The sudden electrical black out flashed titillating memories of the recent past. All events had happened so fast that it now feels like a dream. A pleasurable dream, which I yearn, will recur itself repeatedly.

Coming from a well placed and a large joint family we had relatives almost in all the major metros of India. At a very young age of 26, I was employed in a senior position in a MNC, with opportunities of travel almost 15 days in a month.

On one such trip to Bangalore, I landed at the apartment of a relative. Aparna had a slim body and a 36-26-36 figure. She was married about three years back, to an enterprising and young businessman named Vivek and lived on the outskirts of the metro. She too, being a tomboy & of a restless nature, was in the employ as a teacher in a nursery school during the morning, and returned late afternoon. We had known each other since our schooling days, as our houses were close to each other.

Having come to attend a weeklong seminar, she & her husband forced me to stay with them instead at the hotel, during that period. Since they had a three-bed apartment, it would not inconvenience them.

“Mita,” Aparna called out to the resident maid, ” Keep Vishu’s baggage in the room”.

When Mita entered the sitting room, I could not but stare at the sharp features and a beautiful smile playing across Mita’s fine lips. She had just crossed the threshold of her teens. Tall, green eyed and fair complexioned, she was a vision of an upcoming Model. As she disappeared inside with my bags, a thought crossed my mind that the Maker must have taken his own sweet time in endowing her, such flawless beauty.

During breakfast, after small talk about the job and the well being of people at home, Vivek left for his work place. His routine was to leave for work in the morning and return quite late. He had a busy schedule. I retired to the allotted room to unpack. Aparna informed me that she would be leaving for her duties soon and that Mita would be at home in case of any need. Soon after that she left.

Being tired due to an overnight bus journey, I decided to rest after a hot bath. So I told Mita to switch on the geyser and to inform me when the water was ready. As a habit, I had removed my underwear, wrapped a towel around my waist and sat on the bed, reading the local daily. Mita was engrossed in her household chores, and I did not realize when she entered my room, to sweep.

When I looked over the paper, she was bent waist down, facing towards me, busy sweeping the floor. The front opening of her loose nightgown cleavage offered me a clear view of her white bra-less, large pear shaped breasts, capped with dark nipples pointing towards the ground. The glimpse of her free tumbling breasts stirred glowing warmth through me, and I could feel my penis raising itself up.

In a twist of fate she looked up to catch me watching her breasts, and lowered her sight to see my swelling pointer, ensconced in the towel, between the legs. Maybe she was seeing a penis in the process of erection, for the first time, and kept her wide-eyed gaze firmly between my legs – mesmerized.

“Oh ma…..” she cooed involuntary, seeing my 8 inch long possession, now standing at its full glory.

It was like we were both carried away in the act. It dawned on her that I was staring at her bosom and our eyes met. I saw the most erotic blush on her face, as she turned the very pink, and her widened eyes drooped. She hurried out of the room giggling. It was a very embarrassing moment for me. I hurried to the bathroom for my bath.

As I dressed to leave, I could feel her watching me, when she served me the breakfast. Through the corner of my eye I could see a mischievous smile playing across her lips.

“Babu, when will you return back? Should I keep lunch ready?” she asked as I was leaving. Her bashful melodious tone, again stirred my loins.

“Late evening …….” I somehow blurted before I left.

The vision of the fine breasts played before my eyes the whole day through.

In the evening, we all went out, and after supper, retired to sleep. That night too the sleek body of Mita and her breasts floated before my eyes. How much I wanted to crush her in my arms and make frenzied love to her. I knew that she too had liked what she had seen. I dreamt about Mita and then sleep overtook me. The next day I had to leave early, without having a bath, as I had overslept. Mita served me tea, but made an effort not to make eye contact. The smile still persisted.

When I returned late in the evening, Mita served me tea and informed me that Aparna and Vivek would be late, as they had gone to attend a party. I told her that I would like to have a bath and to heat up the water.

She asked me blushingly, if I would like to read the paper. I nodded in the affirmative, knowing fully well what she was hinting at. But I did not want to be the first to take lead. I changed and after sometime went for my bath. All this time I could feel her penetrating gaze on my toweled midriff.

