The party was going to be low key. My wife, Dianne, only wanted something small to celebrate her fortieth birthday. Knowing she wasn’t happy about turning forty, I reluctantly agreed.

A few months back, when she announced she wanted to join a gym I backed her up even though I assumed it wouldn’t last. I’d been wrong. For the first month she had been keen and then she started finding reasons not to go. Somehow she made friends with a real gym-junkie called Gemma. Gemma’s enthusiasm rubbed off and Dianne started going regularly and I soon noticed a change. She lost the few pounds she’d been wanting to. Her stomach flattened and her whole body became more toned. In short, she was looking hot by the time her party came around.

She’d warned me about Gemma but I think my jaw still dropped when the black gym-goddess stepped into our house. Gemma was Jamaican with skin as black as anyone I’d even seen. Her miniscule skirt showed her fantastic legs, which were impossibly long. The nearly non-existent blouse allowed a great view of her breasts which were surprisingly large for a gym-junkie. As we were introduced, she gave me a beaming smile that caused a stirring in my pants. God was she hot!

The room had gone quiet as she entered but slowly the party went back to full swing though I doubt many men’s, and some women’s eyes ever left her. Mine certainly didn’t. Gemma seemed oblivious to the attention she created and moved around the room chatting freely with people she’d never met before and may never meet again.

The other guests were mainly family with a scattering of friends so the mood was light and comfortable. There wasn’t any set program other than for the cutting of the cake. We’d all had a few drinks by the time it was ready to come out. I looked around but couldn’t see Dianne anywhere. I checked the bathrooms and our bedroom without luck. It was a warm night so I slipped into the rear yard. Why she’d be out here I had no idea but there was nowhere else to look I knew we were making a bit of noise, so not to annoy the neighbours any further, I didn’t call out.

Stepping around the corner of the house and found her. Dianne and Gemma were locked in an embrace. My first instinct was anger. The bitch was cheating on me! In a flash I remembered how keen she’d been lately to get to the gym. This was why.

I was ready to say something when I realised Gemma was looking at me. She and Dianne were kissing but her eyes were locked onto mine. That was when I realise how hard my dick was. Instead of calling out, I continued to watch. The bitches were really getting into it. I’d watched more and a couple of pornos but I’d never seen anything as sexy as this. There was always something fake about the sex in a porno. This was real. Not five feet from me, my wife and another woman were kissing. And Gemma wasn’t just another woman. She was the sexiest woman I’d ever seen and her hot tongue was halfway down my wife’s throat.

My dick was so hard it hurt and I longed to take it out and jerk off. Even better would have been to fuck Dianne while she kissed Gemma but I didn’t want to break the mood. Gemma knew I was watching but she’d done nothing to alert Dianne. As far as my wife was concerned, they were still alone.

Gemma gave me a wink as she unbuttoned her blouse. There wasn’t much to it so I already had a pretty good idea what her tits looked like but I wasn’t ready for how hot her nipples would be. Jutting out from her firm breasts they were swollen with lust and a black as nigh. Taking Dianne’s face in her hands, she gently pulled my wife’s mouth down to one of them. I heard the wet sucking sounds Dianne made as she worked on first one then both nipples in turn.

Gemma threw her head back, causing her many slender braids to sway back and forth. With her eyes sill locked onto mine, she cried out, “That’s it bitch, you begged for them, now worship my nipples!”

Dianne broke off only long enough to gaze up into Gemma’s gorgeous face. “You know I’d do anything for you!”

Gemma was smiling at me as she said, “It’s time for your birthday present, bitch.” She ran a hand down Dianne’s body and pushed it up under her dress. Dianne was back sucking on Gemma’s nipples but I heard her moan as the hand stroked her pussy. “Take your panties down for me, bitch!”

Instantly, Dianne’s hands shot under her dress and her panties were soon around her ankles. I watched as she pushed her legs as far apart as her panties would allow. When her back arched, I guessed Gemma had worked a finger into her pussy. Dianne’s hips were grinding now and I knew she was really enjoying being fingered by this black goddess.

“Hold up your dress.”

Gemma didn’t explain why and Dianne certainly didn’t ask but when she hoist her dress high around her waist, I had a perfect view of her grinding ass and that black hand between her pale, white legs.

Unfortunately, it finished all too quickly. Dianne was so hot, she started a knees shaking orgasm after only a minute or so of fingering. The bitch had illegal bahis never cum that quickly for me. Gemma gave a nod to say it was time to go. I ducked back into the house and waited for thirty seconds or so. Opening the rear door with a bang, I called out, “Dianne, are you there?”

