Becky and I – 1st nightSo Becky wrote her side and I told her I would write my side too.I went to California to help my daughter celebrate her birthday. Since Kelly died and I moved to Washington, I would fly her up her on her birthday because it was still so painful for me to be there. To get from the airport to her, I had to pass the very corner that Kelly was killed. I had to work up the nerve when I started to come to that corner, but I did it. As I passed through that intersection, I did look up and tell Kelly I loved her. Maybe it was me, but it felt even warmer right then. I think she was telling me she was okay. When I got to Beckys, this raving lunatic come flying out of the door! She was screaming my name and took a flying leap at me, almost taking us both to the ground! But I was happy to see Becky and we held each other close and we kissed. I couldn’t peel her off of me and I carried her strapped around me to the door. Becky said “I can’t wait to have your dick!” Guys with dicks are the ones sitting along the sidelines at a high school dance and never get picked! If anyone called it a dick in public, it would give everyone the impression I played the flute in the college glee club or something! I made her promise me she would call it a cock. I don’t know. It just makes it feel bigger! But my first thought was I was so tired because I did not sleep the night before and I wanted to rest up before Heather came over and later after she left, Becky and I would be alone. Becky on the other hand had other ideas!When I told her I was tired, we sat on the couch and she told me to go ahead and lay down and get some rest. I laid my head on her lap. It had been nearly four years since I spent any time with Becky, even before Kellys accident in 2009. Beckys lap felt so good and I started to fall asleep right away. That was until I felt Becky tugging at my pants and they went flying halfway across the room. Becky grabbed my cock and started rubbing me and I rose to the occasion. She grabbed my balls and I forgot all about being tired! When Becky and I first got together, she told me I was the first person she ever gave head to, and even the first time, I came so hard in her mouth. As time went on, Becky would take tips from Kelly and she said it was because she wanted to deep throat me like Kelly does. When Becky leaned in and took my cock in her mouth, it was so fucking hot! Her hands were cupping my balls and she started sucking my cock deeper and deeper. I started rubbing the back of her head because it felt so great. I wanted to grab her and pull her head down because it had been so long since she gave me head and I was anxious to feel her hot mouth. Becky looked up at me and said “Remember this?”, and in one swoop, she took a breath of air and took my cock all the way down her throat.Feeling my cock slide all the way down her throat had me whimpering things I’m not sure were even real words! She would pull up and take in more air and she would take my cock all the way down her throat again. Becky has always had this added sucking motion when she gives me head and it feels like my cock was being sucked down her throat. She had my balls in her hand and I think she was trying to stuff them in her mouth too and I knew if she kept this up, I would start cumming any minute. I finally told Becky that I was going to cum and she lifted up and said “I want kıbrıs escort it!”, and took in more air and sank her mouth over my cock and down her throat. Becky started wigging her head back and forth and it felt like my cock slid a little more into her throat and I couldn’t hold it any longer! By now, I had my hands on her head and I was holding her against my cock. I told her I was cumming and before I even finished telling her, I felt my cum flying through my cock and into her hot throat! It had been so long since I have been with her and I couldn’t stop. My balls tightened and I felt my cum pouring into her throat and she held my cock so deep in her throat for so long as I kept filling her throat.Becky ran out of air and came up for air and I was still cumming. She took my cock in her mouth and I felt the tip of her tongue against the head of cock as I shot more cum into her hot mouth. Damn she was great! When I finally stopped cumming, she continued to suck my cock in. I think she was using my cock as a straw and was sucking the cum from my balls! I felt my whole body go limp under her. Becky stood up and said “Do you feel better now?” I said “I haven’t felt this great in such a long time! I loved every second of it!” I put my clothes back on because I thought Heather would be there anytime. As I laid back on the couch, Becky laid beside me and I started hugging her. She had her arms around my neck and we started kissing. And then Heather just walked right in the door. We forgot to lock it and if she had walked in any sooner, we would have been busted. As it was, we were both on the couch in each others arms and Heather said “Mom! Ewww! That’s my dad! You’re going to give me nightmares!” and she started laughing.I jumped up and took Heather in my arms. The little girl that I would rock to sleep and taught how to ride a bike was all grown up. And I haven’t even paid attention to it for many years and I missed that. Heather looked at Becky and said “You didn’t have sex on the couch did you?” Becky said “No.” I whispered to Becky “That didn’t work for Bill Clinton!”, and Becky puckered her lips and put her finger over her mouth to tell me to be quiet. We sat and talked for a while because we were waiting for David. I thought he was Heathers boyfriend, but found out just before he arrived that her was her fiancé! My first thought, is I still need to give David the dad talk about his baby girl, but when I met him, he was such a nice guy. A firefighter and the way he was treating Heather let me know he really cares for her. We went out to dinner and Becky seemed a little agitated because I took off with David. Heather knew I still needed to talk to him and she told David “I told you he would corner you!” David told me how much he loved Heather and just like a gentleman, he asked me for my approval because he wanted to marry her. From braces to a walk down the aisle! What’s taking my fucking drink so long!After dinner, we went back to Beckys and sat around talking and Heather asked if I wanted to go with her and her mom to look at wedding dresses. I laughed and looked at Becky and said “She knows whose wallet will open up doesn’t she?” Heather giggled and said “Oh please dad? Wait until you see this dress. I really like it.” Wow! Just like old times. I can see this is going to get expensive in a hurry. Heather and David left and Becky brought us kıbrıs escort bayan a drink so we could just sit and relax for a few minutes. I told her I needed to get in the shower