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It started as a joke really. We were roommates and had been hanging out having a few drinks at a late night spot in town. Paul, myself and Adrianne. It was late and we were well into it. Anyway, a friend of Adrianne’s at work was getting married and she wanted to have a bachelorette party for her at the apartment. She wanted to have something fun and wanted us out for the evening. We had agreed, but the evening kept returning to Paul’s joke about having us be the strippers. We had all gone to nude beaches together and were pretty open around the apartment, so seeing each other in various forms of undress wasn’t unusual for us. Needless to say, we ribbed Adrianne for most of the night about what we could do.

It really was a joke at first.

Anyway, Saturday night came and Paul and I headed out to a movie. We had agreed to stay away until Adrianne called us and let us know the coast was clear. We headed out for a bite of food and then to a movie. It was a late one, and by the time the movie had ended, it was close to eleven. We checked out cell phones and still no call from Adrianne. Well, with nothing else to do, we figured we’d just head back to our favorite bar and wait it out.

After two drinks we finally got a call. It was Adrianne and she sounded like she was whispering from the kitchen. She was in a panic. Apparently the strippers she hired never showed up. The girls that were there were starting to think the party was getting lame and Adrianne was in a tight spot. So when she asked in a joking manner we could tell she wasn’t really joking. Paul was making it painful for her. Drawing it out, making her beg. Although funny at first, it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do.

As Paul clicked his phone off, he was grinning at me. “Well stud, you probably have an idea of what she wants.”

“Let me guess, the strippers didn’t show and she wants us to put on a show for them.”

“You game? Sounds like that Tracy woman is getting pretty nasty to Adrianne and she needs to save face.”

“So what would we have to do?”

“Well, the two guys she hired were supposed to strip and jerk off for them.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” I laughed to myself. Not sure if I was up for it.

“She needs us to do the same.” He shrugged.

“Come on man, it’ll be fun. All we have to do is do a little dance, make it sexy, and jerk off.”

It didn’t take much, but we each did a shot before heading out to save our friend and ankara bayan escortlar get off in front of a bunch of drunk women.

When we got to our place, we could hear the music going and the women bitching to each other. We knocked and Adrianne opened the doors. We didn’t know any of the women in there, and from what Adrianne told them, we were strippers, not roommates.

Well, we walked in and the women quieted down. There were about six of them and they were eyeing us like pieces of meat. She didn’t even have to tell us which one was the bitch who was putting Adrianne on the spot. Tracy was the first to speak.

“Is this the best the agency could do? They’d better make up for it in their performance.”

Adrianne had a pleading look in her eye when she turned to us. Which is why Paul spoke.

“Sorry for the delay ladies. And don’t worry about the performance. We aim to please.”

Now, Paul and I aren’t slackers in the body department. We’re not cut strippers from Chipendales, but we do okay. We work out quite a bit and are nicely toned.

Anyway, the women turned on some sexy music and got settled onto one of the couches and started with the calls.

It was showtime. So Paul and I took our shoes off and started to dance. Paul pulled my t-shirt over his head and spun it around before letting it go toward the women. I started to undo a few buttons of my pants. I was already hard with the excitement when Tracy opened her mouth.

“We didn’t bring two guys to strip alone. Come on, what about helping each other.”

God, she was a bitch.

So Paul looks at me and reaches over for my T-shirt. He pulls it over my head and throws it at the women.

They all went wild and started cheering. Which eggs Paul on to grab my nipples with his fingers. And pull them for their viewing pleasure. We both try to ham it up a bit and the women were loving it. So I go back to unbuttoning my pants. I lie on the ground on my back and raise my feet in the air. Pulling my pants off and letting the women see my bikini clad ass.

I’m on all fours and am watching Paul pouring shots of tequila for the already alcohol fueled women. One of the girls comes and gives me a shot then swats my ass. It was getting out of control but also fueling everyone onward. And that was something both Paul and I needed.

By the time Paul returned to the center of the room his pants were unbuttoned and he was taking them off. I ankara seksi escortlar meanwhile kept dancing in my black briefs. Paul of course wore no underwear, and the women went wild at his now bare cock. He stroked if once or twice for show then grabbed the sides of my underwear and yanked them down.

