Quiet as it’s kept, the Black cuckolding lifestyle is flourishing in the bedrooms of Black men and Black women across the world, folks. My name is Abdirashid Osman and I’m a big and tall Black Muslim gentleman living in the City of Marietta, Georgia. I was born right outside the City of Atlanta in the summer of 1982, to Abdullahi Osman, a Somali-born American farmer and businessman, and his wife Elena Santiago-Osman, a Hispanic woman originally from the City of Bogota, Colombia. I guess I’m technically mixed but I identify as African-American.

Three years ago I married a six-foot-tall, caramel-hued, dark-haired and rather lovely woman named Shaima Hashi, originally from the region of Berkshire, England. Shaima and I come from different worlds. You know what they say, ladies and gentlemen, opposites can and most definitely do attract. I am African-American and proudly Muslim. My sweet Shaima is biracial, born of a Djibouti immigrant father and a White British mother.

My darling wife Shaima Hashi was born and raised in the United Kingdom, which is as different from the United States of America’s Deep South as night is from day. Seriously, I’ve been to England, it’s like a completely different world. I wasn’t really into sisters until I met Shaima, folks. We fell in love while I was visiting my friends in England, and I convinced Shaima to move to the United States with me. Shaima and I are hard-working educated Black Muslim professionals, folks.

I work as an accounting supervisor for the State of Georgia’s Finance Department, having studied accounting at Georgia State University. Believe me, it’s not easy for a Black Muslim man to get such a job in the South, but I’ve always been smart and lucky. African Americans were against me because of my Somali heritage and Islamic faith, and the Whites were against me because I am of African descent. I refused to let them stop me and rose within the ranks in Georgia’s government.

My sweet and lovely wife Shaima Hashi-Osman studied Nursing at Cambridge University in lovely England and works at the county hospital. These days, life simply couldn’t be better. Shaima and I have a wonderful life together, folks. Shaima and I have a healthy sex life, and lately, we’ve been trying to spice things up. You see, I am bisexual, and submissive ankara sınırsız escortlar with my male lovers, it’s taken my darling wife Shaima quite some time to wrap her head around it.

There are lots of bisexual Black men around the Islamic world, I am simply one of the few who love their wives enough to be honest with them. It’s a good thing my wife Shaima grew up in liberal England instead of Somalia or Djibouti, otherwise she’d be all conservative and reject me because of my bisexuality. I gave my darling Shaima a choice, and she chose to remain with me. We have a remarkable bond, you see. I love my sweet Shaima more than life itself.

Shaima and I are honest with each other about our personal desires. That’s part of the reason why we are so close. Last week, we had a steamy threesome with Omar Marcus, a tall, handsome young Black American guy who lives a few blocks away. Omar studies business at Georgia State University, my alma mater, and we met through the Black Alumni Mentoring Association. I found Omar really sexy and was thrilled when he told me he swung both ways. Naturally, Shaima and I had to share him.

Shaima and I invited Omar over at our lovely townhouse in suburban Marietta, Georgia, for some kinky fun. The three of us got naked after having some red wine, then got down and dirty in the master bedroom. Omar lay naked on the bed, sandwiched between Shaima and myself. I sucked on the young brother’s long and thick, uncircumcised dick while Omar kissed Shaima passionately and fondled those big breasts of hers.

Omar has a dark, thick and delicious dick and I sucked on it like my life depended on it. When the young handsome brother came, I drank his cum. Next, Omar and I focused our attention on my lovely wife Shaima. Omar spread Shaima’s thick thighs and gave her sweet pussy a good licking. Meanwhile, Shaima sucked my dick, and got me hard in no time. My sweet Shaima definitely knows what I like, folks.

Soon, Omar had Shaima squealing in delight, thanks to his relentless teasing of her cunt with his wicked tongue and agile fingers. Next, Shaima and Omar focused their attention on me. I sucked on Omar’s dick once more while Shaima fingered my butt hole and lubricated me with Aloe cream. I loved the feel of Shaima’s fingers up ankara suriyeli escortlar my ass, folks. Shaima brought out her favorite strap-on dildo, and used it on me.