I heard giggling before she called back, “What is it?”

“Time to cut the cake.”

I shut the door and went back inside so I didn’t embarrass her by seeing her with Gemma. Dianne came in, looking radiant. Smiling, she stepped to the cake and cut it. I noticed Gemma enter by a side door. She smiled and I looked away.

I forced myself to wait as long as possible before sidling over to her. “Hello, Dave.” The bitch was still smiling. I’d had some time to think about what had happened now and I was undecided whether I should be angry or not. “You want to explain what that was all about?”

“Smile, Dave or people will think you’re angry about something.”

I hadn’t realise I wasn’t but I forced a smile. “I’m waiting.”

Dianne gave a shrug. “What’s to explain, your wife’s hot for me…but you already know that!”

This wasn’t going as I expected. I stammered, “How long as it been going on?”

“I don’t know, a month, maybe longer. I needed a new towel bitch and Dianne had been begging me so nicely I gave into her.”

“Towel bitch?”

“I have a number of women begging to be my bitch so I give them little jobs to keep them happy. While I’m being washed, by my shower bitch, you wife kneels on the floor outside the cubical, holding my towel. When I’m finished, she dries me.”

My senses reeled as I struggled to take this in. “Are you telling me, Dianne kneels on the floor, holding onto your towel, while another woman washes you?”

“Isn’t that what I just said?”

There was a sharpness to her tone now. “I’m sorry…I just don’t get it. Wouldn’t that be just a little humiliating?”

Gemma smiled now. “What would be the fun if it wasn’t humiliating?”

“Then…why does she do it?”

“All my bitches get a reward. Emma, my shower bitch is allowed to kiss my nipples.”

“And…Dianne?” I asked, not sure I wanted to hear what my wife’s reward would be for humiliating herself this way.

“Your wife is allowed to kiss my ass.” Gemma gave a slight shiver. “And I can tell you, the bitch can really get her tongue deep up my ass.”

I quickly looked around to see if anyone else had heard. I’d enjoyed watching Dianne and Gemma together but this had to stop. “I think it’s time for you to find a new…towel bitch!”

“That is up to Dianne, don’t you think?”

Before I had the chance to reply, she slipped away and started talking to my brother and his wife. I could hardly go over and tell her to leave my wife alone now, which I guess was why she picked Nick and Gloria to flirt with.

Tonight wasn’t the right time. I’d allow Dianne to enjoy her birthday before telling her I knew about her and her black gym-goddess and that it was time to end it.

The party had been spoilt for me now and the night dragged until it was time to wind things up. Gemma had managed to stay away from me and I wasn’t ready to talk to Dianne. Eventually, I looked around but didn’t see Gemma. I searched for Dianne but she was talking to her parents. I gave a sigh of relief. I didn’t know what I’d have done if Dianne and that black slut had gone off together again.

My mind caste up and image of them embracing, Gemma’s tongue buried deep in my wife’s mouth, and my dick twitched. I was angry with myself now for not stopping it when I had the chance. It forced me to admit, I was partly to blame. I’d watched silently on as the black sex-goddess fingered my wife to an orgasm. Did I have the right to be angry about it now? Maybe not but that didn’t mean I had to be happy about my wife cheating on me with another woman.

I didn’t understand this ‘towel bitch’ business either. Dianne had always been so confident; I had no idea why she’d humiliate herself this way. When an image of Dianne, naked and kneeling on the floor as pretty young girl washed the black goddess, came into my mind, I poured a drink, a strong one. My dick was more than twitching now; it had gone hard as a rock. I sat heavily on a chair. Swallowing my drink I looked at Dianne. I imagined her tonguing on that black ass-hole as other women watched on. It seemed so unlike her. For the first time I wondered if Gemma had been pulling my leg. Dianne didn’t seem the type to be anyone’s slave. Not even to a goddess like Gemma.

I was showing out the last guests when Dianne slipped away. I hoped it meant she was heading to make herself ready for me. I knew how horny she was tonight. I also knew why but I pushed thoughts of Gemma out of my head. Tomorrow we’d talk but tonight I’d fuck her.

I was pulling off my shirt as I stepped into our bedroom. When I saw Gemma, I stopped. I thought she’d left ages ago but she must have been hiding in here the whole time. She was standing next to the bed. She was wearing her tiny illegal bahis siteleri skirt but her blouse was lying on the floor next to where my naked wife knelt, kissing Gemma’s feet.

Gemma smiled. “Hi, Dave, come in.” The bitch’s gorgeous nipples stared back at me.

