First let me start by saying I’m not a pervert, and yet I’m not a prude! That being said let me tell you the story of how my family has grown a lot closer.

About two months ago, I finally came to my senses over the death of my wife, Sarah. My daughter, Beth was able to come home for two weeks after my wife died. We were able to spend some quality time together while mourning over our loss. I spent the next year wallowing in self-pity and loneliness when after a phone call from my daughter snapped me out of my funk. My daughter basically told me to get my act together and start having fun again. Although she didn’t come right out and say it, I could hear her telling me to go get laid. What could I say but ok. I tried doing the dating thing at first which usually ended disastrously. It had been over 19 years since I had been out on a date, and that was with my late wife. So I started hitting the strip clubs. I figured I could at least see some flesh before going home to beat my meat.

I eventually built a friendship with one of the dancers named Karin. She was fine and I wasn’t afraid to drop $100 each time I visited the club she worked at. Occasionally, I would even get free lap dances from all the girls there, but I never got any further than that since I wasn’t that bold.

One night, Karin was having a drink with me when she confided in me about her housing problems. I figured she felt comfortable enough around me that she felt I could give her some good advice. She told me her landlord found out she was a stripper and tried jacking her rent up and she believed he was going through her stuff when she was gone, but couldn’t prove it.

I told her I have three extra bedrooms in my house and she was welcome to use one if she didn’t mind being around a dirty minded guy like me. She laughed and said she would probably drive me crazy since she doesn’t wear anything when she is at home. I then said that would be the perfect wet dream for me. We both had a laugh over it and she accepted. She said the only rule she had was I couldn’t grope her around the house unless she said so. I told her that would be tough but I wouldn’t invade her space but if she didn’t mind me beating off in front of her I would be the happiest man alive. I asked when she could move in and she said she is off work at 1 a.m. and could be at my place by 3 a.m. with her necessities. I gave her my address and said see you then.

Karin got to her new home early. It seems she was so excited at the prospect of not being in an apartment she got off work at midnight and raced to her old place and got enough stuff for a week. She said she would give her notice to her landlord in the morning if I would be willing to help her move. Since that was Friday I had no problem.

Karin woke me up at 9 a.m. with a cup of coffee in bed. The way she delivered it was what I liked best. She was naked and while I was still asleep, she reached under the blankets and started giving me a hand job. What a way to wake up. She said she wanted to thank me for the new start, at which time she swallowed my cock bringing me close to cumming right güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri away. After about two minutes of expert cock-sucking, she jerked me off over her perfect breasts. I could get used to waking up this way.

On the way to her old apartment, Karin said she checked out the house while I was still sleeping. She was impressed that a single guy would have a house that big. She also said she would pay me rent to supplement her stay there. I told her that was not needed, but she cut me off saying she makes more than enough to pay rent and save money. We came to an agreement that she would pay $250 per month and $50 per week for food. Since I was still in the military, I could get the food at the commissary at less cost. This was going to be a very nice arrangement. Now I did have some ground rules for living here. While I’ll allow alcohol in the house, excessive drunkenness won’t be tolerated. On top of that, I made sure she knew no drugs or drug use would happen in the house or on my property. She said the only drug she messed with was love. We both laughed at that.

When we got to her old apartment, we ran into her soon-to-be former landlord coming down the stairs from Karin apartment area. She asked what he was doing and he just stammered something about checking something out upstairs. She laid into him, saying she had proof he was invading her privacy by going into her apartment while she was gone. The guy went white as a ghost. Gotcha, I thought. I took the opportunity to advise the punk he could be facing jail time for his acts. I then offered him an out. I said Karin is moving out effective immediately and he will cut her a check for her cleaning deposit and the remainder of the current month’s rent before her stuff was out of the apartment. On top of that, she will be turning in her key without cleaning the apartment, which he will have the pleasure of taking care of. I also noticed he was wearing a wedding ring and jumped on that stating if he knew what was good for him he wouldn’t make any waves or we would tell his wife. The guy nearly wet himself and said he would have a check ready by 4 p.m.

When the guy ran away from us, Karin just stared at me and then jumped in my arms and planted a big kiss on me that just about knocked me out. She said that was fantastic and that she was going chew the guy out and tell him to go fuck himself. What made you go after the money? I told her I was just going kick the guy’s ass but, it crossed my mind it was still early in the month and you had probably paid your rent already, and rather than letting him have your money for moving out today, you should get it back. Besides, I used to be cop and figured I could browbeat him into not fighting it. As we went into her old apartment, she said I need to reward you for your good deed. With that she led me to her old bedroom and basically ripped our clothes off before falling to her knees in front of me. She said I would take that monster in my pussy but, I don’t know your history. I then told I had been faithfully married for over 18 years and that she was the first woman güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to make me cum in over a year. Before I could say anything else, she jumped on me, impaling her-self in one fell swoop. Man I missed the feel of a pussy on my cock. I lasted about five minutes before flooding her with my seed. After I pulled out, she lovingly cleaned me off and we got dressed and got her packed. We got all her clothes moved to our place and she started to wash her clothes while I went back to get the rest of her stuff.

