown hair with chestnut highlights worn down to her shoulders, long slim legs leading to a firm but eye catching butt, and boobs not overly big, probably 34B, but completely in proportion to the rest of her body. They were beautifully shaped, like ski slopes; I’d seen her in a bikini, and her nipples stood out firmly like pencil erasers.Tonight, she was dressed in a soft pastel blue blouse with big buttons down the front, cream coloured linen slacks and open work sandals with about a three inch heel. She’d obviously washed her hair and brushed it until it glowed, her make-up was understated but captivating, and her fingers were tipped with glossy red nails. She looked gorgeous, and I told her so, and I looked her up and down until she blushed.”Why, thank you, big brother — please come in, and thanks for the lovely flowers.””And some decent wine for dinner,” I told her, but she looked embarrassed,”I’m so sorry, honey, but I can’t share that with you — I’ve put myself on the wagon — it’s part of my sad story,” she said with the faintest ghost of a smile.”Are you going to tell me some of this story?” I asked Abbie, but she shook her head. “Food first, then I’ll tell you as much as you want to know.””Promise?” I asked, and she nodded her head.”But it’s not a pretty story, and I don’t come out of it very well. But you are the one person I can trust, Scott; please don’t judge me, that would break my heart.””Abbie, you’re my little sister and I love you. I don’t care what has happened, or what you’ve done — I’m here for you.”Her eyes shone with tears, and she turned away to see to the meal, and, I thought, to gather herself together.When she turned back she was smiling, and said, “Thank you, Scott, you don’t know how important that is to me. Now, come and eat; have some of the wine if you want it — it might give you strength to hear what I’ve got to say,” she smiled.The meal was enjoyable — Abbie was a good cook, and we exchanged small talk and cleared up afterwards. Then we sat close together on an old and rather battered sofa, and Abbie poured out her heart to me.”You knew that I’d hooked up with Eric, didn’t you?” I nodded — they’d become an item just as I went away to university.”To start with, he was wonderful, and Mum thought the sun shone out of his arse; so did I, to be honest. But then he wanted to move back here to Melbourne — Mum was none too happy, but Eric was talking the talk about marriage, and we believed him. We got back over here and found a place to live, but he soon lost his job — he was a salesman, and apparently some of his practices weren’t entirely legitimate.””Then he started to turn nasty,” she continued. “He started drinking heavily; he was a nasty drunk, vicious and violent. I tried to calm him down because I thought I still loved him, but then one night around three years ago, he ****d me.””He’d been out drinking and got home earlier than I expected,” she continued. “I was in my dressing gown about to take a shower, and he claimed I’d had another man here. I told him that was nonsense, but he called me a bitch and a fucking whore who couldn’t keep her legs closed. He tore my gown off, threw me down on the floor and just fucked me brutally. It was so painful and I felt so cheap and degraded that I couldn’t even move after he got up, called me more filthy names and staggered off to bed.”Tears were running down Abbie’s face, and I put my arm round her, held her to me and stroked her hair.”Abbie, love, please don’t carry on with this if it’s too painful for you.””No,” she replied, “I’ve got to tell someone, and you are the only person I can trust.””OK, sweetness, I’m here for you, but take it in your own time and stop whenever you need to.” I tried to make my voice sound as soothing as possible, but underneath I was seething with fury at what that bastard had done to my little sister.”I was caught in two minds, whether to stay with Eric and try to help him through his problems, or to get out and go home to Mum. But I’ve always been stubborn,” she looked at me and smiled as I raised an eyebrow. “However, a few weeks later I discovered that I was pregnant, and in my naivety, I thought this would bring Eric and me closer.” Abbie’s voice had an ironic edge to it. “I don’t think it is possible for anyone to be so wrong; he turned even nastier, if that was possible, and accused me of thinking more about the baby than of him.”Abbie’s voice started to tremble, but she stuck to her story. “It happened when I was about three month’s pregnant. Eric had been drinking as usual, and he came home in a foul mood. He started yelling and threatening me, and I stood up to him and told him to shut up because it would harm the baby.”Abbie sighed and tears came into her eyes but she carried on. “Wrong thing to say, I guess, with the benefit of perfect hindsight, but he came for me, slapped my face and shoved me hard in the chest. I staggered, tripped and fell to the floor, landing hard against the corner of the coffee table, and I passed out. Next thing I knew, I was in an ambulance, heading for the hospital. To cut a long story short, not only had that bastard caused me to lose my baby, but he damaged me in such a way that I couldn’t have any more c***dren.”I took her hand and held it tightly. “Oh, Abbie,” I whispered, “If only I’d known.””No, sweetie, I didn’t want anyone to know. Mum would’ve been, ‘I told you so’, and I couldn’t handle that, and you were at university, and I didn’t want to burden you with my worries.”I started to speak, but Abbie cut me off, “No, Scott I made my decision to fight this out myself without relying on other people — please don’t be too hard on me about that.” “God, no, Abbie, I just admire you for your courage.””Hmm,” she murmured, “I’m not too sure about that. Anyway, when I got home, Eric had left, taking all our