Breeding planI gave a final, sloppy wet lick to Jeanette’s pussy. It hung down before me, her lips puckered and engorged from fifteen minutes of my tongue’s eager attention. A pinky-sized gape revealed the rich moistness glistening inside. Most of that was from my saliva but it also blended with her juices forming a natural lubricant.Her pussy was ready. My pussy. The one I’d married nearly four years ago.The one that was about to be fucked by the noisy men anxiously waiting in our adjacent living room. Fucked senseless. And so much more.My wife was on all fours. Her slender ass hung over the foot of our bed. At five foot two, Jeanette was the perfect height for doggie-style fucks like this, though she personally didn’t much care for the position. She found demeaning anything but good ‘ole missionary, but she endured them all purely because I wanted her to. She did a lot just for me like that. Just like a good wife should.I kissed her dangling inner lips again and stood back to admire the lusciousness of my wife’s pussy. In the few years since we’d dated and then wed, it had changed. Thanks to heavy use, it gaped open quite often these days. It also packed incredible muscle tone to its very depths, also thanks to that same, hard use. None of that had been true when we’d first met. Considering the well-used state of her pussy now, it was hard to believe that I had popped her cherry about five years ago.I moved to the side of the bed and opened the latch of the ball gag, getting it ready. Multiple teeth marks criss-crossed the red ball–hers–again thanks to recent heavy use. Six months ago, Darryl, Jeanette’s black lover, insisted I start gagging her for the multiple fuck sessions he and his friends subjected her to. She hated the thing from the first day but endured every orgy with it lodged between her teeth because I insisted. I don’t think she realized how lovely she truly was gagged like that while suffering a merciless barrage of black dick. Everything Darryl did made her so much more beautiful.Everything.She glanced at the vile gag clutched in my hand. “Do you remember the night before Darryl first fucked me?””Of course I do,” I said.”Do you remember what I asked you?””It was a big change for us. You asked if I was ready for it.””Wrong. I asked if it was really, truly what you wanted. Remember? Since, once it happened, there was no turning back.””I remember I said yes.””Two months ago I asked you the same question before I stopped taking birth control.””I said yes again.””I know you did,” she said, her words slowed and spaced out. “Back then you said it’s what you wanted–“”And I haven’t changed my mind since. In fact, it’s been agony waiting out the last two months. So frustrating. I went from watching you get fucked multiple times a week to zip.”The men next door shouted and barked at each other. They had been cut-off too while we all waited for Jeanette’s reproductive system to purge the last traces of birth control medication, restoring her fully fertile, natural state. It was Darryl’s idea. He forbade all sex–at least for Jeanette, that is–in order to build supreme anticipation for the moment to come.It sure as hell worked. At least for me, that is. I thought this fucking night would never get here.”Sam….” Her face clouded. “I’m going to ask you one last time… are you sure you want this? Really sure? Because, after tonight, everything will change. Me. Us. Our lives. The future. I mean… everything.”Again, everything. She was so right about that.”Yes, it will,” I assured her as I threaded the latch for the gag behind her head. “Just like I expect it to.” Her lower lip trembled. “Just like I want it to,” I said as I leaned over and kissed her mouth before positioning the gag in front of it.”Sam,” she said, desperation flashing in her eyes.”Now what?””I… I know Darryl told you not to, but… I want you to go first. Before you let them in. Please. Do it for me.”I kissed her forehead and shoved the gag into her mouth. A quick cinch on the strap tightened it.Jeanette’s head swiveled to follow me as I strolled around the bed. I stood behind her, once again admiring the unmatched view of a beautiful woman all primed for sexing. I rubbed my half hard-on through my shorts.Damn, she was a gorgeous girl.Twenty-five now and still barely one hundred pounds. Golden blonde hair and perky little tits topped by dime-sized areolas capped with two hardened nipple nubs. Though inverted, those cute titties tucked firm against her ribs above her flat tummy. Her hips were slim but there was plenty there to latch onto once you got your cock in full motion plunging in and out of her honey box. And speaking of that irresistible pussy….My irresistible pussy.Was I totally fucking nuts?How could I even consider letting this happen? This perfect creature… my angel, lying bakırköy escort so helpless before