I was driving along minding my own business, this truck swerves thru two lanes and cuts me off, one of those trucks with the over sized tires, huge muffler, very noisy, raised up in the air, black, I did not see the make of the truck but it was there in front of me. I honked my horn he reaches out and gives me the finger, well now I’m mad. I followed him, he was not going to get away with this, I was in my mid sized car that was good on gas and got great mileage in the city and highway. He made a left turn, then an immediate right, he could tell I was following him. He pulled off on a side street and slammed the brakes.

He jumped out of his truck and headed for my car yelling obscenities all the way. He was I would say five foot six maybe seven, a small framed guy, long brown hair, a black tee shirt with some band name on it, faded jeans and work boots. He had a beard, that is in dire need of a trim, his eyebrows were almost one, very bushy he came up to my door, yelling.

“Are you fucking following me you fucking fag? Come out of the car you fucking pussy!” He screamed at me thru my car window.

I just smiled, put my car in park, unbuckled my seat belt, got out of my car. When I got out he stopped in his tracks, my being six foot two, one hundred and sixty five muscular pounds, I am pretty sure I scared the poor bastard. I walked towards him, he backed away towards his truck.

“What, wait, why are you following me man?” He said fear in his voice.

“You cut me off back there and then had the fucking nerve to give me the finger, people like you piss me off with your over sized vehicles cutting people off, that is why I am following you pal.” I told him pointing my finger in his face.

He continued to walk backwards towards his truck, I was right in his face.

“The fact that you called me a fucking fag did not do anything to impress me neither. You are in need of a serious attitude adjustment my friend, and I may be the man to do it for you.” I scolded him his back to his truck.

“I did not see you in my lane.” He tried to defend himself, sounding nervous.

I pushed him against his truck hard.

“You little asshole you internet casino crossed two lanes to cut me off, it almost seemed like you purposely did it.” I yelled at him I was so mad at this point.

“I don’t think that is what happened, you have the facts wrong.” He tried to intimidate me.

“You know what pal admit you did it, then apologize and it’s done, this is just pissing me off.” I yelled at him.

That is when he swung at me, he tried to punch me in the face, I caught his hand mid swing, and held him from landing it. I just smiled at him.

“What’s your next move bitch? Still want to call me names? You my little friend are a total asshole, in any other circumstance I would have let you hit me then I would have pummeled you to the ground, but there are too many witnesses here, but karma will get you.” I told him pointing at his chest.

I turned and walked back to my car, just as I was about to get in, I pointed my finger at him.

“I will be watching you!” I told him red faced.

He quickly got in his truck and sped off, I could not believe he tried to hit me, that little sawed off jerk. I turned around and headed home, I went home changed and was going out with a group of friends from work. We were going out for pizza and beer, it was a place close to my work. The place was busy lots of people there, I saw my group, ordered a beer and took a seat. We were all talking when this guy with his back to our table starts telling a story of how he cut off some guy and then punched the shit out of the little fag in the little pink princess car, I heard the conversation, turned and yes it was him big truck guy.

I got up and stood behind him, he continued his story of how he scared the crap out of the pussy in the gay little car. He noticed his friends looking behind him, he turned and dam near fainted, he turned ghost white, and started to stutter.

“Funny that is not how I remember it, you dam near peed your pants in the version I was in. you tried to punch me but as you all can see no marks, your friend here is a total asshole, he purposely cut me off and then would not apologize but tried to hit me.” I told them standing canlı poker oyna behind him.

“Billy did you really do that? we all knew your an asshole but this takes the cake, apologize you asshole!” One of his friends told him.

Billy turned all red faced “Sorry man.” Trying to sound sincere.

“Not very sincere but I guess its the best I can hope for. Have a good night guys!” I told them as I turned and went back to my seat.

Not a word was said by Billy for most of the night, his friends eventually joined my friends at our table, so he and I were face to face at the end of the table.

“I am sorry I did not realize I did what I did, thank you for making me see what I did.” Billy said being very sincere.

“Billy its the fact you come in here and tell a lie about what really happened is the worse.” I scolded him again.

Billy just hung his head, he mumbled “I am sorry.”

Slowly most of the guys left, leaving just me and Billy later in the evening, Billy was very intoxicated, I was driving so I did not consume any alcohol during the entire evening. The drunker Billy got the more vocal he became, he referred to me as his friend Tom, Tommy boy, he was a little comical. He did admit he was a prick and he dam near shit his pants when I got out of my car.

“Okay Billy time to go who is driving you home?” I asked with concern.

“I can drive, I’m fine, where are my keys?” as he pulled his keys out, I grabbed them.

“You my friend are not driving tonight.” I told him helping his out of his chair.

“Come on Tommy I can, can drive just fine.” He said as he tripped on the chair leg.

I grabbed his arm and brought him outside, hoping the cool air may sober him up, he took maybe ten staggering steps and I caught him as he was about to do a face plant, I grabbed him and carried him to my car. I really did not want him in my car or house, but I could not let him drive neither. I got him in the passenger seat and took him home. I carried him in the house and got him in the spare bedroom.

I removed his clothes, the guy had a nice body, he was thin, his chest was smooth, but well developed, his arms poker oyna were working man’s arms, with his farmer tan. I took off his boots and socks, then his pants, his underwear were well worn, I could clearly see the outline of his cock and balls, once his clothes were off, I stood back and looked at him, he was not a bad looking guy, he needed a decent haircut, a shower he smelled bad, I decided I would remove the underwear why not get a good look at him while I could. Billy was out, I grabbed his underwear and pulled them off, he had a huge bush of hair, the boy needed a trim badly, his cock not huge was nice, cut, purple knob, average sized balls, his cock and balls both very hairy.

He rolled over, he had a pretty little ass I have to say, I could see myself fucking that, well shaped, with a trail of hair down the crack. I covered him up and watched him sleep for a few minutes, this was the guy who earlier today wanted to run me off the road, then he was rude, what do I do, I bring him home, what to hell is wrong with me? I shut his light off and headed to bed. I got up in the morning, checked on him, he was out, I grabbed his clothes, threw them in the washer, made coffee. I was reading the paper when I heard the toilet flush.

“Good morning how do you feel today? Tell me you feel as bad as you look.” I said with a grin.

“Where are my clothes? How did I get here? Where is my truck?” He asked hiding his cock.

I got up grabbed him a coffee, then went to get him a pair of sweat pants.

“Have some coffee and I will tell you the whole story.” I said as I walked to my bedroom.

“Your clothes are in the wash, you really need a shower bad, you smell terrible, I brought you here so you would not drive, your truck is safe at the bar we were at last night. I can drive you over to it later once you wake up and have a shower and if you play your cards right eat breakfast.” I told him as I came in with sweats for him to wear.

“Your the guy I cut off and was rude to, I am sorry, I can be such a dick sometimes.” He admitted being sincere.

“Don’t worry about it, water under the bridge that sort of thing.” I said being honest.

The silence was broken by the dryer buzzing,

“Your clothes are dry but you my friend are having a shower before you put on clean clothes, you stink.” I told him honestly.

Billy walked off to the shower, me watching his pretty little ass walk off.



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