Their regular poker nights had been a firm tradition. The five guys had met years ago. They’d all grown up through school together and by an amazing stroke of luck they’d all ended up at the same college, not only on the same campus but in the same dorm.

That was when the poker nights had started. While they all shared a dorm it had been a monthly meeting with a few beers. As they’d moved on post studies the meetings had been less than monthly but just as important, if not more important to maintain that close friendship they had built.

Charlie had developed a few close groups of male friends while on campus, but this was no doubt the closest group. As a guy still discovering his sexuality he had become friendly with many, but not too close as to maintain his secret. He’d always held a secret hope that there’d be an opportunity to do some of the ‘experimenting’ that he had convinced himself was an urban myth when it came to dorm life. He’d never been lucky enough to have that opportunity present itself, despite the number of nights spent supplying alcohol to his hot dormmates.

That could all be about to change tonight though. After a few drinks and a few hands of poker, where most of the guys had lost most of their money, they’d decided to up the stakes. Dares had become the currency of the game and they’d started tame enough, until Charlie had seen his chance.

“Drop your pants and face out onto the street,” Charlie commanded after careful consideration. His outstanding poker playing had won him the chance to issue the last dare of the night to the other four boys.

What Charlie didn’t notice in the reflection Mike surely did, Standing right next to Mitch, he had the best view.

“Shit man how did you get that thing so big?” he exclaimed, his fist still in the air.

“Just lucky I guess,” Mitch laughed and gave it a swing.

“I thought mine was big. You’ve got me beat,” James lamented.

“Mate, the size of it soft doesn’t matter,” Charlie interjected, causing the boys to laugh and face him.

James dropped his hands next, “I most certainly grow enough from this state to please the ladies.”

The boys all laughed again, Charlie was now the only one in the room who didn’t have his dick out.

“What about you Chuck?” Mitch took a step towards him, his big cut dick swinging between his thighs as he shucked his shorts, freeing his legs and walking towards the table. “You gonna just look at ours or get yours out to compare too?”

The other boys removed their pants fully casino şirketleri as well, muttering their agreement with Mitch.

“You wanna compare all of us?” Charlie asked as he undid the button on his jeans. He was slightly reluctant, not only because he knew his penis wasn’t ‘large’, but mainly because he was certain of how it would respond to the current situation.

“Yeah, let’s see who’s the proper alpha male here,” Henry’s competitive edge made him seem excited by the idea.

“All right,” Charlie dropped his jeans around his ankles.

This was the first time these lifelong friends had seen each other naked since before the awkwardness of puberty had caused them to keep their junk hidden and so naturally the boys had already been subtly attempting to assess each other’s equipment.

“So this is great, but are we gonna actually find out who wins this thing?” Henry’s need to determine a winner snapped the boys out of their observational trance.

“Well as I said, soft means little for these things,” Charlie repeated, deciding to take the plunge on this outstanding opportunity and begin slowly working his cock to its fullness, “so who’s prepared to do this properly?”

Without a word the other boys grabbed their tools, quickly working themselves to their full strength.

Now the boys stood in a circle, hard cocks pointing at each other.

“Anyone got a ruler?” James laughed. Charlie noticed that he hadn’t lied when he said he was a grower.

The other boys shook their heads.

“I’ve got a way, it won’t give us a number, but will give us a ranking,” Mitch broke the awkward silence. “It does mean getting pretty close though.”

The boys turned to Mitch, still marvelling at his big piece of meat, almost clearly the leader already.

“You mean this right?” Henry stepped forward, clearly keen to see if he was the one that could beat Mitch in the endowment stakes. He grabbed his, faced Mitch, stepped right up close and slapped his dick right down on top of Mitch’s erection.

“Um, yeh, that’s it man,” Mitch shuddered a little and gave a nervous laugh. He reached down to line their dicks up. “That shows you’ve got me beaten for thickness.” He manoeuvred their dicks so that they rested side by side and stepped forward. The head of Mitch’s penis hit Henry’s hip with at least an inch remaining between Henry’s penis and Mitch’s body.

The boys stayed facing each other for a moment, Mitch’s erection poking, rock hard, into Henry.

“Bring it here H!” James casino firmaları demanded. “I reckon I’ve got you beat for thickest.”

