Chapter 14

Scott awoke from his sleep and looked around. Deidre and he had taken a shower and decided to take a quick nap to be refreshed and ready for tonight. Deidre had made some plans with Marie for dinner and dancing. After a quick session of love making in the shower, they decided they needed to recharge their batteries. Besides it gave them an excuse to lie together under the light covers.

Deidre was lying close to Scott with her head on his shoulder and one leg across his. His arm was under her with his hand resting on her shoulder. He wiggled his fingers to make sure they weren’t asleep. The movement caused Deidre to squirm but didn’t wake her. She sighed and snuggled closer. Scott gave her a quick look.

Lying here in the quiet he began to think. Marrying her was the best thing that ever happened to him. He really couldn’t remember being so happy. He realized that with Denise, his first wife, he wasn’t happy. Oh they had good times together and raised two great kids but there was something missing. Denise left because she said he was smothering her and she was right. They were smothering each other. He guessed they were in love with the idea of being in love not really in love with each other.

It is so different with Deidre. He seemed to be in love with her from the very beginning. It was like they were meant to be together. To him she was perfect for him. There were times she made him mad but they were few and far between. He knew he made her angry more times than that. It was like she rubbed off his rough edges. She opened his eyes to what is truly right, a good wife and family; not work and money. Funny but since she entered his life neither of those were a problem.

And the sex was fantastic. From the very first time in the concession stand it had been great. Lately it seemed that Deidre had grown more confident and open about sex. Also it seemed to Scott that they were truly making love each time, whether it was a quickie, or slow and passionate, or like last night, crazed. They had connected in some way he didn’t truly understand.

He thought back on what she told him that afternoon. She did it with another woman. He never thought she would do that. It seemed she enjoyed it too. Also he was puzzled by his own reaction. If it had been 10 years ago with Denise, he would have blown a fuse over it. Even after thinking it over, he wasn’t upset by her confession. He did wish she could have told him earlier though. Did he really feel that at ease and confident about their love?

And who was this woman who could seduce Deidre? From what Deidre said, she must be quite the woman. Would he ever meet her? All he knew she was a friend of Bess’ and owned this wonderful place. And had allowed them to stay here rent free! Interesting.

And what about this Marie woman? He felt he interrupted something this afternoon but what? Was Deidre doing some more experimenting or something else?

Deidre opened her eyes and smiled. “Hey babe. What are you thinking about?”


“You can be thinking of nothing. That’s impossible.”

“OK then,” Scott said. “I was thinking about how great your body feels and how I want to fuck your brains out.”

“Sounds yucky,” she laughed. “Beside we are going out tonight and we need to get dressed.” She threw off the covers. She gave a small laugh as she saw Scott lying there with a raging hard-on. “Hold that thought until tonight. I promise it will be worth it.” She gave him a squeeze and headed off to the bathroom to freshen up.

Deidre stood and looked at herself in the mirror. She thought about what occurred this afternoon with Marie. “Did she really want to have Marie or was she just caught up the moment?” she thought. “What about Scott? He seemed OK, almost turned on about it, seeing her with another woman. Did he want a threesome? With Marie?”

This was new ground for Deidre. She and Scott had never even talked about sharing their bed with other woman. Yes another woman because Deidre had given no thought of another man. Scott was man enough for her. Besides if she did, it wouldn’t be with Marie’s husband, Jean. There was nothing she found attractive about him. She laughed. Even his cock was unimpressive.

So if was to be Marie, somehow she have to get a feeling from Scott if he wanted to and then ditch her husband. She had a feeling Marie would be OK with it.

The more she thought on it, the more she had second thoughts. “Was Marie the right one? Would she feel comfortable watching Scott fuck Marie because it would certainly happen.” There were a lot thoughts going through her head. The more she thought, she began to remember the night with Nancy. It felt so good, so right. As she remembered, she unconsciously began to move her hand across her body.

The idea became so clear. If there was to be a threesome, it wasn’t going to be with some young girl she just met. No, it should be much more special than that.

“Hey, Dee!” Scott shouted. “It’s that Marie.” He handed her the phone.

“Oh, escort ankara hi, Marie. What’s up?”

“I’m so sorry but we’ll have to cancel that date for tonight. Jean made other plans and just told me.”

“That’s OK. Some other time.”

“Yes, I was really looking forward to continuing our talk. I’m sorry. Bye.”

