Rebecca sat on the front stoop of their apartment building waiting for Stacy to come home from work. Jim had already left for the evening kissing her cheek as she walked into the apartment from work. He had to go back out for his hockey game and Rebecca knew he’d be gone until at least 11pm which left her with six hours to kill. She had brought home a nice dinner planned for the two of them but he always had to run out to be with the guys. It sometimes surprised her when she thought of the current news going on in her life that he wasn’t the one turning to the same sex for pleasure.

As she sat there reading a book she could care less about she waited. Glancing up every time a car came down the street waiting for Stacy Rebecca drove herself mad. Her tight jeans were rubbing against her clit making it raw as she rocked wishing she could climax there and then. Finally Stacy’s car pulled up. Her long curly locks messed up and the look on her face looked like one who was ready to give in to the world.

Once Stacy saw Rebecca she shot Rebecca a weary smile. Rebecca closed the book and stood up meeting Stacy half way down the stairs. Stacy looked as if one word was going to break her apart. Rebecca placed an arm around Stacy and Rebecca said,

“Whatever it is you don’t need to talk about it. Unless, you need to. I made a wonderful dinner and I wanted to share it with a friend. You can say no, if you wish, but you look like you need a friend.” Stacy looked at Rebecca and forced a weak smile.

“I would love to have dinner. Everyone needs to eat. But right now I just want to crawl in bed and never come out.” Rebecca’s heart leapt for Stacy. She wanted to help her, but felt Stacy would rather be alone.

“I understand if you’re not up to anything tonight. Jim’s out and I just wanted some company is all.” Stacy kissed Rebecca’s cheek and put an arm around Rebecca as they walked upstairs into the lobby of the building.

“How about you bring dinner to my apartment? I’ll leave the door unlocked for you.” Rebecca smiled and said,

“That would be great.”

Rebecca walked Stacy to her apartment and then ran to hers grabbing everything she needed including the wine. The wine always comforted her when she was upset and Rebecca was planning for anything so she even grabbed the tissues as she locked the door behind her.

When she reached Stacy’s apartment she noticed that their apartments were almost identical except for the furniture. The apartment was glowing with candlelight throughout the apartment. Rebecca didn’t know if it was for her or just a ritual Stacy practices when she comes home from work.

Rebecca set the food down and put the wine in the fridge when she heard Stacy’s voice from the bathroom.

“I’ll be out in one minute. I’m just finishing up in here.” Rebecca walked to the bathroom and opened it seeing Stacy’s beautiful body relaxing in the bubbles.

“You’re fast. Bubbles and all!” Stacy smiled and motioned to Rebecca.

“Come here.” Rebecca walked over letting her hair spill over her shoulders from the ponytail it was just in. As Rebecca sat on the side of the bathtub Stacy took her hand and kissed it. A smile widened as Rebecca knelt down next to her. While they kissed Rebecca grabbed the bar of soap and began to descend her hand down under the water.

The soap first touched Stacy’s right breast as Rebecca’s hand delved into the water. Stacy’s güvenilir bahis left hand reached up and grabbed around Rebecca’s head pulling her closer. Rebecca’s hand continued to move south to Stacy’s smooth cunt and began to massage her cunt with the bar of soap. Rebecca dropped the soap and began to use her hand sliding her finger deep into Stacy.

Stacy wrapped her leg over the tub’s edge opening herself more for Rebecca. Rebecca’s kiss deepened as so did her finger into Stacy’s pussy. Stacy broke from the kiss and moaned, “I love you.” Rebecca’s hand stopped and she looked at Stacy. “Don’t stop, Becca. Please don’t stop.” Rebecca’s hand continued getting more and more excited as her jeans inseam was pressed tightly against her clit. She brought Stacy to a screaming climax. Once Stacy’s breathing slowed Rebecca smiled and said,

“I’m so wet. Literally in more ways than one.” Stacy smiled and noticed Rebecca’s wet shirt.

“I’m sorry.” Rebecca smiled down at Stacy and removed her top revealing her white lace bra. As Rebecca looked down at Stacy she smiled and said,

“Don’t be sorry.” Stacy smiled and watched Rebecca grab the lavender lather on the shelf above the bathtub. She opened the container and squeezed some on Stacy’s chest. Lathering her breasts and pulling at her hardened nipples. Stacy began to moan and lay there while Rebecca kept enticing the moans from her mouth. Rebecca’s hands rubbing all over Stacy’s breast.

