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Brainwashed by Mr. and Mrs. Bohner – A Young Man&#I didn’t know if I should meet. Mr. and Mrs. Bohner were expecting me for my first visit and my inspection. I had been waiting for this day for a long time, but the seriousness of what I was getting myself into was only now hitting me. I had told Mrs. Bohner that I was willing to submit to her and her husband. I had made promise to be subject to their desires and to be trained to fulfill any need they may have in their family. Now as I stand at their door my heart is racing with thoughts about what this will mean for my life.”This was only a first meeting and inspection.” I thought to myself.I rang the doorbell and waited. I heard footsteps in the house going multiple directions. A maid opens the door.”Hello, who should I say is at the door?” The maid asks.”I’m Josh. I’m hear to meet Mr. and Mrs. Bohner.” I say.”I’ll tell Mrs. Bohner you’re here, please wait on the couch.” The maid responds.I nod and walk inside towards the couch.Several minutes go by.Then I heard something.”Hello, Josh, it is lovely to see you. I’m glad you could make it on time. I’m Mrs. Bohner.” She says with a pleasant but matter-of-fact tone.I blushed just looking at her gorgeous face and ample hips. I was too caught off guard to even reply. She didn’t seem to care. She just grabbed my hand.”Come with me upstairs, I want to take a better look at you.” She said hastily.She led me up into her room and shut the door behind her.”Now lets get started.” She said.I was overwhelmed.”How was this happening to me?” I thought to myself.I was being dragged down the hall by woman who was old enough to be my mother. I could smell her perfume mixed with a hint of what must have been some of clothing material she was wearing and maybe hairspray. She kept her appearances on point, from her hair down to nylons, which had one of those black seems going down the back, like from the 1930’s. And I’m sure her breasts and hips turned heads whenever she went out.I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. The world felt like it was moving beneath me. The world started to seem surreal. I was starting to panic a little. This was moving too fast to think.”I’m nervous.” I blurt out”You know Josh, it’s useless to worry in my house.” Mrs. Bohner assured me.I don’t quite understand what she means, but nod along. Trying to appear calm.”Hey Josh, you look thirsty after such a long drive.” She says as she hands me a glass.I take sip a few sips.”Do you like the place, Josh?” She asks.I Nod.”Your room will be downstairs, down the hall from the kitchen. I think you’ll like it there.” She says with a wink.”My room?” I asked.I thought this was just an inspection day. I thought they were going to look over me and send me home. Did they really plan to move this quickly? I had things to do tomorrow. I was I had assignments from my University that were due tomorrow. But after all of those thoughts flooded my head, a wave of relaxation and pleasure hit me like a wave and pulled me under.”I don’t want you to have to think too hard, Josh I told you already. Not in my house.” Mrs. Bohner said with a smile.My vision was narrowing into a pinhole. What was happening to me?”Josh, we’re going to have to make some changes. Getting rid of that old mindset is the first step, I hope you understand. You did say you wanted to be good and make the both of us happy, right?” Mrs. Bohner said with a smirk.I woke up with my heart pumping and my ears ringing. Nothing looked familiar. I tried to remember what happened last night. I remember Mrs. Bohner’s face. Then I remember her smirk. I look around the room and see pictures of Mr and Mrs Bohner on the wall and the night stand by the bed I was laying on.”Hello?” I yell.Mrs. Bohner comes into the room.”Oh, Josh! I was so worried about you last night, you must not have eaten very well yesterday. You nearly collapsed onto our floor. I’m glad you’re looking better today. Anyway, I hope you don’t mind but I took some liberties with your things, everything you brought with you I decided to send off to Goodwill. I don’t think you’ll need your phone, or your car or anything of the sort. Everything you need is right here in this house, with David and I. Anyway, I have things to do, David or Mr. Bohner as you know him is around here somewhere. I hope you can find a way to make yourself useful in the mean time.” Mrs. Bohner says with a faux concerned tone.My head was still spinning. What did she just say? She gave away my phone and my car? How am I going to… A wave of nausea comes over me. What did I get myself into this time? This idea might have turned me on in a