Pool Games & Picnic

Suzanne lay down beside the pool on her towel, her long red curls hanging down her back as she adjusted her black bikini so that it covered her ample rounded breasts. She was feeling tired out from the visit to her best friend Carla which had already led to some surprisingly exciting sexual encounters. She thought back over the last two days: the erotic girlie play session in her friend’s bedroom and then her encounter (and punishment) the next day with Carla’s sexy husband, Jack, in the poolroom, not to mention the hunky young pool boy, Luis.

As she thought about each of these sensual encounters she felt a familiar throb between her legs. Reaching behind her she unclipped the clasp on her shiny black bikini releasing her soft large ivory breasts and began to rub suntan oil liberally into her skin, aware that Luis was watching her from the bushes he was pruning on the other side of the pool area.

It would turn her on to tease him, so she carefully rubbed the tanning oil into her legs, slowly and sensuously, moving up to her thighs and stomach. Sighing, she moved up to massage the sun cream into her plump, yielding breasts, and Luis observed her nipples harden as she rubbed the oily lotion in circular motions before her hands moved down again and she opened her legs wider to allow herself to slip her fingers inside her briefs and enjoy the sensation of feeling herself there. Loving the thought that she was being watched by Carla’s hot gardener and remembering his cock inside her yesterday made her juices start to flow and mingle with the oil on her hands. She imagined him rubbing himself as he watched her, and, increasingly aroused she rubbed her now greasy pussy vigorously to try and ease the ache she was feeling until she gave a shudder as a mini climax brought some sort of relief. Then, lying back on her back and covering her eyes with some dark glasses she lay down to enjoy the warm rays of sun on her semi-naked body.

God how he wanted some more of that hot juicy pussy thought Luis, trying to ignore his huge throbbing cock, as he heard Carla’s voice call out to Jack as she came down the path to the pool.

“We’re just going to catch some sun Jack. Don’t worry about us if you need to work, I’ve brought a small picnic and we’ll eat down by the pool,” she called back towards the open door and windows.

She was dressed in a tiny red and gold bikini, breasts rippling temptingly with each step, her gorgeous golden globes barely supported by the small triangles which made up the top section. Ever since working here a few months ago Luis had watched his employer’s wife from a distance – attracted to this still gorgeous older women with her slim but curvaceous body and big blue eyes. The thought of fucking her senseless consumed him and formed the basis of most of his thoughts whenever she was nearby.

Reaching Suzanne she put down the picnic bag she was carrying and, spotting Luis in the bushes, asked him if he could clean off a couple of the recliners in the pool house for them. Then she turned and admired her friend’s ample glistening upturned breasts, remembering how erotic and sensual it had been when they played with each other’s bodies and kissed the other night. Jack hadn’t questioned her as to why she was so turned on and wet for him when he had come home, nor why she had cum several times in quick succession as he entered her (unusual for her). Hopefully he thought it was because she had missed him after he had been away for so long this time. Feeling a dampness between her legs at the thought, she wondered if Suzy was up for another play session while Jack was in his office. There was one way to find out…

“Would you like me to oil your back,” she asked her friend, “you don’t want to burn.”

“Yes please” said Suzanne, looking up at the silhouette of her lovely blonde friend against the bright sky, a tiny triangle of thin red material barely concealing the softly rounded mound of her pubis – the skimpy bottoms held in place by four red stings fastened into a bow on each side of her voluptuous hips. Feeling a rush of lust at the fact that she had so recently been inside that red triangle and tasted the soft juicy parts within, she tossed her long red hair to one side, and rolled over onto her stomach, her firm large breasts pressing into the soft grass below and her large ripe bottom pointing up, itself clad in a small black triangle of cloth of which one side had moved inside her bum cleft to reveal a round pale globe, bearing the faint thin red marks of yesterday’s punishment. Carla said nothing but she felt herself moisten at the thought of what her friend might have been doing to have acquired such markings. Picking up the bottle of oil she gently realigned the material and knelt down beside Suzanne and started to rub the brown oily mixture into the back of her friend’s legs, moving gradually upwards with circular motions until she was caressing the soft, white insides of her thighs, illegal bahis tantalisingly skimming the edges of the of the black briefs as she rubbed the oil in with soft gentle stoking motions – noting with excitement a small, dark stain of moisture beginning to appear on the fabric between Suzanne’s legs.