money and anything he could sell for cash — fortunately, I had my own bank account, such as it was, and he couldn’t touch that. And that swine left me a sort of a note, saying ‘Sorry you tripped and fell and lost our baby. I guess I’ll be better off on my own for a while’.””Trying to insure himself against an assault charge, I guess,” I commented.Abbie nodded. “I didn’t report it to the police — I had no evidence and the only marks on my body came from hitting the end of the coffee table.””Wow,” I said, inadequately, “that certainly was a tough break, but at least you were rid of Eric.””Oh, no,” Abbie replied with a grim half smile on her face, “that wasn’t the worst part. A couple of months after I came home from the hospital, I had a visit from two very unpleasant guys who were looking for Eric. They said he owed them money, which didn’t surprise me, and seeing that I was his wife – well, his de facto, pendik escort I had to pay up. I tried to tell them that I didn’t have any money, and they said that I’d have to get it, $5,000 to be precise. They gave me a week to find it, and told me, ‘get the money or you and your mother and your brother will have a nasty accident’. I couldn’t think of any way to get that sort of cash, other than through one of these no security loan sharks at an exorbitant rate of interest. So I got them the $5,000, and they made it very clear that this had never happened, and any enquiries about the transaction would lead to some painful results.””So you didn’t want to come to Mum or me for help?” I queried, knowing the answer. Mum would have been straight onto the police, regardless of any consequences, and I was struggling to get through university, working two part time jobs to keep myself alive.Abbie confirmed this when I told her, but then she said, “Now comes the worst part of the story,” Abbie trembled and looked both embarrassed and scared.I put my arm round her shoulder and kissed her gently. “It’s okay, honey, don’t go on if it’s too painful for you.””Scott, I have to get this out — catharsis, I think the shrinks call it. I had no idea about how to repay the money, and I told my then boss about it. He came up with an idea that still gives me nightmares. He suggested that I should sleep with him whenever he wanted, at a “fixed price” that would allow me to repay the loan. At first I told him to fuck himself, but eventually, I realised that there was probably no alternative and I agreed.””Oh God, Abbie, you prostituted yourself to save Mum and me from being put in danger?””Yeah, I guess that’s it,” she replied, “But please don’t think too badly of me, Scott …”I put my finger against her lips; “Abbie, that is the most incredible thing I’ve ever heard, and it makes me feel honoured that you should feel able to do that for me. If there’s EVER anything I can do for you, you’ve only got to ask.””Well, yes, there is, but I’ll come to that in a moment,” she smiled. “Thank you so much, big brother, for not condemning me — I was so afraid you’d turn against me when you heard that part of the story.””Well, little sister, maybe you don’t know me as well as you thought,” I smiled, lightening the mood just a little.”Eventually I paid off the debt, but I hated every moment of letting that bastard paw me and have sex, most of which was just getting me on my back and …””And masturbating into your body,” I completed.”Yeah, that was generally what happened,” Abbie confirmed, “except for some of the kinkier stuff that I won’t go into now. After that, I fell apart. I found another job as a waitress — the boss was okay — a woman — and the customers seemed to like me, but I started drinking, and eventually, my boss told me to do something about it, or I’d lose my job. That night I really tied one on, collapsed into bed and vomited in my sleep. I woke up next morning in a stinking mess, but I knew I’d been lucky — I might’ve died. So I called in sick, got myself together, and haven’t had a drink since — that was about three months ago.””That was positive,” Abbie continued, “but since then I’ve been feeling really down as if life had no meaning. And I know that strong women are not supposed to need men in their lives, but maybe I’m not really that strong, because I do, so very much.”Abbie now sounded nervous and seemed to be coming to some hard decision. “Scott, I know what I want – I want someone to love and who will love me and who’s warm and funny and smart and strong and who I can be there for but who will be there for me and who I can feel safe with. I began to have dreams about being with a man who I thought might be right for me — the same dream every time, but when I looked at him, he had no face, and we broke up with hard words and shouting.”She stopped, wrestling with what to say next, and I dredged up enough commonsense to keep quiet. “Scott, I didn’t realise until a couple of days ago that I’ve been looking for someone just like you.””I’m flattered, Abbie, but I think you could set your sights a bit higher,” I laughed.”Mmm, maybe, but then you came knocking at the door, my big brother, looking just as I remembered, but even more so, and I so much wanted to talk to you and be with you, but not in the dreadful mess that you saw. And that night, I had the dream again, but this time the man had a face. It was yours, Scott, and we were happy together. I woke up and immediately thought, ‘God, Abbie, why settle for a substitute when you might have the real thing!'”I was stunned and speechless for a while, while Abbie watched me anxiously.”You realise what you are talking about, don’t you, Abbie. That’s i****t, and the authorities don’t take too kindly to that.””I know, I know, Scott, but I don’t care,” her voice was trembling. “Do you remember that line in “Notting Hill” where Anna turns up at William’s shop and says to