Becoming Sarah – Part 11The night was full of broken sleep. I’d finally get to sleep, only for the shocks to begin, or vibrations to start, and wake me again. Another shock woke me, and as I began to settle again, the cuffs on my wrists popped open, quickly followed by the cuffs around my ankles. I began to move, and I could feel aches from the twitching and straining all night. Pulling off my blindfold I found the dungeon dimly lit, but once I sat up a few more lights began to turn on. Slowly the room lit to full brightness and my watch buzzed, 6am. The latex crinkled as I climbed from the bed, still trying to get my head around what to expect for my first new day as an “owned slave”. On a small table at the end of the bed was a note, with my name on the top.”Good morning Sarah, we’ll start with a simple task for today, we have a busy day!” it read, “In the box on the side you will find your uniform for the day, don’t be too disappointed, the real fun will start later. For now, get dressed and prepare the coffee on like a good girl”Just wearing the lingerie I slept in, I began to unpack the box on to the bed and it wasn’t what I expected at all. There were seamed stockings and suspenders, a simple looking blouse and a skirt. The skirt was short, but nothing crazy. The whole outfit seemed fairly plain, and as I put the clothes on I caught a glimpse in the mirror and aside from the seam on the back of the stockings, I looked like a normal girl. There were no shoes, no accessories, and no instructions on makeup or hair. As I was dressed, I made my way out of the dungeon, through the wardrobe, and off to the kitchen to prepare the coffee. If I could do a good job now, we’d get off to a good start and maybe I’d start to win them over early. The apartment was just starting to brighten in the morning sun, and as I was distracted by the view from the window I didn’t notice the guys standing in the kitchen waiting for me.”Wakey wakey!” Adam joked, but I nearly jumped out of my skin, which they both found hilarious. “Good morning masters” I replied, with a small curtsey. We hadn’t yet discussed new titles or anything, but they didn’t seem to mind that. Instead they began to inspect my outfit, and speak amongst themselves about the plan for the day. Matt lifted my skirt, nodded and gave my ass a little slap. “I think that’ll do fine for the day” He spoke to me “We only have to get you to the car, you can get properly dressed when we get home. Get your shoes on, and you can carry the coffees”. He gestured to a pair of heels on the floor, and there were 2 travel mugs of coffee on the kitchen side. “Home?” I asked “We are at home?” No sooner had I finished speaking than Matt landed a very hard slap across my ass. “Don’t forget yourself Sarah, you don’t question your orders. Not the best start for you is it. Now shoes ON”.I dropped to my knees and slipped the black heels on, they had a large 6″ heel and as I stood up and put my weight on them I yelped in pain. I quickly took the shoe off again thinking maybe I had missed something, but no, there was a small metal plate right in the heel of each shoe. I cautiously slipped the heels back on and stood slowly, nothing happened, but as I took my first step I felt a jolt of pain in the other heel which almost caused me to topple over. “Oh come on Sarah, they’re only on a low setting” Adam laughed across the room “They have shock plates in the heels, put too much weight on your heels and you’ll get shocked. Tippy toes for you if you don’t want to get a shock, and make sure you don’t spill the coffee!”Carefully I held a coffee cup in each hand as we stepped through the door in to the elevator. Both guys had a small overnight bag with them, their eyes scanning my body as the elevator took us to the car park where a cab was waiting. I walked on my toes towards the taxi, Matt got in the front and me and Adam got in the back. I was handed a pair of glasses, and like last time they went blackout and I was unable to see. The distorted noise began in my ears, and I was unable to hear again. Only a short ride later, we stopped and my hearing and vision were restored, leaving the taxi I was then stood outside a nice large home on the edge of the city. We walked up the driveway and entered “Welcome home Sarah” Matt said “Adam can show you around, I’ve got a few bits to do” and he left us stood in the hallway. “The apartment is one of Miss Stephanie’s homes, she uses it to entertain guests of the facility. This is our home, and now your new home too. You’ll learn your way around soon enough, we’ll do a quick tour and then join Matt” The house had 2 large bedrooms, a small study and a large bathroom upstairs, downstairs was a kitchen, lounge, and dining room. A closet and downstairs bathroom too. On the quick tour, I stumbled and landed heavily on my heel which shocked me, and I fell to the floor. “I’m sorry sir” I apologised to Adam and climbed to my feet, expecting a telling off, but instead he pulled me in for a passionate kiss. He squeezed me tight, and forced his tongue in to my mouth. His hands lifted my skirt and he began to grope my ass too, before suddenly breaking off. Without a word, we continued the tour, and soon found ourselves at the closet downstairs, which housed a staircase to the basement. I gingerly stepped down, bakırköy escort avoiding