Breaking Curfew.”This is not the first time,Erica !” the Abbess said.Erica looked at the floor,she new she was in trouble for breaking the curfew and not returning to St.Angela’s by 7pm; she had stayed out until 9pm and then she and her friend had tried to sneak back into their dormitory, Erica had been caught ,but had made enough of a commotion that her friend Tess had got away .”Someone else was with you,was it a boy?” the Abbess said,staring at Erica,the Abbess knew what lay ahead for Erica and the very thought of spanking this beautiful exchange student was exciting her.Erica remained silent ,the Abbess opened a drawer in her desk and produced a leather strap,placing it on the table in full view of Erica,then the Abbess produced Erica’s phone and began to scroll through the photo album until she found the image she wanted,she then placed the phone on her desk and stared at Erica.”Anything to say,girl?””No,Abbess,there was no one with me,I was alone,” Erica said,not wanting to get her best friend Tess into trouble.”Then who took this rather fetching photograph of you,?” the Abbess asked,there was a hint of exasperation in her voice.Erica glanced at the photograph of her sticking her bottom out and smiling;it brought a smile to her face.”Well,are you going to answer me,Erica?”the Abbess asked.”There was no one with me…I had my phone on a timer,”Erica said,smiling ,”I do not believe you ,Erica,I will give you one final chance to tell me,if you tell me both you and your compatriot will be thrashed and banned from leaving the College for two weeks,if you do not tell me who was with you then you will be thrashed until you do,have I made myself clear?” the Abbess said staring at Erica.Erica’s eyes met the Abbess’,she faltered and then said, “There was no one with,Abbess.”The Abbess took a deep breath and stood up,” Very well come over here,Erica.” The Abbess sat on a chair and watched as Erica walked slowly over to her.”You are being a very silly girl,Erica,all you have to do is tell me the name of the person you were with and all this could be over in a short while,but instead you are now going to suffer until you tell me,” the Abbess said as Erica stood next to her.Erica heard the Abbess take a deep breath before saying,”Very well,Erica,bend over my knee!”Erica smirked at the Abbess as she positioned herself over the middle aged Nun’s knee,she felt the Abbess touch her bottom and she waited,she was this the right thing to do,she thought,she loved Tess and couldn’t bear to see her in trouble.Her thoughts were interrupted by the Abbess’ hand landing on her bottom,there was short sting on her right rump before her left rump bakırköy escort felt a sting and soon the Abbess was in rhythm,her hand rising and falling on Erica’s pert bottom.The spanking was having just a little effect but Erica was thankful that the Abbess had not ordered her to bare her bottom; at least not yet.The Abbess stopped the spanking and spent a few moments rubbling Erica’s posterior as she asked, “have you had enough,will you now tell me who was with you?”Erica sniffled and said,”There was no one with me,Abbess!” “You are an insolent girl,I do not believe you !””That’s your problem,” Erica retorted.The Abbess felt anger rise within her as she brought her hand down on Erica’s bottom again and again.Erica began to feel discomfort now and became aware that she had whimpered.”Now it seems I am getting through to you,finally,” the Abbess said hearing Erica whimper.”No you haven’t, you must be enjoying yourself !” Erica said defiantly.”You wicked,insolent,insubordinate ,girl,” the Abbess said,exasperated and bringing her hand down on Erica’s bottom as hard as she could.The spanking continued.Tess sat in History class,she wasn’t paying much attention to what was being said ,she was worried. She knew that Erica had been summoned to the Abbess’ study ,she knew why,but was told by Erica not to get herself in trouble,they had only seen her and not Tess. “Are you paying attention,Tess ?” the Monk at the top of the class said.”Yes,” Tess said meekly.”What did I say last,my girl?”Tess felt everyone in the class look at her.”Eyes front or I will spank you all,” the Monk said.”Well,Tess,what did I say last?” “I don’t know,I’m sorry,please,forgive me Father Anselm”,Tess said .”Come to the top of the class,girl!” the Monk said.Tess and all the pupils in the class could see an expression of delight appear on the Monk’s fat,round face.Tess stood up and walked slowly to the top of the class,she knew what was about to happen,she had seen it happen to others since she was at St.Angel’s;she wondered was it now happening to Erica,her love.Tess watched as the Monk sat on his chair and smoothed down his long ,wool habit before using a crook finger to beckon her over to him.”Now ,Tess,I think it is time I helped you to wake up and focus your mind on what is happening in class,” the Monk said.Tess lay across the Monk’s lap and he began to spank her quite hard causing her to cry out even at the first slap.Other students in the class must have looked up from their work,Tess couldn’t see but heard Bro.Anselm say sternly, “Keep your eyes on your work,I will have each one of you over my knee once I am beşiktaş escort finished with the naughty Tess here!”The spanking resumed and Tess began to cry,the slaps really hurt and before long she was struggling