I’m going to tell you a secret story that you can’t tell anyone else. It happened one day about 6 months after Rick & I had been married. We had entertained the notion of inviting another person to have sex with us, be it male or female. We had even come up with a few names that we agreed on, but I never really thought we would go thru with it. So when the phone rang & a moment later Rick asked if I minded if his friend Jared (Who was on the list of possibilities) came over tonight to watch some stupid football game (God I hate football), being the good wife I am I said, “Fine.” And prepared to bored shitless for the night.

As Rick went to the store to get a few things for tonight, beer and snacks, I straightened the place up a touch. I then went upstairs to take a quick nap. I awoke when Rick came in and went down to meet him. He was putting away what he had brought home. Now I very rarely drink because the only thing I like are Black Russians. I saw the bottles of Vodka & Kahlua.

I asked, “What’s the occasion?”

He smiled & said, “I know how much you hate football so now you can at least put a buzz on, you might like it better.” & laughed. I laughed & said, “Yeah right.”

About an hour after we finished dinner Jared arrived. We went into the living room to watch the start of the game. Rick asked if anyone was thirsty. Of course the answers were yes. He then went to the kitchen to get 2 beers and my first drink of the night. We all sat on our couch with me in the middle cuz Rick said He wasn’t sitting next to a guy all night, lol. I did make an effort to know who was playing & who they wanted to win, but after my 2nd drink I really didn’t care. About an hour after halftime their team was getting its ass kicked as I started in another Black Russian, they were bitching how the game was over & how it sucked.

“Well if its over than please put on something else, anything, please,” I offered.

Rick piped up with, “Even porn?”

And with a great buzz on & feeling horny I said, “Yes, even porn, …anything.”

He gave Jared a glance and Jared said, “Sure, why not, I mean I’ve never watched porn with a hot babe before.”

Rick got up, went over and put a disc in the DVD player. He came back to the couch & sat down, putting his arm over my shoulders, pulling me close. The movie started, it was one of those that are just scenes one after the other. The first scene was of two girls güvenilir bahis taking turns sucking this huge cock. As we watched the action on the screen Rick started rubbing my shoulders and neck. Then he leaned over and began to kiss my neck and ear which are key trigger points on me. My breathing got harder and I began to feel flushed but was trying to maintain because here was Jared, sitting two feet to the right of me. I could feel my nipples stiffen and push against my shirt, it was mid September and still warm outside, so I was wearing a yellow “beater” type T-shirt I wondered if Jared had noticed them yet and glanced toward him, he was just sipping his beer and watching the TV like nothing was happening.

Rick pulled my face towards his & began to kiss me. After a few seconds I moaned and could feel Jared shift around on the couch, now watching me. Rick slid his hand from my head down my neck and chest to softly squeeze my left breast. This caused me to moan even louder. After a few minutes of this the Launch Sequence had been started, and something had to give.

Rick pulled his lips from mine and whispered, “Lets give him a show.” I gave him a puzzled look & He said, “Let me take off your shirt.”

I paused for a second and whispered, “Ok.”

I sat up a bit and Rick pulled my shirt up over my head. I looked Jared right in the eyes and lay back again, I watched Jared’s eyes take in my bare breasts, then turned my head once again to meet my husband’s lips & tongue. As far as I knew, nobody was watching the porno anymore, haha.

Rick kissed me deeply as his hand roamed all over my tits, squeezing and playing with my nipples. Did I mention that I tend to moan a lot? Well I do.

In between moans I heard Jared say, “Wow, that looks so fucking hot.”

I began to feel that familiar tingling down there and my thighs parted a bit.

Sensing this, Rick whispered to me, “Remember what we talked about babe?” I nodded yes, He said, “Lets do it now, I talked to Jared about it and he’s up for it if you are.”

I thought for a second and said, “Ok baby.” He asked if I was sure and I said I was.

Rick looked at Jared and said, “Ok man, she’s cool with it.”

Jared said, “Rach, your sure about this?” I looked at him and using my favorite line, I told him to “Make me naked.”

I sat with my back up against the rear of the couch and brought my feet up to my butt, letting türkçe bahis my legs spread open before them. Rick leaned back in toward me and began licking my left tittie and nipple. As Jared stood up I could see the bulge in his pants that I had caused, quite a nice bulge at that. Rick ran his hand down my belly to the top of my shorts. I still had on my pair of baby blue running shorts and as how I did not expect this to be happening I was wearing just a plain pair of red cotton panties.