any more shocks from my heels, and found myself in a large playroom. It looked like a mix between a fetish shop, and a hospital room. Matt was in the room, sat in a padded leather chair, wearing what looked like a shirt and trousers, but made from latex. He looked stern, and a smirk spread across his face as we crossed the room. “Welcome to my favourite part of the house” he began “I’ve spent a long time acquiring my favourite fetish equipment, and you’re the final piece of my puzzle! We’re both keen players in the local fetish scene, we even host Miss Stephanie and her friends in here, but you’ll be the first permanent resident. You’ll learn what every item does, where it belongs, and why you need to be a good girl to avoid them”Looking around the walls were lined with racks of items, clothing, restraints and much more. A large bed was on one wall, and a medical bed with stirrups on another. A small bathroom in the corner of the room was the only privacy. Adam had left the room, leaving just me and Matt, and he went on to explain how Adam was mainly interested in having a slutty maid around the house, but that he wanted a fetish toy, and how my days would often involve a mix of the 2. I no longer had a set uniform, but would be expected to wear stockings and heels at all times unless told otherwise. Removing my skirt and blouse, he told me to step in to a latex maid uniform held open on the floor, before he pulled it up and began to fit to to my body. It was tight. He zipped the back up, placed a collar around my neck, and locked the zip to the collar. The uniform was shiny black, with the standard white ruffles around the edge and a white apron. Under the apron he fitted a tight waist clincher, which he laced until I was reduced to short breaths. He offered up some latex opera gloves, but decided against those, and instead began fitting cuffs to my ankles and wrists again. “You won’t need a bra or panties for now, but I can change those nasty shoes if you like?” Silly me, the shock heels were removed only to be replaced with some strict ballet boots, that then locked in place. I teetered in place while he admired his work. He added a ring gag, before declaring me complete, and he clipped a leash to my collar before leading me to the stairs. The stairs took time, I was very wobbly, but he assured me I would master these heels quickly as I wouldn’t be wearing much else. “The implants in your ears can do more than block out sound, they can also act as headphones” he explained, and he tapped his phone. Suddenly a voice began in my ears, like those sissy hypno videos, and it was the guys explaining rules and so on. Another tap on his phone allowed him to speak over the top of the video, he instructed me to find Adam. The voices began again, and I started my slow search, balancing on the heels and exploring the house. Eventually I had to climb the stairs to the top floor, and as I passed the bathroom I could see him standing at the basin finishing a shave. The clicking of my heels alerted him to my presence, and I curtseyed like I’d learnt from my new instructions. His eyes devoured me, and he turned off the audio so I could hear normally again. “Perfect. He’s done a great job of you!” He said while taking in every inch. I muttered in to my gag, causing more drool to leak down my uniform. Taking my leash he began to lead me back down the stairs. My feet were already hurting, my legs aching and yet I knew I had no chance of a rest. We met Matt back in the lounge, he was sat on the sofa in his latex, and Adam led me to a spot in front of the sofa, before clipping my collar to a chain which dangled from the ceiling. I was unable to move much, just shuffling on my feet to keep my balance, and the guys began to talk amongst themselves while working on a laptop. They spoke about how the website was ready, and it was time to introduce me to the internet. “We’re gonna make so much money from this, she’s gonna be a star!” they laughed as they went over the final details, occasionally snapping pictures of me in my new uniform. I could barely put weight on one foot for more than a few seconds before switching to the other. “If you aren’t going to stand still Sarah, I’ll add some more bondage until you’re unable to move” Matt spoke without looking up at me. I tried my best to stay still. As soon as I stopped moving, the pain increased quickly. I tried to hold on as long as I could, but eventually my legs couldn’t take it and I hopping from foot to foot again. Matt stood, and unclipped my collar from the ceiling, and I collapsed at his feet. I crawled over to the sofa, and knelt between the guys. “All of that wobbling was distracting, but you’ll learn to walk in those for as long as we need” he reminded me, before removing my gag. I swallowed the drool from my mouth, and apologised about the heels. Even knelt down my feet still hurt from the tough position they were forced in to, but it was 100 times better than standing on them. I glanced at the screen and there I was. Star of my own website. “Becoming Sarah” was the title, and it promised to detail every part of my life as I learnt my new role. 24/7 webcam access, videos, photos, requests, beşiktaş escort and maybe even letting some users hire me once I was better trained. I stared in shock, as the video of me being fucked last night