Body Corporate Chapter 82309 words – 1.15Chapter 8The AuctionAfter the ordeal with Sheila, the room went back to normal and the auction continued on with the first slave to exchange hands. She was brought to the centre of the stage completely naked, in chains, where she was mounted onto a spreader. This allowed everyone to see the complete body not a person but a body to be easily inspected by all. The body was that of the blonde that Cindi had been so impressed with when she first saw her arrive. The bidding started quickly which indicated she was popular.All the money raised at this auction went to the Body Corporate accounts to cover expenses.The money was used to pay the recruiters throughout the States that regularly brought in beautiful young women for the Corporation. These men worked year round to keep up the supply of girls. Transportation for the women was another a big cost, as they had to be brought to a central location completely unaware of their surroundings. The Corporation picked up the tab to transport these women from master to master again being unaware of their location. At times this was very expensive. Another expense was the fishing/hunting/skiing, camp located in the bush of northern Ontario in Canada, this included the staff. All the special torture equipment that the masters requested was also billed back to the company. Members of the corporation are wealthy in their own right but the slaves were to be of no expense to them, except at the auctions. The proceeds from auctions covered all of these expenses. There was never a shortage of money or men that wanted to join the club.Any new member had to be nominated by a current member and voted on at a separate gathering. Since one of their members had chosen to leave for life at this gathering, they would immediately have to fill the vacancy. This would take place at another meeting. The new member would be issued the slave that was not auctioned off this evening.Bidding began at $5000.00 but went to $20,000.00 in a blink of an eye. Cindi’s master wanted to see more of this girl so put the first request in for information on her. While Merilyn hung on the stage George provide the background on her, which he didn’t have to do with Sheila. Merilyn was an executive assistant to a general manger of a large, not to be named, corporation in New York. She was very well educated graduating from Harvard with honours. Her passion in life is sex in any way she could get it with anyone who would give it to her. She had no close family and was a self-made woman. The air of confidence was very apparent with her head held high showing no emotion with the exception of determination. George went on advising the members of her sexual skills and how any master would be very happy with her. This is how the recruiter found her giving herself to every man that approached her at a high-class bar in New York. She did not fit this profile, as she looked like a very high classy, elegant lady.George went on, her craving for cock took her to places a person like her should never canlı bahis have been seen but it was an addiction, like alcohol. She wanted it continually and couldn’t stop once she had it. Her pain threshold is very high as was evident by the spike belt she worn, almost on a continuous basis. Her cunt was bore out so much that a baseball bat could be put in and she would have room left over yet she could grip any man’s cock with her cunt muscles. When he said that the men wanted to see a demonstration. George lifted her high off the stage and took the bat that Sheila was unable to accommodate and shoved it up her cunt with no difficulty. He then turned it pushing it in and out much to Merilyn’s pleasure. The bat became very wet from her cunt juices letting the bat slide in and out more easily. A master yelled out, lets see the bitch come, George get the largest cucumber you have up there and put her over the top. George grabbed a dandy and put it up her cunt rubbing her g-spot for all he was worth. With that the slave groaned with pleasure trying to force herself down onto the cock shaped vegetable. She was just about to reach the top when George was instructed to stop. Merilyn begged for more but the men wanted to see her sweat. A master shouted out, seal that cunt with wax she won’t need it again tonight.George turned her upside down. He then took the wax that was heated on the stage opened her very large cunt and poured it in causing Merilyn to scream in pain. He then closed it and poured more wax over the outside completely sealing the opening. As the wax cooled Merilyn became quiet, just showing the pain in her face. Further instructions were shouted out put clips on those nipples and seal them in wax as well. George did as he was told clipping the nipples and pouring hot wax all over them. Merilyn again cried in pain as the wax hit the skin and sealed the clamps. Weights were then attached to the clamps pulling down hard on the tits. Merilyn had lost her stately look and was now just a beaten slave girl.Cindi couldn’t watch the goings on, as she was kept busy honouring the request of the masters not interested in Merilyn. Many had helped themselves to the cigars she was offering but only lit them to put them out on Cindi’s chest. They butted them out only hard enough to hear Cindi cry out but not leave too much of a mark. They didn’t want to leave any scares but she did bare several marks from the used cigars, as she worked the room. An electric dildo was inserted into her cunt as one of the masters want to play with her. It could give her pleasure or force her to the floor in pain. There were no wires just a remote control, so she was unable to get away from this thing or the operator. She was not allowed to touch it because if she tried she would pay the price. At first the master turn it on softly and watched Cindi as she was starting up the road to a climax. It was a pleasure to her; she was starting to get weak kneed as it took her higher and higher. She knew from previous experience that vibrators didn’t do bahis siteleri it for her but she never tried this one before, as it seemed to be doing the job. She couldn’t