and kicking her legs,her clothing provided no protection as the Monk,Father Anselm continued .He was deriving great personal pleasure spanking the firm bottom over his knee,he enjoyed administering a good spanking and always enjoyed when his victims struggled while over his knee,the friction of them struggling only served to excite his penis,he was smiling,he couldn’t help it and he could feel that he was getting breathless but still he continued. Tess’ pleas fell on deaf ears,Father Anselm was enjoying himself too much but finally after what seemed quite sometime he stopped and before letting Tess stand up he rubbed her bottom saying,”Now,Tess,let that be lesson to you.””Thank you,Father Anselm,” Tess said as she stood up and walked awkwardly back to her desk.Father Anselm stayed seated for sometime watching her and the rest of the class go about their work,no one dared look up.”Stand up,Erica and go to the table,I will have to do something else with you,” the Abbess said breathlessly.Erica stood up and rubbed her bottom and walked over to the table followed by the Abbess.”Lower your trousers and underwear,Erica,” the Abbess said taking the leather strap in her hand.Erica smirked and said,”Whatever you ask,Abbess!”The Abbess watched as Erica took her time opening and then lowering her trousers,she was deliberately setting out to annoy the Abbess,or at least that’s what she thought; the Abbess was quite enjoying the build up,she was looking forward to plying the strap across the bottom of this naughty girl.Erica stood,naked from her waist down and looked at the Abbess, “Sorry,is it over the table you want me,Abbess?” “Oh you are an insolent girl,we will see if the leather will tame you !” the Abbess said,she was beginning to become angry.”We shall see,”Erica said as she bent over the table,placing the palms of her hands firmly on the table and sticking out her bottom for the Abbess.The Abbess stood behind Erica and placed the strap across her already stinging bottom,then the Abbess raised up the strap and brought it down in one swift movement. Erica jumped,this was a very different kind of pain,she suddenly wondered would she be able to take this. The strap came down again and again and Erica screamed.”Ah,yes,that is what I want to hear,my wicked girl!” the Abbess said,there was finally a note of satisfaction in her voice.Erica hated hearing that but before she could say beylikdüzü escort something the Abbess brought the strap down again,Erica screamed and lost her composure,she quickly placed her hands behind her and rubbed her bottom vigorously.The Abbess laughed,”Well now,Erica I do believe at last I am getting through to you,come along girl,bend over the desk,I am sure you can take a lot more,you are a brave,tough girl after all.”Erica was in pain,the leather had really made her think,but she did not want to get Tess into trouble,she retook her position over the table ,bit her bottom lip and squeezed her eyes shut and then she heard a knock at the door.”Oh dear,excuse me Erica,stay where you are,we are only beginning,” the Abbess said walking to the door still holding the leather strap.The Abbess opened the door. Erica heard the Abbess ask,”Yes what is it you want,girl, I am quite busy as you can see.””My name is Tess De Vries and I was with Erica,Mother Abbess,I am sorry.””Well,well,come in Tess,” the Abbess.Tess stepped inside,she was shocked to see Erica bending over the table,her bare bottom exposed was a deep red colour and looked really sore.”Well Erica,your friend has seen the light and given herself over to me to chastise her;very well Tess,I want you to bare your bottom and bend over next to the lovely Erica there,I believe we three will get to know each other intimately over the next while,” the Abbess said,smiling.Tess lowered her jeans and panties and bent over next to Erica.”I am sorry,I should have come sooner,” Tess whispered.There was another knock at the door and the Abbess went to answer it,it was Father Anselm who said,”Oh,Abbess,I see you are busy ,I just wanted to tell you that Tess De Vries had asked to come and see you,i was just making sure that she had not played truant”.”Thank you Father Anselm,but Miss De Fries and Miss Bakker had not obeyed the curfew,I have been trying to find out who was with Erica, but for sometime she refused to tell me,and indeed still refused,until Tess came to confess her guilt;” the Abbess said looking at the bare bottoms waiting for her chastisement, “I wonder Father Anselm if I might prevail upon your time to assist me with Miss Bakker and Miss De Vries,I feel somewhat tired from my exertion with Erica,a wilful,insolent girl”.”I would be only too delighted,” Father Anselm said as he stepped inside and closed the door.”Oh,fuck,he is a real pervert,”Tess whispered to Erica.”They all are,” Erica said looking at Tess and smiling.”Well Father Anselm,would you be so kind as to take Miss Bakker over your knee while I deal with Miss De Vries?” the Abbess asked.”Oh yes,yes indeed,come over here to me Erica,”the Monk said.Erica lay over the Monk’s knee feeling his hand on her bare bottom,she raised her head and saw the Abbess holding the strap and smiling as she approached Tess.Both Erica and Tess were very mindful of the time outside St.Angela’s in the future,they were never late again.



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