Blackmailed fianceeI have been engaged for about six months now my fiancee and I recently purchased a house that we were going to live in for a couple of years,we were going to do some repairs on it and sell it when we were ready to buy a better home.My husband is a chemical engineer and has to travel some with his job so he doesnt have much time to work on the house himself only on weekends so we decided to hire someone to work on the house for us.I have been dating my fiancee since I was 18 years old I am currently 20 and my fiancee is 6 years older than me.I came from a very religous family and my parents were very strict on me.My fiancee is the only man I had ever been with and we have had sex only a few times after I turned 19 and we were engaged.Im 5ft 6in tall weigh 115lbs shoulder lenght dark brown hair,shy and timid and a very petite build guys have always hit on me.My fiancee called one day and said he had found a handyman that was very cheap and would do some work around the house for us that for me to meet them there that afternoon and show him what he needed to do.That he had to go out of town the next week and I would have to come over to in the afternoons to show him what needed to be done and let him in the house.That afternoon I met them at the house.I was very surprised to see it was a blackman because my fiancee doesnt like black people.My fiancee introduced him as Leon he was an older man kinda tall with a pot belly I noticed he was missing some teeth and was close to being bald ,but he seemed nice enough.We showed him around and deciced I would meet him there the next monday at 4:00.That weekend we purchased some ceiling fans and some interior doors for him to install.On monday afternoon I met him as planned and he started working and I done some cleaning and talked with him some.I learned he was 62 years old not married and had spent some time in prison when he was young.There was acouple of times I caught him staring at me which made me real nervous..Everything went real smooth the first couple of days.On the third day I went and picked us some food and brought it back to th house as I had the other days we had eat in the kitchen and I had to go out to my car and get something.When I came back in I got my drink and went into the other kurtköy escort room to do some painting and few minutes later I begin to feel very woozy so I decided to sit down on the sofa for just a few minutes.The next thing I knew I was waking up on the sofa I was lying down and when I looked at my watch it was 8:00 when I sat up I noticed my blue jeans was unbuttoned and my clothes didnt feel right.Scared I got up to see if Leon was still there and noticed I was wet between my legs not like I had sex but aroused this also frieghtened me.This worried me the next day.When I got to the house that aftrnoon Leon was waiting for me nervous about the day before we went inside and I noticed Leon was acting strange.I didnt know whether to confront him about the day before or not.So I decided just to stay away from him as much as I could.After about 2 hours I was working in the living room and Leon came in and was staring at me he had a very strange and lustful look on his face.I asked Leon why he wasnt working and he said we need to talk about something.I asked if it had to do with yesterday and he said yeah.What did you do I asked and he repied in a stern voice come over here and sit down.I was very nervous I had never seen him act this way.Leon sat down on the sofa and again ordered me to sit down nervously I walked over and sit a down about 3 ft away from him.I looked at Leon and said you d**gged me yesterday didint you.Leon looked at me and said you went to sleep.I asked what else did you do.He said baby you look so good laying there I unbuttoned your top and slid your bra up and looked at your titties.Angrily I asked did you touch them and he said yeah a lot.Then what did you do.He said I pulled your jeans down and then I pulled your panties down.Oh my god I said,did you touch me there and he smiled and said yeah,your pussy is so tight and you got real wet you even moaned some.Embarassed I asked what else.He said nothing anything else would be r-ape.So you did d**g me and he laughed.Now he said the question is what are we gone do now,Were not going to do anything I said angrily.He said well bitch maybe your fiancee would like to know about this I said he wouldnt believe you.Leon reached in his pocket and pulled out some pictures and maltepe escort said I have proof.He wouldnt let me hold the pictures but showed them to me they was pictures of me just as he had described.Leon said now if you do what I tell you I will keep these pictures a secret but if you dont I promise I will make sure your fiancee gets them.Shocked I didnt know what to say and I would never be able to explain this to my fiancee.I had never considered cheating on my fiancee especially with a blackman.Leon said now bitch go lock all the doors and come back in here.Very scared this man especially since he had been in prison I nervously went and locked the doors.When i returned Leon ordered me to stand in front of him and said now take off your shirt and blouse.My hands were shaking so much I could barely get the buttons undone as I took my bra off I couldnt believe how erect my nipples were on my small breast.Shyly I covered them with my hands embarrassed that they were erect.Leon said now move them hands so I can see them titties.I slowly moved them and Leon said yeah them titties are hard like they were last night I believe you like this girl.Now go on take off the rest of them clothes.I pulled off my tennis shoes and undid my jeans I noticed Leon playing with himself as I did .I could believe I was undressing in front of this ugly blackman but for some odd rteason ny body was responding to it.Leon then ordered me to take off my panties as I pulled them off my body was trembling just like I did the first time with my fiancee.After I had pulled my panties off leon stared up and down my body while playing with his cock he said damb girl you are fine.Then Leon ordered me to come closer to him as I approached him he leaned forward and looked at my pussy and said damn girl you are wet I knew you was going to like this I could tell the way your body responded last night.Leon then stood up and walked around behind me and said yeah you got a tight little ass to I didnt get to see it last night,He then reached around and cupped both of my breasts and begis pinchind my nipples and miaking them harder.Shortly he took one hand off my breast and pulled my head around and kissed me on the mouth sticking his tongue inside my mouth.This was kartal escort both disgusting and exciting.Slowly Leons hand moved down my belly and inched closer to my pussy.My breathing was veery heavy as his hand moved over what little pubic hair I have,as his hand touched my pussy he ran his fingers over my clit making my hips jerk as he did so he then spread me lips and inserted a finger in my pussy saying yeah bitch your pussy is so tight and so wetAfter he had played with me a few minutes he sat down on the sofa and pushed me down on my knees in front of him.Now you ready to see a real mans dick girl,as he pu7lled down his pants and shorts I couldnt take my eyes off of his crotch.When his thing popped out I couldnt believe how big it was it was larger than my fiancees and it was still soft and uncircumsized.Leon then took my hand and placed it on his cock ordering me to play with it.I didnt have much experience with this but he kept showing me what to do and how to stroke it.As I played with his cock it started to get hard and when it was finally hard it had to be 10 inches long and very black i had never imagined anything so big.After I had played with it a few minutes Leon asked if I had ever sucked my fiancees dick before and I shook my head no.We had only had straight sex before.Leon said well itsd time you did now kiss it I told him I wasnt sure about that and he said bitch kiss it I slowly lowered my head not knowing what to expect as I kissed it he said yeah baby thats right now lick it he coached as I licked it up and down the shaft even licking his balls before he made me take it in my mouth and coaching me on how to suck it.After I had done this a few minutes Leon ordered me onto the sofa where he spread my legs and played with me some more,Thewn he said now its time for me to get some of that white pussy as he guided it to my pussy I thought no way that will fit. As I looked down the contrast between his black cock and my white pussy was ovewrwhelming he enterede me slowly at first going deeper and deeper saying baby your pussy is so hot finally he started to pump in and out until I felt his balls on my ass IT wasnt long before Ibegin to feel very funny as an orgasm came over me something I had never experienced before and as I was having an orgasm Leon came inside off me something I never allowed my fiancee to do.after we were finished my body was completely numb.I never would admit it to Leon but I had never been fucked like that before,and he didnt give me the phots that night im not sure of his intentions.



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