fantasy, but here I am sitting on a bed hundreds of miles from home, in the house of two people I barely know. Mrs. Bohner has just left me here to do I don’t know what.A start to walk around the room and realize that I don’t recognize the clothes I’m wearing. These shorts are tight.I wish I were a less shy person. I would go outside and look for a phone somewhere and call one of my friends. Only after thinking that thought did I realize that I didn’t actually know anyone’s phone numbers, they were all in programmed into my phone, not memorized, it’s been years since I’ve actually known someone’s phone number by heart.A couple minutes later I heard some footsteps coming down the hall. They were pounding loud, a big person who isn’t making any effort to be graceful.”Josh!” I heard a man’s voice yell.Mr. Bohner walks into the room. He’s a very average looking middle age man. Salt and pepper hair, a “Dad bod” with a few extra pounds in the stomach.”I heard my new boy toy was awake.””I don’t think I agreed to this yet.” I thought to myself.”I’m getting a little bored in this house, Josh. I’ve been retired for a year now. But I think you’ll be able to fix that.”He grabs my crouch.Oh fuck, I thought. He’s going to get my horny, and then I don’t know what I’m going to do.He puts his hand down my shorts and underneath my underwear and feels around.Fuck, I’m now getting erect.Suddenly I felt all my plans of getting out of here dissipate.”You said you wanted to be good right, Josh?””Yes, sir.” I said.”Let’s go and get you out of those clothes, boy.” He says with a little bit of repressed delight in his voice.Mr. Bohner starts to take off my clothes starting with my shirt and then proceeding to my shorts. He goes on his knees below the bed and tugs my underwear off my legs.”You’re a big boy aren’t you, Josh.” Mr. Bohner says.I blush.I am big in some areas I thought. But my slender build probably exaggerates that.”Now Josh, c’mere.” He says.Mr Bohner manhandles me and puts some bondage cuffs around each of my arms and legs. And then gives me a spank on my bare ass. He pushes me to the floor.”You’re going to be down there from now on, Josh. I don’t want to see you walking around like you think you’re one of us.” He says with a stern voice.He gets down on the ground with me and pushes my back flat against the floor and rubs my belly. I like you down here just like this. He brushes his hand from my belly down to my penis. I feel a wave of excitement come over me as his hand brushes by.He grabs onto my penis in a very clinical way, with his thumb and pointer finger and gives my penis a little shake.”You see this, Josh. This is why you’re here. And this is why you’ll stay here.” He says in a very matter of fact tone.Then he turns at his waist to retrieve something out of his pocket. A half melted ice pack.He forcefully places the ice pack on my penis and balls. And I wince from shock. I can feel my erection withering as he has one hand on my crouch holding the ice pack down and one hand on my shoulder and chest to make sure I don’t try to move away.He then proceeds to take another item from his pocket. A cock cage. My eyes widen, but I still can’t muster the initiative to resist. Half of my brain is still turned on by all of this. He locks the cage securely around my cock and balls. And then takes my arms and places them behind my back and locks them into a pre-made attachment on the bedpost.”I’ll be back for you in a bit. I hope you like your new room.” He says.Now, I’m really in a bind I thought. I was kocaeli escort thinking in the metaphorical sense, but clearly I was also literally bound. My hands were behind my back attached to the bedpost and my cock was locked in a metal cage. My mind was still anticipating sex, since a few minutes earlier I had been striped and groped by Mr. Bohner. I was frightened about what I may have done to my life, but there was a little bit of glee in there as well about what was happening to me. This was the stuff of fantasies, that I was always too afraid to try.What seemed like several minutes had passed when I heard those loud familiar foots steps coming down the hall again.”Josh, it’s time for your first training session.” Mr. Bohner said through the doorway as he walked in.”I hope you’re not having too much fun down there like that.” He says jokingly.”No, sir.” I said timidly.”Do you know what conditioning is Josh?” Mr. Bohner asks.”Sort of, Mr. Bohner.” I said.”Well this is the program we set out for your, Josh. You’re going to trained and conditioned to serve us and enjoy it, desire it and need it on a physical and spiritual level. Understand?” He says sternly.”Yes, sir.” I replied.He was holding something