A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists — Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 50). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 51 — Party Planning As Guest List Expands


Unlike many of the casual parties we’d had in the past, the one in early-November seemed to take on special meaning and celebration. There was more planning and scurrying around in terms of preparation. The food couldn’t be just any kind of food; it had to be special. The guests were treated like royalty, especially since some new people I had only heard about and hadn’t really met would be joining us, although I’d seen some of them in videos that Elsa and Cindy had made months earlier, specifically Troy and Dan, two hunky males they’d picked up in a club at my insistence.

Some of the paintings in the condo were rearranged to enhance the mood of the place. Elsa contacted an erotic photographer named Brite Reber in Minnesota, and bought six large erotic panels of a male and female in various poses making love that were hung in our living room over one of the sofas. Brite admitted to being the female, and hinted that the male was none other than noted country music star Jim Mellon, an intimate and close friend and frequent lover of hers.

Elsa told us that Brite really wanted to come to our party when she described the setting her photographs would appear in. Apparently, Brite was similarly inclined as we were to enjoying the pleasures of the flesh. Elsa did invite her, but Brite had other commitments.

Extra colorful cushions were added to the décor, knowing they might be needed to kneel on to give blowjobs, or lie back on to get properly fucked. I appreciated the new décor, and the bluntness of the possible sex.

I heard Elsa task Melanie with preparing the playlist of songs that would enhance romantic contact and lusty behavior. The idea they had was to play that long playlist of songs all weekend to keep people in the mood.

Elsa asked KC to go through our collection of pornographic movies and pick out the ones that would be the most stimulating to play in the kind of group we were assembling. KC took on that task we glee, and then also spent a couple of hours with Sheila in the local adult bookstore picking out some new films. Since each bedroom had a TV with DVD player attached, she wanted there to be videos playing in every room. We were a horny bunch.

Wines and various drinks were carefully chosen to complement the meal and to aid in enjoyment of the evening without producing tipsiness or other maladies. Aromatic candles and some subtle incense were carefully chosen to enhance the atmosphere.

I watched the girls experiment with the doors to the balcony, worried about whether they should be open at all, open partly for ventilation, or closed because of a chill in the night air. Some consideration was given to people who wanted to make love in the outdoors; consequently, two outdoor electric space heaters were added to the exterior furniture. Melanie and I tried them one night and had an enjoyable outdoor experience despite temperatures in the fifties.

Elsa sat with me concerning the guest list. She wondered if there were others we should invite that would be enjoyable company and wouldn’t violate any confidentiality regarding what went on. The list she presented was predictable based on what she’d told me:

Mark, Elsa, Cindy, Melanie, Sheila, KC Brita and Nils Tom Power Carter, Deke, Ryan, Mike, James Andy and Margo Don and Edie Jon and Amber Lucas and Marcia (security too) Sean and Pam Greg and Kim Troy and Janet? Dan and Sandy?

I looked the list over and made a few comments. “What about your flight instructors? You’ve said they were hunks. I’ve met them and think they’re nice guys. I’m surprised you haven’t jumped their bones yet. Another person you might consider is Izzy in my office; ask Melanie about her. And, why don’t you invite that photographer Brite Reber; if she sells erotic pictures of herself like those you just hung, then I want to meet her and do things with her.”

I liked his suggestions for additions. I explained that Brite was too busy to come. She had committed to doing some White House dinner that night and required a lot of preparation.

While escort ankara I was in the room, Elsa talked to Cindy about asking Wes and Scott, their two fearless aviators who spent a lot of time with them teaching them to fly. They were working on commercial and instrument ratings, and were about to do another concentrated week with them on both ratings. There was also talk about getting their multi-engine and jet ratings.

Cindy and Elsa had told me they liked Wes and Scott a lot, and had even referred to them as ‘hot.’ In our parlance, that meant they wouldn’t mind being fucked up one side of the condo and down the other by them. That was good enough for them; they decided to invite them, explain about the nature of the party, and see what happened. The chemistry was good, and maybe they’d find some new playmates. I laughed at their decision-making process.