Deidre tried to hide her look of relief. “Scott, Marie and her husband can’t make it,” she called to Scott.

Scott silently mouthed the word yes. “How about you and I go any way? When was the last time we went dancing?”

“You really want to go?”

“Sure, it will be fun.” He pulled her close. They were both still naked and she could feel his cock stir.

“I remember what my Grandmother said about dancing,” she said with a smile. “It’s a vertical position for a horizontal idea. Now let me get dress.”

She decided that tonight it would be a special night and she would look the part. She put on eyeliner and lip stick. It wasn’t bright red but it sure was noticeable. She picked out a skimpy white-laced thong and wiggled into it. Deidre remember that she was going naked today but not now. Even though her legs were tan she decided to wear stockings and a garter belt. She loved the feel and besides it lifted her ass up. For a dress she picked a pink floral halter, which flattered her figure. One last look in the mirror and she was ready.

“Scott, I’m set.” she yelled.

Before Scott could enter the room, the doorbell rang. “Who could that be?”

As Deidre headed for the door she worried that it was Marie and somehow they decided to go any way. It was the last thing she wanted. She opened the door.

“Nancy!” she exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”

“Unexpected business. Did I come at a bad time?”

“No, no. Come in,” Deidre said.

“I just thought I drop in and see how you liked the place. Everything OK?” Nancy asked.

“It’s been great. Thank you so much.”

At that moment Scott came around the corner.

“So you must be Scott. Deidre has told me all about you. I’m Nancy,” she said as she extended her hand.

“Pleased to meet you. Deidre told me about you too. It seems we have a lot in common.”

Nancy gave Deidre a look and Deidre returned an awkward smile.

“Look, we don’t know your schedule,” Scott said. “But we are just going out to dinner and maybe a little dancing, would you like to go with us? How about it, Dee?”

“Well if it is no problem,” Nancy replied, “I haven’t had my dinner yet and lunch was rushed.”

“Good then. I’m sure you and Dee have lots to talk about. And believe it or not, I’m interested too. Let’s go.”

As they left, Deidre gave Scott a funny look as if to ask, “What’s going on?”

He just smiled.

Nancy had a rental car so she offered to drive. “Do you mind?” she said. “I’ll like to drive over to my suite and get changed. This isn’t what I usually wear for dinner and dancing.”

Deidre, who decided to sit in the back, leaned forward. “Sound good. Hey, you don’t have to stay at some hotel. We are guest in your house. You should stay there.”

“No, I couldn’t do that,” Nancy replied, shaking her head. “I’m the one who dropped in unannounced.”

“Scott,” Deidre said turning to him. “What do you think? Should she stay with us?”

“Well, it is your house and there is plenty of room in it. I don’t think we’ll be tripping over each other. You shouldn’t have to stay in hotel because of us.”

“Staying at the hotel isn’t a problem,” Nancy laughed. “It’s where we put up business associates and it is a business write-off. I won’t be roughing it. But if you insist.”

“We insist. Don’t we, Scott?”

“OK. I just need to pick up my things. Come on in with me. It won’t be that long.”

Nancy was right about not roughing it. The company suite had everything you could want. Plenty of room, a beautiful view, it looked expensive.

“Make yourself at home. I’m going to take a quick shower and freshen up. There is chilled wine and beer.” She headed to the bathroom.

Scott grabbed a beer. “Want anything, Dee?”

“Thanks. I’ll get it myself,” she answered. She poured herself some wine and moved next to Scott as he admired the ocean view. She slid her arm around his waist. “So?”

“So what?”

She punched his arm. “You know. What do you think of Nancy?”

“She seems nice.”

“Nice! Is that all?” Deidre moved away from him.

Scott reached out and put his arms around. “OK then. She is attractive and I can see why you…”

“Why I let her seduce me?”


“And you are still alright with it?”

“Deidre.” He pulled her closer, almost molding her to him. “I said I was. Besides my mind has been picturing you two together since you told me. Now that I met her the picture is almost complete.

“Almost complete?”

“Well, I haven’t seen her naked so I can’t know.”

“Would you like to?”

Scott looked at her with a quizzical look. “What do you mean?”