and Becky said “Need some help?” I told her we could lather each up. And when we were done, we could soap each other up too. We laughed and had our arms around each other as we headed to the shower.When we got out, and dried off, we walked to the living room and Becky went upstairs as I turned on the nightly news. Several minutes later, I heard Beckys voice call me. When I looked up the stairs, she had on the sheerest powder blue see through babydoll nightie. I have always enjoyed watching her wear those! I walked up the stairs and started hugging her. I have really missed spending time with Becky and now, after all these years, it is like we were picking up where we left off. We started kissing and I reached behind her and started removing the bottoms to her nightie. We kissed and hugged some more with the bedroom door just a couple of feet from us. Becky said “I really missed you. I hope you missed me too.” I said “I did miss you. I never left because of you, but I think you know that.” She nodded her head and I took her hand and we went into the bedroom. We laid on the bed and I was on my side just staring at her eyes. I reached down and started to rub her cunt and slid one finger inside her. The heat from her cunt was warming my hand. I reached up and took her top off and started to suck on her boobs and would go back and forth between kissing her and sucking her boobs. I started fingering her again and Becky started moving her hips to match my finger sliding into her. I kissed Becky and then kissed her chin and working my way down, kissing her boobs, stomach and finally, I reached her cunt.I stopped for a second just to admire her cunt. Perfectly waxed and totally bald. I started kissing just above Beckys cunt and then started kissing her cunt lips. I took them in my mouth and started to suck on them. I heard Becky cooing a little and I sent my tongue deep inside of her hot wet cunt. It didn’t take very long and I felt her thrusting against me, but I didn’t want her to cum this soon. I would stop and started kissing her stomach and slowly kissed my way back down until I was sucking her cunt and sliding my tongue into her. Beckys legs came up around my neck and she started lifting her hips to push her cunt at my mouth. I knew she was about to come and I stopped again. I started all over kissing her stomach and back to her cunt and sending my tongue deep into her again. Becky was saying “Please let me cum! I want to cum on you!”, but I held off a few more times. It has been so long since I have had my tongue in her sweet cunt and I wanted to make her explode when the time comes.When I sent my tongue deep inside of Becky, her legs tightened around my neck and her hips were lifting off of the bed to make sure all of my tongue was inside of her. Becky shouted “I’m going to cum!” and the shriek she made could wake the neighborhood! Her hands were on the back of my head pulling me hard and close to her cunt and her ass was pushing her cunt to my mouth as I darted my tongue deep inside of her. She kept shouting she was cumming, but I knew! I had my hands holding her ass to me and I had my tongue as far as it could go and started darting it in and out of her cunt. escort kıbrıs Many times, I felt her tighten and release against me and I just kept going. Becky was out of breath and said “Oh God stop! No don’t stop! I’m cumming, stop! No don’t!” I was loving it! She was so out of breath when she finally finished and her chest was huffing in and out and she couldn’t talk.Becky collapsed under me and sweat was rolling across her forehead. I pulled myself up next to her and started kissing her boobs. Then I pulled her close to me and started hugging her and we started french kissing. After a few minutes, I asked if she wanted to go for a walk and I can see the old neighborhood. We had a nice walk and I seen many of the same houses Kelly and I used to look at along any of our walks. Many have changed, but many were still the same. Beckys mind seemed elsewhere, because a few times I would ask her something and she didn’t know what I was talking about. Just as we walked in the door, I still couldn’t believe I was here and grabbed her tight and started kissing her. She took my hand and we walked up the stairs back to bed. We took our clothes off and climbed into bed. I couldn’t help but notice that after all of these years, Becky still had the same hot body that I remember! We laid next to each other hugging and kissing.I started rubbing my hand along her waist and down the side of her leg. Then I brought my hand to her cunt and slid my finger inside of Beckys hot cunt. Becky reached down and grabbed my cock. By now, I was starting to throb in her hands. I have been wanting to fuck her so bad for so long and now, here it is. I rolled over and set myself between her legs. My cock knew just right her cunt was and when I sank the head into her, I stopped and closed my eyes. I was back in Beckys cunt. I took my time as I eased my cock into her. I wanted to fuck her forever before cumming. I kept fucking her slowly and every time I went it, I was buried all the way inside of her. Her cunt was hot and felt so wet as I was thrusting my cock into her. I felt Becky cum several times, but I wanted to keep going and did not want to cum yet. When I cum, I wanted to explode with everything I had deep inside of her. After a while, I finally told Becky I was going to cum. She said she was getting ready to cum too and after a few seconds we started cumming! My balls were emptying inside of her hot wet cunt. It felt so great and I felt my balls pump my cum from deep inside of me and into her cunt. Becky had her legs around my waist and was holding me as I filled her cunt. I caught myself grunting a couple of times as I filled her cunt with my cum. After about a minute, we both slowed down. I was still thrusting slowly into her and her cunt was gyrating in circles as I fucked her. When I could not get another drop from my cock, I felt my cock starting to go down and I slid out of her and laid by her side. I had my arms wrapped around her and was pulling her close to me and we started french kissing. I felt my eyes getting heavy and was having a hard time keeping them open. Becky stopped and started staring at me. I asked if she was alright and she looked up in the air and then looked right at me said “I love you.” I have wondered about a day that this would ever come up and thought long and hard about what I would say to her. I had loved Kelly and never wanted to tell anyone that I loved them if I didn’t mean it. I had to mean if I said it after all, or it would just be a lie! And now that time was here and all of the thoughts I had before come rushing to me. I smiled and said…“I love you too!” And I mean that Becky!



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