Melanie joined us and laughed about inviting little Izzy or Isabella to our party. She turned to me, “I thought you were going to keep your hands off of her?”

I shrugged, “She’s cute and smart, my type.”

Mel teased, “She’s cute and fuckable, you mean. I watched you the day you met her, and many days since. You go out of your way to say hello to her, or chat with her.”

“Hey, she’s nice.”

Mel laughed, “Well, you’ll be glad to know she has a thing for you too, so she’ll probably come to the party — she’ll probably cum at the party too as you fill her little pussy up with jizz. She’s open to trying new things, and I think that’ll extend to her social interaction with others.”

Elsa joyfully said, “You mean we can all fuck her?”

Melanie nodded in a matter of fact way, “Yeah, pretty much. You have to be gentle with her; I don’t want to lose her as a member of our staff. I happen to also have a thing for her. I wonder if she goes both ways.”

Two days later, I flew off to Mexico for discussions about setting up a new manufacturing plant in Guadalajara. Because Izzy Mendoza was fluent in Spanish, I brought her with me as my aide and translator. She was also supposed to report any interactions or body language to me that I might need to know about; for instance, what people were saying in a foreign language knowing that I couldn’t understand.

Melanie briefed her about how to behave and what to wear, and we were off the next day. We had good meetings, and everyone behaved, but traveling and over dinner I did get to know Izzy better. I did not try to seduce the young woman, although I felt vibes that indicated that the idea would have been warmly received.

Melanie talked to her about the upcoming party on Friday after we got back. I watched the interaction in our reception area where the two girls sat in some of the easy chairs with their heads close together. I stood just outside my office door watching the pair. I could hear snippets of the conversation.

I could tell when Melanie reached the juicy part about the party. Izzy was nodding and then froze. She went, “Oh. Oh. Oh. OH. OH. OOOOOH,” as Melanie continue to talk. After a few minutes I heard Izzy say, “really … Really … REALLY!”

I wondered which way the conversation was going, but then I saw her nodding her head enthusiastically, saying, “Oh, yes. Yes. YES. YESSSSS!” I guess we had another convert to our lifestyle.

When Melanie was in my office later for something, I ran my hand up her legs to her bare pussy. I commented as I got my little sexual fix, “I periodically like to check whether the dress code for my office is being adhered to.”

Mel moaned slightly as I fingered her pussy and collected some dewdrops from her slit. As I did I speculated, “From what I heard, it sounds like Izzy is coming to the party?”

“Yes, she is. She’s also hoping you’ll do her. She likes you a lot. I told her what a stud you are and how satisfying you were every time. She may jump your bones here over the coming week she’s so eager to be with you.”

I asked, “I never checked. Is she adhering to our dress code for this office?”

Mel’s eyes got large. “I never mentioned it to her. I’m sorry.”

“I think you’d better clue her in since she’s about to change her status here slightly by attending one of our sexy events.”

“I will, right away.”

Melanie left a moment later, and five minutes after that Izzy came into my office without an invitation. I was reading some correspondence, so I looked up as she peeked in with a huge smile across her face.

Izzy came around my desk and stood beside me. She hiked up her skirt so I could see the bikini undies that she wore. She hooked her fingers in the briefs and pulled them down her legs and stepped out of them. She took a sniff of them to assure herself that her feminine odor ankara escortlar permeated the gusset of the small cotton pants, and then passed them to me.

She hiked her skirt up again so I could see her bare pussy. “Melanie says that you need to check periodically whether we are adhering to your dress code. I want you to check right now to be sure I meet your approval. Please touch me — touch me all you want, but do touch me.”

I ran my hand up her pretty brown legs, allowing my fingers to caress her slit and rub along the cleft. Izzy groaned, “Oh, fuck, that feels so good. I like this dress code and the compliance process.”