It surprised Nancy her ankara escortlar reaction to seeing Deidre and meeting Scott. She had thought about seeing her again and had to admit she had thought about that evening. When an excuse came to go to the islands, she jumped at it. Then when she finally got here, she felt it was a stupid idea just to drop in unannounced. A little voice urged her to go through with it. Now she was here. Stepping from her quick shower, she looked in the mirror and took a deep breath. Why was she so nervous?

Nancy re-entered the room. “Hey, you two, it is a little early for that.” She laughed. She had changed in a light summer dress with spaghetti straps. It was low enough to show her cleavage without being showy. She, like Deidre, had put on some extra make-up that served to accent her look. Even though she dressed quickly, it showed she put some thought in to how she looked. She didn’t look anything like the business woman Scott first met. “Let’s go. If you don’t mind, I know a great little place to eat. Good food, great atmosphere.”

Scott drove this time as Nancy sat in the front seat and Deidre in the back. The two girls continued to catch up on gossip and family. To talk to Nancy Deidre had to lean forward and she rested her arms on the seat backs. Scott noticed that Nancy kept making lazy lines with her fingers on Deidre’s arm, gently and lightly, as they talked. He also noticed that Nancy had turned in her seat to talk. As she did, her dress rode up, showing a lot of thigh. He wasn’t sure if she was doing it on purpose or not. She never made a move to pull it down and it didn’t seem to bother her. Whatever the reason, Scott appreciated it.

Nancy was right about the restaurant. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was perfect. It overlooked the harbor and the light evening breezes blew on to the deck where they sat. There was nice crowd but everyone there was talking quietly. There wasn’t the hubbub of many of the other places on the island and they were able to talk together. The conversation flowed easily between them and Deidre was happy to see Nancy and Scott hit it off so well.

“So you know Bess,” Scott said between bites. “How did you meet?”

Deidre gave a quick glance at Nancy.

“Business,” Nancy coolly replied. “My company does a lot of advertising in Chicago sports. So it was natural we meet.”

“She’s a great girl. So we have two things in common.”

Nancy knew what he was driving at and she enjoyed the verbal fencing. “Yes,” she smiled. “Bess is a great woman and so is Deidre. I count them as very good friends and it is my pleasure to know them.” She reached across the table and placed her hand on Scott’s. “I hope to be able to count you as a friend too.”

Scott quickly pulled his hand back and he was clearly flustered. He stood up. “Excuse me but I need to …” he mumbled and he left the table. He could hear the two of them giggle as he left.

“I’m sorry.” Nancy apologized.

“No need to.” Deidre leaned over and kissed Nancy full on the lips. Though caught by surprise, Nancy open her mouth and let Deidre slip her tongue in. It was a deep, passionate kiss.

“Wow,” Nancy sighed. “What brought that on?”

“Been thinking about it since you arrived. Was it all right?”

“It was great.” Nancy then kissed her again. “I’ve been thinking about it too.”

“Does Scott know what happen between us?”


“And how did he react?”

“He said he is OK with it and now that he has met you, he says he understands why. I think he feels you are very attractive.”

Nancy smiled. “Do you think he’d mind if we did it again?”

“I think he might,” Deidre said. “I think he feels that it was alright once but if it keeps happening he might be hurt. He might feel you are giving me something he can’t.”

“How do we keep that from happening?” Nancy asked.

Deidre took a sip of her drink and smiled. She couldn’t quite believe what she was about to say. “We could ask him to join us.”

Nancy moved back into her chair. “A threesome! Wow! I’d have to think about that one. Sounds very interesting though.”

Scott returned to the table. “Sorry I took so long but I asked the bartender about some places we could go dancing. He said there are few nearby. They might not be our type but who knows?”

Deidre stood up. “OK then. Let’s go.”

The three of them checked out the first two places but found them not to their liking. The first one was much too crowded and the second played hip-hop which none of them liked. They did buy some drinks at the first one but these were finished by the time they reached the third one. They decided that if they didn’t like this one, they would head back to the house.

The third one seemed to play a variety of music and the floor wasn’t as packed. Scott bought some more drinks as they settled in. By the time he returned, both girls were on the floor dancing. They were dancing together and with others. It seemed no one was dancing with any one person. ankara kaliteli escortlar As the music ended, they came over to him.

“This is the place,” Nancy yelled over the next song. She gulped down her drink and took Scott’s hand. “Come on, let’s dance.” And she led him out to the floor.

It was very warm in the place and almost everyone was sweating, from the dancing and the heat. The girls didn’t miss a dance while Scott sat out a few. It seemed he got the drinks and nearing evening’s end, the girls were feeling it.