began to play. “You’ll be famous Sarah, and you’ll make us lots of money” they said proudly. “Thank you sir” I managed to reply. As one of them began to play with my hair, they explained how they like to host fetish events, but also attend many. They often met with others from the facility at a certain bar in town, and I would join them there tomorrow. Eventually, once I was properly trained, I would be allowed to leave the house to run errands too. They told me about a system where the better I was, and the quicker I learnt, the easier my life would be, although I knew they would do exactly what they wanted with me anyway. The collar I was wearing would shock me if I left the boundary of the house without consent, and could track my location too. “During the day you will work from a chore list, which includes washing and cleaning, but you will also receive tasks to your watch too. They are to be actioned as soon as you receive them. If you are alone in the house, you will be monitored by the cameras, and if we are both away for a while you will spend your time back at the facility, or we may loan you to friends. How about we start that list?” Adam stood, and using the leash pulled me to my feet which immediately began to cramp in pain. He clipped my wrist cuffs to either side of my waist clincher, I could only reach a little in front of me. My skirt was rolled up, and an inflatable plug was inserted in to my ass. After a few pumps they let the bulb dangle between my legs. Lastly I was gagged with an inflatable gag, pumped until it bulged my cheeks out, which Adam squeezed playfully. “I won’t cuff your ankles together today, those heels restrict you enough and you wouldn’t get any work done!” he joked, handing my a list. Item 1 was to start the laundry, and it explained that both guys had a laundry basket in their rooms. Washing machine was in the downstairs closet. I climbed the stairs slowly my feet screaming in pain, and entered Adam’s bedroom. The laundry basket was half full, but would require both hands to carry. And that meant 2 trips up and down the stairs to get Matt’s laundry. I moaned in to the gag, and began back downstairs. As I passed the guys they were still sat on the sofa making changes to my new website. Eventually both baskets were loaded in to the machine, and it was on. As it whirred to life, a voice spoke through the implants in my ears, causing me to jump again. “Dungeon time Sarah, and bring us some ice water too” it said. Finally I emerged in the basement, holding 2 glasses of ice water which I presented to both guys who were sat on a a bench seat. “You must be thirsty Sarah, after all that hard work?” I moaned in to the gag and nodded a yes. “And I bet you’d love to get off of those aching feet wouldn’t you?” I nodded a yes again, a pleading look in my eyes. The gag in mouth was deflated and pulled out, my jaw ached and I stretched it out. I was told to lay on the medical bed, and my legs were placed in the stirrups, before my ankle cuffs were secured in place. I knew I probably wouldn’t like what came next, but being able to get off of my feet was heaven. “The washing machine takes an hour, but as you haven’t earned any free time yet, we’ll introduce you to some of the features of your new room” Adam lowered the bed and I sunk to the floor, I was just below waist height, before unzipping his trousers. “Do you want your drink in a glass Sarah, or straight in the mouth?” He didn’t give me chance to answer before offering a funnel gag to my mouth. I opened, and it was fastened in place. Both guys stood over me, and piss began to fill the funnel. The small valve on the side was opened just a little and it began to trickle in to my mouth, coating my tongue and forcing me to taste it all. As the funnel got close to full, the valve was fully opened and hot piss flowed quickly straight down my throat, I had no chance to stop it. Matt followed it up by spitting in to the funnel too, which slowly slid across my tongue before I could swallow it down. The gag was removed, and I thanked both guys for my drink. I could taste, and smell, piss but I thanked them both. “The better behaved you are, the better your meals will be” was the rule I was currently thinking of, hoping maybe I would earn something nice later. Still restrained to the bed, I could do little to resist anything anyway. Adam offered his limp dick to my mouth and told me to clean him up, so I began to run my tongue around the head as it grew in to my mouth. Matt began to inflate and deflate the butt plug, stretching me until it hurt, and then releasing, over and over while enjoying my moans. Finally he pulled on the bulb, and the inflated plug strained at my ass. I tried my hardest to push it out too, and finally it popped from my ass, leaving me gaping. This didn’t last long though as his dick soon replaced the plug, and he began to thrust in hard, slowly but firmly fucking my ass. The click of a camera reminded me this was all going to end up on the internet too. Adam pulled his dick from my mouth, and decided he was going beylikdüzü escort to fuck me. Matt moved to my mouth, and I tasted my ass on his dick as he gagged me with it. They picked up the pace, before Adam fired his load deep in to my ass. Matt quickly moved back to my ass so that he could finish in there too. The plug was put back in, and inflated lots. I cleaned both dicks with my tongue again. My ass was on fire, and the plug felt like a football inside me. My ankles were unclipped from the stirrups and I was helped to my feet. I immediately whimpered from the pain, and begged them to remove my shoes. “I’ll do anything” I whimpered. “You will anyway!” Adam replied, “The washing has just finished, what perfect timing!”