me… had just begged me to be the one to complete her.God, she was so damn fuckable. I should be able to do it. Any sensible man would. I’m supposed to be the one to do it. Me. Her husband. Yet… here I was.As her eyes pleaded with me, I yanked my shorts down. I showed her the truth. It lay bare before her, half limp, unable to perform its duty no matter how much she yearned for it. I flicked it a few times and it actually shrank, recoiling from what had been made off-limits. What belonged to the men waiting next door. What it didn’t deserve.Disappointment registered in her eyes then. Followed by resignation as I pulled up my shorts, walked to our bedroom door and flung it open.Darryl was the first to come through. “Had me worried, Sam. Worried maybe you were having second thoughts or something.”He was followed by five other blacks, three I’d witnessed fucking my wife in previous orgies. Two were newbies and the first gawked at the sight before him.”Goddamn. Would you look at that shit?””Like what you see, Maurice?” Darryl asked.”Like? Shit. I’ll pay you a hundred dollars if you let me go first.”Darryl just gave him a cheesy grin.”Two hundred,” the other newbie offered.”First time is all mine, boys,” Darryl said. He looked hard at me. “Ain’t that right, Sam? You didn’t go first. Did you?”I moved to the armchair across the room, my official observation point for Jeanette’s orgies. “You told me not to, so I didn’t.””Good boy,” Darryl said as he unzipped his fly and stepped out of his shorts and boxers. He walked around the foot of our bed and gave a long whistle. “Take a good look at this, boys. Stare at it, drool and get yourselves ready because it is white fucking hot.””And fucking ripe,” Maurice chimed in, cracking a half smile at me as he dropped his shorts. The rest of the black studs all followed suit. Black cocks of all sizes and shapes sprung loose, every one of them at the ready and eager to do its duty.”I have a question for you, Sam.” Darryl waited while my eyes looked first at his stiff, pussy-pleasing cock before raising to meet his eyes. There was an inferno raging behind those eyes, one that couldn’t be denied. He patted Jeanette’s fine ass. “Did my little ripe cunt here ask you to go first?”My wife shot a panicked look at me. She gave the slightest of head shakes.”Yes,” I confessed. More resignation crept across her face.”Thought she might,” Darryl chuckled.His hand slid across her ass cheek to her waiting pussy. Her head snapped forward at his touch. “I’ve gotten to know her really good over the last two years. Intimately, you might say.” He extended one, long black finger and parted her lips. “You do realize this woman would have been perfectly content just being your bride. Dedicating herself to you. Making you a cozy home and a nice little family. Never once thinking of any other man. That’s all she wanted.” Darryl’s finger traced the length of her slit. Jeanette quivered in response.”But all that wasn’t good enough. Not nearly enough for you. Was it?”My cock jerked like a bee had stung it. And the black bastard knew it.”Go ahead, Sam,” Darryl ordered. “Take out your little, white dickie while your wife services a real man. You know you want to.”I did as told.Maurice snorted. “Now I understand. Shit, Cuckie. No wonder you want to watch her get fucked by real men. I’m surprised she agreed to marry you with that dinky pea-shooter.”Darryl laughed at that. “Go get the paper,” he told Maurice.Darryl slid two fingers deep inside my wife as Maurice left. She moaned through the gag as he twisted them side-to-side. Then he popped them out and wiped them across his bulbous cock head before dragging it a few times along her slit.”Here we go, bitch,” he warned. “Game time.”I can always tell when Darryl first thrusts that bulging head into Jeanette’s cunt. She sucks in her gut, arches her back and screams, though lately the gag mutes her protests to muffled wails.”That’s right. Tell everyone what taking a real man feels like,” Darryl said. As he slowly stuffed his cock up my wife, her wails reduced to moans, mews and wet snuffles. “Nice job getting her ready, Sam. She’s good and wet. And ripe,” he added with a dreamy look plastered across his face.Maurice came back just as Darryl began slow and steady strokes.”Kind of busy here, Maurice. Take a number,” he said, building up a rhythm.It used to be that my wife’s pussy would need a long time accommodating Darryl’s girth. Not anymore. What took hours before became minutes and now tens of seconds as she stretched to the point of supreme fullness. Her noises diminished, except for the ragged breaths she blew through her nose.”Oh, that’s good. Real good,” Darryl said, easing beşiktaş escort into his prime fuck strokes. “We’ve got your pussy well trained, don’t we?”He pumped my wife for a while. She stared at the wall, taking without