Rebecca smiled watching Stacy as she got on her knees and kissed Rebecca’s lips softly. Her arms wrapped around Rebecca’s back and she began unlatching her bra. Their lips stayed locked to one another and once Stacy had the bra undone Rebecca removed it. Stacy’s hands soon found Rebecca’s breasts and were holding them in her hand. Her thumbs teasing the nipples until they were erect enough to be pinched. She gave them a quick pinch and then pulled her lips away from Rebecca’s.

Stacy brought her breasts to Rebecca’s letting their nipples touch one another’s. Rebecca watched Stacy as she licked her lips biting on the corner of her mouth. After a moment Rebecca stood up and smiled as Stacy watched her. Rebecca unzipped her jeans and let her white lace panties show. Stacy smiled as Rebecca backed up and turned around. Stacy stood up and grabbed the towel off the rack wrapping herself in it. As Rebecca slid the pants over her bottom Stacy noticed that Rebecca had thongs on.

While she was bent over Stacy walked up behind her and placed chilly hand on Rebecca’s warm smooth cheek. Rebecca stood up and leaned against Stacy’s body. Stacy’s right hand wrapped around Rebecca’s waist and headed south for her pussy. Stacy was interested in how hot Rebecca was. She couldn’t wait to have her in her own bed, in her arms once again.

Her hand cupped Rebecca’s pussy and felt the wetness seeping through the lace. Rebecca sighed as Stacy touched her cunt. A smile was on Stacy’s face and she was all warmed up herself. Stacy’s hand roamed up to Rebecca’s breast and she began massaging it and pulling at the nipple. While manipulating Rebecca’s breast Stacy started to kiss Rebecca’s right shoulder. Biting it lightly as she inched toward Rebecca’s ear.

Once she reached Rebecca’s ear she licked the lobe and started to blow on the ear. Rebecca reached around and placed her hand on the back of Stacy’s head. Stacy’s hand began to rub up and down Rebecca’s right türkçe bahis side and cupping under her right breast.

“Do you want to go into the bedroom?” Stacy whispered and Rebecca nodded yes. “I can’t hear you, babe.” Rebecca smiled and said,

“Yes. I want you to take me to your bedroom.” Stacy sighed and took Rebecca’s hand from the back of her head and kissed it as Rebecca watched her. Rebecca turned to face Stacy and kissed her lips again holding Stacy close to her body. They stood there for what seemed like hours. Rebecca’s hands were in Stacy’s wet hair holding her body close to hers. Their breasts pushed up against one another and feeling Stacy’s nipples digging into her breasts were turning her on.

Stacy’s hand was on Rebecca’s panties. As they kissed Stacy slid her thumbs underneath the elastic and slid them off Rebecca’s hips. Once they hit the floor Stacy’s fingers found Rebecca’s plump cunt lips and her soaking slit. Rebecca breathed heavily as their kiss broke.

“I can’t wait to have you laid out spread eagle on my bed and me between these gorgeous thighs.” Rebecca kissed Stacy’s lips quickly as Stacy rubbed her clit.

“Take me to your bedroom now.” She paused to breathe and then asked, “Please?”

Stacy smirked and brought the finger that was rubbing Rebecca’s wet slit to her mouth. She stuck it inside and smiled.
“Mmm. You taste so good.” Rebecca grabbed Stacy’s hand and pulled her to the bedroom.

Once Stacy was near her bed Rebecca undid Stacy’s towel and let it fall to her feet. Rebecca pushed Stacy back onto the bed and lay on top of her kissing her mouth while her legs were straddled over Stacy’s right thigh. Stacy held Rebecca to her rocking slowly, rubbing her thigh against Rebecca’s wet and tasty cunt. Rebecca began to moan and Stacy rolled her over.

Stacy broke the kiss and got onto her knees looking down at Rebecca. Her nipples were so hard. Rebecca was so excited that Stacy had a feeling as soon as her mouth made contact with her cunt she would cum all over Stacy’s face.

She couldn’t wait to dive in, but Rebecca needed to relax a little. Stacy stood up and asked Rebecca to do the same. Once they were off the bed Stacy tore off the blankets and threw them to the floor. Near the headboard were four inviting pillows that Stacy propped up inviting Rebecca to lay back down.