behind his back.”See this, Josh?” Mr. Bohner asks.He was holding what looked like a hybrid between a gas mask and a simple latex max. It was a latex max with tubing going through the noses to some electric device.”Yes.” I said.”This is something I designed just for the training of a boy like you. Here is how it works.” He said pointing to the mask.”You will put this on over your head and it this mask will deliver pure nicotine vapor to your nostrils at appropriate moments. That’s the basic idea. I won’t give away all the tricks I have in store for you, though.” He said with a laugh.With that, he put the mask over my head and tightened it so that it wouldn’t easily come off. He inserted the tubes up each nostril carefully with a little bit of petroleum jelly.”I have to put the jelly on these tubes so I don’t give you a bloody nose and I also so we keep this roughly airtight.” He explains.”Now, lets test it out.” He said with a devilish grin.My hands were still bound behind me attached to the bedpost, I was in a kneeling position. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his fully erect penis. I could not tell if he was cut or uncut. He was hairy like you would expect for a man of his age and build. He put one hand on my head and guided my mouth towards the head of his penis. When my lower lip touched the head of his penis he tapped what was apparently the remote for the mask I was wearing. I go a rush of pure nicotine with a strange musky scent, this wasn’t like any vapor flavor I was aware of.He put his penis deep in my mouth. I was not experienced with any of this. I gagged a little bit, but tried to relax, gagging would only make this more difficult I thought. He pulled away for a second and kept stroking his cock himself. Then he put his cock back onto my lips and hit his remote again. A wave a pleasure hit me and still the same strange musky smell. He was a little more relaxed this time when he put his cock deep into my mouth. Good boy he said. He hit his remote again, and again I was hit by a wave a pleasure.”Isn’t this fun, boy?” He ask rhetorically.”Yes, sir.” I tried to reply as best I could with his cock in my mouth.”Good boy.” He said. While hitting his remote again.He repeatedly withdrew and then put his cock back in my mouth many more times. Each time my mouth was on his cock or I had his cock in my mouth deeply he would hit his remote. I was beginning to love that smell and love the feel of his cock on my lips and down my throat.After about 20 minutes of this cycle he came all over my mask and hit his remote for what seemed like an eternity. I was in heaven.”You are a good boy you know that, Josh?” He said with a relaxed smile.”Now come with me, I’ve got to wash you off before the misses comes home. Lets get you to the shower okay?”He releases me from the bedpost, but keeps my hands tied behind my back and leads me to the bathroom down the hall. When we open the door I hear some footsteps. It must be the maids walking around upstairs. We round the corn and enter the bathroom.He sits me in the tub and turns on the water. The tub splashes me with freezing cold water and I squirm a little bit.”Just wait a second, it’ll warm up.” He said.He turns on the shower sprayer and it starts to shoot warm water. He sprays it onto my chest and the mask.”Lets get you all cleaned up. Here take that mask off.” He takes the mask off.He stands me up in the shower and turns me all around to make sure all of me is equally clean.”Now hop on out and lets get you dry.” Mr. Bohner says.I nod and hop out.He wraps a warm towel around me and squeezes me tight. Patting at any wetness he can find on my body with the end of the towel.”Good as new.” He says.He opens the bathroom door and leads me back to the tether on my bedpost.Later that day, afternoon became evening. I was sitting kneeling by the bedpost with nothing but my thoughts. I reminisced about the taste and smell of Mr. Bohner’s cock on my mouth. Was that the conditioning? Did I like this really? It did feel good to have my mouth filled with his cock, and that perfect musky smell, whatever it was. I started to get erect from these memories, only to be reminded that the cage around my penis would not let that happen.When my erection finally subsided, I realized that I had not used the bathroom all day. My bladder was full and I was about to piss myself if I didn’t get to the bathroom quickly.”Hello?” I yelledI heard some light footsteps coming towards the door. The door opened up and it was a maid.Shocked and embarrassed I tried to cover myself up. She must think I’m some kind of pervert, I thought. I must look pathetic.”You’re Josh, right?” The maid asks.”Yes, sorry.” I