him, ‘I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her’? Well, that’s what is happening now, but please don’t answer me the same way he answered her. Besides, you did say that if there was EVER anything you could do for me, I only had to ask.”I stopped and buried myself in thought for a few minutes, while Abbie was trembling with her breathing coming in great gasps and sobs. My teenage fantasies rushed back into my mind. Thoughts of kissing and playing with her beautiful tits, of stroking her pussy and making her squirm and squeal with lust, and of ramming my rigid cock into her hot, wet cunt came flooding back to me.” I looked deep into her pleading eyes and came to a final decision. “Oh, to hell with the consequences, sweetheart. Look, Abbie, I want to show you something,” I started, and pulling out my wallet, I took out a photo and showed it to her. It was a picture of Abbie when she was around 18, in a microscopic electric blue bikini, flaunting her gorgeous body at the camera with a grin that could only be described as naughty, lustful or inviting.”I’ve had that photo close to me for the past five years,” I told her, “and although you were a real pain in the butt little sister in your early teens, after your 16th birthday, you blossomed into a really gorgeous young woman. I said to Mum more than once, that if you weren’t my sister, I’d make a big play for you. And, if it’s not too embarrassing, I can also tell you that you featured in most of my masturbation fantasies.”Then suddenly, Abbie jumped up off the settee and yelled at the top of her voice, “You rat. You great big, dirty, stinky RAT.”I jumped up too, “A minute ago you were wanting me to love you, and when I suggested that I already do, all of a sudden, I’m a rat?””That’s right,” Abbie yelled, trying to keep an edge of anger in her voice, but not succeeding very well, “For all these years while I’ve been trying to find true love, you’ve been lusting after my body and didn’t let on. I think that qualifies you as a rat.””Hmm, I see,” I replied, “so while you were playing the field with all your boyfriends and having a wonderful time, I was supposed to come to you and say, ‘hey, s*s, how’re you doin’ — and, by the way, I’d love to get into your panties’ and you would have swooned into my arms?””Well, not quite, but you might’ve dropped some sort of hint.” “I don’t see how, although perhaps my lack of success with women may be due to a subconscious desire to possess you,” I suggested, making a grab for her.Abbie giggled and took a half-hearted swing at me. I caught her by her wrist, then grabbed her other wrist and twisted her arms behind her back. That brought her close to me and I could see her full, red lips near to mine and feel her warm sweet breath on my face.She jerked her arms away and wrapped them round my head, pulling my mouth to hers and kissed me hard and passionately. Then she lifted her head with her mischievous little grin around the corners of her mouth. “How do you like your kisses, Scott darling, hot, hard and passionate or soft, sweet and wet?””Oh, no contest, gorgeous,” I replied, “Soft, sweet, warm and wet every time,” and she answered with a perfect example, her mouth open, working against mine, our tongues moving against each others and her full lips caressing mine. .As we broke from the kiss after a minute or two, Abbie looked deep into my eyes and told me, “Darling Scott, you can’t imagine how much this means to me. Love me, my sweet brother, and I will do anything you want.” She sighed deeply, “Oh, Scott, make love to me.””No,” I replied, trying hard to stop the mile wide grin that wanted to break out.”But Scott…,” Abbie sounded shocked.”No sweetheart,” I continued. “I love you so much, and I want you so much, but it’s going to be what you want too, someone who will treat you decently, like you said. I totally want to make love with you, so that we can both get maximum pleasure. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known and knowing that you want me too is driving me crazy. Like I said, now I really do want to get into your panties.””Mmm yes,” she breathed, holding me close against her gorgeous body and pulling me into another kiss. This was both soft, sweet and wet but also hot and passionate. Our tongues found each other’s again and they stroked and caressed each other as we both hummed and gasped with joy and lust.I pulled her body even closer, feeling her soft curves and her breasts mashing hard against my chest. She ground her mound against me, dry humping against my now rigid cock, letting me know that no holds would be barred.As we broke again, Abbie said, “I think we could get better results in the bedroom,” with a wide smile on her face.”You go first then, so that I can watch your gorgeous arse swaying,” and she walked across the room, her hips swaying enticingly, then turned at the door, laughed and stuck her tongue out at me. I jumped after her and caught her a swat across her pants, then turned her into me again and kissed her hard and passionately, gently stroking her back down to the sweet curves of her butt. My hands slipped under the top of her slacks and caressed her arse, squeezing and fondling her and running my hands down and across her cheeks.Abby sighed and returned the kiss, running her hand down to my crotch and stroking my now rigid cock.”Ooo yes, Mr Computer Man, that’s a lovely piece of hardware you’ve got there.” “Maybe so, sweet cheeks,” I replied, “but I can’t wait to integrate it with your software.””You know your problem, my love,” she teased me, “too much talk and not enough action.””Oh really,” I replied and started to undo the buttons on her blouse. Then I paused, “No, strip for me Abbie, down to your bra and panties.”Abbie’s eyes took on a sultry, provocative look as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, slid