I walked over to her and we kissed. My hand found her tits and I squeezed and toyed with them, pulling on those fantastic nipples, making her moan into my mouth.

“Have you calmed down now, Dave?”

What could I say? Dianne was naked, kneeling before her sex-goddess, kissing her feet. How could I object?

“You may climb higher now, bitch.”

I watched as Dianne crawled to kneel behind Gemma. She started to kiss the backs of her calves. Fuck her! If my wife wanted to humiliate herself this way, why should I care? Gemma and I kissed again. She let me play with her tits but when I tried to slide my hand lower, she stopped me.

Dianne was kissing the backs of her thighs now and I wondered how high she would go. Suddenly, I was busting to watch my wife kissing that black ass-hole.

“Dave, sit on the bed.”

It was a command and I obeyed. Dianne’s hand slipped up under Gemma’s skirt. She pulled down the black, lace panties just enough to allow her tongue access to her prize. I heard her wet, slurping sounds as she kissed and tongued on Gemma’s ass-hole.

“That’s right, bitch, work you tongue right up inside my ass.”

Dianne pushed her face deeper between Gemma’s ass cheeks. Gemma arched her back and let out a long, low moan. Ten minutes ago I was going to put my foot down and demand Dianne give up her black slut. Now I was sitting on the bed watching my wife bring the sex-goddess to an orgasm by reaming out her ass-hole with her tongue. I looked up at Gemma. “Why?”

“I enjoy having my bitches perform in front of their husbands.” She gave a smug smile. “Husband’s never object to watching their wives serve me. What about you, Dave? Do you want Dianne to stop?”

I knew Dianne could hear us and I desperately wanted to say, yes. But what man could say no to this? I shook my head.

“I’m sorry, Dave, you’ll have to speak a little louder. I didn’t hear you!”

I could feel my face, it was glowing red. “No…I don’t what Dianne to stop.”

“Good boy. You may come back and suck on my tits.”

I knew she was treating me like one of her bitches but I didn’t know how to make this stop, even if I wanted it to. The sound of me sucking on her black nipples mixed with those of Dianne sucking on Gemma’s ass-hole. The bitch was loving it too. Gemma was moaning and writhing as we worked on her body.

“That’s it, just a little more!” she screamed and we both sucked harder. Gemma’s knees began to shake and I tried again to reach for her pussy. Gemma took hold of my wrist. Looking into my eyes, she told me, “Get on your knees.”

I knelt before her.

“You may take down my panties but you must promise to kiss what you find!”

Dianne had slumped to one side and was watching me now. It felt strange to have my wife watch as I promised to kiss another woman’s pussy.

“Bitch, take off my skirt.”

Dianne bounced up onto her knees and unzipped the tiny skirt. Gemma stepped out of it, leaving only her lace panties between her pussy and my mouth. I swallowed hard. Knowing Dianne was watching me intently, I reached for the panties. Gemma wiggled her ass as I slowly slid them down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and I tossed them aside.

When I looked up at her pussy, I was puzzled. She looked completely shaved but that wasn’t what puzzled me. Something about her pussy didn’t look right. Stunned, I watched as she spread her long legs apart and slipped a hand between them. To my disbelief, she pulled a long, thick cock from between her legs. Holding the knob in front of my mouth, she told me, “Kiss it!”


“Please, Dave.” said Dianne. “You promised!”

I looked at her and then back to the dick in front of my face. I’d never wanted to touch a dick, except mine, before and now I was frightened. What if I enjoyed it!

“I’m waiting, Dave!” Gemma sounded angry now. Without any more thought, I lent forward and pressed my lips to the coal-black cock-head and kissed it. I sat back feeling happy. I’d done as I’d promised and it hadn’t been so bad.

“What was that supposed to be?”

Feeling surprised, I looked up at Gemma. “It was a kiss, like I promised.”

“That wasn’t a kiss!” she retorted. “That was an insult. Now wrap your lips around my cock and use your mouth to worship me.”

Stunned into action, I opened my mouth and Gemma lowered her cock-head into it. Even soft it was thick and it half-filled my mouth. I was fretting now. I had a cock in my mouth and I was sucking on it. My mind told me it was wrong but my body was telling it how right this was. My tongue licked over the nob in my mouth as my hands caresses Gemma magnificent thighs.

Gemma looked at Dianne. “Has you husband ever sucked a cock before?”

“No, canlı bahis siteleri Mistress, not that I know of!”

