“Shonda, I have a huge favor to ask you.”

My ears perked up with interest. Simone was my girl. You know, the one you planned mischief with since you were seven. The one who you giggled with as a teen and had so much dirt on you she could bury you in a heartbeat but you knew she would go to the grave with your deepest secrets. I couldn’t understand why she was being so formal.

“Puh-lease girl, you know you just have to say what you want. None of this ‘favor’ bullshit. You need a kidney or something?” I took a gulp of my punch, rolling the ice cube around on my tongue to soothe the burn of the jalapeño from my burrito.

“No, nothing like that.” Simone smiled to herself then dropped her eyes to examine her fresh manicure. Knowing her as I did, I could see her trying to plan phrases in her head.

I leaned forward into my seat, a little concerned now. I hadn’t seen girlfriend this uncomfortable in ages. Not since back in the days when I was a wild child and people were giving her grief and telling her to cut ties with me. I wouldn’t have blamed her either. When we were together it was the saint and the sinner, the lion lying down with the lamb. “People will think you’re the same way,” her church family had warned her. Yet, through it all, she’d had my back. And so, before she even spoke I silently promised I would do what she asked. Without question.

“I’m just… I’m thinking about my fortieth birthday next month…”

“Oooh, the big four-O. That’s the new thirty you know.”

She laughed, and that released some of her tension. She took a drink from her own punch. “Shonda, I know I don’t have to tell you how much I love Kareem.”

I swallowed the ‘huh’ of confusion that nearly popped out at the abrupt change in topic to Simone’s husband of twenty years and father of her boisterous teens. “Of course not.”

“I just… I need more,” she blurted out. “I mean, he’s a good lover and considerate and all that. And your advice has helped us to spice thing up over the years…”

I nodded in understanding. Kareem was the only guy Simone had ever been with.

Spurred by my encouraging nod she ran on: “I’m just so curious to experience some of those things you’ve told me about, you know, I’ve orgasmed but, not in the way you describe it – I just feel like there’s so much I haven’t experienced, and Kareem he tries but, I don’t know that he can, that he can…”

“Fuck the shit out of you?” I helpfully supplied.

Simone did a quick check to make sure no one at the other tables had heard. Of course, no one had since there were few other patrons during the mid-afternoon lull. This is why we liked the spot so much – not only was the food great, it appealed to a more mature crowd and tended to be deserted during normal working hours. We could sit and gossip to our hearts content without worrying about nosy eavesdroppers.

“I mean, it’s not just him,” she said loyally. “I’m hardly a ‘sexpert’ like you. I could be doing the stuff you showed me wrong…”

I simply stared at her with my poker face, the subtle gesture being sufficient to convey my doubt. It was rather bold of me to do that given the fact that Simone didn’t know I had firsthand experience of Kareem’s poor fucking skills, but hell, no one had ever accused me of being a shrinking violet. I felt sorry for her, but I knew that no amount of coaching could salvage Kareem. Brother was simply too uptight to learn to master his equipment. Plus, I didn’t think he’d be game for screwing me in front his wife – he’d be too scared that she’d find out we’d done it before.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How could I do this to my girl? Thing is, a few years back Kareem had gotten a big promotion and the extra cash he was bringing in went straight to his head like a fine wine. Instead of buying his wife well deserved trinkets and baubles, this fool was tripping out on new duds and a brand new three series BMW in fire engine red with a taupe leather interior. He was cruising up and down leering at any twenty-something year old who gave the car a second look, making a real spectacle of himself.

I was not at all surprised when he stepped to me. I was single and accessible, and my reputation was shady enough for him to think he could get away with it. I’m not ashamed to say I gave him what he wanted. I scratched the hell outa that itch so my girl would not have to deal with nasty-ass diseased ‘hoes, jealous bitches out to steal her man, or stupid bitches – the kind that give you baby mama drama. Eventually, the novelty wore off and Kareem was satisfied to go back to his plain vanilla ways, with the occasional booty call.

“So,” I said finally, “where do I come in?” I was trying to remember the number of this great male escort I knew. I didn’t keep things like that on my phone where it could be found. Yes, Noel would take great care of her.

“I was thinking, you and Wade, I could do a threesome with you.”