Henry turned around quickly and performed the same ritual with James. Henry had him beaten for length by close to two inches but there was no doubt that James has the thickest shaft in the room. It looked like there was no way James was fitting his hand around it. Charlie’s eyes snapped from dick to dick, excited that this was finally happening but wary not to let too much of his enjoyment show.

“So, Mitch wins the length prize, James gets the beer can award,” the boys laughed at Henry’s summary, “it’s obvious Charlie is carrying around some huge babymakers in that pouch, I’ve got the most foreskin, I guess that’s my category.”

The boys all turned to Mike.

“Geez, guess I’m not much of a grower after all,” he laughed. “There’s one category I reckon where I’ve got you all beat.”

The boys looked at him quizzically.

“Wanna see who’s got the most firepower?” Mike gave his dick a couple of suggestive strokes.

“You wanna shoot a load together?” James seemed nervous about this.

“Why not?” Mike replied.

Charlie started stroking slowly, determined to ensure this night took the direction he’d dreamt about so often, “We’ve all got our dicks out and hard.”

“Well I’ll admit I was thinking about how I could sneak a wank in once you boys hit the sack,” Henry gripped his own dick.

“I reckon this is another category I’ve got you boys in as well, so I’m in,” Mitch started stroking his long pole, almost needing two hands.

Mike had already begun stroking while the other boys joined in, that left James. He laughed, shook his head and started jacking off with his best buddies, immediately picking up the pace.

The boys stopped the banter, now focused on the pleasure of their dicks in their hands. Their eyes wandered to check out each other’s members as well as masturbation techniques. They instinctively formed a line, standing side by side with the 6-foot dining table becoming the firing range.

The boys let out soft moans, clearly enjoying the pleasure of jacking off with the added bonus of bonding so closely with guys they’d been friends with since before they knew what pleasurable gifts they had between their legs.

Charlie’s heart was racing, amazed that this was finally taking place. He slowed his stroking slightly, wanting to ensure that this lasted as long as possible.

Mitch’s moans grew louder and more animal-like güvenilir casino and all eyes turned to his long dick, knowing the first money shot was about to fire. He rose up onto his toes and grunted hard as he fired his first shot high and long, the splatter clearly audible as his cum landed half way up the table.

The boys congratulated him. Three feet was a decent effort. Mitch rocked back proudly onto his heels and shook the final drops of his juice onto the table.

Charlie and Henry fired at about the same time, Charlie moaning loudly and proudly but dribbling his load barely over the edge of the table. Henry’s load, the thickest of the boys so far, seemed to shoot even higher than Mitch’s but landed at least a foot short.

“Looks like I’ve got it boys,” Mitch proudly opened his victory beer.

James laughed and picked up the pace on his own dick. The boys saw his muscles tense and he too rose up onto his toes as he neared his climax. He let out a deep animal roar as long ropes of cum fired hard and fast out of his thick member, overshooting Mitch clearly, reaching close to the end of the table.

The four boys who had finished couldn’t help but applaud James’s efforts as Mitch handed his beer over.

Mike kept stroking, maintaining a steady pace on his dick.

“You can’t beat that mate, just get it off already,” Mitch patted him on the shoulder.

“Twenty bucks says I do,” James quickly retorted.

“You’ll need to get it past the table dude,” Henry was impressed by his confidence.

Mitch laughed and moved to the other end of the table, “Hit me and I’ll give you 50!” He challenged.

James’s face took on a new look of determination, as did his fist as he pumped his cock harder and faster. He winked at Mitch as he tensed his muscles, remaining silent as he worked himself to his conclusion. He leant back slightly as his cock swelled considerably. His body shook as the first shot flew high into the air. The boys watched, feeling as though it was in slow motion. James’s cum fly high, fast and hard, across the table and onto Mitch’s naked chest. James continued to unload, shooting again and again, huge ropes of cum, until it seemed he had covered the other’s efforts with his own.

James reached down and placed his hands on the table, breathing deeply.

The boys stood aghast, not least of all Mitch, still frozen on the spot with James’s semen dripping down his chest.

James removed his shirt and threw it to Mitch, “I’ll let you clean up before I make you pay up.”

“Get fucked!” Mitch protested. “Tomorrow morning, new challenge, double or nothing?”

Charlie sat back in the dealer’s chair, his dick already swelling again, realising the bond of this friendship group had changed forever.



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