Nancy grabbed Scott and pulled him onto the dance floor. “One more with you.”

She draped her arms over his shoulder and pressed into him. He put his hands on her sweaty back. They moved with the beat. As the music continued, Nancy moved so her crotch was against his pelvis bone. She threw her head back as she danced against him. Scott moved his hands to her ass to keep her from falling. With her hands moving across his back, she closed her eyes and pressed harder. When the music stopped, she opened her eyes and smiled. “You’re a good dancer,” she said.

When she got back to where Deidre was sitting, she dropped into her seat. “You know, Dee, your husband is a very good dancer. I think I might like to dance with him again.” Her hand squeezed Deidre’s thigh and she gave her a wink.

Another song started. “I love this song,” Nancy yelled. “Come on, let’s dance.”

Before Deidre could say anything, Nancy had her on the floor. The music started slowly so the girls danced close. Both swayed with the music and let their hands move. The beat increased and so did their movements. It was like they were all alone on the crowded dance floor. Nancy turned her back to Deidre and pressed into her. Deidre slid her hands along Nancy’s sweaty body.

Nancy placed her hands over Deidre’s. She began to slowly and sensually guide them over her body. She started at the hips and then across her stomach. She grounded her ass into Deidre as the hands moved. Up higher she moved Deidre’s hands until they cupped her breasts. She used Dee’s hands to massage them. Nancy sighed.

At no time did Deidre object. She didn’t need any guidance or help. She could feel Nancy’s nipples grow beneath her hands as she massaged them. Her hands moved away from the breasts and down to the hem of Nancy’s dress. She bunched the material in her hands and began to slowly raise it. She ran her fingers lightly up Nancy’s outer thighs. She could hear Nancy sigh and feel her body shiver.

Nancy spun around and did the same to Deidre. Now she pressed herself against Deidre’s back, grinding into it. Deidre’s hands grabbed Nancy’s ass and squeezed her cheeks. The music grew louder, the beat stronger as the two pushed their hot bodies together. Nancy slid her hands between them. She held Deidre’s ass and spread her cheeks, rubbing them. Deidre pushed back.

The two women were seized with an almost animal desire as they lost themselves. They could feel their hearts pounding almost in rhythm to the music. The feeling of desire grew. Deidre grabbed her head and began to run her fingers through her hair, droplets of sweat flying from her as she tossed her head. Nancy’s hands were cupping Dee’s breasts now. She pinched her nipples sending electric feelings straight to her pussy. Deidre grounded her ass into Nancy. Deidre had lost all notions of time and space. The loud music and the feel of Nancy’s body had made her feel open and wanton.

She didn’t care that Nancy’s hand had moved up her dress and was caressing her inner thigh. She spread her legs to make it easier, letting Nancy know what she wanted. Her hand moved closer, to the edge of the silky material. Deidre grasped.

Sensing her feeling, Nancy quickly planted a strong kiss on Deidre’s neck while a finger ran up her pussy lips, separating them through the fabric.

The feeling overwhelmed her. Her long moan was drown out by the music as her juices soaked her thong. Only Nancy kept her from falling to the floor as her legs felt weak. Nancy turned her around and hugged her. She could feel Deidre’s body still shaking. She kissed her forehead. “It’s time to go,” she whispered and she took her from the floor.

Luckily the car was parked only a few blocks away. The trio walked quickly as possible to it. They talked very little on the drive home but each could feel a tension in the car. Scott couldn’t see what happened on the dance floor. Most of the time he was blocked by the crowd but he could sense something did happen. The look on their faces seemed to give it away. Just how far it went and what was going to happen he could only guess.

Scott pulled the car into the driveway. Deidre and Nancy quickly exited and entered the house. “Hey, don’t worry,” he yelled after them. “I’ll get Nancy’s stuff. No problem!”

Deidre let Nancy enter the house first. Shutting the door, she reached for her, hungrily, ignoring any formalities. Driven by pure lust, Deidre kissed her, hard, parting her lips and thrusting her tongue into her mouth. As they kissed, they tugged at each other’s clothes. Nancy untied Deidre’s halter and Deidre slid Nancy’s straps off her shoulders. Both dresses fell to the floor. Deidre licked her lips as looked at Nancy’s ripe breasts and large erect nipples.



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