I sat stunned by this gut punch that Simone, my ankara moldovyalı escortlar sister, had just landed on me. She wanted to do the dirty with my husband? That bitch, that motherfucking bitch! All I could think was, how dare you. How dare she? Really, trying to ride Wade’s – my – sweet dick. Hell naw! It had literally taken us a decade to get our shit together and get married, and I swore to him on our wedding night – and her the next morning – that I would wrap my hands around the neck of the next bitch I caught fucking him. That was only three years ago. How could she forget so soon? “Ummm,” I stuttered.

“Shonda… I know it’s a lot to ask you, but I’m at the end of my rope. After twenty years, there’s not much to look forward to. In fact, I’ve gotten to the point where I prefer a vibrator-“

“Mmmm.” I should be more sympathetic I thought. But I wasn’t trying to hear her.

“Look, I don’t want to go through all this and not enjoy it. I’m asking because you’re always going on about how good he is, how he can make your toes curl every time, and I want someone who will get it right the first time. I need this to be a one night thing.”

“Ummm.” Simone had a point. Wade could throw it down and sister was really missing out. I could feel myself softening, relenting. It was just one night and I guess I owed her this experience. I mean Kareem had it coming. Kareem – oh fuck. It is so true what they say about that heffer called Karma. What a bitch!

“I just, I need to know what’s out there.”

“Ok,” I sighed. Besides, Wade wasn’t going to give up my sweet pussy for hers. All those years we’d been off and on, with him fucking women left and right, yet he always came back.

“Ok?” Simone had a strange smile on her face, a sort of grimace really. She couldn’t believe I’d agreed! Why the hell had she asked?

“Yes, ok!” I reaffirmed. “I will let you screw my man.” I smiled and reached across the table to grasp her hands, realizing that my reaction had probably scared her a little. “Don’t worry boo, we’ll take care of you for your birthday.”


“Please?” I’d toyed with a few ideas of how to put this request to Wade. We’d both done our share of freaky shit in our time, including previous ménages with other people, but this would be the first time we’d be inviting someone else into our bed. In the end I just came straight out with it.

“I don’t know. Sounds like trouble. I don’t want to come between you two.”

“I’m a big girl, I can deal.”

“Now Shonda,” Wade said, backing away from me in our tiny kitchen until he bumped against the fridge. I narrowed my eyes as he raised his hand to rub the back of his neck. “You know you a jealous bitch – crazy jealous-” I turned back around and gave the stir-frying veggies a jiggle in the frying pan.

“Aight. How do I know it’s not a trick?” he continued after a moment.

“Fool. I’m gonna lose my husband, and my best friend, all at once?” I said. “I would miss her too much.”

Wade laughed and eased his fine body back over towards me, until he stood right behind me. His presence was so close that even though he wasn’t touching me I could already feel his firm thigh muscles against my ass, his taut abdomen on my back. My pulse had already begun to quicken. He leaned next to me, putting an arm on the counter. “Look at me.” I turned and looked into his soft brown eyes. “Are you sure you want this, are you sure you can handle it?”

“Are you sure you can handle seeing me with a woman?” I said, pressing my body against him.

Instantly, I felt a hardening against my belly. The snake was stirring. He knew what I wanted but pushed me away, determined to preserve the significance of the moment. “I – ahem – can dig that. But seriously, if I do this I need to know you won’t hold it against me.”

I hesitated before answering, visualizing Simone mounting my man. Oooo, that woman was lucky I loved her so! “Of course I won’t. And don’t worry – I won’t be asking you to do a threesome with a guy next. I know you can’t handle that, and I’m not really into that either.” I said, although at that moment my clit and my anus, and everything between, was tingling at the thought – and memory – of double penetration. I leaned in closer, barely brushing my lips slowly across his face until I was close to his ear. “What I really want, is for you to see, how much I love, eating pussy.”

That sent him over the edge. He wrapped both arms around me and lifted me unto the counter, all the while viciously driving his tongue into my mouth. His hand wasted no time sliding up one leg of my shorts so he could thrust two of his fingers in. Gently, he ran his fingers over my lace covered slit, massaging my clit before yanking the panties aside and penetrating me. His fingers moved in tandem with his tongue, flicking in and out, teasing me.

After a moment he stopped and cocked his head. Our two daughters were in the next room with his mother. I seized ankara ukraynalı escortlar the opportunity to hop down from the counter and turn off the stove. The meal was done but it could sit for a moment. Pushing him against the counter I unbuttoned his fly and knelt on the linoleum.