it back and down her arms and dropped it to the floor. She was wearing a pastel blue bra that was just enough to provide some support but revealed almost all of her beautiful tits. My mouth was hanging open, and she grinned at me as she slowly undid the waistband of her slacks and dropped them to the floor, keeping on her 3″ heels.She was wearing matching pastel blue sheer bikini panties that revealed a neatly trimmed bush — and also a noticeable damp spot in the gusset.”Like what you see, handsome?” Abbie teased as she slowly turned to give me a view of her beautiful arse.My voice was dry and strained as I said, “Now, gorgeous, take your bra off for me.”Abbie reached behind her back and unclipped the bra, which then hung from her shoulders. But then she turned her sultry expression on me and said, “You want to see what’s underneath, you’ll have to finish the job.”I moved to her with as much restraint as I could manage, although I was sorely tempted to throw her on the bed and stuff my cock into her hot wet pussy. But I knew that, for both our sakes, we needed to play the game and create real heat between us. I was going to take as much time as I needed to worship her body and to bring her as much pleasure as I was capable of providing.I flicked the bra straps from Abbie’s shoulders and as I did so, she grabbed my head in a tight embrace and kissed me hard and urgently. Abbie must have sensed what was going to happen because she relaxed, took a series of long, slow breaths, and closed her eyes in anticipation.I ran my hands up and down the soft, smooth, silky skin of her back and felt her tremble as my hands slid down under her panties, again feeling the softness of her curves. Abbie hummed and whimpered into my mouth as I stroked her and her eyes were half closed and dreamy as we broke apart”Oh god, Scott,” she murmured, “you are getting me so hot. My tits and pussy are aching for some attention — I want you so very much.””That makes two of us,” I gasped, taking her hand and moving it to my throbbing erection. She squeezed it gently and ran her hand along its length through my slacks.Then Abbie moved back a little and shook herself rather like a dog shakes itself when it leaves the water. “Hey, big BIG brother,” she laughed, “there’s something wrong here!””Oh yeah, and what might that be,” I grinned.”Well,” she went on, “here am I a poor, terrified, vulnerable maiden almost completely naked at the mercy of the wicked man escort pendik still fully clothed and about to ravish this poor helpless maiden.””Hmmm, temptress, we obviously need to do something about that — but before I do decide to ravish you I’m going to explore every inch of your beautiful body, with my eyes, my hands and my tongue. First, though, you can come here and undress me.””Oh yes,” Abbie murmured, and ran her tongue seductively across her lips, then unbuttoned my shirt and threw it on the floor to join her clothes. “Mmm, somebody works out regularly,” she purred, running her soft cool hands all over my back and chest and pinching my nipples on the way.I quickly removed my shoes and socks and Abbie undid my belt buckle and pushed my slacks down to the floor, leaving me in just my boxers. Then she reached out to take my cock in her hand, but with a supreme effort of self-control, I picked her up in my arms and lowered her onto her back on the bed.”Like I said, I need to see and taste and stroke and caress you first.” I started by gently massaging her head through her thick, soft hair, kissing her eyelids and her nose and her cheeks and her chin. I nibbled on her ear lobes and worked my way down her neck and just flicked my tongue across her searching lips. Abbie let out low moans as I caressed her neck with my lips. She followed my eyes as they took in the smooth curves and golden sheen of her body and felt her breath quicken as she found herself responding to the passion she could see in my eyes and hear in my deep ragged breathing. “Oh Scott,” she whimpered, “this is getting me even hotter.”I then moved down and kissed the hollows at the base of her neck and above her collarbone, running my tongue across the velvety skin causing her to squeak, “Oh yes, that’s nice.”I ran my hands down her arms and her sides, stroking and kissing her as she trembled and sighed. “Scott, Scott, please play with my tits, kiss them and bite my nipples,” she demanded.I returned a long, lingering kiss, then started to nibble and suck gently on the skin of her chest. Her nipples were now hard and her areolas noticeably darker.I spread my fingers across her right breast, gently kneading her in small circles. These light caresses caused Abbie to moan softly. I moved my hand to cover her left breast and then kissed her right breast in slow circles going closer to her nipple, drawing my tongue across the underside of her breast. Her moans got louder. Just before I reached her nipple, I switched to repeat my actions on her left side, and I rolled and pinched her nipple between my thumb and forefinger before sucking her hard, sensitive tip into my mouth. I returned to her right, brought my tongue to her nipple, and pulled it upwards. Then, I used just the tip of my tongue to move in circles around her areola. I gently held her nipple between my teeth and pulled her nipple into my mouth, nursing on it with my tongue. Abbie’s body was now writhing and her breathing growing heavier and more intense. I repeated my movements on her left side while massaging her right breast with my hand.Abbie gasped and moaned, “Oh, Scott, I want you so much.””Patience, my love, I’ve still got other places to go.””Ooo you tease,” she moaned.I scooted down the bed and started to kiss each of her legs upwards onto the baby-soft skin on the inside of her thighs. By this time, Abbie was writhing and crying my