After escort ankara finishing my bath, as I opened the bathroom door to come out, the lights went out. Being night, it was pitch dark outside and inside. Being unfamiliar to the flat, I started groping the way with my arms outstretched. Suddenly my outstretched hand stopped against a round, soft object completely filling the palm, and as a natural instinct I held it.

” Oooo maa ……” this familiar moan brought me to a realization that fate had landed the golden berry of Mita in my hand. In the darkness, I squeezed her soft breast tenderly and lovingly. She moved slightly and her body shuddered. But she did not move away. I could feel her breast getting taut in my hand.

Just then the lights came on and there I was cupping her left breast, through her light blue nightgown, with nothing but a towel wrapped around my waist. Mita had her back to the wall, eyes closed, moaning with her lips parted and a divine expression of satisfaction, playing on her face.

As she opened her lotus eyes, the yearning was clear. I bent down, lifted her face in my palms and kissed her soft lips. She was not an expert at kissing. Instinctively, I pulled her to me in a tight embrace. My penis was like an upright shaft, drilling through the towel, jabbing into her belly. Her hands went around my waist, pressing her small hard breasts into my chest.

Just then the bell rang. Aparna & Vivek had returned from their party.

She instinctively pulled herself from our embrace, patted her roughened hair in place, and headed for the door. The pain of separation was obvious on her face. She opened the door but not before glancing behind, especially towards my soldier, at attention. I too hurried to my room and changed. Aparna and Vivek had had a lovely evening and we talked till late night. Mita did not come out of the kitchen the entire evening.

I was eagerly looking forward to a stealthy visit by Mita, to continue the unfinished business, but I was disillusioned. Various thoughts crossed my mind. Did I hurt her? Did I force myself onto her? Luckily sleep overtook me.

The next day, I had a late morning session and would be home till a little later. I noticed that Mita was not her usual self. I had to somehow find out what the reason was.

When the hosts left for work, I purposely changed into a towel-wrap, and called out to Mita from my room, to get me the newspapers. She brought the papers and saw me in my attire. She blushed, and I prayed that she had got my hint. After a few moments, she came to my room with a broom and casually started sweeping the room. I lifted my legs on the bed and placed them apart, whilst folding at the knees. She now had an unhindered view of His Erectness, who was standing at attention. I carried on reading the paper knowing fully well that she would be watching and getting aroused.

Suddenly I felt a cool hand touching the reddened hood of my erect shaft. I carried on reading. The fingers went round the shaft and moved over it. The feeling was heavenly. Then it was the turn of the balls, and they were cupped. The other hand joined the first. I could not control myself and sat up. She hesitated, pulled her hands away and stood up.

“What’s the matter Mita? Don’t you like what you were doing?” I asked. She stood there with her head down and eyes covered with her palms. I held her by her sleek waist and made her sit on the bed between my legs. She was wearing a loose and erotic pink coloured nightgown. I was already aware that she did not wear a bra, but I was pleasantly surprised when my hands, on her waist, did not feel any type of innerwear.

I was very much aware that neither Aparna nor Vivek would be returning till late afternoon. I eased her hands away from her face, to find that she had closed her eyes. I did not want to force myself on her, but was eager to find out the reason for her going in a shell after yesterday.

“Mita, am I forcing myself onto you?” I asked. She shook her head in the negative.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” She was uncertain for a moment and again shook her head in the negative. “Did you like what you felt?” I asked. She again covered her face with her palms and nodded positively. She was still unsure, so I decided to probe her past.

I slowly got her hand on my control stick and started fondling her breast. She moaned and started to respond by pumping my shaft. I asked her about her family and how come she was working as a maid, when she should have been studying.

She told me that she was 20 years old and that she was the only child in a middle class family. She had studied till her S.Y. B.A. It was then that bad luck had struck her family. Her mother had passed away and her father had taken to drinking. One day, about two years back, he had tried to molest her in a drunken stupor. Having no means to continue her studies, and danger lurking in the house, she had decided to run away. She came to Aparna, who employed her as a resident maid. They treated her like a family member, and she had ankara escortlar her own room.

She also told me that she lost her heart to me, when she set her eyes on me the day I had arrived.

