Beware, On Line Hook Ups …It has been a number of years since my tryst with Bruce, Charlie and Daniel, even tho I did not participate willingly in the first instances with them. I was trained (for lack of a better phrase) and conditioned to accept the fact that guys would take me sexually, willing or not. So rather then be brutally persuaded to join in I would reluctantly join in and surrender my anal and oral orifices to the guys that were most persuasive.Over the years I sort of got used to being taken by guys and formed a desire to have good hard stiff male members enter me from time to time. Now I did not want to be under a guy every day or night nor did I want to have a rock hard cock enter my anal sphincter or oral orifice. But there were times when the need to be taken sexually by another guy was insurmountable.Doing those times I would saunter off to the nearest ABS or public park and hook up with guys for sex. Doing my high school years I was sexually assaulted many times by Charlie, Bruce and Daniel and passed around to their friends, male family members and other associates of theirs. In college I had room mates that took me sexually and other students that wanted to have sex with a guy take me.After I graduated and finished school, I did manage to fall into a some what ‘normal’ sexual appetite and dated numerous girls and married three wonderful lady’s. Not pendik escort all at the same time but over a span of ten years. A few months ago I went on line and struck up a friendship with an guy that was seeking a masculine bottom. I have never considered myself to be gay but to have some homosexual tendencies. I have never thought that I was a female trapped in a male body or have I ever wanted to be female or dress as one except to wear female panties, bra and night gown at the insistence of the guy that wanted me to wear them.This guy and I talked consistently for days before he asked me to meet up with him and we went to his home. I was surprised by the size of his equipment and expressed myself to him saying ‘ … Oh, John, I don’t think I can handle something so huge! … ‘ John promised to be gentle and take his time entering me, John was a man of his word and took extreme care until he had half his man hood into my rectum.I was on my stomach when John suggested that I turn to my back and open my ‘ … legs like a Bitch … ‘ was his exact words. Yes those words were so familiar to me that I just tucked my right leg under me and started to turn onto my back. John hooked my knees into the hallow of his elbows and gripped my arms. I caution John telling him ‘ … no John, I can’t handle this … ‘. John just grunted his disapproval çekmeköy escort and started to slide in and out of me rapidly as I moaned and whined until his pubic was smashing against my testicles. The room was dark, all the lights were off so all I could see was shapes of his upper torso. John buried his head into my neck and shoulder as he started to grind deeper and hunch harder and harder into me, causing me to be very audible with my moans ans whines.Some where in there I clinched my eyes shut trying to endue till John was satisfied and came, once John started to cum deep inside of me he slowed his onslaught to a more moderate pace. Occasionally John would hunch hard into me as his penis spurted and I would grunt back in response.I was so relieved when John grunted and started to pull his elongated member from my anus, to my surprise anther hand gripped my left ankle and pulled it open. i gasped and tried to wiggle free as I heard ‘ … damn man thought you were never gonna finish. My dick so fucking hard I almost started to jack off …’ John answered ‘ … well, I’m done now and that some tight boy/pussy., But I got it all lubed up for you now! … ‘.The unknown hand held my ankle in a vise like grip and twisted me across the bed till my buttocks were at the edge and my torso was on the bed. I protested ‘ … maltepe escort John what you doing, I did not agree to this! …’ John answered ‘ … hey man, thanks for the fuck. Now it’s between you and Jim, I may be back if you all ain’t done when I come back! … ‘.Before I could do anything ‘Jim’ was pulling my other leg apart and his man hood was probing my butt crack. The splodge that John had deposit was streaming from my anal orifice and provided a slick lube for ‘Jim’. With one easy slide ‘Jim’ pushed his man hood balls deep into my gaped anal sphincter.’Jim’ was seated in me so deep that i lost my breath and was jolted back to reality by the jack hammer pace that’Jim’ started to fuck with. The obscene moist slurping sounds coming from our matting was filling the room along with my grunts and moans. For some thirty or so minutes ‘Jim’ had his way in my opened anus abusing me to an onslaught of sexual battery.The door to the room open and John returned just as ‘Jim’ started to cum in my anal canal. I tried to lower my legs and ‘Jim’ pulled them back so that John could enter me again. I begged ‘ … John, nooo, please don’t do me like this. Both of you done fucked me let me go now! … ‘ John answered ‘ … yeah I know. That’s what we do, we fuck each others Bitch tell we break them,tonight you are our Bitch! … ‘For the rest of Friday night intil late Sunday I was their sex toy with the two of them deosisring their seed as often as thry wished only allowing me to get quick naps. and on Saturday night they invited a couple of their friends to come over and take me as well.When I finally left their home I was well used and took Monday and Tuesday off work so I could recover.



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