“Mmmmm! That feels so good,” mumbled her friend into her arms, on which her head was resting. “Don’t stop!”

“Just a minute! I need to oil myself before I burn” Carla replied , and Suzanne turned her head to watch as Carla reached behind and pulled at the bows holding her bikini top in place. Immediately her sexy, firm, suntanned breasts sprung out, and she started rubbing oil into her arms and stomach before smothering them too in the greasy substance. She was aroused by the way in which Suzanne was watching her with an appreciative gaze and felt her large pink nipples harden under her gently massaging hands. She continued with her legs, longing to feel herself when the pressure on her inner thighs caused twinges of pleasure between her legs. Then, looking at her friend with large blue eyes, pupils already dilated in anticipation of what might happen next, she said softy and suggestively, “And now for you.”

Straddling her friend with one leg on either side or her prone body she knelt down, legs spread, on top of her friend, and then commenced to rub ointment into her back in long languid movements. Suzanne adored having her back rubbed and, as she enjoyed the feel of Carla’s long fingers sensuously rubbing her up and down. In fact the whole experience , combined with the feel of her nearly-nude friend sliding backwards and forwards on top of her, (each time her pubis pushing against her arse), was incredibly sensual. Despite her promise to obey Jack, and her subsequent vow to try to avoid the temptation of her friend’s gorgeous body, she was unable to stop herself from showing her pleasure and a small moan escaped from her involuntarily as she felt the first love juices trickle over her own smooth hairless mound. In response Carla leant forward and Suzanne felt the weight of her two heavy breasts as they started to brush sensuously against her back. Unable to control her feelings she moaned again as Carla rubbed herself erotically up and down her back, slipping one leg inside Suzanne’s thighs and pushing it up hard against her pussy each time she slid upwards.

Inside the pool house Luis was having trouble concentrating on his work yet again! He had a monstrous hard-on as he watched the attractive blonde wife of his boss rub her slippery brown body up and down her sexy redheaded friend, who he had fucked senseless yesterday on Jack’s orders. The recliners were clean by now but Luis was reluctant to break up the incredibly horny scene being played out in front of him by these two sexy voluptuous women so he waited a while longer as he rubbed his aching cock


Outside Suzanne was now moaning and panting in pleasure and Carla moved her hands under her friend to cup and massage her breasts as she continued to tease her friend’s pussy with each thrust of her thigh. Then, sitting up, she pushed her well-oiled hands up inside the black triangle covering her friend’s luscious arse, and continued to massage in a circular motion, occasionally slipping a finger down to the moist slit below to tease her still more. She could feel her friend start to buck up and down underneath her desperate to get more pressure on her sensitive sex, and in response she pushed the skimpy cloth aside and parted the pink outer lips to get to the soft shiny inner parts within that her friend was so desperate for her to touch. Suzanne moaned loudly as she started to rub her fingers up and down her moistened slit.

“Oh yes Carla, right there…” she sighed, now unable to stop herself making her pleasure heard and not caring who might be watching. Feeling her friend start to lose control Carla inserted one and then two fingers into the juicy opening of her cunt, thrusting vigorously in and out, while her thumb pushed hard and rhythmically against her clit. Carla was incredibly turned on herself, and, feeling the first creamy juices shoot out over her hand as her friend had a mini climax, Carla pushed the thin red fabric of her bikini bottoms aside and began to rub it her hand against her own throbbing pussy harder and harder, whilst continuing to frig her friend from on top. God she wished she had a strap on dildo as she watched her friend’s plump juice arse moving up and down underneath her. She would love to pretend to be a man and thrust her cock into the pink juicy tunnel she was finger fucking right now, feeling her friend cum as she pushed in and out of her with her girl penis…Her hand was now slippery with her juices which were running down her legs and mixing with Suzanne’s as both girls moaned and groaned in unison.

“Oh God yes, I’m nearly there, fist me harder,” shouted Suzanne as she began to convulse in the first throes of her orgasm.

