The first time I ever tried on Mom’s panties my big sister caught me.

When I was a freshman in college my roommate had a pair of black satin panties pinned to the wall over his bed. He said his first girl friend gave them to him to remember her by. I looked at those panties every day.

When I went home for Thanksgiving I borrowed a pair of black satin panties from my Mom’s lingerie drawer.

They were so smooth my hand just seemed to glide up and down my cock.

Just as my cum was seeping through the black satin my sister came in the room.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she said. “You stupid twit, if Mom finds her panties filled with your cum she’s going to shit a brick.

“Give me Mom’s panties and you can have mine.” She dropped her shorts and pulled off her panties and handed them to me. “I’ll tell Mom I borrowed them if she notices them missing.”

I saw when she pulled up Mom’s panties she casually rubbed my cum into her pubes.

Over the years I’ve tried dozens of men’s briefs but not a single pair can compete with women’s panties.

I had a date with my girl friend tonight and we had talked about having sex for the first time. She was all for it but insisted that I wear a condom.

I’ve never used a condom and wasn’t real sure what to do. But I knew someone who does – my sister. She had a whole bunch of condoms secreted in the back of her panty drawer.

“It’s easy,” she said. “Take your pants off and sit on the bed and I’ll show you.”

I sat on her bed and she looked at my limp dick. “Putting a condom on is much easier if your cock is hard,” she said. She knelt down and proceeded to give me a blow job. She stopped before I came when penis was hard as a rock. “That’s better,” she said.

She güvenilir bahis tore open the condom package and put the condom on the tip of my penis. She told me it was important to get the condom the right way up so you can roll it down over your cock.

She slowly rolled the condom down my cock until it was entirely sheathed in the thin latex.

“Most condoms have a little lubrication to help them slide,” she said as she grabbed my cock and pumped her hand up and down.

It only took a moment or two before I came – shooting my creamy white cum into the tip of the condom.

When my dick got soft again she removed the rubber being careful not to let any cum drip out. Then she took off her panties and used them to clean off the last of my cum from my penis.

She put her cum stained panties back on and pulling out the top of the panties she dropped the used condom, with all it’s cum, into her panties. “I love feeling cum on my pussy,” she said.

My little brother has been sneaking my panties for years. He’s a sophomore in college and not actually little.

On spring break his freshman year I confronted him about my panties. He never kept them for more than a day or two and never left a load of cum in them.

When I caught him red-handed sniffing a pair of my panties he just looked at me. Then he dropped his pants right in front of me and grabbing his dick he proceeded to wack off in my panties.

He had never masturbated in my panties before. When he handed me my panties back his cum was gooey and sticky. I was speechless.

I wasn’t sure what to do with the panties, but after watching him masturbate right in front of me I did the only thing I could think of – I lifted my skirt, dropped the panties I was wearing to the türkçe bahis floor, and slowly pushed the cum filled panties into my pussy making sure my brother was watching.

I never had a single boy friend who complained about watching me stuff my panties filled with their cum up my cunt.

I have to thank my mother for turning me on to latex.

For my twenty-first birthday Mom got me my first pair of latex briefs. They were made of a soft rubbery material, much different than the baggy cotton underpants I was used to.

She insisted on having me try them on right then and there in front of her. We were both used to walking around the house in our underwear so I thought nothing of her request. I dropped my pants and took off my cotton underpants.

The rubber briefs were tight, but Mom got the size exactly right. The latex clung to every nook and cranny of my balls and cock. And it kept stretching as my dick grew.

Although the thought often crossed my mind, Mom and I have never had sex. So when she reached out and touched my hard cock through the latex it exploded spewing gobs and gobs of cum in my new latex briefs. I could see the milky white semen spread out underneath the latex.

Most of my girlfriends found my passion for latex just weird. Some were totally turned off and bolted.

But my last girlfriend, and future wife, had a different reaction. We were at the movies on a date when she pulled my zipper down and slipped her hand in my pants planning to give me a hand job. When she felt the latex she withdrew her hand quickly and zipped me up. I thought I was done for when she grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the theatre.

“Take me home, now,” she demanded. “We need to talk.”

When I got her home she excused güvenilir bahis siteleri herself saying she wanted to get into something more comfortable.

About five minutes later she came out of her bedroom wearing nothing but a translucent latex bra with matching panties.

I was dumbfounded. “What are you waiting for,” she asked. “Take your fucking clothes off.”

I was snooping around in Mom’s bedroom looking in her lingerie drawer when I found her toys.

There was a giant silicone dildo. Dad died of a heart attack last spring while I was away at college so I didn’t blame Mom for having a dildo. The size surprised me though.

There was a stainless steel tube about six inches long and hollow down the center like a soda straw. It had a metal ring attached to one end.

I was looking at it when Mom walked in the room and said, “It’s a penis plug. Your father used to like it.

“Here, let me show you how it works.” She held out her hand and said, “Drop your pants.”

She got some lube from her dresser and spread it the length of the plug.

Putting the tip of the plug up to my pee hole at the tip of my penis she gradually inserted the penis plug into my dick using a slow back and forth motion.

When the whole length of the plug was in she said, “See this ring attached to the top of the plug, it fits right over your mushroom tip.”

She put some lube on her hands and gently massaged my cock running them up and down its length.

Mom could feel the throbbing in my cock and knew I was about to cum. “Just let it come, there’s a hole down the center of the plug that will let your cum escape.”

She put her mouth up to the tip of my cock and caught every bit of my cum as it came out the end of the plug.

As my penis softened my mother flipped the ring over the top of it’s head and slowly withdrew the penis plug from my dick.

Holding the plug up to me she said, “Your father always liked to suck out the last little bit of his cum.”



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