move she could feel the pleasure in her loins and wanted to enjoy it. She leaned against the wall but that was taboo so the master in control turned it to high which drove an electric current through Cindi’s entire body forcing her to the floor in pain. She shook like she was receiving a shock, which is exactly what she was getting and it wouldn’t stop, it seemed to go on forever. The master knew just how long the body could take it and turned it off at the last possible moment. Cindi had been rolling around on the floor in pain, crying and begging for him to turn it off, it seemed to be killing her although it was not even close. The instant relief finally came but she still seemed to feel the current going through her body and it took several minutes for her to completely relax. She was told to get to her feet and move on but for one master she didn’t do it fast enough. He pulled the crop from her waist and gave her several blows across her tits forcing her to the floor again. As she tried to crawl away from the crop another master got down on his knees and sunk his poker into her rear and fucked her hard for about three minutes until he finally left his load in her ass. Cindi couldn’t enjoy any of this as she could hardly hold herself up. When he pulled out she fell back to the floor exhausted.As Cindi lay there Master #5 returned stepping over her, looking for his slave. He was told what had happened and hurried from the room looking for the master farmer. The men’s attention went back to the stage as George received more bids for Merilyn. The bidding was hot and heavy with several of the men wanting her for the next month. The price went to $30,000.00 before the bidding ended. Merilyn was lowered and helped off the stage and into the holding cell to await transport. In the cell she noticed Sheila sobbing not yet able to believe she would go back to the pigs. She would also have to endure the branding that she agreed to as a used Corporate Slave. It was another nightmare she would have to endure, all to return to the filth of the farm.Cindi had noticed Merilyn being walked out of the room and her mind went back to the encounter with her cunt in the middle of the pool. It had been her first experience with another women and she was hoping not her last. As she was thinking this the master sitting where she had fell told her to go over to each of the hung slaves and make love to them. He wanted to see tongue kissing, licking, fondling, insertion, sucking of cunts, mouths and assholes. Make the girls feel good about hanging on the walls, he said. They all had been there a long time and it was starting to take its toll. The girls were complaining about sore arms and legs so the men solved that problem by turning all the girls around instead of hanging by there wrist they would hang by their ankles and so on. Cindi went over to the first girl and wanted güvenilir bahis to start where she left off with Merilyn, in her cunt. She licked and sucked putting her tongue up into the girls pleasure canal and rubbing her all over. The slave started showing her approval by swinging into her face and by dripping her cunt juices into Cindi’s mouth.Cindi had never done all this before and was really enjoying it. Just then the vibrator went into action. It was a wonderful feeling with her nose stuck up a women’s cunt and her cunt being pleasured by a machine. She forgot for a moment that the pleasure could turn into extreme pain in a split second., it was too enjoyable. Her hands were full of tits her mouth full of cunt juice and her plaything was coming to an orgasm very quickly. The slave finally exploded in pleasure sending cunt juices gushing into Cindi’s mouth down her chin and onto her bosoms. Cindi had never given a woman an orgasm before. She was surprised how she felt without even touching herself she too was coming to the peak. The master wasn’t going to let that happen spiking the dido, which straighten Cindi up and sexually brought her back down to earth.The next slave was released from her hanger and taken to the stage to be given to the highest bidder. They were traded like cattle or horses and treated similarly, although in some cases not as well. As they lifted the next slave up everyone noticed that her body was pieced in every possible location. It took only seconds for a master to request that weights be hung from every loop that you could see. Heavy weights were placed on each bosom, stretching them as far as they could go. From her cunt lips similar weights were placed. From her clit, which was also pierced George hung a medal logo of the Body Corporate. This appeared to be the most painful. The girl was doing her best not to cry. As she turned on the spreader she was being bounced up and down stretching her body even more. She held on and didn’t scream. This impressed the men so much the bouncing was stopped and the bidding went on while she slowly rotated. Cindi fucked all the hanging girls in every way she knew. They went to the stage sexually satisfied but not Cindi, she was put on the edge all evening and was not allowed to go over. The master farmer had come back in the room and was bidding on several girls during the course of the evening and finally did get one he wanted. This was against the rules he bought Sheila for life or so they all thought. The farmer was not a popular master with anyone including the masters themselves. He was particularly cruel. The farmer knew how badly Master #5 wanted Sheila. He knew he would pay any price for her, so a deal was struck. The farmer doubled his money when he sold Sheila to Master #5. Cindi could only imagine how Sheila felt knowing how she reacted to the Master farmer. Cindi knew it was just a matter of time before she would be the slave to the farmer. Right now she didn’t even want to think about it.The auction went on for a couple of hours with each girl or body as they called them was sold. It was an event Cindi would attend eleven more times. Every Master would have his way with her in anyway he wished.The last item on the agenda was the branding of the used slave.



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