It was to be a good night. My best friends wife was out of town and he invited me over to enjoy a nice quiet evening. Now my best friend has been fooling around with his daughter for a couple of years. I knew this and he had told me some stories that made my cock hard. She would mainly blow him and he would eat her pussy. I always wanted to join in and play but never had the chance or the invitation.

I arrived at his house around eight and said my hello’s. I had brought some weed and some Jagermister for myself. My friend drank beer, not hard alcohol, but he did smoke weed. His younger kid’s were playing around the house and his older ones were on the computer. He has two older girls and two younger sons. After some idle chit chat we decided to light up a bowl and relax in his living room.

We started to watch TV, slowly slipping away from reality. I had drank about half a bottle of Jaeger and he was in for about a six pack.

“I am going to go tuck the kids in. Wait here I will be right back.” He stated as he got up to leave the room.

“Cool, I am going to load a game on the play station.”

I loaded up Need for Speed and started to puff on another bowl. I heard him upstairs herding the kids into their beds. Three of his kids slept upstairs and the oldest girl slept downstairs in a back bedroom. She was 19 and hot as hell. Her tits were small but her ass was thick. She was Puerto Rican and looked like a hot younger version of her mother. Every time I was over my cock would get hard as a rock. I would watch her all the time. She does not know that I know her and her father have been fooling around for two years. Like I said, she loved to suck his hard cock. Once I slept over on the couch. As I rolled over to readjust I saw her leaning over her fathers cock tacking in every inch. She was good, nice and slow, sucking in every inch. He had a nice thick long cock. She took it in like she was a champion. I was hard in a second. She must have gotten nervous because they got up and left the room. I found out later she continued to suck his cock until he exploded.

She casino oyna came down the stairs and said she was going to lay on the couch. She wanted to watch us play the game. Fine by me. I liked her in the room.

My friend came down and after refreshing our drinks, sat down for the game. About a half hour into the game we were feeling pretty good. I was Horney thinking about his girl and he was high as a kite. He asked me if I wanted to go on the computer and listen to music. He said the game was getting boring.

” Pack up another bowl.” he said as he loaded up the computer.

” You don’t have to ask me twice, why don’t we look at red clouds.”

We started to puff away as red clouds loaded. That is a sight for amateur people to show off their porn pics. As I looked at the hot pussy on the screen I was getting horny.

Before I go on, I am Bi-sexual and I have sucked my friends cock before. Up to this point I had only sucked it once and he was still hesitant. He did not want to because of our friendship and he was not really into it. He only let me do it because I begged him and he is a good friend. He has a great suckable cock.

Back to the story, I was horny and high. We started to talk about sex and out of the blue he asked me if I wanted to see something.

“O.K.” I said as he led me to the living room.

There was his daughter sleeping on the couch. She was wearing a little skirt and it was hiked up very far. She was out like a light. He motioned me to sit on the floor as he leaned in and moved the dress up higher. She was wearing no panties and I could see the folds of her young lips. He started to rub his fingers lightly on her . She did not move an inch. This was definitely a regular occurrence because she was not even moving one bit. He moved in for a closer look and I saw his head disappear between her legs. He stuck out his tongue and pressed it into her snatch. I was going to explode.

My dick was rock hard as I began to stroke it through my jeans. I felt precum wet my underwear. My best friend slot oyna was now getting a rhythm going and she was coming to. He stuck his tongue in and out of her hot pussy. She was moaning softly and I was going nuts. Then I caught her looking at me as her father was licking her pussy. She smiled. I knew it was ok for me to be there.

I leaned into her ear and told her if she wanted me to leave the room I would.

“No it’s ok, take off your pants.” she then started to stroke my cock as her father buried his head into her mound.

“Show me how you suck daddy off.” I was hot!

She leaned over and unzipped his zipper. She did this with one hand, her other was still on my cock. It felt good. She leaned in and put the tip of his big cock in her mouth. Her mouth just about fit the head. She started to weave back and forth as she rolled his head around her mouth. Saliva was dripping down her chin as she worked his cock.

“Oh Shannon…..suck daddy’s cock. Show uncle Jason how you swallow my load.” he was relaxed.

I leaned over and looked her in the eyes as she sucked “Can I try?”

She was a little stunned but came off his cook. I was in heaven, here was my best friends cock dripping with his daughter saliva, waiting to be swallowed by my mouth. I attacked his love pole and swallowed it whole. He moaned as I licked the sides like a lollipop. I love to lick a dick. I love to lick all sides moving from the bottom to the head. His cock felt nice against my tongue and I worked my way to his head. I love sucking his cock. It felt big as it hit the back of my throat. I looked up and they were kissing.

Her pussy was also at my eye level. It was bald and looked tasty. I looked up at them and they seemed preoccupied so I took a chance and licked the outside of her pussy. They did not mind and actually she readjusted so I could get a better angle. I kissed her left leg near her knee and made a small kiss trail to her bald pussy. I love bald pussy. I licked her outside lips and showered them with kisses. She smelled so clean and new. I stuck out my canlı casino siteleri tongue and parted her lips with mine. I darted my tongue in her small pussy and tasted her sweet nectar. I lathered her pussy for about fifteen minutes. She was hot and horny and I was there to please. I loved the taste.

Just as I was finishing my friend wanted a piece. With her on the edge of the bed he leaned in and took over where I left off. He held her near the edge and kissed and sucked on her pussy as she moaned. I had nothing to do until I saw his cock laying on the floor. I laid on the floor and put his semi erect cock in my mouth. I sucked him back to life in no time.

I sucked his cock in and grabbed the base with my hand. I know he does not like a lot of hand so I keep it only to the base to hold him up. I love to suck it in and play with it in my mouth. I love when his big cock head is in my tight sucking orifice. I slowly started to roll his head between my lips. My tongue playing with his piss slit. I start to massage his balls and he starts to moan. I look up and they are in paradise. I return my attention to his cock as I devour it for about an hour. I sucked him every way there was, and I loved every minute.

After what seemed like forever I started to stroke his 10″ cock with my hands. With the help of my mouth I brought him to ecstasy.

He spurted his hot jizz all over my hand and we all collapsed of exhaustion.

I never repeated the performance with them. I have however gotten my best friend to let me suck his cock a couple times though. He is also into wearing women’s clothes. We have had a couple of dress ups and some good cock sucking. He never sucks me off and has only touched my dick once. That is ok for me because I don’t need it my pleasure is in his cock. He does let me suck his cock sometimes after many drinks. My fantasy is for him to dress in women’s clothes and come to my hotel room as my mom. I have always fantasized about having sex with my mom and he encourages it. I would love to suck “her cock” in Atlantic City, while she wears sexy lingerie. I do have the opportunity to go to my moms house and get him into her clothes without anyone knowing……but that’s another story.

I would love to write a follow up saying I have had her sweet pussy again…but we’ll see.



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