“That way he’s enjoying it, I don’t think it will be his last. Does it make you happy to know he’s enjoying sucking my cock?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You want it to, don’t you, bitch?”

“Very much, Mistress.”

Gemma laughed. “Get on the bed and beg.” When Dianne lay on her back, Gemma chastised her. “Not that way. Get up on you knees. I’m going to fuck you like a dog.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Gemma’s cock had been stiffening and now I could work my mouth up and down her long shaft. As I worked my mouth over her cock, my wife knelt on our bed, begging to be fucked. At any other time this might have seemed funny but I was so horny now all I could think about was jamming my dick into someone. I’d love to fuck Gemma but Dianne would do.

Gemma pulled her cock free. “Do you like being my cock slut?”

Adopting my wife’s form of address for Gemma, I said, “Yes, Mistress.”

Her smile told me I’d said the right thing. She wrapped a hand around her cock and pulled it away from my mouth. “Do you like my balls, slut?”

A wrinkled, shaved, black ball-sack hung in front of my face. A mixture of fear and exhilaration flowed through me. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Kiss them and show your wife would a good cock-slut you’ve become while she begs for me to fuck her.”

My hands lovingly stroked her thighs as I brought my lips to her scrotum. She spat on the palm of her hand and stroked her knob, making her ball-bag slap against my lips. I kissed her balls before opening my mouth and gently sucking one into it.

Dianne had her head swivelled around so she could watch me. “Please, Mistress, please fuck me. You know how much I love you! You know I’d do anything for you…anything!”

“You have been a good bitch. Why don’t you tell Dave what you’ve already done for me?”

I had already sucked on Gemma’s cock and I had her ball-bag in my mouth so I could hardly object when Dianne said, “When I asked to be your towel bitch you asked me to prove my devotion to you.”

When she paused, Gemma goaded her, “And how did you prove your devotion to me?” “I stripped naked and offered myself to every woman who entered the showers.”


“You took photos, lots of photos of me doing all kinds of disgusting things.”

I wondered how I could get my hands on those photos! They must be fantastic!

Gemma was looking down at me as she said, “What else did you do to prove yourself worthy to be one of my bitches?”

“Please Mistress, isn’t that enough!”

I was wondering what else there could be but with Gemma’s balls in my mouth I couldn’t ask. Fortunately, she did. “What else!”

“I walked naked into the Men’s changing rooms and allowed anyone who wanted me to fuck me.”

“They did more than just fuck you though, didn’t they, bitch.”

“Yes, Mistress. Some forced me to suck on their cocks and some of them made me take them up my ass.”

I was so jealous. I’d wanted to fuck my darling wife in the ass but she’d always refused me.

“And you denied them nothing?”

“No, Mistress. I did just as you instructed me. I allowed them to do anything they wanted.”

“Even the old, disgusting men that hang around just to watch young women exercising?”

“Even them Mistress, although they were the worst. They…they couldn’t get enough of me but I refused them nothing!”

“Did they want to piss on you?”

“Yes, Mistress. When everyone had finished with me, five of them made me kneel while they stood around in a circle. They ordered me to smile up at them while they urinated over me.”

Wow. I’d heard of golden showers but I’d never seen one, not even in a porno. I wondered if Dianne would kneel on the floor and smile up at me while I pissed all over her face!

“Did you enjoy it?”

Dianne hung her head. “Yes, Mistress. To my shame, I loved every second of it!”

I remembered. Just over a month ago, Dianne had struggled home, complaining of some virus she’d caught. She lay in bed for three days while I fussed over her. The bitch didn’t have a virus; she’d had her brains fucked out.

Gemma pulled her balls from my mouth. “Get on the bed alongside your slut wife.”

I obeyed.

Dianne was looking at me as Gemma slid her cock into her. I saw her grimace as the big cock slid deep into her. I’d seen that grimace before but I never thought I’d see it this way. “You don’t mind, do you?” she asked me. “I mean, really mind!”

I didn’t know how to answer so I kissed her. I felt so strange to be kissing my wife, knowing she was being fucked. We had to stop when Gemma began to really slam into Dianne’s pussy. I just knelt beside her and watched as she orgasmed.

I heard the wet sound of Gemma pulling out and I knew what was coming. I knew Gemma had ordered me to kneel on the bed alongside my wife for a reason. Gemma positioned herself behind me. I felt her hands take hold of my waist. I felt her thick, wet knob probe at my offered ass-hole. Then nothing!

Dianne lent in close and whispered into my ear, “If you want our Mistress to fuck you, you’ll have to beg. With her, you have to beg for everything!”



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