say apologetically.”Don’t be sorry the maid said. I’m supposed to look after you while Mr. and Mrs. Bohner are away.” The maid says warmly.”I really need to use the bathroom.” I quickly blurt out.”I thought you might.” The maid laughs.She leads me to the bathroom down the hall and helps me plant myself on the toilet.She walks back to the hallway, but leaves the door open.It takes me a few seconds to relax enough to evacuate myself in front of the maid.”Thank you” I say. And with my hands still behind my back, I flush the toilet.I attempt to wash my hands backward, but that proved to be a two person job.The maid leads me back to the bedroom and tethers me to the bedpost.”I’m supposed to keep you here until I hear otherwise.” She says. “You’re also allowed to listen to these.” She points to some files that are queued up on a tiny Ipod.I was getting bored so I decided to give them a try.”They’re going to need this too.” She said pointing to the special mask.” Mr. Bohner taught me how to put this on.””On second thought, maybe I’ll just sit here.”I have no idea what’s in those files and what they want to condition me to do. My brain is probably already compromised from the first session.”No, no, Josh. I’m not allowed to let you back out of things.””Fuck.” I thought to myself.She strapped the mask on me tight, maybe even tighter than Mr. Bohner did and then she put petroleum jelly on the nostril bits and inserted them. She then attached the mask to another loop on the bedpost so my head had even less freedom of movement than before.”Okay, that’s all.” She said as she walked away.The playlist began.A soft female voice came through the headphones.”Welcome to your new life with Mr. and Mrs. Bohner” The voice said.”Oh here we go. Should I try to resist?” I asked myself.A burst of nicotine vapor shot to through my nostrils.Fuck that felt good. “I might as well enjoy this ride.” I thought.”Think of the smallest thing you can imagine. You are that small thing. This world is too big for such a small thing.” The voice said.Another burst shot through my nose. A wave of relaxation and pleasure hit me. My knees and shoulders began to relax and I sunk into a lower position.”Imagine the most difficult task possible.” The voice said. “Leaving your new life is more kocaeli escort bayan difficult than that.””Now imagine a feather falling gently onto your bed. This is where you want to be. Life is more comfortable here.”A burst of nicotine vapor shot through my nostrils. Another burst of pleasure hit my brain. This time my head started to spin. I could not feel the location of my body any more. It was like I was floating this way and that way, but I was perfectly still. I was still in the same relaxed spot as before. Still hearing suggestions coming from my headphones and being hit with wave after wave of pleasure. I didn’t know where I was and I didn’t care.”Josh. Josh. Wake up, Josh” I heard a voice say as they lifted off the headphones.”I’m home from work, Josh. And it looks like you have been a very good boy today. I just talked to David about what he did with you today.”It was Mrs. Bohner.”I’ve got a treat for you.” She said excitedlyShe took the mask off my head.She was standing right in front of my face with a nice black professional looking skirt on. It smelled like a familiar mix of fabric and sweat.”I hope you haven’t been waiting here all day.” She said with a smirk.”No, ma’am I have been plenty occupied.” I said.My mind was still spinning from the mask, and the voice in the headphones”I hope you learned a thing or two.” She says.”Yes, ma’am and thank you for this wonderful opportunity you’re giving me.” I say.”Oh you do sound like a good boy, don’t you. Now, lets see what you can do.” She says adoringly.She led me down to her room and plopped me in the middle of the bed. She turned on the TV and clicked onto Netflix and then continued watching where she had left off of GLOW.”I love this show. You’re good too, though.” She says.With that she began to lift her skirt up and gently put one leg over my head and guided herself down onto my face.”I don’t think I need to tell you what to do, do I?”I start to lick my tongue up and down the lips of her vagina. She moves her hips to so my tongue ends up exactly where she wants it and gently starts to slide up and down my face. As she is doing that she fondles my cock cage with her hands. Gently squeezing my balls.Oh my god, if I were free right now I would have busted from simply the pressure she put on my balls.I start to get erect, but I am quickly rebuffed by the cock cage containing me.”Oh it looks like you want out don’t you?” Mrs. Bohner says.”Yes, ma’am, very much so.” I said.”Here.” She