. Matt told me to move the laundry to the dryer, and they made their way up the stairs. I hobbled along slowly behind, and by the time I emerged from the stairs, they were already sat down with a camera plugged in to the laptop. The huge plug in my ass made it difficult to bend and get the laundry from the machine, but soon enough my task was complete and I hobbled back to the guys on my tortured feet. I knelt at their feet, taking any chance I could do get some weight from my feet. A few minutes passed before they finally got their latest video live on the site, and they were eager to point out I already had a few followers. Lunch was the next task, and the guys told me they wanted me to fetch some pasta from the fridge. This made me realise how hungry I was, having not eaten yet, and pasta sounded like a great lunch. A short hobble to the kitchen and found the large container of pasta ready to serve. I found the bowls, placed 3 on the counter, and began to serve food in to the bowls when I was joined by Adam. He stopped me just before I put pasta in the 3rd bowl, apparently they had my meal in the fridge. A large container was sat on a shelf, and it contained what looked like porridge. Small lines were marked on the side of the container, indicating portion sizes. He poured a single serving in to my bowl and it just slopped in. It didn’t look appetising, and it certainly didn’t look filling. The tomato scent of the pasta just fuelled my hunger as we walked back to the lounge. The guys sat on the sofa and told me to kneel between them on the floor, they placed my bowl in front of me with a spoon inside, but with my hands cuffed to my waist I was unable to get any. I was told to wait, I wouldn’t eat until everyone else was finished, and they took their time. Finally when I was told to eat, and I continued to struggle with the spoon, Matt tied my hair in to a quick ponytail. “Looks like you’ll just have to get your face in there Sarah” he laughed. I lowered my face, and tried to lap it up like a dog, but because it was cold it was quite thick. I buried my face a little deeper and took a mouthful of the blandest food I’d ever tasted. There was no taste at all, and I could feel it sticking to my face. “I know it’s bland” Adam said “but you will earn better meals if you work hard and behave. That has got all of your basic nutrition, you won’t starve, but it will work wonders on your waist training! We can always add a bit of flavour if you like?” I should have guessed it wasn’t going to be a pleasant addition, like fruit, but I was told to kneel over the bowl and the plug was deflated in my ass. My heart sank as the plug was pulled out, and the double load of cum dropped in to the bowl. Adam used the plug to mix it in, and then began to spoon feed me like a baby. The only flavour in the whole bowl came from the cum, and the taste of my ass, but I ate it all and could’ve kept eating. I still felt hungry, but it was clear they were keeping me on a nutrition plan to keep my sissy figure. The afternoon was spent washing up the dishes, folding the laundry, and general maid duties. Occasionally summoned to the guys for a random task. Soon I was told it was time for a shower, and I was led to the bathroom with Matt. I had to undress him, and he unlocked my uniform, removing the latex and leaving me to do the rest. I could’ve cried with joy when the ballet boots were removed, my poor feet cramped and tortured all day. Matt stood under the water and I massaged shower gel in to his body, rubbing him down and rinsing him off. I then had to wash myself while Matt played with my nipples, flicking them, and teasing my caged cock. After the shower, I wasn’t told to put any of my clothes back on but instead to follow Matt to his bedroom. He informed me he had a date this evening and I was to help him get dressed. He was going to a bar for a drink with a woman he had been seeing for a couple of weeks, and joked that if I was really lucky I may get to meet her too. He explained both of them went on dates, some girls like the fetish life and others just general dates and one night stands. Depending on the date, I may serve them too, or I may just be a standard maid while they were around. He decided to wear chinos and tight fitted shirt. I slid his shoes on his feel and laced them for him, sprayed him with his aftershave, and wished him good luck. For a moment he didn’t seem the dominant guy I knew, he was just a regular guy going on a date. We both walked downstairs, he said goodbye to Adam and was gone for the evening leaving me naked in the lounge with Adam, who was just watching TV. “Why aren’t you wearing your heels Sarah?” he asked curiously. I explained that Matt had removed my clothes, and had told me not get dressed again. “A blank canvas” he replied, “maybe we should head downstairs for the evening, I’ve got some outfits for you to try on…”



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