He had taken her to the beach to watch the sunset. They had shared a romantic picnic dinner, including avocado and chicken sandwiches and strawberries and melted chocolate for dessert. All of their picnic things lay forgotten in the calm night. A cool breeze wafted past Justin’s ear and swept through Samantha’s hair.

The pair stood opposite each other, a picnic rug lay on the space between the two. They were just looking at each other. Samantha moved first, slowly drawing her hands up to undo her blouse. She teasingly unbuttoned it and then threw it on the ground. Justin pulled his shirt over his head and it joined the blouse on the soft white sand.

She slipped her hands behind her back and undid the clasp of her baby-blue lace bra. She taunted Justin by sliding it down a little and then pausing to build the suspense, before sliding it down a little more. Samantha finally pulled it off and threw it towards the other clothes.

She hooked her finger through the loop of her jeans and gently tugged them down too. She leisurely pulled them down to reveal her matching blue thong. Getting hard, Justin yanked his trousers off too and they hit the ground quicker illegal bahis then lightning.

He had bright green boxers on. The two moved closer together slowly reaching each other on the middle of the rug. The wind was picking up, but now the moon was high in the sky. It cast a glittery light on the Earth and illuminated the water.

As they reached each other, Justin put his hands out to snap Samantha’s thong. She moved closer to him and leaned in to kiss him. She gently placed her lips over his and sucked thoughtfully. Samantha was getting horny and pushed her body up against Justin’s.

Her erect nipples tenderly pressed against his chest. He tingled with pronounced anticipation. Feeling him tighten beneath her, Samantha leaned over and pulled off his boxers, to expose the bulk of him. She gently stroked her way up his shaft, moving in small circles to the tip.

He hardened a little more and gently lay her back on the picnic rug and, in one fluid movement, removed her underwear. She braced herself knowing what to expect next.

He leaned down and kissed her, looking deep into her eyes, as he entered her. She gasped and he whispered ‘Sorry’ illegal bahis siteleri before dipping his tongue into her mouth. He moved it around, exploring every last inch of her warm wet cave, which was softly sucking against his tongue.

He slowly thrust in and out concentrating on giving her pleasure. Samantha turned her head and parted her lips. Justin kept thrusting, now getting harder and faster. Samantha shifted and started to moan. She was shaking and pulsing in time to his thrusts.

Each thrust was shorter and quicker now, because Justin was getting closer. She was moaning louder and she was saying ‘Fuck me’ over and over again.

Justin leant over and whispered in her ear that he loved her as he reached the climax. Then he pulled out and spilled his warm, white, creamy liquid all over her flat, bare stomach.

He moved his semi-hard cock up her body until it was millimetres away from her face. She gently licked the tip of it and then pushed her tits up on either side of his dick.

He started thrusting again, slowly to begin with. Samantha formed a hollow for him by putting her hand over the top of her boobs. He kept going canlı bahis siteleri and then came over her face.

A light flickered on and the two lay with baited breaths. A couple of minutes later, John walked into the clearing. His jaw dropped when he saw Justin over the top of Samantha. Mouth agape, he decided to join in.

He ran over, throwing his clothes down along the way. He fairly thrust his dick into Samantha’s mouth trying to get her warm saliva to get him hard. Justin had moved back down and dipped his tongue into Samantha’s cavern.

He slowly licked her clit, pulling back the skin around it to expose all the nerve endings. Justin kept darting his tongue in and out of Samantha’s wet cunt.

John was hard now and told Justin so. He rolled off Samantha and pulled her on top of him. Justin clambered on top of Samantha and she was sandwiched. The group were jiggling like a bowl of jelly. Up and down, back and forth.

The happened for about 20 minutes and then Justin pulled out and shoved his cock in her mouth as he came. John pulled out as he came and squirted all over her round bum.

He went over to get dressed again and Justin kissed Samantha, sweetly, thoughtfully. Then he dressed Samantha, piecing her back together. She dressed him too. John was long gone by now and Samantha and Justin packed up the picnic things. They walked off hand in hand, down the moonlight, sandy beach.



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