The outdoors, a fire pit with four foot flames, on the beach, large blanket laid out near the fire, a storm rolling in, seagulls flying above, the sound of the waves crashing against the near by cliff, a gentle and humid breeze associated with the storm brushing our bodies. The sun disappearing behind the stormy clouds, creating a picturesque landscape.

Our hearts palpitating in our chests as we look into each others eyes, you wearing nothing but a bikini with a scarf draped around your waist, me in a pair of boxer swim trunks, I put my hand under your chin then caress your cheek. I lean in to kiss you, our lips joining, our tongues touching each other at the tip. My other hand rubbing your tummy and your sides, our kiss becomes more and more passionate as we lean into each other our heads tilted at just the right angle, our tongues vigorously playing with one another. My hand feeling your ribs and your waistline. The fabric of your bathing suit rubbing against my hand, feeling every inch of your skin. The other hand against your cheek, softly caressing it and brushing back to your ear where I play with your earlobe between my lips tasting your skin, moaning softly.

Your hands against my chest, occasionally scratching at me I lean back, and you straddle me, your legs on either side of me, your hands on my chest again. I look deep into your passionate eyes, the light from the flame lighting your skin to a light orange color. The sun gone from the sky, replaced by the flashing lightning of the storm out on sea. Our touch intensifying as the mood grows heavier. You reach behind your back and undo your top, let the straps follow your shoulders and let it fall on my stomach, your beautiful breasts appear before me, my eyes wander from your eyes to your breasts to your eyes again, you giggle, and lean down, place a kiss on my neck, I feel your breasts on my chest. You start feeling a stir under your bikini bottoms, it’s my cock starting to get aroused, you look at me and giggle, as you continue kissing my neck you move to my collar bone, licking and sucking on every part of skin your lips cross.

You climb off of me and kneel to my side, I reach your and under your scarf, I start rubbing your pussy from the outside of your swimsuit as you start kissing my chest, licking my nipple, moving further down, you kiss a trail along my tummy over my belly button, and pause, you look to me and moan in pleasure as my fingers are still dancing on your clit, you resume your kissing, you hand rubbing up and down my leg, you start kissing the seam of my bathing suit, and with your hand you tug it loose my pubic area appearing in front of you, you start kissing, my shaft still covered by the swim trunks, you just kiss the base of my shaft. Licking it ever so slightly, you then scoot my shorts down, I assist you in doing so by lifting my hips a little, my large semi-erect penis is before you, the light of the fire reflecting against illegal bahis your swollen lips. You start opening them and taking my shaft into your mouth, your saliva glistening on my shaft as your mouth starts moving up and down the length of my cock.

My fingers tug at the side of your bottoms as they tear away from your skin and my fingers slide along your slit gathering your moisture as it sinks into your vagina, reaching your clit and rubbing it in circles, you let out a muffled squirm with my shaft engulfed in your mouth. You start rubbing my chest with one hand as the other plays with my balls, your hips gently gyrating at my fingers inside your pussy. You lick the tip of my cock with drawling some precum from the tip by gently pressing against my scrotum, your tongue plays from the base of my shaft to the tip, licking up the mix of saliva and precum. You swallow and look at me deep in the eyes, you put your thumbs in your bottoms and tug them off your hips, your scarf only remaining on your hips as your suit falls to the ground along your long and smooth legs.

You climb me one more time and you scoot somewhat upwards this time, your hips inches from my head, you just kneeling on top of me, you scoot close to my face, and look into my eyes with passion, weaving your fingers into my hair your pull my face into your crotch, I smell the sweet aroma of your juices, my lips meet yours, my tongue darting for your clit, I lick it in circles, you moan lightly, rocking your hips softly, your lips part for mine, leaking some of your wetness onto my tongue, the intense taste makes me moan and want more, I push my lips harder against yours and lick your pussy from your clit to your hole, gently probing it in spreading your juices all over my face, you rock your hips into my face, your fingers still in my hair, pulling my closer as your body shakes, you feel an orgasm is imminent your muscles tense up and squeeze my tongue, your juices flow more abundantly into my mouth, your grip tightens on my hair and your rocking motions become shivers, your orgasm ripping through your body, I can taste your cum rushing out of your pussy as you hold on to me harder.

You scoot back down on me, your pussy dripping on my chest and belly, you rub it on me up and down lowering yourself towards my hips, my hard cock pointing towards your buttocks, you feel my head pressing against your pussy lips, your wetness saturating the grip my cock has on your opening, you slide my head into your vagina and press your walls together squeezing my member as you let me slide into you further bit by bit, your moans filling the air, your breasts are exposed to me, I take your nipple in my mouth and suck on it licking around it as your start your motion, up and down go your hips, I lick around your nipples making them erect, your juices start leaking from you as your increase the rapidity of your motions. I put my hands around your hips and rest them on your butt, squeezing illegal bahis siteleri it tight, I counter each of your thrusts with my hips slamming myself into you, my balls launching themselves at you making noise which is amplified by your juices. Your body starts to tense up you feel an orgasm overcoming you, you start releasing it onto my cock, I feel your pussy walls contract around my cock, creating a wonderful sensation.