I grimaced as Shaima spread my ass cheeks and pressed the business end of her strap-on dildo against my hole. Gripping my hips tightly, Shaima thrust the dildo into my ass. If I didn’t have Omar’s big Black dick down my throat, I would have screamed. Omar grabbed the back of my neck and shoved his dick down my throat, skull-fucking me, as they call it. I got double teamed by my sexy wife Shaima and by Omar, the sexy bisexual brother next door, and I absolutely loved every minute of it.

Omar rammed his big Black dick down my throat, and then warned me that he was about to cum. I heard my wife Shaima laugh and she smacked my bum and shoved the strap-on dildo even deeper up my ass. Just as I was about to scream, Omar came, flooding my throat with his manly cum. Like a true slut, I guzzled up every last drop of Omar’s cum. I’m not the only bisexual Black male out there who wants to suck another brother’s dick while getting topped by my strap-on wielding wife. Seriously, us brothers are freakier than we’re given credit for!

I was spent after the sexual wrecking that Omar and Shaima laid on me, folks. Well, turns out they had much more in store for me. A while ago, I told Shaima about my most disturbing and twisted fantasy. I am a budding cuckold, folks. Yes, Black cuckolds do exist. There are Black men out there who get off on the idea of their Black wife getting fucked by another man in front of them. Well, Shaima was about to make my fantasy come true, folks.

Shaima winked at me as she kissed Omar, and then they began doing their thing right in front of me. I sat there and watched the two of them, stunned. I couldn’t believe it, my wife Shaima was kissing another guy right in front of me! Shaima got on her knees and grabbed Omar’s dick before sucking on it. Shaima winked at me and sucked Omar’s dick with gusto. I felt both turned on and disgusted by this, for reasons I can’t explain.

Omar bent Shaima over and caressed her big brown butt cheeks while smirking at me. Winking at me, Shaima blew me a kiss as Omar continued having his way with her. Omar smacked Shaima’s ass and then eased his ankara türbanlı escortlar big dick into her cunt from behind. Shaima moaned deeply and began rocking back and forth, grinding her big ass against Omar’s groin as he fucked her. Omar fucked Shaima’s cunt, smacking her ass and pulling her hair as they went at it. I heard my Shaima scream another man’s name, and it turned me on and disgusted me at the same time.

Hard and fast Omar pumped his dick into Shaima’s cunt, fucking her like there was no tomorrow. Omar fucked Shaima until he came, flooding her pussy with his manly spunk. Shaima screamed, louder than she’d ever screamed while I fucked her. Shaima rolled on the floor and I looked at her spread thighs, with the cum from Omar’s dick glistening on her wet pussy. I also looked at Omar’s hard dick, and he smiled at me. Guess I’ve got some decisions to make, eh? Ah, the bisexual Black man’s dilemma, I swear!

Omar smiled as I buried my face between my wife Shaima’s thighs and began licking his cum from her pussy like a true cuckold. Omar laughed and so did Shaima as I licked his cum from her cunt. Omar watched us, stroking his big Black dick and smirking. I got on my knees and sucked Omar’s big Black dick while Shaima watched us, fingering her pussy. Next, Omar graced me with the ultimate honor. The burly young brother put me on all fours while my wife Shaima spread my ass for him. Omar pushed his dick into my asshole and began fucking me while my wife watched us.

Man, Omar’s dick was even thicker than my wife Shaima’s strap-on dildo. The sexy brother gripped my hips just like he gripped my wife’s earlier and slammed his dick into my butthole. Hard and fast Omar fucked me. Meanwhile, Shaima joined in on the action. My gorgeous wife grabbed my dick and stroked it then sucked it while I got fucked by Omar. I screamed, overwhelmed by the sensation of Shaima’s soft lips on my dick while Omar’s big hard dick filled my asshole. I howled in pain mixed with wicked pleasure until I came and collapsed into Omar and Shaima’s waiting arms.

Ladies and gentlemen, that night was one of the best nights of my life. I, Abdirashid Osman, am proud to say that I am a bisexual Somali-American Muslim. I love my wife Shaima, and we are amazing together. Omar is a lot of fun, and we are going to start having regular encounters with the young Black stud. Who says Black Muslim couples can’t have wicked fun? Cuckolding and swinging aren’t just for White folks. It’s high time that us Black folks started having wicked fun and pushing boundaries. It’s going to be tons of fun!



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