name, and she was breathing in short, intense gasps.My cock was harder than it had ever been and I wanted Abbie so much, but I had to resist giving Abbie too much pleasure too quickly. So I moved my hands up to her panties and ran my finger lightly across the lips of her pussy, feeling how wet she was which caused Abbie to make little mewling sounds of pleasure. Then I slipped my hands under the top of her panties and pulled them down and off.At that moment I coated my index finger with saliva and reached down to find Abbie’s super sensitive clit. Abbie squealed and moaned deeply as I ran my finger up her soaking slit, and she screamed as I kissed her pussy and my tongue found her clit sticking out from its sheath. I quickly resumed this assault on her clit and sucked her deeper into my mouth.”Oh god…oh god…, oh god, Scott, this is so good, please don’t stop.”She immediately started panting more intensely, and I rolled my tongue up sideways and pushed it into her soaking cunt as far as it would go. I lapped at and savoured her sweet juices, then pulled my tongue slowly up her slit and over her clit, pinching it gently with my lips, and I knew that she was approaching the edge. After repeating this several times, Abbie was almost out of control. She was trembling and shaking, whimpering and moaning in a frenzy of excitement and lust. Then I took her clit between my teeth and bit gently which sent Abbie over the edge, and she began writhing and screaming.”Yes, yes, I’m cumming, … yes, yes, I can’t … aargh … I’ve never …oh god, I’m cumming, oh Scott, I’m cumming.” Her screams rose in an ear piercing crescendo, she shuddered violently and suddenly she became completely rigid as her pussy flooded with her juices.Abbie’s gorgeous body went limp, and I moved up beside her and held her in my arms, stroking her hair and making little comforting noises in her ear. “Oh god, my darling, wonderful Scott, I’ve never had an orgasm like that, never ever,” she whispered to me. “I’m so very lucky to have someone like you to make me feel so good.”Abbie grinned wickedly. “Now I’ve got to find some way to make you feel just as good.””Easy,” I replied. “How about using your beautiful mouth on my poor aching cock!” Abbie didn’t even reply but shimmied down the bed and lodged herself between my legs. “Mmm yes, I’d love to taste you, Scott, and anyway, I want to get my own back on you and drive you crazy too – just you wait, big boy.”Abbie licked around the helmet of my rigid cock and blew warm air onto it, making it even harder, if that was possible. Then she took me into her warm, wet mouth, stroking her tongue around the soft sensitive skin on the underside of the head. She gradually started working more and more of my shaft into her throat and moved her head up and down, using her tongue to tease the sensitive part of my cock. She increased the pressure and the speed of her sucking and kept adding saliva to keep me wet.”Abbie,” I groaned, “don’t suck too hard, just use your tongue the way you’ve been doing.””Oh, so now you’re telling me how to do my job,” she paused and smiled up at me.”Enough of the running commentary, wench, just get back to work,” I gasped. The sensation of her tongue swirling around my now throbbing, hypersensitive cock was almost unbearable. Then she took my balls in one soft warm hand, juggling them and lightly scratching my skin as she did so.”Oh my god, Abbie, that’s driving me crazy — I’m not going to be able to hold off for much longer.””Don’t try darling, just cum in my mouth for me,” she replied, and made a firm seal round my cock with her lips.My cock started to get even bigger, and I could feel the cum boiling up in my balls. “Ahrgh, ngh so good,… Abbie, Abbie, my darling Abbie, I’m cumming,” I yelled as my load raced through my cock and into Abbie’s mouth. She sucked gently, holding my softening tool in her mouth until she had sucked me dry.”Mmm, you taste delicious, Scott — I could get very accustomed to this.” She wriggled up the bed and held my head in her hands and kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth. I could taste the slightly salty flavour of my own cum as our tongues danced. “Fuck me Scott; make me cum, please!” she begged.”I want to possess your beautiful body,” I whispered, “and I reckon the best way to do that is to fuck you until you beg for mercy.””Or for more,” she gasped.”Sweetheart, although I reckon I’m pretty good, it’ll take me a little while to get back into the game.””Oh, that’s not fair,” she moaned.”But I’ve got an idea,” I said, “Sit up against the pillows, spread your legs and draw your knees up, and masturbate to orgasm while I watch you. And I want you to keep your eyes on mine the whole time.””Kinky,” Abbie giggled. “You really want to watch me frig myself to a climax?””Yes, I really do, gorgeous — and play with your tits as well, pinch those nipples and let me see and hear you really let go. My only problem is to hold myself back so I don’t cum all over your tits.””Oh, god, Scott, that makes me feel so slutty. But that’s what I want — I want to be your special slut, yours alone and you can use my body any way you like.” And with that, her right hand slid down into her wet, gaping pussy, and she stroked and caressed herself, alternating between pushing two fingers deep into her pulsating cunt and flicking her sensitive clit.Abbie whimpered and moaned, calling my name and crying out in her lust and ecstasy. Her left hand pinched and pulled her nipples, adding to her exhilaration, and she thrashed and bounced on the bed as her climax neared its peak. Her fingers almost became a blur as she worked on her tortured clit, screaming her passion before her muscles locked rigid and she howled her ecstasy — “argh, oh god, oh god, oh god, Scott, I’m cumming.””Scott, Scott, Scott, oh Scott, my love, I’ve