says as she pulls a key from her pocket. “I’ll let you out for a little bit. But you have to agree to not cum until I tell you, understood?”I agree. I know I have great control so this should not be a problem. And this will definitely feel better for me.She unlocks my cock cage. And begins to fondle my penis with her hand, skin to skin.”Oh god, that feels good.” I can’t help but let out.I hadn’t felt soft skin touching my penis in so long. I instantly became fully erect.”This is a nice unit. Remember what you promised, though.” She says holding my cock in her hands firmly.I was almost ready to cum without much help. I wanted to badly. Her hands were sending waves of pleasure through me and I was almost in a different world.”Remember who you’re working for, bub.” She said swiftly.I had forgotten all about what I was supposed to be doing with my tongue.”I’m sorry, ma’am.” I repliedI began to focus my attention on giving her pleasure. I licked and gently kissed her clitoris. She guided me up and down on her with her pelvic thrusts.I loved her taste and smell, it was almost too familiar and lovely for me. I wanted to drown in it and have her pour herself all over me.She started to thrust and jerk more aggressively on my face, with one final long glide over my face she came.”Now for you.” She saidI smile with excitement. I’m already fully erect from everything that has transpired.”Oh no I don’t mean that.” She said.She reached into her pocket and pulled out a slightly melted ice packet and placed it on my balls firmly.I moan and whimper a little as my erection subsides and is locked away once again.I was now laying on Mr. and Mrs. Bohner’s bed. My hands still bound behind my back and my penis caged. I felt defeated, but I was still holding out for the possibility of some release. After all I was still laying on their bed, maybe they would let me finally cum. I could not handle how horny I had become. Every thought I had revolved around sex and me being willing to sacrifice anything in the furtherance of sex. I was becoming compelled.I thought about rubbing my head up against Mrs. Bohner’s leg and begging for attention.I thought about eating her ass out and letting her do whatever she wanted to me. I was willing to do anything. I was overflowing.I was almost jumping out of my skin with energy when I heard those loud footsteps coming up the stairs to the Bohner bedroom.”Sounds like David is here.” Mrs. Bohner says.”Yes, it does Ma’am. How exciting!” I said.”Oh you’re already excited? Poor thing.” She says in a nurturing voice.Mr. Bohner walks through the door.”Hello, my angel.” He says as he kisses Mrs. Bohner on the forehead.”Hello, boy.” He says as he gives my cock cage a tap.”I just got done using him.” Mrs. Bohner giggles.”Oh and how is he today? Any problems?” Mr. Bohner inquires.”He was a fun ride. Look at his face.” Mrs. Bohner said.My face at this point had semi-dry pussy juices all around.”Oh wow. Well, that does look nice. I’ve been waiting to fuck you two all day. I think it’s time for training session number two. That’s a good excuse for me to fuck his mouth.” Mr. Bohner pronounces.He left for a second and came back with the conditioning mask in his hand and some petroleum jelly for the nostril tubes.He places the mask firmly on my head and inserted the tubes.”There we go, boy.” He laughed.He pressed his remote.I’m hit with a wave a pleasure.”That one is free.” He grinned.Mrs. Bohner was watching with delight to see her man getting ready to use me. She was reaching her hands down her panties from a corner of the bed.Mr. Bohner unzipped his pants. I was salivating in anticipation of the pleasure I was about to receive.He placed his cock head near my head and I leaned forward to receive it on my lips.He hits his remote and another burst of pleasure hits me. I’m in heaven already.I lean further forward and try to relax my tongue and throat, his cock reaches my tonsils and he hits the button to give me another hit of pleasure. I’m in love with his cock. I can not get enough of this.I begin sucking deeper and longer. He keeps hitting me with waves of pleasure and I fall deeply in love with him and how he is using me. I try to give him as much pleasure as possible. I gently suck on his balls and then aggressively lick the head of his cock. I look up at him and see that I am doing a good job. I suck and I lick. I worship his cock with all I have.I am hoping and wishing for this to last forever.Then the head of his penis suddenly gets much firmer around my lips and I start to feel him ejaculate in my mouth. I desperately swallow and keep swallowing as fast as I can, but a little bit of his cum drips from my mouth.He holds down his