When I got there, the pervert was waiting outside Karin’s old apartment. I told him, the apartment would be empty by Monday and to stay away from the apartment until then. I also told him to go and change over the billing of utilities as of today and bring me a copy of the transaction. The weasel meekly said yes and scurried away. I can’t wait to leave him the little present I thought of on the way over.

I was able to get the rest of Karin’s furniture loaded into the bed of my truck and the trailer I brought. The weasel brought the utilities letter over about 30 minutes before I was done and promptly beat feet out of there. I did a last walk through of the apartment making sure there was nothing left except for trash. I then turned the heat up to at least 90, shut off the water to the toilet, flushed the toilet, and then left a healthy present in the bowl before leaving. I didn’t even lock the door. I just left the keys on the counter.

By the time I got home, Karin had the first three loads hanging on the clothes line and was waiting for my stuff for the next load. What struck me about her doing the laundry was her doing it naked. I was pleased to say the least. I thanked her for doing the laundry and said I would pull the truck and trailer into the shed. She smiled and sauntered back to the house. I am definitely going to like this living arrangement.

Over the next couple of weeks Karin would share my bed when it met her needs. Personally, I liked it when she did because I missed the closeness of the female form in bed with me. Karin would go to work and do her thing but she would always be home each night. I would always get a kiss when she left for work and if I was up when she got home I sometimes got a little more. I couldn’t complain and why would I?

About a month after she moved in Karin came to me with a request. It wasn’t the request that I immediately agreed to it was the way she presented it. She had come home from the club one night with Amber, one of the other dancers. It seems Amber was trying to get away from her boyfriend who was a major schmuck. Anyway Karin is standing there with Amber hiding behind her like Karin was her shield. Karin winked at me and got an “innocent” look on her face and started to ask in a little girls way if she can have a friend for a sleepover. I got a “stern” look on my face and told her I wasn’t sure that would be right. Karin then mince stepped over to me, with Amber right behind her and gave me her doe eyes and said “Pleeeeeeeaaaaase.” I still acted stern and when she went to her knees and güvenilir bahis şirketleri opened my robe, displaying me for Amber who went wide eyed. I still hemmed and hawed as Karin started to give me a blowjob I soon wouldn’t forget while Amber just stood there staring. As I got close to exploding, I pulled out of Karin’s mouth and offered Amber a taste. She engulfed me faster than I thought possible. She caught me so off guard by her reaction I started to cum. She was insatiable. Karin started to take off Amber’s clothes as I grabbed a kitchen chair. Before my ass hit the chair, Amber had scrambled onto my lap and was sliding my cock along her pussy. Karin was just as surprised by Amber as I was. Amber wasn’t about to be stopped either. Before I knew it, I was buried in her tight pussy and she was riding me like there was no tomorrow. Later Karin and I found out she had been abused by the boyfriend she was trying to get away from and when she saw how Karin was handling me, she snapped and wanted what Karin had. We assured her that Karin and I had been playing a little game and that she could stay as long as she needed to. We then told her about the financial arrangements and physical arrangements. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing and just latched onto me. That night they both slept in my bed, if you could call what we did sleeping.

The next morning I asked Amber if there was anything she needed from her old place and said all she needed was her clothes and a lock box she had hidden behind her boyfriend’s house. I came up with an idea to get both. I arranged with Karin and Amber’s boss, Tim, to tell her boyfriend that Amber called asking for a few nights off and to send her check to a certain address. I knew this would get him looking for her which would take him away for at least two-hours. We got Tim to call the dirtbag and ask if he knew exactly when Amber would be back which set everything into motion as expected. We gave him 15 minutes before heading to the house to get Amber’s stuff. That took all of 30 minutes to get done. During our retrieval, I discovered a large amount of drugs hidden in a closet. Before leaving the house, I anonymously called the sheriff’s dispatch office reporting the drugs. By the time we were five miles from the house, six patrols went screaming past us. I had left a carefully printed note for the deputies explaining where the drugs were and that the owner would soon be home. Turns out the local police had a record drug bust that day which also turned up a murder investigation. Amber was one lucky girl!

So our household was growing. Over the next couple months Natasha and Jenette moved in also. I was constantly in a state of arousal because the girls would wear little to nothing around the house. I also came to the conclusion I would have to add on to the house and build some storage facilities for the girl’s things. Before winter would hit I had the foundations laid for the storage facilities and plans ready for the add-on. Maybe a pool would be a good idea too.

We had large celebrations for the holidays, thankfully my daughter who was away to college couldn’t get home this year for the holidays or I think she would have been shocked beyond belief by how I was living. I did get her to agree to come home for the summer though. That gave me time to get the girls to wear more clothes while she was around and keep the sexual under and over tones in check. I hope.



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