“Hey, hey,” he protested in an undertone.

“You know those lazy girls won’t dare show their face in here until they’re sure the table’s set,” I countered, matching his tone. Immediately, I popped the head of his caramel cock into my mouth to arrest its softening. Even for a quickie, I like to be thorough. Besides the extra lubrication can’t hurt. When I took it out it was noticeably lighter. It never failed to amuse me how his dick became lighter than the rest of him when erect. He shuddered as I took the whole thing in my mouth this time, using my tongue to lap his shaft and contracting my throat to squeeze the head. When I tasted the nectar of pre-cum starting to drip down the back of my throat, I knew it was time to release him. This was only a quickie after all.

Wade sighed with reluctance as I let his cock slide out of my mouth. He wasn’t disappointed though because he knew what was coming next. I undid the tie in my shorts, stepping out of them after they fell to the floor. He propped himself against the counter with his elbows, one leg braced against the bare wall next to the fridge. I left my sheer red panties on as I straddled his slouched form. My boo grabbed my generous ass cheeks with both hands to guide me unto his prick. He liked to control the speed of the penetration. Deftly, he held the crotch away from my opening and supported most of my weight on his arms. Without warning he drove into me hard and fast, making me gasp. I bit my lips not to cry out.

Mercilessly, Wade swung my hips back and forth, stuffing himself all the way in right up to the hilt. It was all I could do to squeeze on the down thrust, tightening my pussy around his shaft to massage him. Hot dick forced itself up deep, all the way up to my cervix. This shit was too good to last.

Sure enough, his groin trembled as the hot semen worked its way up and through the snake’s eye. His hands clamped down, preventing any further motion from my hips. Using my pussy I milked every last drop of semen from his cock. I felt his groan rumble up from his stomach. He buried his head in my breasts, biting down to stifle the sound. I simply smirked, thinking of how I would pay him back for the mark he was leaving on my breast.

Spent, his limp dick slipped from me and I followed quickly, slipping down from my position, leaving him to recover. Hurriedly, I put back on my shorts and scrambled to set the table. As if drugged, Wade stumbled over to the table and took his seat.

“Girls, go wash up for dinner,” I called as I started putting the food on the table. I shook my head as I placed a bowl of warm water with a towel in front of Wade to wash up. Slowly he cleaned his hands, grinning up at me stupidly. Clearly, he could see from the glint in my eye I was already planning more entertainment for later.


Never before had our relationship suffered this kind of strain. Simone was uncharacteristically quiet and distant, preoccupied with our upcoming arrangement. I was naturally annoyed, since it was her idea in the first place. The first time we hung afterwards was a somber affair, so much so that I made up some excuse to escape early. By the following week when we met up I’d had enough.

“Just come out with it already!”

“Come out with what?”

“It’s ok if you change your mind you know, I don’t need to have you screwing my man.”

“Keep your voice down!” she hissed. After a moment she said, “No, I still want-, it’s just, would I have to kiss you?”

I rolled my eyes. “Why not? I’m a sexy-ass lady.”

Simone giggled. “No doubt. But maybe I’m not like that? I can’t see myself-, I’m not into women… like that.” I didn’t respond. “How much would we have to touch? Would Wade be really into that?”

“I could give a fuck about what Wade thinks. You think I’m just gonna sit back and watch the two of you?”

Girlfriend must have been seriously trippin’ cause then she said: “Well you don’t really have to be there-“

“Yes I do.”

Was this heffer for real? Did she think I’d just let her waltz in and steal my man, with my blessing to boot? “Look,” I said after a few moments of awkward silence. “It’s all set up. The Saturday after your birthday we’re booked at the Westin Resort. We’re supposed to check in at three, enjoy a spa evening, then have dinner. Just me and you. We’ll let things flow from there. If they don’t, they don’t – we can always call it off.” I gathered my bags and got up from the table. “Whether or not you show up, is on you.”

I left.

After that I decided to avoid her until spa day. I’d expected a relatively tense meeting if she turned up, but she seemed to calm down by then. Maybe turning forty ankara minyon tipli escortlar does that to a person, I guess I’ll see in a few months.

