BEACHI was 26, it was a hot summer in Brighton. My girlfriend Anna & I shared a top floor attic flat just a few minutes walk from the beach. Seagulls nested loudly on our roof each spring, and we regularly had friends visit us, down from London usually, telling us how great it was to get away from all of the heat & fumes. We pretended to sympathise with them, and mostly spent our weekends cooking, drinking, swimming and rolling spliffs until they caught their train back again on Sunday.After 8 years together things had gone stale in the bedroom between Anna & me. She was a plump girl, and I liked that, but she’d grown bored with me, and I thought she was seeing someone else. I just didn’t know how to excite her any more. I was focused on work, she got handouts from her family. I resented that. We’d stopped talking.This weekend her friend Sophie was back from Oxford and coming round for a catch up. Sophie looked and dressed very tart, and always had several guys on the go, and (much to Anna’s relief when we first met) was totally not my type at all. Her legendary sex exploits were always worth hearing, and I was an honoured part of the audience when she told us about the latest cock up. She turned up with another friend, Clare, who was nearly as big as Anna. She was about my height, had elegant dark eyes, self assured, with long wavy brown hair, wearing tiny sparkling ear studs, cool yellow sandals, and a long loose floral patterned cotton dress, lightly covering the curves of her magnificent breasts and bottom. I stumbled my words, closed my mouth and the door and tried not to stare.“God, I’m such a perv!” I thought, as I indulged bakırköy escort myself with the view of her sturdy legs climbing up the stairs ahead of me. My cock was making its presence felt inside my denim cut-off shorts, warming the top of my thigh with each step.Pretty soon we were all down on the beach.We lay down on our fronts, stretching out on the warm pebbles, Anna and Sophie on my right, talking, Clare on my left, mostly listening but chipping in occasionally. I took my t-shirt off, and as the girls chatted away the rhythm of the waves lulled me off to sleep.I slipped into a vivid dream about Clare, her billowing skirt and strong legs, her plump curvy breasts inside her dress. As I dozed in the sun, my cock grew, swelling and lengthening diagonally until my knob was poking out of the waistband on the left side of my shorts.A few minutes later I woke but didn’t move, enjoying the warm sun. Suddenly I felt the breeze run across my knob. It was stuck there, it wouldn’t move back. If I waited it would go down, but… it didn’t. Could Clare see it from where she was laying beside me? They were busy talking. Could the others see it across from their side? Still facing left, I opened my eyes.All I could see directly in front of me was Clare’s lovely deep cleavage framed by her dress. I looked up at her as she carried on talking to the others. There was no indication she’d seen anything. But then, as the others began rooting through their handbags to get money for ice-creams, she glanced down at me and smirked, briefly, ever so slightly, but just enough so that I knew- yep, she’d beşiktaş escort seen it, she’d seen my swollen knob sticking out. And, to my delight, she’d been enjoying it, which only made me even more excited. This erection was not going away, especially not now. The girls voted (entirely fairly) for me to go & get the ice-creams, but how was I going to stand up with this stonking great hard-on in the way? So I stalled for time, making dumb excuses why I couldn’t walk the short distance to the hut. Eventually Anna & Sophie agreed to go, leaving Clare and me laying beside each other on the hot pebbles as they trudged away up the beach.“You’re a bit of a flasher aren’t you?” said Clare, eyebrows arched, smirking.I looked at her and decided there was no apology needed. “Not until today” I replied. “Well you could run a flag up that one.” I shifted slightly so that my erection showed a bit more. She looked at it, purple and shiny.“Having a nice dream were you?” she said.“Fantastic, yeah, in fact you were in it.”“Oh yes? So what was I doing then?”My eyes strayed to her cleavage again, “Guess” I said. She saw where I was looking.“Stop staring at my tits, you little perv” she said, opening up the neckline of her dress a bit more. “Only if you stop looking at my willy” I said.“I wasn’t looking at your willy” She reached out her arm.I looked over her shoulder at the hut, the girls were still inside. Clare’s hand gripped hold of my erection and squeezed it tight. Not moving. I gasped.“I’ll look at your fucking willy if I feel like it, you pervy fucking flasher.” she said.She held me still and beylikdüzü escort tight, feeling my pulse. A blob of clear sticky liquid ran down onto her wrist. She glanced around the beach, nobody was looking. My heart was racing. Her dress billowed in my face revealing a glimpse of her large breasts. She began to drag her nails slowly along the underside of my cock, grinning. It felt amazing, my whole cock was aching and heavy. Then she started tickling the base of my knob with her nails. My bum twitched. She pinched my knob and fluttered her thumb underneath like a moth.“Are they heading back yet?” she said. I stuttered “No. Not…yet.. they’re… ” but I didn’t finish the sentence. Our eyes met as white spunk spurted up her arm, followed by another jet which landed on her dress.She looked down at my cock. “Ha! Dirty boy” she said, smiling. More cum was pumping out around her fingers and dripping onto the pebbles. I breathed heavily, a shiver running through my body.“Just look at what you’ve done” she said, letting go of me. She wiped her sperm-coated fingers on her dress, then leaned back and ran her hand through her hair. “What a fucking mess.” she said. “But one good thing about this dress is that the patterns hide the stains.“ We giggled. My cock was still a bit heavy now, but just bendy enough to tuck back into my shorts again so I could sit up properly.“So where the fuck are those ice-creams?” she said.Anna & Sophie appeared from around the hut holding four ice creams. As they approached, Clare turned to me and said “Maybe we should get together sometime, and see if you can last a bit longer. I’d rather feel you inside me, not flopping about on the fucking beach in front of everyone.”I nodded, pretending to look at the sea, turning a pebble over to hide some stray glistening cum splashes.So we ate our ice-creams and swam, and went back to the flat, and the following week I went round to Clare’s. Which is a whole other story.



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