Carla illegal bahis siteleri formed her hand into a ball and thrust it up easily inside her well-lubricated friend as she too began to spasm in her own orgasm…

Luis watched with a monstrously large stiff cock as the blonde lady and her strawberry blonde friend writhed and moaned together on the grass. He could see the redheaded one underneath begin to thrust against the grass as her friend now fisted her cunny harder and harder, and he could see the blonde’s hand moving faster and faster inside her tiny red panties, glimpses of her dripping, rosy cunt lips visible as the material moved aside at each thrust.

“Oh yes, do me harder Carla! Fuck my pussy cunt with your fist. Harder, yes harder, like you’re a man. Ooooh…I’m nearly there!” shouted Suzanne as she felt her orgasm strengthen, and Carla too cried out “Fuck it, fuck it fuck it,” as she pummelled her own cunt furiously, while bringing her friend off at the same time.

“Oh god, don’t fucking stop,” yelled Suzanne as she threw her head back and screamed “Oh yes!” at the peak of her orgasm. ” Fuck yes,” shouted Carla simultaneously…” I’m cumming with you!” as she too threw her head back in ecstasy.

Unable to help himself Luis exited the pool house and crept slowly forward as the girls reached their joint climax, gasping and crying out together as they shuddered in mutual ecstasy, and then lay, panting side by side on the towel.

Luis’s shadow fell across them as he approached – recliner in one hand.

“May I be of assistance ladies?” he said quietly in his sexy French voice.

He put the recliner down, and unbuttoned his shorts, allowing them to fall to the floor. The girls turned and watched admiringly as his large cock rose stiff and erect, against his tanned, toned torso. Their eyes took in his young muscular body with obvious appreciation. Suzy giggled and nudged her friend.

“Go on Carla,” she encouraged, “you’re the lady of the house. You have first go.” She had already experience Luis’s cock and was keen that her friend should also have the same pleasure.

“That’s not fair though” replied her friend generously even though she was already licking her plump aroused lips at the thought of Luis’s impressive member entering her still wet, throbbing pussy.

“I know!” she said in excitement, having thought of a way to keep everyone happy. Go sit on the recliner. Take off your panties, and spread those gorgeous sexy legs for me,” she said with a small wink. Luis watched, slowly stroking his rock hard length as the girls both slipped out of their (now damp) bikini bottoms and Suzanne lay down on the recliner, propped up at a slight angle – her shapely legs straddling each side so that her smooth hairless pussy was wide open, revealing the moist pink parts within – still swollen and glistening with the juices from her recent orgasm. Rubbing her hand gently over Luis’s cock so that he was in no doubt that they wanted to include him this time, Carla then knelt between Suzanne’s splayed legs and started to rub her friends sensitive breasts – rolling her hardened nipples between her finger, before slipping her tongue inside her mouth and kissing her longingly – tongues lapping at each other as they moaned gently into each other. Suzanne placed her hands behind her friend to caress her rounded arse cheeks – massaging them firmly in circles so that each time her hands moved outwards Luis could catch a glimpse of the tight anal pucker within, occasionally running her finger inside the crack to tease her friend’s anal pucker. Luis had never felt as hard or desperate for relief as he did right now as the sight of the irresistible female rump offered to him, while its owner passionately kissed and stimulated her girlfriend in front of him.

Suddenly Carla stopped kissing Suzanne and pulled her lower down the recliner.

“I think poor Luis might be feeling left out,” she said with a smile of anticipation, as she too moved back to kneel at the end of the chaise and bowed her head between her friends legs.

“Mmmm, your pussy smells delicious,” she commented before gently parting her gorgeous cunt lips to lick at the rosy pink juicy gash within – lapping and sucking until Suzanne’s head was thrown back and she was moaning once more in pure pleasure. Carla, kneeling with her bottom pointed invitingly towards Luis, opened her legs a little so that he could see the pinkness within and her soft plump inner thighs – both slick and wet with oil and cum. He groaned and, unable to hold back now despite this being his employer’s wife, knelt on the floor behind her and ran his fingers all over the gorgeous curves of her body, reaching round to massage and tweak her hardened nipples. She groaned and opened her legs wider, pushing her hot swollen mound back against his cock like a bitch on heat, giving him no doubt as to what she wanted as she rubbed herself up against him. As she continued to lick and canlı bahis siteleri suck and swallow at her friend’s gushing pussy he grabbed her hips and started to rub his cock up and down her slit – each movement pushing against her hard, sensitive clit. Her hot juices covered his dick and he felt them run down his thighs as he watched her blonde head bob up and down as she pleasured her friend. Lifting her head briefly she ordered her hunky young gardener.