I commented, “I may have to check several times a day regarding adherence to our dress code. I’m sure you understand.”

“Oh, please, yes. I do. I constantly want you to be sure I am complying. If you need anything at all — ANYTHING — please don’t hesitate to ask.”


Scott sat on the edge of the desk in the new training room at Air Ranch Airport. We just had an in-depth discussion of the pitot static system and the myriad ways it could become error prone, and some ways to recognize and overcome the problems when inflight. I thought that Cindy and I were doing well with the instrument curriculum.

Wes came into the room, knowing it was the end of the hour. Cindy and I were packing up our books, notes, and iPads. Wes asked, “So what are you two doing for the coming week, anything exciting? Going off anywhere?”

I responded, “No, but thanks for nudging me. We’re having a party in a couple of weeks and we were hoping that you two might come. If you want you can bring wives, girlfriends, or both. You do have partners, right?”

Wes and Scott looked at each other and laughed, “Yes, we’re not antisocial. Why that look?”

“Well, the party is kind of different. It’s not just a stand around talk, drink, dance, and socialize party.”

Scott’s brow knitted as I added, “Well … it gets kind of spicy as the evening goes on.”

“Spicy, as in how spicy?”

Cindy and I smiled and replied in unison, “VERY spicy.”

“Romantic spicy?”

“VERY,” we again said in unison. The guys’ eyebrows nearly rotated off their foreheads.

I explained, “We have a group of people we like to get intimate with. We get together in all sorts of interesting combinations: couples, threesomes, foursomes, and more. We watch, play, engage, get watched, and enjoy.”

After a long silence Wes asked, “You’re talking sex, right; just to be explicit? I don’t want to misinterpret this.”

Cindy and I nodded.

The two men looked at each other in disbelief.

I posited, “Does that mean you don’t want to come? Or perhaps that your girlfriends won’t want to come?”

Scott said, “I’ll have to talk to Vanessa about it. I’m not sure what she’ll think. We’re still learning about each other and sharing fantasies. A party might or might not be her kink.”

Wes nodded, “I’m in the same boat with Anna. Tell us more about the party, so we have some other information to share.”

I asked, “Before I do, do Anna and Vanessa know each other?”

The men nodded. “Yes, we’ve double dated, and the chemistry is good between all of us.”

Cindy and I then filled them in on the party, and some of the past experiences we’d shared. The two men had already signed NDAs, and I reminded them of that fact. They had a lot riding on keeping their mouths shut given all the improvements at Air Ranch, and the upcoming profit sharing scheme that was being designed for them. They planned to talk to their girlfriends and get back to us.

We heard from Dan — the other half of our one-night stand — after we got home. He called Cindy and then put Sandy on the phone so she could talk to the girl in Dan’s porno video, as she called it. She did not seem mad at Cindy, and praised the videography. Apparently, they’d watched the film multiple times while making love — fucking, as she explicitly stated. She also told her that she’d talked to Janet about the night we fucked the guys and about the upcoming party.

Cindy came and told me that they had a similar discussion to what Janet had asked me. She was better informed because of the chat with Janet, but said that neither had decided about coming to our party yet.

Cindy speculated, “We’ll get both couples or none, I figure. They’re a matched set. I think they’ll talk themselves into coming. This is like a free hall pass for both of them. If nothing else, they can get even for their husbands fucking around with us while on the road. I assured them that the guys at the party would be normal, good looking, and even hunky in many cases. I had to define those terms and assure her that there was no BDSM stuff going ankara kaliteli escortlar on, but I think I got the message across.

Two days later we heard from Janet and Sandy. They were both coming with Troy and Dan. Janet sounded hyped up and excited about the prospect. When a woman you barely know tells you she’s going to fuck everything with a cock, you know you have one very horny woman on your hands. That was Janet. Sandy was only slight more reserved.