complaint the fact that this big black bull–not me–would be first to unload into her unprotected cunt. Not that she really had a good way to complain at this point. Besides, any noises Darryl pounded out of her sounded like heaven to me. Not protests.The other black studs stood around the bed, watching the fuckfest, casually stroking their cocks. Watching and waiting their turns. Imagining the unsurpassed feeling of emptying their ball sacks into a fertile white cunt. A feeling denied to me that each of them soon would enjoy.Once she gets fully into the sexing, Jeanette’s pussy oozes juice. She’s never been a squirter or a gusher. Though I’ve made her drip a cupful of pussy juice with protracted teasing of her nubbin-size clit. That pussy flood is one of the most amazing feelings a hard cock can experience. Darryl quickly became addicted to it. The look on his face made it clear the precise moment when his dick thrusts were wetly rewarded by her.I saw that look.Now that his cock was gliding through buttered silk, Darryl slowed his pace.”So, where were we?” Darryl said. “Oh, yeah. We were talking about what your wife wanted and what you wanted, Sam. Two very different things, aren’t they? She really doesn’t know all of it, does she? I think she should. Do you think she should?”Jeanette stared at the wall while I waited for Darryl’s next revelation.”Sugar, I first met your husband-to-be before you even knew him. He didn’t have a girlfriend then, but he knew exactly what he wanted when he got one. Of course, how could I not want to help out a sorry little white fuck with his strange ideas about black and white sex. In Sam’s fucked-up mind, the black man is king, which meant he could have anything he wanted. Anything and everything. You wanna know something? I really like being king.”Darryl closed his eyes and took a few long strokes. The room was silent except for my wife’s breathing and the hollow, sucking thwack of her cunt being steadily plunged. That particular noise was my addiction now. No way could I ever get enough of it.”Actually,” Darryl went on. “Sam really wasn’t that different from the other, pathetic, white-boi hubbies I’d met except he didn’t need much encouragement. You see, he had it all worked out in advance. Knew exactly what he wanted to happen to the woman he married. Like some porno movie script all written, just waiting to be filmed. Then, he met you.”My cheeks burned as Darryl spoke. This wasn’t part of the arrangement at all. Still, my cock grew rock hard with every word he said.”Once you two started dating for real, Sam was ready to put his plan into action. He wrote me all about it, the whole sick vision leading up to tonight and beyond. With some intimate pictures thrown in, ones intended to convince me to be king. Wanna see?”At that point, Maurice propped the paper up on Jeanette’s pillow. It was a printout with a color photo, one I recalled vividly. One I’d sent to Darryl five years ago after I’d met a 20-year-old blonde hottie that I thought was perfection walking on Earth.Darryl’s strokes slowed and stopped. Only his massive cock head remained inside my wife, poised, like a cobra set to strike.”So now that you know the whole sorry story, it’s time for you to decide. How do you feel? Do you want to stop? It’s your choice now, Sugar. All yours.”She stared at the paper for what seemed like forever, not moving. The photo of her spread pussy stared back, the first one I’d taken of her shortly after we’d started dating. I’d gotten her drunk enough to do it, though she’d made me swear no one would ever see it. I remember how my gut twisted the next day as I embedded that photo in the e-mail to Darryl and pressed Send. It twisted worse when his one-line answer came back: ‘I hope you know what you’re doing.’Jeanette’s head turned slowly. She looked at me with tears streaming down her cheeks. The ball gag stopped her words from coming out but I heard them clearly. ‘How could you do this to me? You made me into this… this thing. It’s all your fault.’ She stared at me, locked eyes on mine. ‘Fuck you,’ those eyes said. ‘Go fuck yourself.’ With a slight shake of her head, she pushed back onto Darryl’s cock.She had no choice, really. Darryl had made absolutely sure of that. I hated him for it. And worshiped him too.”Yeah, boys,” he shouted as his cock slowly vanished. “We got us a real breeder here. This slut is totally committed.”Never have I seen her more beautiful than that very instant. It was more than I could ever hope to bring out in her. All thanks to that mother-fucking, beylikdüzü escort son-of-a-bitch Darryl.My wife’s eyes never left mine as she rocked faster and faster on that black rod. Squishing sounds built from her drenched pussy on each thrust. That wonderful pussy–my pussy–craved completion. It needed it. Deserved it, after all these years in the making. And