“Fuck me Luis, fuck your bosses wife’s hot wet pussy, fuck her hard right now!”

At her command he grabbed her hips harder and, with one last long slow rub up her slit to make her shudder with anticipation, he thrust his huge swollen cock inside her, pushing her face hard onto her friend’s pussy with the force. She lifted her head again “Harder Luis, harder!” she commanded. “Show me you’re a real man! Fuck me hard!”

So, as he rammed into her again and again, Carla’s mouth and face was forced hard against Suzanne’s cunny. His balls slammed against her clit with each thrust making her grunt into her friend’s slit, and both of their voluptuous breasts swung and wobbled as he continued to pound into the hot wet pussy, Both girls were now groaning loudly underneath him, their bodies gleaming with sweat, oil and love juice as they began to come in unison. Luis had never felt so much like a sex God! These two hot, abandoned, sexy older women writhing underneath him – ordering him to fuck them. In and out he thrust as they started to shudder in their joint climax underneath him…in, out…in, out. He didn’t want it to end but he know the girls were near and he could feel the cum building inside him – his cock about to burst.

“Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her'” shouted Carla as he drove into her hot wet cunt relentlessly. He couldn’t stop himself if he had wanted to, at the sight of this usually well-mannered blonde Englishwoman now out of control with lust – demanding he screw her senseless with his hard young French cock! Thrusting in and out, in and out, harder and harder – feeling his spunk build inside him while she thrashed underneath him. Looking down he saw Suzanne also about to cum, her eyes glazed and rolled back in her head as all that mattered to her now was getting the pleasure which she so desperately needed. The redhead’s paler body glistened with sweat and oil as Carla took her sensitive clit into her mouth and sucked on it hard, each of his thrusts forcing her nose and chin against the sensitive area too. He was pleasuring them both at the same time. “Ah fuck yes, I’m cumming,” Suzanne moaned as her body went rigid and she started to shudder in orgasm, filling Carla’s mouth with juices as she came. Carla too, her mouth full of her friend’s pussy, also bucked and shuddered under him – the girls moaning together in ecstasy as he shot his spunk hard into the pussy cunt underneath him – jetting out so hard and fast that it shot out of her and down their legs onto the floor.

Sated, Carla slumped against Suzanne, her head on her stomach, eyes shut. Luis didn’t want Jack to catch him with his wife. He suspected he might react differently than he had with his red-headed lover, so he gathered up his clothes in a bundle and retreated to the pool room to dress.

Eventually Carla propped herself up on one elbow.

“Swim?” she suggested.

Suzanne sat up and kissed her friend on the mouth, “Good Idea!” she said before walking to the pool and diving in naked. Carla followed her lead and they both revelled in the feel of the cold water on their hot bodies, made even more sensitive from steamy vigorous sex. After a few lengths they swam to the shallow end. Carla leant back against the edge of the pool and Suzanne swam up to her pressing her smooth wet body to her friend’s curves and kissing her passionately on the mouth.

“You are very naughty!” she teased as her hands rubbed her friends large hardened nipples.

“What if Jack had come down?”

“Oh…he told me he was on a conference call – was going to be hours,” replied Carla confidently.

Suzanne knew of course about the cameras and wasn’t so sure, but she laughed,

“Perhaps I’ll let him join in later,” continued Carla. “He is always going on about us having a threesome together, it’s one of the things we’ve fantasised about together and tonight just might be the night!…If you’re up for it?” she added.

Suzanne felt herself get aroused once again at the thought of the things they could get up to together – her, Carla and Jack – and she kissed her friend’s neck as she remembered fucking Jack’s huge cock the day before and murmured , “Mmmm it could be a fun evening…”

“Right…I’ve worked up quite an appetite now,” said Carla, pulling away and grinning, “How about you?”

“Same here!” replied Suzy with a wink. “Say, let’s get dressed and take the picnic down to the river. In the shade by the poplar trees. It’s lovely and cool and quiet down there.”

“Good idea,” said Carla and they ran into the house to change.

Throwing on a short black sundress and some large dark glasses, Suzanne rushed out of her room and careered straight into a startled Jack who held her by her narrow waist to steady her but didn’t release her.



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