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Once upon a time, there lived a wealthy merchant and his three beautiful daughters in a little village. One day, as the merchant was getting ready to go to market, he set aside each of his daughters and asked them in turn what present they’d like upon his return. The oldest daughter, a chesty titian haired beauty, wanted a dress of the finest silks. The second, a flaming redhead, demanded a pearl necklace. But his third daughter, a beautiful blond, blue-eyed curvy angel wanted something that disturbed him each time she made a similar request…

It all began about a month ago when he’d stepped out of the bath in all his naked, wet glory and little Beauty, a very sheltered 18 year old, had seen a cock for the first time ever! She was fascinated by it and yearned to see it again, to touch it, to… The merchant tried to discourage her curiosity and quash his own feelings of desire for her as best he could, but his resistance was slowly ebbing.

Now, he sat with his youngest daughter and posed the same questions as he had to his other daughters. “Beauty, I’m going to market. What would you like of me?”

Beauty automatically looked down at his crotch and licked her lips at the protruding bulge in his pants. She didn’t know what was wrong with her, or what was driving this carnal desire in her, but she was already wet down there in her secret place as she thought of exactly what she wanted from her daddy. It didn’t help that he was hung like a horse; or that ever since she’d caught her oldest sister about a month ago doing some naughty things to the neighbor’s son which had put a lot of delicious ideas in her head. Now she wanted to try them all with her father because, as the saying goes, father knows best!

Her hand went to his huge bulge and she rubbed him through the material, feeling the thick heat of him pulsing under her inquisitive fingers. She only had one thought on her mind, and she was a girl who always got what she wanted in the end.

“You know what I really want, daddy,” she answered provocatively, batting her eyelashes at him, hoping that he’d give in. He didn’t comply, but neither did canlı bahis he push her away. Instead, she heard his breathing change and he closed his eyes as if in pain, his bulge tightening into a stiff pole under her hand. Beauty took that as a good sign and began to massage him harder. His head fell back and he groaned, thrusting his clothed bulge against her hand. Her fingers found his trouser buttons and undid them so that her hand could sneak into the hole and pulled out his hard, throbbing cock meat. She gazed at the beautiful monster with awe.

“Beauty, you mustn’t,” he gave a half-hearted protest. Of course she ignored him, but that didn’t matter much because that was about as much resistance as he was going to offer. He was too weakened with desire to do anything more than sit there and let his daughter get her fill of his pecker.

With his meaty staff in her hand, Beauty inspected the vein-covered length with shear lust on her brain and in her tiny pussy. What would it feel like to have that inside her? Would it fit?

“Hmmm, daddy, I just want to taste your lovely cock,” she said, and dipped down to do just that, her mouth opening to take in the helmeted tip. The flesh was smooth and tasty. She began sucking on the tip, enjoying the texture and warmth. And then just as she was getting into the swing of it, her greedy tongue encountered a tiny bead of salty liquid from his piss hole.

“Ohhhh, Beauty, what are you doing to me?” asked the merchant, though only rhetorically. He had no thought except the pleasure his daughter was giving him with her mouth. For an innocent virgin, she was getting the hang of cocksucking pretty fast—even the village whores weren’t so enthusiastic in sucking his cock as his sweet little girl was. What a lucky man he was. “Suck it in deeper, Beauty. That’s a good girl. Open your throat and take my cock in all the way.”

She was very accommodating and enthusiastic, like a sweets-deprived child who’d just gotten the biggest lollipop for her birthday! He felt her throat expand and his hips jerked forward to take him in the rest of the way. After that he couldn’t control his bahis siteleri motions and couldn’t resist fucking her mouth and throat with his thick, fleshy rod.

Beauty heard her father’s tortured moans and accepted his dick in her throat because she knew that’s what he wanted—hell, that’s what she wanted! Suddenly, she tasted a foreign substance on her tongue—it was salty and coming out in great heaps. She could do nothing but swallow his squirting man-seed as her father’s cock continued fucking her throat.

It wasn’t long before the merchant had been sated and his cock sac was empty. With a great sigh of relief and pleasure, he pulled himself out of his daughter’s mouth and smiled down at her lovingly.

“Thank you, daughter. You’ve given your father a lot of pleasure. I love you with all my heart.”

She beamed a satisfied smile at him, thrilled to know that he loved her so much.

“Now let me give you a little bit of pleasure in return, dear daughter.” And as he said this, he pushed her gently down on her back on the hardwood floor and pushed her legs apart. To his surprise and pleasure, he saw her hairy muff and her glistening pink pussy lips beckoning his to explore the sweet treasure inside. He felt himself hardening again as her warm scent reached his nose. Damn, he had to try and keep his cool!

“Daughter, do I not give you enough money to buy you undergarments?” he queried in mock reprimand.

Even after what she’d just done to her father, she felt rather embarrassed by this. “You do, daddy. You’re very generous,” she reassured him. “But the itchy and cumbersome material is too constricting for me. I like to be free.”

He chuckled and then swooped down between her legs before Beauty had a chance to think what he meant to do. His nose found her slit and then his tongue followed, pushing through the hairy muff and the puffy cunt lips to get at the watery treasure within. He lathered her pussy with his saliva and sucked at the sweet juices that poured out of her. He sucked on her clit and tugged at her pussy lips with his sharp teeth, making her wild with desire. She writhed under bahis şirketleri his mouth, spreading her legs even in blinding lust that made her cry out.

Beauty couldn’t believe what her father was doing to her. The pleasure she was getting from him was too much for her inexperienced body to handle. Except now she understood why her older sisters often did this to each other late at night. Their moans and muffled screams had awoken Beauty on numerous occasions and when she’d gone to investigate, she always found one sister between the legs of the other. Now she knew that the screams had nothing to do with pain. It was pure pleasure!

The merchant loved the sweet innocent taste of his delightful daughter. His cock was already coming back to life but he knew he couldn’t do anything about it. Even going as far as they were was too obscene. But ohhhh, he couldn’t resist the need to make her cum, to give her back a bit of the pleasure she’d given him.

He sped up his expert sucking and licking until she finally tensed under his mouth and then seemed to vibrate with desire as she screamed out her orgasm. The merchant didn’t let up, licking up his daughter’s cum juices and even sneaking the tip of his thick finger inside the dilated pussy hole, feeling her walls close in around it and wishing that it was his cock inside her excited damp hole instead. Eventually, her contractions abated and a weakened Beauty smiled up tiredly at her father.

“Thank you, daddy. That felt soooo nice. Hmmmm, your finger is so lovely inside me. Please put it in deeper, I want to feel it all the way in.”

But alas, he really had to be on his way in order to keep his business appointment in the next village. And if he acquiesced to his daughter’s request, he’d never leave here, because after his finger, his cock would surely have to follow inside her delectable pussy. No, he’d have to save that pleasure for another time.

“I’m sorry, daughter, but I must be on my way.” With reluctance, he took his fingertip out of her and brought her thighs back together again to put temptation out of sight. “What would you like me to bring you back from the village?”

She thought a moment. “Only your cock, daddy, and a red rose you’ve picked especially for me as a symbol of your desire for me.”

He nodded. “As you wish, my daughter.”



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