So there we were. We’d done it. We were both naked with rock hard cocks in front of Adrianne’s office workers. It was insane and ridiculous, but at the same time, hot as hell to be jerking my cock for half a dozen women. They were cat calling us and telling us to stroke it. Everyone was having a great time, or so it seemed.

But then there came that voice from hell. Tracy yells out, telling us she wanted to see us stroke each other. I glanced at Adrianne and could tell she just wanted to die. Well, without a pause, Paul stands behind me and grabs my cock. His own standing erect to my right as his hand reaches around me.

I couldn’t believe it. I could feel his hand sliding up and down on my cock as his own just pressed against my side. I couldn’t do anything except grab it and hold it.

Adrianne covered her eyes, amazed at what we were doing and the girls went silent for a moment before going absolutely nuts. The names they were calling us made us both feel like complete sluts. We were humiliated whores for them to watch. Paul’s other hand reached around and grabbed my nuts for the ladies to see and I started fingering my nipple as I stroked his cock.

I could feel myself start to build up a load to cum as Paul continued to stroke me. And yes, we both had the same thing in mind. I could tell what he was doing. Aiming straight at Tracy. I didn’t have to try hard to cum, with my fingers on my nipples and his on my cock and balls, with all the women screaming I shot a long white load right on Tracy’s chest. The second went a little lower and lands on her stomach and streams to her crotch.

There was silence. And Tracy’s face went from shock to furious. All the other women went crazy, laughing and screaming. Adrianne’s face showed it all. She loved it most. But Tracy. Well. She touches a glob on her chest and stands up, smearing it across my lips and face.

“See how you like it, you twink.” She glares at me.

Well it is mine I guess, so I lick it in from my lips. I’m not about to let her have the last say, so I kneel down and take a long, slow, sexy lick at the strand on her crotch. It was just as I expected it to bayan ankara escort be. Stringy, sticky, slimy, salty. All the “s” words that sperm could generate. But knowing I had taken this woman one step further was worth it, even if it meant humiliating myself.

It was better than anything I could have done and I knew I had won. I knew Adrianne would come out on top. Which is why I did what I did next. I reached out for Paul’s cock and opened my mouth for it. I sucked him in and went as far as I could. My lips pulling against his meat as I pulled back. My lips cascading off the tip.

I knew what I was doing and why I was doing it. I loved the control of the humiliation. It was why some people find power through submission I guess. It was taking things further than anyone ever thought. I used my tongue to lick up and down the bottom of his cock, feeling his veins run past my tongue. I even went down to his balls as I stroked him.

I couldn’t even tell, nor did I care, what Paul was doing. It was all about sucking his cock. My mouth continued to run up and down his meat, my tongue continued to roll around his shaft and head. God it was great. I could even feel the women put their hands on my ass as I sucked him.

And when he came, I pulled back so that he came on my face and chest. And then I just fell back onto the floor and started to stroke my now hard cock for everyone to watch. I was a complete slut, looking at the women, watching their eyes behind lusty faces as I stroked my cock, my balls, even played with my ass.

Adrianne was shocked, and when I came the second time, it was in a load that covered my hand and my cock in sperm.

After everything happened, Paul and I collected the $500 dollars that was meant for the strippers and left for the bar. Apparently the party ended pretty much after my last scene because we only had enough time for one drink. We were pretty quiet about the whole thing, not really sure where to take it. Lost in our own thoughts about what had just happened. So Paul and I headed back up to the apartment in silence.

We did decide to give some of the money back to Adrianne when we returned.

Well, we didn’t need to open the apartment door. It was half open. So we pushed it all the way and went in. On the couch was Adrianne, nude and masturbating herself. Now it was our turn to be stunned. She looked at us, straight at us.

“Don’t say a word. Just come here and fuck me. Both of you.”

We looked at each other. It was redemption time. Time to prove we weren’t gay. And god did she look hot.

“Now.” Was all I heard her say as both Paul and I stripped. I watched as Paul’s cock entered her already soaking pussy and her lips covered my cock…



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