remote for a long time and gives me a wave of pleasure that knocks me down.”Oh and it looks like he saved a little for you.” Mr. Bohner says as he scoops his cum off my chin with his finger and places it into Mrs. Bohner’s mouth.”You know we really should have some fun of our own after you’ve gotten me this worked up.” Mrs. Bohner says playfully.She grabs a glass from the nightstand and starts to pour it into my mouth.Suddenly my vision starts to go black from all sides.I wake up with my heart pounding and my ears ringing again. I look over my surroundings and notice I can move my arms. I’m in a cramped box with caging over the front end, and what seems to be a small lock and release mechanism on the right hand side. I try to move my body around a bit to shed some light on it. Only then do I notice my hands are in some sort of glove-like contraption. They are tightly bound to my wrist. I can see how to get them off, but I would need to get a free finger to take them off and they’re izmit escort in these tight gloves.I try to crouch down to get a look at my feet and I feel a sudden and urgent pressure on my anus.”Ouch! What the hell.” I said.I try to bend my neck far down to try to see from a better angle. I have a tail butt plug in me.”Oh god, I don’t know what kind of stuff they were doing with me last night.” I thought.They must have put a butt plug in me and harnessed it around my legs, they put these gloves on me and put me in a dog kennel. I am completely stuck all I can do is try to bang at this caging around the front with my little paws. I keep moving around in the kennel to try to find a comfortable position and I see Mrs. Bohner walk in.”Oh my little pooch is up!” Mrs. Bohner says excitedly.”Yes, ma’am” I said instinctively.”Oh my, you don’t know manners do you? Little pooches like you don’t use words. Now, come out I want to take a look at you.” She replies.She opens the kennel and waves me out. I crawl out for her. She scratches me behind my ear and gives me a long pet down my back.”Aren’t you just the prettiest little doggy I’ve ever seen?” She said in a patronizing dog owner voice.I wiggle my butt for her, knowing what she would want as a response.”Yes, you are such a good boy. Now climb up on this bed.”It’s then that I realize the kennel I was sleeping in was right next to Mr. and Mrs. Bohner’s bed.”I’m going to put your mask on you now.” She says.She pulls out the conditioning mask from before. But I notice a big difference in it. It used to be a pretty plain latex mask with the conditioning device attached to it. Now it looks like a dog mask. The conditioning tubes are now inside the snout of the dog mask.”Lay down on me for a second” She says.She is sitting on the bed and I climb up over her lap and lay my stomach on her knees. She places the conditioning mask over my head. Puts petroleum jelly on the tubing, and inserts it into my nostrils.”Oh and one more thing.” She says as she puts a ball gag in my mouth.”No more impolite doggo speaking out of turn. This ball gag is a specialty item, when you bite down on it, it will let out of bark. The harder you bite the louder it will be. Now roll over for me on this bed.” She said.I roll over onto my back and she rubs my stomach and slowly runs her fingers up and down my chest.”You are such a beautiful little doggy.” She said as she pressed the remote for conditioning mask.”Oh, god.” I thought as I was hit with a head rush. This time it felt different though, still pleasurable. But now I felt like I could melt into her. She was so beautiful to me. I tried to rub up against her with my head.”Get down, boy.” She said sternly.I still wanted to be close to her and touch her and smell her, but I also wanted to listen to what she was saying.”That’s a good boy.” She said as she hit the remote again.I was hit by another rush of pleasure and bodily energy. I stared at her adoringly. This time I kept myself from rubbing up against her. I released my bodily energy by moving my head and butt around on the bed.She kept rubbing me and telling me what a good boy I was, while hitting the remote. This kept increasing my excitement and energy. Pretty soon I can’t take it any more and I jump up at her.”NO!” She screams.I’m ashamed. She pulls me down to the ground by my collar and shakes her finger at me. I don’t want to look at her, I knew I wasn’t supposed to jump up at her.”Now, don’t make me go buy a shock collar for you. You won’t like that very much. I expect you to be good.”She pulls me by my collar back to the dog kennel. And locks it up.”If you can’t control yourself, you’ll be kept here.” She says in an angry tone.I really messed up. I thought. Mrs. Bohner was trying to give