Beautiful TrapIt was the chime of the doorbell that pulled me out of the world inside my computer. My wife was gone for the day so I was getting in some trap porn. She didn’t care if I watched porn as long as I fucked her when she wanted it. But I didn’t think she would like trap porn so I always waited until she was gone. I opened the door to see my wife’s 19 year old sister, Jen, standing there. She was so hot. About 5 feet and 8 inches she was almost my height. She was about 100 pounds. I loved my women small. I preferred them a little shorter but she was like a goddess . She had a little sundress with her A cup tits making nice little mounds and her dark blond hair up in a pony tail. I couldn’t see her collar bones and her beautiful jaw line. That wonderful sideways grin. Then she blurted, “you going to let me use the bathroom or not?” Shit, I must have been zoning out. I stepped aside and she walked by brushing my hard on. I didn’t even realize I was hard. Now I was embarrassed. I know she saw it. She was in the bathroom for a while after I heard her pee stop. She really had to go with as hard as she was peeing. I had tried to pick her up a few times before I started dating my wife. And a little after. When she came out I gave it another bad try when I said, “I thought I was going to have to come help you.” She did a funny little giggle and gave me a lustful look and stepped closer to me. Her scent was invigorating. I leaned in for a kiss and was surprised when we connected. I immediately stuck out my tongue and touched her closed lips. She tasted so good. I slid my tongue a lot the split in between her lips and she opened letting into her mouth. She sucked my tongue gently as I probed every depth of her mouth and then swirled my tongue around hers. I pulled back to look at her beautiful face. She looked a little sheepish and I cradled her head in my hands and went in again. We locked tongues and tasted each other. She was so sweet with a hint of chocolate from a snack earlier. That made me even hotter. I needed all her juices in me. I stepped back to look at her entire thin little body and the front of her dress was poking out right at her tiny hips. My heart started to race even more than before. Her smile was so istanbul escort beautiful with a hint of uncertainty. I lifted her dress and found her rock hard little dick sticking straight out. I couldn’t believe it. She was so sexy. Her tummy was tight and flat and her hip bones showed just a little. Her dick was maybe 5 inches and perfectly shaped. I had never sucked a dick before but I knew I had to have hers. Every single inch of it. I dropped to my knees and that’s when I saw the string of precum leaking out and I felt my dick throb. I licked it up and the salty taste was heavenly. Her dick was so hard, yet silky soft at the same time. I heard her moan as I took more of it into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around and around her shaft tasting every inch of her beautiful pole. Slowly I pushed it deeper down my throat. I gagged some as my noses pressed against her flat stomach. I held it there because I loved this. Her body was amazing. I ran my hands up and down her toned legs and squeezed her but causing her to push her hips to my face making me feel her dick in my throat. I moved my hands all along her so hot tummy and up her rib cage to play with her small perky tits while caressing every inch of her hard shaft with my tongue. I moved my hands down to her belly and I tasted a sweet salty flavor fill my mouth and I knew her precum was starting to flow. She started moaning and pumping her hips in short little thrusts. My dick throbbed as she pushed my nose against her tight little belly and I moved my hands to grasp both of her but cheeks. She pushed more and more and I wanted to feel her go deeper into me and then she gasped and her dick jerked and jumped in my mouth as her hot cum dumped into me filing my throat and mouth almost too fast to swallow. I gulped it all down vigorously licking her cock until her orgasm stopped and she pulled out and reached down pulling me up to her mouth. We kissed and she reached her tongue into every corner of my mouth as if seeking any remaining cum.She stepped back and sat down on the couch and reached to pull my shorts down. “Looks like you like getting your face fucked.” She said with that damn smile that avcılar escort melted me. I looked at my shorts and they were covered with my cum. I had been so into sucking her dick that I came all over myself and didn’t even know it. I tried to speak but I just couldn’t say anything. All I could think about was how hard her little dick was and how I wanted to suck it again. She pulled my shorts down and grabbed my dick. “At least you’re still hard,” she grinned. Then she reached into her purse and pulled out lube and made sure my dick was good and lubed. I almost came but I held back. She lifted her dress and laid back on the couch with her legs spread. Her tight body revealing her hip bones on either side of the hard cock. Below her tight little balls I could see her pink hole pointing right at me. “Make it quick, my girlfriend is waiting in the car.” She demanded. I Leaned over her and pointed my throbbing cock at her hole. She whimpered as I put pressure on her and then pushed inside. She was so tight and hot it was like my dick was on fire. I got about half way in and had to stop so I didn’t cum. Then I pushed deeper into her. I felt her hips push against mine and then I pushed one more time to get as deep as I could. I licked her neck up to her partially open lips. I licked all her lips and then entered her mouth as I started fucking her. Pulling out leaving only the head and then pushing all the way back into her. After a few thrusts I leaned back so I could see her entire body under me. Her hips pointed up to allow me inside and her back and head cradled by the couch. The dress pulled up to her ribs and the straps fallen from her shoulders. I put her head in my hands holding it gently as I looked into her green eyes my thrusts become faster and she was breathing heavy. Her face was so beautiful I wanted to only see it when I came and I pumped her body with thrust after thrust until I pushed her hips hard into the couch and dumped my cum deep into her body. She moaned as my dick swelled up and released surge after surge. When I had finally emptied my balls her head was tilted back with mouth open. I licked up her neck to the end of her chin then licked her teeth and then roof şirinevler escort off her mouth. She giggled and said “spit in my mouth, dumb ass.” I was a bit taken back. I didn’t expect that, but it did sound hot and I had seen it a few times. Her body was tight around my dick but I could slide in and out of her much more easily. I did a few pumps in and out to feel her along my entire dick. Then I dropped a big glob of drool on her open mouth and she promptly swallowed and smiled big. Then she trust her hips into mine as she leaned up and kissed me. Then she pulled away telling me that she had to go. I pulled out of her completely and saw her dick sticking up so hard and glistening with her cum that had leaked out and ran down her shaft and onto her tight balls. I dropped to my knees and took it all in again as she gasped and leaned back letting me taste her beautiful dick again. I was bobbing up and down on her really good when she pulled away and stood up and dropped her dress down. She walked to the front door and told me that she was going to fuck her girlfriend like I just fucked her and if her girlfriend liked it, then I would have to fuck her too. Then she left out the door smiling all the way to the car. I couldn’t see her girlfriend real good so I didn’t know what she looked liked. Then I noticed several spots of cum on the porch. Fuck that was so hot. My cum was leaking out of that fucking hot ass trap. I cleaned up the spots and played some video games. I went to use the bathroom and Jen had left her panties on the floor. Sexy tiny panties. That explained why she didn’t have panties on. Seeing them made me horny so I took them and watched some trap porn and blew my load on them. Then I got a text from Jen. “My girlfriend Hannah has some things she wants you to do to me before she decided if you have to fuck her.” I didn’t even know what Hannah looked like or if she was a trap or a girl. She might be really butch and that’s not my type at all. But now I was going to have to fuck her? I felt stupid but I asked if I had to fuck Hannah. Jen text back right away. “Hannah will never share me with you again if you don’t do to her body what she tells you.” If Hannah was butch I was going to have to make that my type because Jen I needed sex with Jen. “OK. What do we do?” I sent back. “Saturday you will meet me at the mall and take me on a nice and proper date. She said there’s more instructions but she hasn’t told me yet. See you Saturday.” I told her I would see her Saturday. I was so horny I came on her panties again. I couldn’t wait for Saturday.



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