never known an orgasm as deep as that from my own hands. It must have been seeing you watch me so intensely — I could feel your love washing over me as I came.”Abbie again begged me not to wait too long and not to tease her, so I moved down between her legs and rubbed my now rigid shaft along her gorgeous pussy, stroking up and down her soaking slit, causing her to moan and call out my name. I moved down further, slipped my hands behind her arse and lifted her pussy to my face. I gently blew warm air over her pussy, and breathed deeply savouring the musky exciting perfume of her arousal and I knew I would remember that aroma forever. I began licking along her labia then turned my head to the side and sucked her lips into my mouth. Her breathing became more laboured, and she began pushing her sex into me. I lifted her legs until her ankles were on my shoulders to give me better access to her hot and juicy pussy. I knew she was becoming even more highly aroused, so I inserted one, then a second finger into her cunt. After a couple of minutes of stroking and licking her, her lips had parted and her pussy was awash with her delicious juice. I took great pleasure from Abbie’s moans and pants as she started the climb towards what I hoped would be a shattering orgasm. Then I moved up, planted my erection against her slit and put two fingers covered with her love juice into her mouth. She sucked on them urgently as if it was my prick and moaned loudly as she tasted herself. “Oh yes, Scott, that’s so naughty and it’s getting me so hot all over again.”I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her pussy to coat myself with her juices and then began slowly pushing into her. While Abbie was not especially tight, I could feel the muscles of her cunt gripping me as if welcoming me into her. “Oh Abbie, this is so good; in my wildest fantasies I never imagined that being inside you like this could ever be so amazing.””Mmm … this feels incredible. I can’t believe it feels this good to be so full of cock,” she murmured in reply. She wrapped her legs around me so my thrusts would go as deep as possible and I slowly withdrew my cock and then slid it all the way back in. I repeated this a few times wanting to feel every inch of my cock inside her. Abbie moved her hips and ground her clit into my cock and public bone as often as she could, and I helped by moving my body up to meet her clit each time I withdrew.I pounded hard into Abbie’s hot, wet cunt, feeling my own climax growing closer. “Take it all, Abbie, take all my cock and all my cum. Drain me dry, you glorious bitch,” I yelled.”Oh, Scott, yes, yes, yes, yes — give me everything you’ve got; fuck me hard!”I continued to fuck her hard and our bodies made wet slapping noises as we came together. Abbie’s body began writhing violently and the rippling of her vaginal walls set free a deluge of liquid, which flooded round my cock. My cock began to swell even more inside her, overwhelming her vagina walls with its pounding. I felt my balls pull up and knew I was only seconds away. Abbie’s vagina went into spasm around my throbbing cock, and I yelled a deep, rasping, “Oh, god!” and clamped my eyes shut as waves of pleasure overwhelmed me.Abbie suddenly went completely rigid and seemed to be in a seizure for two or three seconds. Then she howled as her orgasm completely overtook her and her climax was heightened by the blasts of my cum pouring into her. Her orgasm raged on for what seemed like an eternity but finally, her shaking and shuddering began to subside and my thrusts grew less feverish. All Abbie could manage to say was a breathy, “Oh god! oh god! oh god!” repeated over and over until her orgasm finally came to an end.We lay together, holding each other close. I stroked her smooth back, now covered in a light sheen of perspiration and whispered suggestions about all the things I’d like to do to her body. Abbie’s hand stroked down my face and she murmured and whimpered as she pressed herself close to me, her body trembling pendik escort bayan with love and passion.”God, Abbie, you are so sexy and so beautiful. I love you so much and I don’t know how I’ve been able to not have you in my life.””Scott, Scott, Scott, just hold me close. I love you too and I’m never going to let you go. I … am … totally and helplessly in love with you. Stay with me tonight, Scott, so we can just sleep in each others arms.”How could I possibly refuse?The morning light was just starting when I was woken by what must be the most delightful sensation any guy can experience. At first I thought it was just a glorious dream, then I woke with Abbie’s warm soft mouth working its magic on my cock. She looked up at me, grinned, then went back to licking and sucking sweetly on my rigid throbbing cock, and stroking my balls with her soft cool hand.”Abbie, Abbie, this is incredible — you are such a talented cock sucker. Don’t stop baby, this is so really good.” And in seconds, my load started boiling up in my balls. “Oh god, Abbie, Abbie, my darling gorgeous slut, I’m so close to cumming. Suck me dry, you beautiful creature,” I moaned.She could obviously tell as her lips held my cock in her mouth and she sucked generously as I came in her mouth with a deep satiated groan.Abbie continued to lick around my shrinking cock, gently sucking me until I was completely drained. She swallowed and licked her lips, scooting up the bed and pressing her warm naked body firmly against mine.”Mmm Scott baby, just as good as the first time — I’m going to want more of this, ‘cos I’m afraid I’m becoming addicted.””Me, too,” I replied, “we’re going to have to find ways to satisfy each other regularly — or even more often than that!” Abbie purred and nestled her head into my shoulder as I stroked her smooth sweet skin and caressed the ripe globes of