me a nice thing and I ruined it. I sat in that kennel thinking about what I had done.Through the mask I started to hear voices in my head. They were soft English words, barely audible, and then short barks and sequences of barks. I was hit with another wave of vapor through my nostrils. The sequences of voices and barks and vapor continued to ride over me like a dream-like wave. It was hard to focus on anyone thing, they were just washing over me.”College.” A voice said.”BARK BARK BARK.” I heard as I was hit with another wave of pleasure.”Career.” Another voice whispered.”BARK BARK.” I heard as another wave of pleasure came over me.”Girlfriend.” One voice whispered.”BARK BARK BARK.”It kept going on and on.Eventually I fell asleep to the voices and dreamed of being in a dog park. There were naked people in dog masks all around me. They were familiar, I don’t know how I knew them, but I knew them. I knew they were my friends from high school. They all crawled ran around me on all fours. Their hands were in gloves and they had knee-pads.One of the naked people caught my eye, she was beautiful, my old girlfriend. She had two small breasts hanging beneath her and perfectly shaped nipples that were perked up from the cool air. I tried to mount her and hump her while licking her ear. My hands were in gloves and it was hard to hold on. Suddenly a woman pulled me off her by my collar.It was Mrs. Bohner. She apologized to the other owner who was there and pulled me to her car.”You little horny Mutt. You always embarrass me. Let me just take care of that.” She said while motioning to my penis.She began to stroke me firmly and very clinically with her breasts in my face. This felt amazing, having her warm breasts up against me, I was so filled with pleasure I soon ejaculated.I woke up to a pool of semen running down my leg. It was morning already, I could see the light coming through the window. Mr. Bohner was walking around the room getting dressed. He was in his boxer-briefs with a white t-shirt on. He heard me moving around in the kennel.”You’re up already, boy?” He asked.I bite down on my ball gag and it lets out a short “RUFF”.”Here let me get you out of there.” He says.He bends down to look at me as he opens the door to the kennel.”Oh my. It looks like you made a mess.” He says with a disappointed tone.I crawl out and put my head down. I would hide my head in the carpet if I could.”C’mon. Lets get this cleaned up.” he saysHe puts a leash on me and grabs the kennel by the handle on the top.”You’ll need these.” He says as he grabs some knee pads that were sitting by the door.I follow behind him. Out the door and into the backyard. I can feel the cool morning sun hit the skin all over my body. The air is a bit on the cooler side, but bearable.He takes the garden hose and starts washing out the bottom of the kennel. I crawl in the grass, with my head low to the ground as I see all the work I made Mr. Bohner do.He turns a little bit towards me with a devilish look in his eye. He puts his thumb over the top of the hose and hits me with a jolt of freezing cold water. I bite down on my ball gag, letting out a bark.”Oh you don’t like that?” He says feigning innocence.I’m all wet and cold, but also a bit exhilarated. I notice he is still just in his boxer-briefs and a t-shirt. I can see the outline of his cock coming through his now slightly wet underwear. I move in closer and rub my head up and down his leg and put my snout right in his crouch. I love the musky smell mixed with the wet fabric.He doesn’t pay much attention to me and keeps cleaning out the kennel and then walks over to the patio and props it up so it can dry off in the sun.He turns back around and I can see his now semi-erect penis pushing through on his underwear as he walks. I feel a burst of energy rise in me and I’m compelled towards him. I push my face into his crouch again and begin to paw at his penis. I need to be closer to it.”Hey now, boy. You’re excited aren’t you.” He says rhetorically.I keep pawing at him and pushing my face against his crouch. He is now fully erect with cock coming out of the top of his underwear. I push my mouth onto the tip of his cock and feel it hit my lips.”Mmmm, I love his taste.” I thought to myself.He sits down on a deck chair and I lay down on his lap, sucking and licking him. He thrusts his cock down throat and I try to relax. I can feel the head of his penis swell as though he’s close to orgasm. I suck as hard as I can and he releases his cum into my mouth. I look up at him adoringly, with cum leaking out of my mouth.”That’s a good boy.” He smiles at me and rubs me behind my ear.



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