As she narrated her past, tears trickled down her cheeks. Moved by her story, I kissed her cheeks, and was overjoyed when she turned her faced and kissed my lips. Her hands were vigorously kneading my penis and balls, and so was mine on her breasts. I asked her how she knew how to handle the penis, she told me that after hearing moans from Aparna’s room, she had peeped through the keyhole and seen Vivek making love to Aparna, just about 6 months back. I now understood her erotic urge. She said that such moments between Aparna & Vivek were very rare due to his hectic schedule.

The towel had come loose and she now had total access to my prized possession. Without breaking our kiss, I slipped her nightgown up over her knees and for the first time felt her Mount Venus, as she had no panties. She was wet down there. She gasped as my hand probed the heavenly doorway. She spread her legs to offer the least resistance. I lifted her gown over her head and we were now Adam & Eve. I eased her on the bed.

I have always been a tit man and her breasts, were just the right size. Firm, with a dark areola, and longish tits, like overgrown raisins. I bent down and took one in my mouth and nibbled the tit. She became restless as I kept on sucking and nibbling it. I changed to the other breast. Her moans kept on increasing and her body was writhing. A light sweat had broken out on her smooth body.

I now shifted position by kneeling over her head and letting my penis dangle over her face. I headed towards her clitoris with my tongue. For her it was a confusing posture and I let her decipher it for herself. When my tongue swished over her clitoris the sudden shock of pleasure made her lift herself up pressing her mount to my face. At the same time, she took my penis in her warm mouth and sucked on it. She had got the message, She held it as though never intending it to go and licked the tip till I could no longer control myself, and shot a load onto her mouth and face. She suddenly held my penis away and sat upright.

“What have you done?” she cried, “I will now get pregnant”. She started crying. I explained to her that by taking the sperms through the mouth one does not get pregnant. She was still not convinced. I told her that when I get back in the evening, I would get her a book so that she can read for herself. I cuddled her, kissed her and calmed her. I got ready to leave for my seminar, after a hurried wash.

When I returned in the evening, I had brought her a book on Kamasutra, showing many colourful poses and giving details, I had also shopped for a large pack of Condoms and brought an expensive gift – a set of black, lace, see-through panties and front opening bra’s. Aparna being at home, I could not present them to Mita, but managed to pass them on to her covertly.

Shortly after that, Mita went to her room. I realized that she wanted to wear and try them out. They fitted her perfectly and now gave her a compact grace. Aparna had found the difference in Mita’s attitude and also noticed her expensive bra, but had not mentioned about it.

The next day, Aparna and Vivek left for work as usual. I noticed that Aparna was wearing a flashy dress and not her usual Salwar Kameez. She had a twinkle in her eye and a mischievous smile, which I could not decipher.

As soon as they left, I went to the kitchen where Mita was busy clearing up. I stood behind her and pressed myself into her. She too pressed herself into me. I placed my hands on her fore thighs and slowly moved to her Mount of Venus. I could feel her shuddering, and she lifted her hands behind her back and pulled down my head. She turned her face to one side and our lips met. I sucked on her lips hungrily.

I slowly brought both my hands up to her breast and squeezed them a little hard. I wanted to see how much she wanted to be loved. She smiled and a sigh escaped her lips. Her hand dropped down and felt for my bulge, through the lungi. In the meantime, I lifted the nightgown over her head and as anticipated, she was wearing the panty and bra. I turned her around. She looked like a model from a lingerie fashion show. I lifted her up and carried her to the bedroom. All this while our lips sealed together.

I lay her on the bed in front of the bedroom door and lay on her. She had anticipated that it would be the big day today and was very apprehensive. I opened the bra and let it lie open on her. I put her lovely, tender breast in my mouth and nibbled. I got up and slowly I pulled down my lungi, this process had a desirable effect on her and she got up and took me in her mouth. She was a fast learner.

I then sat down next to her, and showed her the Kamasutra Book. Her bosom heaved at the sight of the erotic poses. As she was going through the erotic book I brought out the condoms and displayed them to her.

“Oh! Is this what they advertise ankara kaliteli escortlar on TV? How do you use it?” she had a horde of innocent questions. I kissed her lips to stop any further questions. Then with her help, I rolled the condom on my shaft and prepared her for the love assault. She had seen the pictures and was scared. She remembered Aparna’s lovemaking and her satisfaction and calmed down.

