Author’s note: This story and subsequent tales named “Brit & Lori Go Clubbing” covers the events of the night prior to the beginning of “Brit & Lori Meet The Landlady Ch 02 and 03″… Any comments, whether positive or negative, are appreciated. Your feedback drives me to continue writing. Also, the places may be real, but the events are completely my imagination.


The club scene on Lansdowne Street in Boston was Brit and Lori’s favorite aspect of the historical northeastern city. And it wasn’t just for the dance music the clubs played: more importantly, there was always an abundance of hot guys and sexy women to party with.

As they walked hand-in-hand down Lansdowne with clubs on their left side and aging Fenway Park on their right, the two girls received numerous stares from passerby’s both male and female. Some looked on with keen interest at the two women, some wondering if the two were sexually involved or if they just liked to keep track of the other. Several guys yelled for them to start kissing or feeling each other up, yet the girls kept walking without giving the guys a free show.

The blonde haired Lori and Brittany, the sexy brunette, were both dressed seductively. While Lori wore a little miniskirt and a white blouse, Brit was dressed a little more conservative yet wasn’t THAT conservative. The blue sundress she wore showed more than it hid, and it seemed if she moved the wrong way tonight, her boobs would jump out of it. The hem of the dress came down to midthigh and moved freely as she walked.

They passed a Goth club and one of Fenway’s souvenir stands before they reached Atlas, a dance club at the corner of Lansdowne and Ipswich Streets. Usually on a Saturday night, Atlas charged $7 to dance the night away on the spacious dance floor in the rear of the building.

Yet tonight, the two sexy females were looking to get a cheaper price.

When they reached the front door of Atlas, they found themselves face-to-face with two built doormen checking IDs. Brit looked one of them up and down while Lori flashed her blue eyes at the other one.

“Good evening ladies. I need to see your IDs and Jim will relieve you of the $7 cover,” said one of the bouncers, whose nametag said Steve.

“I think I have a better idea, Steve,” Brit said. Looking perplexed, the bouncer let the 22-year-old continue. “I bet you would let us in if we showed you a little skin.”

Steve looked at his partner and grinned, before Jim nodded.

“OK ladies, let’s see what you got, then we’ll decide the proper admission cost,” Steve said, chuckling to himself.

After looking at each other and smiling, the two girls had an idea of what they would do. Brittany took her hands and placed them on the top of her sundress, curled her fingers around the hem and slowly pulled the top down, revealing her breasts to the cool night air. Her nipples immediately hardened as the breeze kissed her skin. Lori, on the other hand, turned around and pulled the bottom of her black miniskirt up around her waist, revealing the tiny yellow g-string that protected her pussy and ass from the elements. Regardless if the wind hit her pussy, her clit was already hard from the sexual excitement of showing her ass to a complete stranger.

Steve walked up to Brittany and placed his hands on her tits, feeling the fleshy mounds quiver underneath his fingers. He took his thumbs and stroked the nipples, before sliding his hands underneath them and lifted them up slightly. Brit could feel her pussy getting wet — if only she had put panties on underneath her sundress!

Jim was inspecting Lori’s tight ass with his hands as well. His right hand was grabbing her ass, kneading the flesh beneath his strong grip. His thumb was rubbing the edge of her panties, running down the crease of her ass, causing shivers to go up Lori’s spine. She bent over slightly, sliding her ass backward toward his hand.

The girls were enjoying the attention their boobs casino siteleri and ass were receiving, but after two minutes of being pawed, they began to wonder if the price could go down even further if they did more with them. Glancing at each other, the girls winked at the other, subliminally agreeing with each other. Brit pulled her tits away from Steve’s massive hands and pulled her sundress up over them, while Lori stood up straight, flattened the skirt and turned toward Jim.

“So guys, what is the price right now?” Brit asked. “I’m sure we’ve taken a few bucks off the cover.”

Steve looked at his partner and decided that no, the price hadn’t gone down much and did some quick thinking as to what they could do next.

“Well, I think we’ve knocked two bucks off. You’re at $5 each now.”

Brittany scoffed at Steve’s statement. “I’m sure you can do better than that big boy.”

“What do you two have in mind?” Jim asked, stepping up next to Steve.

“Get someone to relieve you two at the door and we’ll show you what we have in mind,” Lori chimed in, winking at Jim.