her arse. “Baby, I so want to fuck that sweet arse of yours.” Unexpectedly, Abbie tensed up rigidly and burst into tears.”Abbie, baby, what’s the problem,” I asked “Scott, my dear sweet Scott, I’ve got a real problem. I know I said that you could use my body however you like and whenever you like. I won’t stop you if you really want to fuck my arse, but please be gentle. I’ve got a real fear of anal sex.””OK, Abbie, tell me all about it.” She hesitated, but then plunged in, “Well, Eric had this thing about anal, and it was one of the things that drove us apart. He just wanted to stick his rotten cock up my arse with no preliminaries and it hurt like fire. I thought he was going to spilt me apart and eventually I said, ‘no more’ which he didn’t like at all.””I see,” I reflected, but there was obviously more to come. “Then that bastard, Maxton, my old boss, liked to do the same thing, although he only had a dinky little dick, so it wasn’t quite as bad. But I always had a sore arse for a couple of days afterwards.”I leaned forward and stroked her hair. “Yeah, now I understand, baby. Clearly neither of those fuckwits had any idea about how to treat a lady if they want to use her arse and give her satisfaction as well.””Neither of them gave a flying fuck about me. But are you saying you know how to?””Well, to be honest, I’m an anal virgin,” I replied, “but I’ve got as pretty good idea of how it ought to go, and I’d really love to fuck your gorgeous arse without hurting you too much. Do you trust me, Abbie?”She smiled. “I’d trust you with my life, so I might as well trust you with my arse.” Then she kissed me, soft and warm and we held on to each other.A short while later, Abbie looked up and giggled like a schoolgirl, “I don’t know about you, Scott, but I could use a shower — if you do too, there’s just about enough room for the both of us in there.””Mmm yes, good idea gorgeous, but I need to take a pee,” and started getting out of bed.”Scott,” she said in a strained and seemingly embarrassed voice, “I know this will sound totally kinky, but ….””You mean you want to watch me peeing?” I asked with some amusement.”Almost, honey, but …. I want to hold your cock while you pee. That will make it seem as if I belong to you even more.””God, you really are a horny little slut, aren’t you?””Yes, Scott, yes, I am, like I told you last night. I want to be your slut, just yours, but …”Her voice trailed off again, and I knew she was experiencing a powerful internal struggle.”Scott, I know real sluts aren’t supposed to make conditions, but please, my love, please, don’t mark me or torture me, and don’t lend me to anyone else for their pleasure. I want you so much and I want to make you feel as good as I can, but it’s just for you and no-one else.””Abbie, come here,” I demanded in what I hoped would sound like a stern voice, but I knew it trembled a bit. I wrapped my arms around her and she did to me and we held each other very tightly. “Abbie, my beautiful, desirable, sexy, gorgeous little sister. I’m really selfish and I wouldn’t ever want to share you with anyone. I want you too — I want to play with you and get you totally hot and worked up and I’d much sooner make you scream with pleasure than with pain. I don’t really have the instincts of a dom, and I definitely don’t want to harm you. Mind you, if I think you’ve misbehaved, I wouldn’t be averse to spanking your cute bum — to punish you like the bad little girl you are and then kissing it better.””I think you’d better pee in the shower otherwise I’m likely to spray it all over the bathroom,” Abbie laughed.”Tut, tut, nasty girl,” I teased and slapped her across the left buttock. “Oh. I see,” she laughed, “now you owe me at least one kiss.”The shower was just the right heat, and Abbie held my cock in both her hands and murmured and whispered highly suggestively while I peed. Then we lathered up and washed each other from top to toe, concentrating on sensitive spots (of which there were many for both of us).”I’m learning so much about your body, Abbie, remembering all the erogenous places where I can play later.””Ooo yes, Scott, please — although I’ve got a few ideas of my own.”In particular, I soaped Abbie between the cheeks of her arse, and gently inserted my finger up to the first knuckle. She gasped as I did so, but didn’t pull away, and gently pushed herself back onto my finger. We rinsed each other off then dried each other with big bath towels. Abbie had been silent during this time, but we wrapped ourselves in the towels and she led me out to the lounge.”Okay gorgeous, if you’ve got any baby oil, can you put it in a bowl of warm water, and we’ll go to your boudoir”?””Boudoir, he says,” Abbie laughed.”Okay, baby, towel on the bed or there will be a gigantic wet spot. Now, hands and knees, spread your legs and stick that gorgeous arse in the air.”She did so and I was faced with the wonderful sight of the pink-white flawless skin of Abbie’s cheeks and her little puckered hole staring at me. I bent over and ran my tongue between her pussy and her arse, covering the hole with saliva while Abbie whimpered and moaned with pleasure. Then I rolled my tongue sideways and pushed it into her arse as far as it would go.Abbie gasped with pleasure. “Oh, Scott, that feels so good. I’ve never felt anything like this before, but you are a magician. More, more, more, more, more!” “Greedy little slut, aren’t you?” I said, slapping each cheek once, then bending to kiss and lick the pink skin.”Now, gorgeous, the real skill is in stretching your hole to the point where you can accept my cock without too much discomfort. Okay, Abbie?””Yes, please, Scott, only be gentle.””I will, but you must lean to relax the muscles around the opening, and to trust me.” I dribbled warm baby oil between her arse cheeks and gently inserted a