Hal had called and asked if wanted to go out and have a few beers. I told him “sure” and he said he’d pick me up at the student nurses’ dorm about 7:00. I showered and dressed for the occasion choosing my nicest pair of panties and bra knowing full well that I might not be wearing them all evening.

Hal and I were “buddies”. “Fuckin’ buddies” to be exact. He knew I was engaged and my finace was off some place in the military. And he knew that I was lonely and, more than that, that I was horny. What had started out as a platonic relationship had become intimate and mutually satisfying, although I have never told my husband about all my little “fun and games” while he was away.

Anyhow, I was anxious to go out, have a little fun with the other students, and probably end up parked somewhere getting my hot pussy nicely stuffed. Because it was warm, I put on a light dress that buttoned all the way down the front. “He’ll have fun undoing all those buttons!” I thought.

When Hal pulled up in front of the nurse’s dorm, I was surprised to see Lou in the front seat with him. Lou was another one of the med students. I’d been out with Lou several times and, yes, we’d had a very good time. That’s like “…a VERY good time!” He was athletic, well-muscled, and well-hung. I had especially enjoyed getting my mouth on his cock and slowly working him into a frenzy until he blew a magnificent load off in my mouth. But, what were the two of them, Hal and Lou, doing together? Or, more importantly, what did Hal and Lou think they were going to do together?

I had expected that we would head for the neighborhood bar all the students frequented. Instead, Hal headed for a nearby ankara sınırsız escortlar park where a lot of couples hung out and got it on. “I thought we were going to drink some beer,” I stated.

“We are. We even brought the beer!” With that, Lou reached into the back seat where they had a bucket full of iced cans of beer. We parked, popped the cans and started chitchatting back and forth. Another round of beer and our comments became more suggestive. The two guys kept talking about “friends taking care of friends” and “it’s always better to have two friends than one”. Since I had “been intimate” with both of them, it became very clear that they both expected to get a little tonight and I was the one who was expected to provide it. The more I thought about it, the sexier I felt and the more exciting the idea of playing with both of them became.

After our second beer, the two guys started nuzzling and petting and fondling me. With one on each side, they could cover a lot of territory in very short time. Hal started unbuttoning my dress from the top and Lou started unbuttoning my dress from the bottom. In short order, Hal was playing with my nipples and Lou was rubbing my crotch and I was getting real antsy. When my dress was completely unbuttoned and pulled aside, they started working all over me. Hal unsnapped my bra and Lou slipped his hand into the front of my panties and started fingering my pussy, which by now was getting quite wet.

I reached over to both their laps and started stroking the bulges in their pants.

“Come on, you guys!” I said. “You’ve got to give me something to play with, too!” They were quick to oblige. Each of them ankara suriyeli escortlar unbuckled and unzipped and pulled out their cocks. Having played with them before, I knew what to expect when I grabbed them and started slowly jacking them up and down. Playing with one guy’s joint was thrilling. Having one in each hand was a truly unique turn on. They were both beginning to get slick as I slowly jacked them up and down.

Hal slipped my bra off and tossed it in the back seat. Lou helped slip my panties the rest of the way off. And there I was, totally naked in the front seat of the car with two guys with throbbing hard-on’s. “No fair!” I exclaimed. “You guys have to get out of your pants and shorts, too.” It didn’t take them long to get that done. Now I could fondle their cocks and massage their balls while they pinched and tweaked and kissed my titties and rubbed and finger fucked my wet cunt.

At that point, it was a matter of who was going to fuck whom first. We joked about various ways of deciding. Rock, paper, and scissors? Fuckee’s choice? Biggest cock last or biggest cock first? I suggested that, since H was the most recent one I’d put out for, that it was only fair if L got to be the first tonight.

Lou and I got out of the car and opened the back door, Lou naked from the waist down with a nice big hard on while I was totally naked. Walking around in the open air without anything on was a turn on in itself. I reveled in my exhibitionism and wondered what it would be like to have a couple more onlookers. Lou and I arranged ourselves in the back seat. I spread my legs for him and he slowly slipped his cock into my steamy hole. Hal leaned ankara türbanlı escortlar over the seat back to watch us fuck up an enthusiastic storm and to keep up a running dialogue of medical jargon describing sexual intercourse. The eroticism of the situation affected all of us and it didn’t take long at all for Lou to pop his nuts and for me to snap and grab and pop hard and fast.

When his cock subsided and quit throbbing, he pulled out and Hal climbed into the back seat. Having watched the two of us go at it, he was hot to trot and quickly plunged his hard on deep in my slick and still tingling pussy. It didn’t take any time at all for him to blow off a big load and I was throbbing hard, too.

Sitting naked in the back seat with come dribbling from my pussy, we paused and drank another beer. They kept teasing me about how much better it was to have two hot cocks than only one and I certainly had to agree. It wasn’t long before we were all horny again. Feeling incredibly erotic, I asked, “What do you want to do now?” And, it didn’t take very long for Hal and Lou to agree that a nice, slow blowjob sounded good. It sounded good to me, too.

“But, let’s not get cooped up in the car again,” I suggested. “Let’s do it out here in front of God and everybody!” I was already naked and it didn’t take long for the guys to slip off their trousers and their shorts. They leaned back against the car while I knelt down and slowly worked back and forth, first one and then the other, until I had both of them ready to blow off another load. When I could feel that they were close to popping off, I pumped both of them and licked their heads until they started throbbing and throbbing and splattering off all over me.

We got cleaned up as best we could and agreed that it had turned out to be a very nice evening. I certainly felt like I had shown them what a sensuous woman I could be. I shared the same kind of thing with them several times and with some others.



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