As Stacy was doing this she was bent over and Rebecca wanted to taste her as well. When Stacy had finally finished and was going to tell Rebecca to lay down Rebecca was on her knees behind Stacy. Her tongue had begun to probe at Stacy’s entrance of her pussy. Rebecca tasted Stacy’s juices before but she was truly enjoying this moment. Her tongue trailed up Stacy’s crack and didn’t finish licking until she reached Stacy’s tailbone.

Rebecca stood up and climbed into the bed directly after Stacy. They intertwined their legs within one another and began to rock – rubbing each other’s cunt with their thighs. Rebecca was the first one to cum and then Stacy came with a strong shudder. Once she regained her breath Stacy slid down the bed between Rebecca’s thighs and began kissing them from the outside in. Her tongue licked up the inner thigh and Rebecca had her hands holding her legs open watching Stacy go down on her.

Her sensitive clit felt amazing as Stacy’s tongue washed over it. She felt her cunt warm over again and felt that funny feeling deep in güvenilir bahis siteleri the pit of her stomach. She was ready to cum again and began to move her hips against Stacy’s mouth. Stacy placed her hands under Rebecca and began to rub her anal entrance.

Rebecca began to writhe under Stacy’s touch as another electric orgasm wiped over her body leaving her out of breath and wiped. Stacy climbed up to Rebecca’s mouth and smiled kissing her neck as her hand grabbed hold of her breast. She wanted to always have Rebecca this way. Just them in a room always. She knew in a few minutes it would end and Rebecca would return home. She didn’t want it to happen just yet.

Her right hand slid down to Rebecca’s worn cunt and stayed there as Rebecca drifted off holding onto her as well.

When Rebecca awoke she was covered and the alarm clock read 11:30pm. Rebecca shot up and remembered where she was. Across the room Stacy sat in her chair with a light illuminating the room. A smile appeared on Stacy’s face as she closed the book. She was in a white robe and her hair was tied up. As she walked over to the bed Rebecca smiled and began to get out of bed. She pulled the blankets off of her and was reminded that she was naked.

Stacy cracked a smile and walked over to the bed to sit next to her. She pushed aside Rebecca’s hair and kissed her neck.

“I’d been waiting for you to wake up. You must’ve needed that nap.” Rebecca nodded and smiled as she looked at Stacy. Stacy’s hand ran up Rebecca’s thigh and stopped before reaching her pussy. “I’ve been sitting there watching you sleep. Listening to you sleep. I love doing that.” A sheepish smile crossed Rebecca’s face.

“So does Jim, or well he did at one point. Now he’s too tired or busy for anything.”

“Well I was thinking that we keep tonight our secret. I mean he shouldn’t know about every tryst we have. Should he?” Rebecca looked at her and kissed her lips.

“It was truly wonderful. I love you.” Stacy beamed at Rebecca and sighed.

“I love you too. I was so worried all day that I wouldn’t see you. This whole thing has been driving me mad.” Rebecca grabbed a pillow and turned to face Stacy better.

“What do you mean?” Stacy looked her in the eye and breathed heavily.

“I was at work today. Thinking only of you. I love men do not get me wrong. The fact of the matter is I can’t get enough of you, babe. I mean I was daydreaming of how it would be if I could come home to you every night. I wouldn’t be running out to play hockey. We’d be together all of the time. Every night would be filled will passionate sex.” There was a brief pause and then Stacy said, “I could give you what Jim does.”

Rebecca was stunned. She had feelings for Stacy, but never could she leave Jim and that’s what it seemed like Stacy wanted from her. Stacy hugged her and whispered,

“Tonight was a night I dreamed of since we met. I thought Jim was crazy taking me home to his wife after just meeting. But now I know it was destiny.” She leaned back and looked at Rebecca.

Inside Rebecca didn’t know what to say or do. She smiled and kissed Stacy’s lips.

“Jim and I are married. You and I are lovers. We’re going to work this through. He doesn’t have to know about tonight or any other for that matter.”

Stacy smiled and took Rebecca’s hand.
“Just don’t ever tell me goodbye. Please, Becca?” Rebecca hugged Stacy and held her until Stacy was asleep.

An hour and a half later Rebecca was dressed and she locked the door behind her as she quietly left. She had no idea what to expect the following day. Or how to explain why she was so late to Jim.



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