When Cindy and I showed up Wednesday afternoon for our flight lessons, Wes and Scott explained that Vanessa and Anna were going to come by the airport at five thirty to see us and talk about the party and some other issues. In response to my question about whether we needed to be armed, they laughed and guaranteed that was far from the problem, but they did emphasize that there was a unique situation their girlfriends presented that they didn’t want to talk about further at that point. Our curiosity was piqued.

We each flew for an hour. Cindy used the Cessna 210 and I flew an Air Ranch Cessna 172 for the lesson. Our instrument flights were both ‘under the hood’ as we wore special headgear that kept us from looking outside the planes. All our flying, including the loss of some instruments (by covering them up), was done on instruments. We were getting pretty good about aviating that way.

We landed and tied down the planes. Just about then two very pretty women about our age came out of the new terminal building. Wes motioned them over, and introductions were made.

Anna was a petite shy lithe blonde who looked almost as though she blow away in a light breeze. Even in the jacket I could see she was thin and I guessed kind of flat chested. Vanessa was the opposite extreme: tall, dark hair, and stacked. She had a firecracker personality too. While the two appeared to have opposite physiques and personalities, they were obviously close friends.

The two guys teed up the discussion. Wes said, “The girls wanted to talk with you about the upcoming party you invited us to without us being around. So we’re going to check some stuff along the flight line before we lose last light and you four can go into the lounge and talk.”

Wes and Scott turned and left us, and we walked into the terminal: Cindy with Anna, and Vanessa with me.

I asked, “What can we tell you that you haven’t already heard?”

Vanessa bluntly asked, “Is it really a sex party?”

I nodded, “Pretty much. Sex is our hobby, and this is a meeting of likeminded enthusiasts.”

“How kinky does it get?”

I had a routine I gave her, “There’s no pee, scat, ropes, cuffs, clamps, whips, sadism, or rape. Depending on the person in our group we have had anal, DP, spit roast, airtight, light spanking, cuckold fantasy, threesomes, foursomes, gangbang by consent, butt plugs, sybian and sex toys, and a sex swing now and then. We encourage each other to use their imagination, broaden their horizons, but not venture too far outside their comfort zones. We want people to have good, wholesome experiences and fun, not wake up the next morning or week with regrets or bruises.”

Both girls went, “Wow,” together.

Vanessa said, “Describe for me what it might be like from the time we arrive.”

I went through the steps I could think of and Cindy filled in some places I missed. Arrive. Meet and greet. Enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Socialize. Mix. Find people beside your partner who you like. Don’t be afraid to kiss or get touchy feely. Don’t reject out of hand someone feeling your ass or brushing by your breasts. Buffet style dinner and desserts. Sit around and eat. Coffee.

Some dancing starts in a dimly lit room. Be sure to mix with different partners; don’t stick with just one person. Check in periodically with your partner to affirm you’re OK and they’re OK with what’s happening. Start to lose some clothing. Enjoy breast play and a lot of kissing and oral ministrations to bodies. Lose more clothing. Play with cocks and pussies. Get really horny. Suck and lick sex organs. Be sucked on and licked. Look for places to have sex. Have sex. Recuperate. Find another partner, and repeat two or three or more times.

Feel free to enjoy some companionship with the same sex, although that’s only for the women; the men don’t play that way. Shower. Find clothes. Kiss lots of people goodbye. Go home and fuck daylights out of partner before you go to sleep. If you go home with partner’s best friend, fuck daylights out of him before you go to sleep. Wake up horny and repeat often.

Vanessa and Anna hung on every word, and laughed at my finishing remark.

At the end, Vanessa said, “I can’t wait.” Anna agreed a second later.

Vanessa and Anna looked at each other, and I could tell there was some other issue hanging on their agenda. She looked back and forth between Cindy and me, and said, “We really want to come, but … well, there’s something about us that might make you rescind your invitation.”



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