You sit up on me, and start grinding your hips into mine, your put your hands in your hair behind your head the beautiful lights of the moon and the fire illuminating your body, you feel the moisture in the air increasing adding to out perspiration, my shaft buried deep in you, you start circling yourself on me, moaning. I hold on to your hips with my hands and aid you in your motion, I rub your sides as well as your breasts as my hands roam all over your torso, you look at me with passion I detect the flame in your eyes. You lean back down to passionately kiss me, and you start your up and down hip motion again, while kissing my neck, your hands have found my wrists and you hold my arms above my head as you keep moving up and down. Grinding yourself onto me. You kiss my neck, my shoulders my chest, I feel yours against my body.

I tell you to lay on top of me, and I roll myself on top of you, you spread your legs instinctively and I hold myself up with my knees, as I start pounding your hips with mine, my cock sliding in and out of you. My hands on your shoulders holding you down, I increase the velocity of my thrusts, making your breasts bounce up and down your eyes are closed and your face took an appearance of pure delight as my shaft makes its was to your deepest depths, I keep up the rhythm, admiring your naked body under mine, I lean in to kiss you, our tongues playing with each other, my hips making your whole body bounce, I kiss your neck, sucking on it, making you feel one more orgasm on its way, you start shuddering, and scream out my name in the middle of your moans, you beg me to stop, and let you take over, I get off of you still in the kneeling position, you get on your hands and knees.

Your ass towards me your hands on your cheeks your torso laying on the ground, your spread yourself as far as you can go, I lean in and start kissing your buttocks, licking up and down your crack occasionally resting my tongue on your ass and flicking it across, I probe it in a little and take it back out, and you moan pushing your hips back towards me, I keep kissing and rubbing your body with my hands. You tell me to take you, I raise on my knees and scoot in towards you my cock in my hand I guide it into your pussy feeding it to your wetness, I inch it into you and hold on to your hips, I start thrusting in and out of you with a high speed, my balls slapping against your clit as I thrust in towards you, I lean down to kiss you my hands roaming your body, rubbing your sides and holding your canlı bahis siteleri breasts in my hands I keep up my pace, rubbing towards your back, and kneading your ass in my hands I scroll my fingers up and down your crack, your juices all over your backside.

I press my index finger in your ass and start probing it in and out, as you let out louder moans indicating to me that you like it, I push it deeper into you, synchronizing it with my cock in your pussy, I keep up my pace while exploring you back there, making you nice and ready for my cock. I withdraw my cock, and plunge two fingers into your pussy gathering your juices, I spread them all over your asshole inserting the two fingers into you, making you scream, I put my dick against your hole back there and hold on to your hips, you wince in pain, but it feels so good you press backwards onto me, letting me slip deeper into you, inching my way into you, assisted by your backing up into me I rub your back comforting you I pick up from there as I withdraw from you and let myself back into you, deeper with each penetration, you are comfortable with my size in that hole and you spread your ass cheeks so I can go in deeper, I keep up the pace, holding your hips in my hands. My cock growing in your ass, your moans making me hard.

I reach around your hips and rub your clit, your moans increasing in loudness as I continue to make love to you and rub your clit, I put a finger in your pussy while my cock is stretching you back there, i feel my balls slapping the hand in your pussy I moan as your asshole clenches around my prick, your orgasm starting to build up, I add a finger in you and keep pumping it my cock stretching your walls I keep up pumping in and out of you your moans increasing in length as I pound myself deeper and deeper into you. You start screaming as your cum starts dripping from your pussy into my hand, I take my fingers out of you when your spasms cease and I lick it dry, my dick still in your ass, I withdraw. Reaching over for a towel to wipe it clean

You turn around and help me clean it, by leaning and taking it into your mouth you start sucking on it I tilt my head back and moan in pleasure as your mouth goes up and down on my cock. You put a hand on my balls and knead them gently as you deep throat my entire length. My pre cum rushes into your mouth. I sit down and you straddle me, wrapping your legs around my hips you let me sink back into your pussy, you embrace me and start moving up and down moaning into my ear as my shaft stretches your walls. Your wetness dripping down my balls, you keep your rhythm up and kiss my lips passionately. Your pussy lovingly clenching around my prick your lips on mine we moan together breathing heavily, sweating as the 1st drops of water fall from the clouds touching our skin as we make love, we feel our orgasms rushing through our bodies as your pussy is around my shaft, your grip tightens on me, and you start cumming, your orgasm triggers mine and my cum starts shooting through my body and escapes through the tip of my prick I kiss your lips as i start filling you with my sperm, shooting it deep into you, we sit there in a loving embrace kissing each other.

The End



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