Rick slid his hand over my shorts and started rubbing my by now soaking wet pussy. Jared took off his shirt and I watched as he undid his belt buckle and slid his pants down to his ankles. He quickly slid his briefs down and stepped out of them. Rick slid his hand inside the leg of my shorts & pressed his fingers against my pussy. I let out a gasp, looked at Jared’s hard-on, cupped my right breast and offered it to him. He sat down beside me and quickly moved his hands to my tits as Rick got my panties soaked from his ministrations. I reached over and put my hand around his cock, it was just a tad bit bigger than Rick’s, but not much. Jared then took a nipple in his mouth as I slowly stroked his rock hard cock. This caused both of us to moan.

Rick sat up and brought his wet fingers up to my lips and slid them in my mouth. I licked them clean as Jared watched.

Jared said, “Jeez, I’ve never seen a girl lick her own pussy juice before. That’s so fucking hot Rach.”

I let go of his cock long enough to push his hand to my soaking crotch.

“I’ll lick yours too, go for it,” I told him.

Jared stuck his hand under my shorts and panties, down past my erect clit and into my warm wet folds, pushing two fingers into my hole. Rick kissed me again, then got up and got undressed himself while watching his buddy finger fuck his wife. He then pulled both my shorts and panties down my legs and over my ankles, dropping them on the floor in front of the couch. Jared’s fingers plunged deeper inside me now that I was completely naked.

Rick then said, “Stick’em in her mouth man, she loves it.” So he did and to his amazement I sucked them dry while staring directly into his eyes.

Then Rick says, “Hey, have you ever seen a girl make herself cum with a vibe before man?. Come on Rach, show him babe.” And before I could say anything Rick was up & off to our bedroom closet.

Jared took this chance alone with güvenilir bahis siteleri me to say, “Damn Rachel, I never would have guessed you would be like this. I mean you are always so nice & polite & stuff. None of the girls I’ve been with has ever done this kind of stuff with me.”

I said, “I guess I had you fooled huh.”

“Yeah, you sure did Rach.”

With that, Rick re-entered the room. I have a few diff toys & I was happy to see that he had brought my favorite. It’s a small, thin white one I call my clit vibe. Rick sat down beside me and handed me the vibe. I sat back and spread my thighs wide open. I told them to just play with my titties a little if they wanted to. I have been a big fan of masturbation for years, Rick & I even do it together sometimes, I love watching him & he loves watching me.

So under the circumstances I had no problem with playing with my pussy in front of two hard cocks. Both of them now moved to the edge of the couch to get a great view of my wet pussy. Rick put my left leg up on his shoulder and I rubbed my pussy with my right hand. I spread my lips before putting two fingers in to get things started. After a minute I pulled my fingers out & put them in my mouth causing Jared to proclaim, “Fuck.”

I picked up the vibrator & turned it on. I held it in my left hand and moved it toward my pussy. With my right hand I spread my lips as I ran the vibe all around my hole. Rick began to stroke the insides of my thigh while Jared lifted my right leg onto his shoulder, also stroking my leg. I saw his eyes locked onto my pussy as I put the two fingers back inside while pressing the vibe against them, making the feelings of my vibrating fingers probing the insides of my walls unbelievable. I shuddered a bit and my clit was aching with jealousy. I played for a bit this way then took my fingers out and moved them towards Jared and asked if he wanted a taste. I didn’t have to ask twice. He licked my fingers as I moved the vibe in circles around my throbbing clit.

My hips lifted slightly as I began to feel a familiar feeling down there. I was so turned on that I knew as soon as the vibe hit my clit I would cum, so I stayed away from direct contact as best I could. I plunged my fingers wet with Jared’s spit hard into my hole. My back arched lifting my ass into the air. I put the vibe directly onto my bare clit causing me to buck and scream out as my orgasm wracked me.

Rick yelled, “Yeah babe cum for us!”

Jared could only say, “Holy Shit Rach!”

Wave after wave shot through me til I finally dropped the vibe and fell back down on the couch covered in sweat and horny as hell.

End of Part 1



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