Looking at each other, Jim and Steve agreed to call in the reserves while they were entertaining Brit and Lori. Soon, Joe and Dominic were at the door and both were in shocked silence as they saw the women enter the club. Jim and Steve escorted the ladies into the club and through a door marked “Staff Only.” The room was dark as they entered. Jim flipped on a light and saw the reason why the room was dark: Tony, the head bouncer, was leaning against the back wall of the room with his hand placed on the head of a girl who was on her knees, sucking his cock into her mouth. She looked no more than 19 and was obviously “paying” her way inside the club.

“Yeah, suck my cock you young slut. Take my balls into my hand. Oh damn yeah, slide me into your throat. Show me how much you want into the club tonight,” Tony said at the girl, who was driving her head back and forth on his cock in a sawing motion. Jim and Steve began to cheer the girl on.

Brit and Lori were impressed with the girl’s cock sucking ability and found their pussies getting damp from just watching. They saw her blonde hair, as blonde as the hair of Lori’s head, swing from side to side as she drilled the bouncers’ cock into her mouth. From behind, it appeared she had taken the entire shaft into her mouth and stopped, letting the muscles in her throat squeeze it. Tony’s face was contorted in pleasure, his eyes were closed, his mouth open slightly. Moans escaped his lips as his cock slipped out of her mouth and into her left hand, which she used to slowly jerk him off while tonguing his heaving balls.

The girls took a good look at Tony’s cock as the young girl was stroking it. It was at least 8 1/2 inches long and was thick; they were amazed that the girl was able to handle it. She was rotating her fist around the base of the shaft and sliding it up as her mouth surrounded his balls. The head of his cock was mushroom shaped and was a light shade of purple as it was filled his blood. The crown of the head glistened with his precum and her saliva. They immediately looked to the bulges in the crotches of the two guys and knew by the looks of them that they would enjoy this experience immensely.

Brit walked in front of Steve and rubbed his crotch with her left hand. It immediately responded to her touch, twitching underneath Steve’s khakis. She rubbed a little faster, and a small groan escaped his mouth.

“If you keep that up, I’m going to cum,” Steve said through a moan.

“Well, I hope that takes a few more dollars off the cover,” Brittany answered, rubbing a little bit faster. Steve just closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations tearing through his cock. A deeper groan came from his mouth after he took in a deep breath.

Lori had seen Brit begin to rub Steve’s crotch. Not to be outdone, she raised her miniskirt and began to rub her ass on the outside of Jim’s pants. He groaned and then leaned slot oyna back slightly, with his hands balancing him on the wall. Soon, the ass-to-crotch rubbing wasn’t enough for the sexy blonde and quickly drew herself in close to Jim while fondling his hardening cock through the jeans. She became much bolder and unzipped them, sliding her hand into his pants and fishing his cock out of them. If Tony’s cock were huge, it was slightly smaller than Jim’s in length. The 9 inch cock was pulsing heat in Lori’s hand and instinctively she began to stroke him.

“Oh yeah, stroke my cock for me baby,” Jim said, before he placed his hands on the girls’ shoulders and started to push her to her knees. Lori didn’t fight it, as when she was with a guy, she loved to give head. She felt in control when she was on her knees in front of a guy, slurping on his cock, sucking it deep into her mouth. Unlike the times when she was submissive to Brittany, she could be very dominant if the guy allowed it. Although it didn’t appear that she would be dominant to the bouncer tonight, she knew the power she held when she was sucking cock.

Looking over at Lori sucking on Jim’s cock and then to the young girl sucking Tony, Brittany became jealous: not jealous that she didn’t have a cock to suck, but jealous because she was slow in sucking on Steve’s! She immediately dropped to her knees, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and unbuttoned them before yanking both his pants and boxers down to see his uncut cock spring to life before her very eyes. It was 8 inches long and covered in thick, blood-pumping veins. Even before she grabbed it in her hands, she wanted to try something. Taking the tip of her tongue, she began to trace the veins on the underside of his cock, from the base to skin-covered tip. The bouncer let out a soft moan. Using her left hand, she grabbed his cock and began to pull the skin back, revealing the bloated head of the man’s shaft. It was not unlike Tony’s, as it was coated with precum. With the head only an inch away from her tongue, she brought her tongue quickly to the head and swirled it around, generously sliding spit over it before letting his cock slip past her lips.

Brittany’s head was bobbing up and down on Steve’s cock while her hands were wrapped around his legs, gripping his hamstrings. She was determined to deep throat the organ and do it in record time. She had sucked a few cocks in college — when she wasn’t eating pussy — and gained quite a bit of experience in cock sucking. She and Lori — while the blonde was visiting — even had a threesome with a well-hung quarterback from an opposing team one night before the championship game. Needless to say, the girls wore him out so much that he threw several interceptions in the game. When their team found out what they had done the night previous, they celebrated with a massive orgy: the two girls against the team. Just thinking of that night three years ago caused slippery juice to leak from her pussy and onto the floor.