“Will it hurt”, she said.

“Since it is your first time, it may hurt you a little, but after that it will be pleasure all the way” I coaxed her.

I pushed her on her back and lay on her, and rolled down her new panties, slowly. She spread her legs like an open book. She had a fluffy mound of hair covering her cunt. I separated her bush with my fingers, which was covering her pink lower lips and placed my shaft at the entrance. She was nice and wet and I slipped the bulbous head inside. I was convinced that this was her first intercourse, since there was resistance for entry. As I put on a little pressure she cried out in pain. “Oh god! Its paining, please stop, pleeease…aaah, aaaah aaaah”. She was shaking her head from side to side, her long hair creating designs on the bed and which only heightened my urge. I put my lips on hers to seal her cries. With one swift push I plunged into her love hole to the hilt. She cried out to stop, and tears trickled down her cheeks. I frictioned slowly, in and out, increasing my tempo of thrusts.

She was now writhing under me, savouring the pleasurable glow after a bout of pain. She held me tightly in an embrace and kissed me. I felt her legs as they crossed over my back pulling me in her. I had my hands full, massaging her tender breasts. She had a rushing orgasm below me and shuddered as it came on. She had her eyes closed and her moans were exhilarating. After sometime I could not control and shot my load into the protective sack. I relaxed over her panting body slithering in our sweat. She as a reflex action coiled her legs around my back not want to end the soothing wave coming over her.

“Ahem… what is happening here?” The voice behind us was familiar and commanding. Still inside Mita, I turned around to find Aparna standing on the door, striking a pose. Mita stared wide-eyed at her, frozen and unable to get up due to me being on her. Aparna had a suspicion about us and had returned home by opening the main door with her key.

Mita’s expression was of shock & disappointment as she felt me slowly pulling out of her. Aparna was watching the length of my penis as it slowly slithered out of Mita. She stared down at my limp penis, which was still showing signs of life.

“Mita, how could you do this?” she asked surprisingly in a low voice. There was no anger in her tone. I tried to explain that it was my fault.

What happened next shocked me. Aparna suddenly opened the front of her dress displaying a fine set of breasts held in a very lacy & negligible bra and an absolutely erotic purple satin panty, which hardly covered the smooth shaven triangle, topping her shapely legs. She told Mita to remain as she was and walked over to me. She bent down, held my face in her hands and kissed me full on my lips. She then kneeled down in front of me and took my penis fully in her mouth, her lips making an ‘O’ around the shaft. She was an expert, and her to & fro lip action, the licking of the tip and sucking of the balls had got my member upright again, all set for action.

As Aparna was satisfying me sitting in front of me, I took both her boobs in my hands and squeezed. The bra came off. Mita just stared at the goings on and subconsciously massaged her cunt, which had just seen action. I lifted Aparna by her boobs and stood her up. I tore off the panty and put my lips straight on her lower lips and nibbled the clitoris, which had become very turgid. She almost screamed and bent backwards pressing her slit to my mouth. It had become moist with excitement.

“How could you have had this monster all to yourself, Mita?” She shocked me by questioning Mita.

“I am sorry madam, but after seeing you and boss making love, I could not control myself with Vishu”, Mita replied.

She then told me that love making with Vivek was not satisfying due to his small penis and the bouts lasting just for about 15 minutes. She and Mita had been lovers over the past one year. I now knew the reason of Mita not wearing bra & panties. They would even make love when in the kitchen or take hurried moments in the bedroom when Vivek went for his bath or read the papers. It saved the time of taking out the clothes.

Now she wanted to be satisfied by my shaft, which she had seen pistoning Mita.

I then told them that I would like to watch them together. Aparna wanted me in her, and I wanted it to be a threesome with Mita, which we all agreed.

She lay on the bed and reached for Mita’s breasts and slowly made circles on them, with her tongue. Mita groaned. The next scenario was of splayed bodies, sounds of kisses, boob to boob rubs and a sucking of cunts. Aparna was lying on top of Mita. She looked ravishing with her bum sticking out in the air. I held her by her waist and hoisted her up. Spreading her rear cheeks, I spread her love petals and entered her from behind with a savage thrust, without any condom.



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