The story continues of my meeting with Cynthia and Jerry…

After we had rested a little while from our earlier activities, Cynthia started rubbing her tits up against me. She leaned over to kiss me and started stroking my cock back to life. We were all naked and I was lying between Jerry and Cynthia. My cock sprang up almost immediately as her hand worked up and down the length of it. As she stroked it, I reached down and played with her pussy, which was soaking wet. My fingers slid easily inside her. At the same time, I reached over with my other hand and stroked Jerry’s cock, which also sprang to life immediately. Jerry’s hand joined Cynthia’s on my cock and all three of us were soon moaning. This went on for while (I lost track of time!) with our moans filling the air until Cynthia pulled me on top of her and guided my cock into her sopping cunt. Her pussy felt exquisite as I slid into her. She moaned loadly as I entered her and she begged me to drive my cock deeper. I teased her momentarily and then drove it deep into her. ankara moldovyalı escortlar Her body thrust up to meet mine as we continued fucking. I reached down to grab her ass for better leverage.

Jerry, who had been sucking her tits, rolled off the bed and disappeared. I lost track of him as I continued to ram my stiff shaft into Cynthia. A few minutes later, the bed moved and I felt Jerry kneel behind me.

I knew what was coming next – I was about to lose the rest of my virginity. I was ready for it, having practiced with vibrator and dildo. I felt him lube my tight asshole and slide a finger in to prepare me. Another and then a third followed the first finger as he thrust in and out of my backdoor. He removed his fingers and I felt his body against my back as his cock found its way to my virgin hole. Cynthia urged him on – she loved to see her husband with another man. I could feel the head of his dick against me as it slowly entered, opening me up to a new experience. I was unbelievably turned on – thinking ankara ukraynalı escortlar about that cock that I had in my mouth earlier and which was now going to fuck me in the ass. There was a slight amount of pain as he first entered but he paused before moving on and the pain was quickly replaced by pleasure. Inch by inch, he slid further into me. It wasn’t long before he was buried deep in me – stretching me out and filling me up. I had to pause from fucking Cynthia for a moment to fully enjoy his cock. He was soon stroking in and out of me, filling me up, driving deep into me and pulling out then repeating the same sequences.

Cynthia surprised me by pushing me back until I withdrew completely from her. She crawled out from underneath and rolled off the bed while Jerry continue to fuck my ass. I didn’t know how much longer I could last – it felt so good I knew I would cum soon. She came back and applied lube to my cock. Then she crawled back under me, this time facing away from me. She told me to fuck her ankara minyon tipli escortlar in the ass. She wanted me to cum up her ass as Jerry shot his load into mine. I guided my cock to her tight hole and slide into her – she obviously was no virgin at this. My cock slid easily into her and she moaned loudly. She urged me on – “Fuck my ass while Jerry is fucking yours. I want to feel your hot cum inside me when Jerry shoots his into you!” I did as I was told and lost no time in guiding my cock into her tight hole. I moved slowly at first, not wanting to lose the cock that was fucking me so nicely. Eventually, we developed a rhythm between the three of us and our moans went in unison. It didn’t take long to bring me to the edge and I soon shot the biggest load ever into her tight asshole. As I collapsed onto her, I could feel Jerry’s cock spasming in my tight hole. Now I know why you women love cock so much – it felt wonderful! He moaned as he shot his load in me, filling me with his hot sperm. I felt like such a slut! We all collapsed together on the bed again and rested until I had to get cleaned up and leave.

Note: This is based on a true story. Although this story does not portray it, safe sex was used and is recommended for any enjoying multiple sex partners. Thanks for reading and I have appreciated all the feedback.



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