Steve’s cock was very erect as Brit continued to suck and slurp. It had stayed upright when she took her mouth off it to suck on his balls, causing Brittany to suck a little harder on his scrotum. Steve groaned deep as she sucked and it wasn’t long before he was ready to blow his load.

Brittany quickly put her mouth over the opening to Steve’s cock, waiting patiently for the gooey prize. She stroked his cock fast with her right hand and massaged his balls with her left, expertly manipulating the cum to rise through the shaft. His hips were bucking as if they were fucking air, as if the motions would help the cum rise even faster. Brit was panting, her mouth begging for his cock to shoot his cum. Her eyes were wide as was her mouth, her tongue sticking out. Another deep groan from Steve and then Brit felt it: the cum pulsing inside his rigid shaft.

“Oh yes I’m cumming!” Steve announced, with the first globs of cum firing out of his cock and banging off the back of Brittany’s throat. canlı casino siteleri More semen crept through the opening like a raging river and the brunette’s mouth was determined to swallow it all. Steve grunted more as Brit milked his cock.

Lori was sucking on Jim’s member, with his hands on the side of her head, entwined through Lori’s hair. The blonde was an expert at sucking cock and in no time she had Jim praising her mouth. She had started with a tongue bath, licking the shaft and the bulbous head before driving it past her gag reflex in one swallow. As she worked the cock into her mouth, she looked up into Jim’s eyes and stared into them as he jackhammered her mouth. While he was fucking her mouth, her hands were buried in her g-string, two fingers deep in her pussy.

The man could feel his orgasm build; he needed a release soon. With his hands securely fastened to the sides of her head, he stopped her movements and jerked his hips forward and backward, fucking her mouth furiously. His balls, filled with his cum, were slapping against her chin, the sound filling the small room. Jim started grunting through clenched teeth and soon he would shoot.

“Here it comes girl, you better swallow all of me,” Jim said to Lori, her eyes still locked on his face, his hips still pumping into hers. She didn’t looked scared, quite the opposite in fact. It was as if she wanted to be force-fed his cum, like she was on a cum-only diet and was getting her daily requirement with this blow job.

Ten seconds later with Jim’s cock firmly lodged in her throat, the cum splashed inside of her, the blonde savoring the salty taste. She swallowed as much as she could, her tongue bathing Jim’s cockhead, swiping the hole to collect the newest spurt of cum. Jim’s grip on her head relaxed, giving Lori the opportunity to move her head up and down on his shaft, cleaning it.

To the side of the two women, Tony was fucking the young girls’ face with a vengeance. Like Jim, his balls were ricocheting off her chin. She was moaning as the large cock was pumping in and out of her mouth. But she was not expecting him to cum in her mouth.

As the cum spewed out of Tony’s cock, the blonde girl was taken by surprise. Startled, she took his cock out of her mouth, but he continued cumming all over her face. After he finished cumming, he ordered her to lick the remaining cum off his cockhead before having her pull the cum off her face and into her mouth with her fingers.

“What kind of deal did you work with these two?” Tony asked his employees as he pulled his pants up.

“They wanted to see if they could get in at a lesser rate. We felt them up as they flashed us and wanted a little more,” Steve said to his boss, his cock starting to deflate. “I think they earned it.”

“Actually, I want to see a little more. This one here earned her way in by taking my cock like a trooper,” Tony said, acknowledging the young blonde. “I think your two cocksuckers should make out for me.”

This was nothing new to Brit and Lori, but for a cover-free night of dancing, kissing in front of three guys would be a definite turn on. The two girls moved in against each other, wrapped their arms around the other’s body and began to kiss, their tongues dancing in the other’s mouth. They could taste the cum of the bouncer the other sucked. As they kissed, Brittany’s hands roamed a little, her hands gripping the soft flesh of Lori’s ass. She could have gone further and ripped the blonde’s clothes off, but that wasn’t in the agreement with the guys.

After a two minute liplock, the girls separated with smiles on their faces. The guys cheered and clapped, and Tony said the three of them could enjoy their evening without paying the cover. Brittany and Lori thanked the guys by giving them a kiss on the cheek before patting their crotches. The left the room hand in hand, followed by the three bouncers.

Over in the corner, the young blonde was mystified. Her mouth was open, like her jaw needed to be wired shut. Apparently she had never seen two girls kiss before. As she watched the two friends leave the room, she had only one thought on her mind: tonight was going to be more than memorable.

To be continued….



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