By the time we sat down to dinner we were both glowing after an evening of pampering and luxuriating. It made me realize that I should take more time for myself on a regular basis. We had dinner out on the balcony of our suite overlooking the Atlantic. We ate in our terrycloth bathrobes as the sun set.

By the time we’d finished a humid, pinkish darkness had fallen. Room service cleared away the dishes and the table and replaced it with two lounge chairs.

“Now for presents,” I said. My voice sounded a bit loud to the ears after so many hours of a meditative silence.

“Oooo,” Simone said as she lay back on her chair. “You didn’t have to. All of this was enough.”

“Well this is from Wade actually,” I said, taking a bottle of her favorite wine – Pinot Grigio – out of a gift bag. Opening the bottle, I filled two large tumblers with it then set the bottle on the small glass table room service had left between the chairs but I had moved to the side of my chair. A glass and a half later, I produced Wade’s second gift – some cigars. I thought the cigars were a nice touch because, combined with the wine, they gave you a nice buzz without the taboo of marijuana. Last thing I needed was for Simone to get nervous and start trippin’ again.

“Here, try it,” I proffered her the lit cigar. “Wade likes them because they’re not as bad as cigarettes, with all that tar and nicotine.”

She took a pull coughed a little. I showed her how to inhale the smoke and hold it to savor the flavor. She took a second hit, then another. When she reached for the cigar the fourth time, I lit a second one and let her keep that one.

“To new things, for a new decade,” I said and we toasted.

Discreetly, I slid my chair right up to hers and lay on my side. I started telling her a funny story and rested a hand on the inside of her thigh. Slowly, my hand travelled its way up until it met the short cropped hair of her sexy v. I felt her tense as I twirled some hairs with my fingertip. I started stroking her gently and she didn’t stop me. When I moved my fingers down to trace the outline of her lips she exhaled shakily.

I took one last pull on my cigar and stubbed it out. Wade would be arriving shortly and I had to get things cooking. After exhaling the smoke, I removed my moistened fingers and licked her tangy taste off them. I undid the belt of her robe then moved my fingers slowly upwards, faintly touching her skin. I stopped at her breasts, admiring their fullness for a moment, then pushed my hand into her robe to toy with her nipple. I heard her sharp intake of breath and, on impulse, uncovered the other and began suckling on it.

I sucked harder and, her breathing heavier now, she held my head to her breasts. I moved over to the other breast, then started licking large circles on them. My fingers had found their way back down into her wetness. I could tell she was ready and stopped. The disappointment on her face was priceless. She gave me a perplexed look.

“Let’s go inside.”My voice had a gravelly quality as I was now completely aroused.

We moved inside and stood at the foot of the bed. Only one beside lamp was on, softly illuminating that side of the room and the bed. The rest of big suite was in semi darkness, where Wade sat waiting. However, Simone was too engrossed to notice him just yet. I led her over to the foot of the bed and opened my bath robe. Next I slipped hers off, taking in her curvaceous figure. I truly did admire women’s figures.

“You’re so beautiful,” I whispered. To my surprise she placed her hand on the back of my neck and pulled me in for a long, deep kiss. The feel of her soft, larger breasts pressing against my own, her soft fleshy body against mine provided a sensual contrast to that of the harder body of a man’s. I slid my leg between hers rubbing my thigh against her engorged labia. Easing her backward unto the bed, I moved my kisses downwards leaving a moist trail down to her navel. After pushing her legs up and spreading them apart, I placed my palm on the flat of her belly and began kissing the outside of her opening. She gave a loud hiss of approval.

I looked over to where Wade sat. Eagerly he left his corner of the room to get a better look. He stood over me, sizable cock in hand, watching me explore Simone with my tongue. Now I was licking the inside of her lips giving her long strokes with the flat of my tongue. Stiffening it, I thrust it into her cunt like a mini penis, triggering a series of moans which grew louder as I moved even lower to nibble her taint, that sweet spot in between. I rimmed her then moved back upwards to suck hard on her clit.

Simone cried out, arching her back and pulling my head more tightly into her pussy. A shiver ran through me as I felt a warm tongue, lapping at the juices that were lubricating me, on my own cunt which was on full display crouched as I was on the edge of the bed. I wrestled keep my focus on Simone whom I could tell was nearing orgasm. Mercifully, Wade stopped kissing my lower lips and instead entered me. I felt his hot, rock hard dick force its way in; then begin to pump slow and methodically.



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