finger into the hole. “OK, Abbie, now consciously relax the muscle.” She did, and my finger slipped right up into her rectum. And I moved it against her sphincter, gently stretching it.”Oh god, Scott, that feels so nice — it’s not at all like I was afraid it would be.””Good, Abbie, now we go one step further, and I’ll add another finger.””OK, lover, if you’re sure …” she said hesitantly.”Trust me, Abbie, and relax,” I relied adding more oil, then pushing two fingers into her arse. More resistance this time — Abbie tensed and I stopped. Then I felt her deliberately relaxing and I pushed on. Then I went through a routine of flexing both fingers to stretch her hole and she murmured and gasped with pleasure as I did so.”OK, Abbie, how does that feel?””Ooh, Scott, I feel quite open — and I was disappointed when you took your fingers out. I felt quite perverted, but now I really want it. Fuck my arse, Scott; fuck me until I come. Make me scream with pleasure. Just do me Scott, take my arse for your own.”I didn’t need too much encouragement. I dribbled more warm oil between her cheeks and onto my cock then moved up over her back and positioned my aching cock against her anus. I pushed firmly, and after an initial resistance, I felt the muscle relax then pushed slowly into her, stopping once or twice to allow Abbie to adjust.”Yes, yes, oh god, yes, Scott,” Abbie screamed, “I’ve never felt my arse so full, and it’s so good.” Then I reached around and ran my fingers into her soaking pussy, finding and flicking her engorged clit. By now I was pounding hard into Abbie’s arse, and the combination of this and the stimulation of her clit sent Abbie into overdrive.”Fuck me Scott, fuck me and never stop.””Take it all, you beautiful bitch, take all my cum up your arse, you gorgeous slut,” I moaned as my climax got closer. Abbie screamed at the top of her voice and went rigid which was enough to send me over the edge and I howled in triumph as I emptied my load into the depths of her bowels. We both collapsed in an untidy heap in the middle of the bed.As we sorted ourselves out, Abbie turned and kissed me deeply and my tongue found hers in a passionate embrace. “Now, I must be a good little slut,” she grinned “and clean up your beautiful cock properly.” At this, Abbie moved down and took my wilted cock into her mouth and licked and sucked it until it was clean. “There, now,” she said, “keep him clean and safe until I need him again!””Abbie, I hope that will be soon because I’ve got a bunch of other ideas for us. I’ll want you to dress in something slutty, including stockings and heels, little black silk bikini panties and a tiny push-up bra that shows off your gorgeous tits. I want to lay you on your back and eat you until you’re delirious with lust and then fuck you as hard as I can, although I probably won’t be able to last long. Then I’ll lick your pussy as well as your arse before I shove two fingers into your open, well stretched arsehole until you collapse in another screaming orgasm. And I want you to frig yourself to orgasm while I watch, and while you reach a climax, I’ll cum all over your tits.” “Oh god, Scott, that makes me feel so hot I could almost cum just listening to you.””Scott,” she continued, “do you have to go back today? Can’t you stay a little while longer? We’ve just found each other again, and the last eighteen hours have been so totally wonderful, I don’t know how I can get through until we hold each other again. Your slut will be aching for your cock.””And the other way round, too,” I told her. I’ve been thinking a lot about that, too, baby, and I’m going to miss you like crazy. My right hand will probably get a lot of exercise!”Abbie giggled, but I went back to my main theme, “I’ve got to start my new contract tomorrow and I’ve got a lot to do before I get there.”Abbie pouted, then asked, “when can we be together again, honey? “Abbie, I’ve been thinking,” I replied. “Careful,” she whispered. “No, I’ve got to find somewhere to live, and ….””Oh Scott, it would be magical if you were able to stay here with me, but this dump is hardly big enough for me, let alone the two of us.””Yes, I understand that, but that’s not quite what I had in mind. You’re not too keen on this place, and I’ve got to find somewhere liveable. Why don’t we pool our resources — find a place where we can share the rent and costs and live together, and…”I got no further before I was hit by a hurricane called Abbie. She threw herself into my arms covering my face with hot wet kisses. “Scott, you’re a genius. The two of us can live together more cheaply than both living separately. And in our spare time we can screw like demented rabbits!””That’s not the way I’d expect a well brought up young lady to express herself”, I said with mock seriousness.”But I’m not a well brought up young lady,” Abbie laughed and kissed me again. “I’m a hot horny slut who wants her man 24/7, and this way I’ve got a much better chance of getting what I want!””Oh well, if that’s the case, I’m forced to agree. Demented rabbits it is.” We kissed and laughed in our delight.*************EpilogueThe phone rang several times before mum answered. “Hi Mum, Scott – how are you?””I’m great, thanks, Scott, and you?””Fine thanks Mum, look, I’ve seen Abbie — she cooked me a meal on Saturday evening and she seems in good form. She’s had a very bad trot, but she’s a lot better now and we enjoyed each other’s company. We’re going to find a place to share, so I’ll be able to look out for her and see she doesn’t get into trouble, and she’ll do the same for me. I’m sure things will be a lot different from now on.””Oh fine, Scott,” Mum replied, “I’m so glad she’ll be in good hands.””You don’t know the half of it, Mum,” I grinned to myself as I hung up the phone.



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