it was about to get exactly what it deserved.Five years ago, after hitting Send on my e-mail to Darryl, I shot one of the hardest cums I can remember.Two years ago, the night before he started fucking her, I went into the bathroom after assuring Jeanette it was what I wanted to happen. I came hard again then.Two months ago, I tossed her birth control pills into the trash. She listened as I called Darryl and told him to save up his load for this day. She said nothing as I hung up and went into the bathroom. I shut the door and immediately shot a big load into the toilet.Tonight she watched, dejected and totally defeated, as spurts of come erupted from my cock and splattered onto the floor. Ropes of it left me and sailed to oblivion, accomplishing nothing.That’s how I cum now, Sugar. So unlike a real man does. So not what you need.”Gettin close.” Darryl gasped. Normally he could fuck my wife for an eternity before releasing but the one-of-a-kind treasure she now offered must have been too much for him to hold out against.”Here it comes,” he yelled.”Yeah””Bust that mother-fucking nut.””Look how she wants it.””Fucking horny bitch.”The other black guys cheered Darryl on to victory.Jeanette couldn’t offer any of her own words of encouragement through the gag. Instead, she made a wild a****l noise and began pistoning herself on Darryl with short, furious strokes. Her snarl built to a wail.”Ohhhh,” Darryl groaned.”That’s right,” the black men chorus responded. “Fuck, yeah.”Jeanette’s wail choked off as she bit hard into the gag. She blew a ragged snort as her pistoning ground to a halt.”Oh,” Darryl grunted again. He grabbed my wife’s hips, rammed home to glory and held himself there. “Take that, bitch. Take all that shit.”Jeanette’s eyes squeezed shut as the black cock pumped spurt after spurt of potent seed into her fertile womb. I saw it all too clearly in my mind’s eye. Jets of white-hot baby cream spewing the length of her cunt, splashing across the walls of her abused vagina, forcing through her battered cervix.Completing her at last.”Uh. Uh. Goddamn, yes!” Darryl bucked hard into Jeanette’s pussy. “One more for you, bitch. Uhhh!”He held himself still, concentrating on shooting the last of his massive load as deep as he could spray it.”Damn,” came the chorus.”Fucking breeding bitch.””Nothing like ’em.””Can’t fucking get enough.”When Darryl finally released my wife’s hips, angry red marks burned where his fingers had clenched. As his breathing returned to normal, a smug grin spread across his face.”Goddamn it, boys. That’s black baby number one right there, I’m telling you.” he said. “With more to come.””How many is she good for, you think… three? Four?””Slut’ll keep making them as long as she keeps getting black dick.””She’s going to look fucking gorgeous with that belly bulging and those titties all full up.”Amen, brother. I’ve been dreaming about that vision for… well, way too long.”My turn,” said Maurice. He moved behind Darryl. “Let me at that cunt,” he urged as he stroked his monster, uncut cock.Darryl backed away from my wife. His cock emerged and slapped limp against her thigh leaving a trail of scum as he wiped it across her flesh.”Go ahead, Maurice, but the deed is done,” Darryl assured.Maurice lined himself up on Jeanette’s sloppy pussy. “You can’t know that.””The hell I can’t,” Darryl said. “I’ve put black bastards in five white slut wives so far.””Shit!” Maurice yelled as my wife’s cunt discharged bubbled streams of Darryl’s cum. Maurice jerked his dick out of the way as one large glob spewed onto the bed followed by a second one.”She’ll be the sixth,” Darryl said, as certain of it as he was the sun rising each morning.My cum lay spent on the floor. Wasted. Though some of Darryl’s now pooled on our bed and ran down my wife’s thighs, no doubt plenty of it was already beginning to work nature’s miracle inside her. My limp dick twitched in response to the thought of what it was doing to her. What it was transforming her into. Exactly what I had wanted.King Darryl had truly taken everything now.”But all you boys go right ahead and just make sure I did the job,” Darryl said. “I’m thinking from now on, this little slut needs black cock only and lots of it. Ain’t that right, Sam?”He knew it was, just as I knew for certain my dick would never again touch my wife. Everything had just changed, all thanks to one incredible cum shot over five years in the making.Maurice began feeding his cock into Jeanette’s well-fucked pussy. She groaned around the gag and her eyes shot open. They locked again on mine as Maurice began pumping into her, breeding her, like the rest of these men would do. Like many others would do in the years ahead. In response, my lonely cock started to stiffen again.It was going to be a long, glorious night.



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