BAD SON BAD AUNT PART 1my name Jamse i am 19 years old not so long ago i moved in with my aunt as my mum caught me getting a blow job of a girl i knew from my street when i got my aunts ( who lives alone as she never married ) shw welcomed me with open arms and we went in to the kitchen and my aunt asked if i wanted coffee i said yes as we set down to have our coffee and tea my aunt said first thigs first i have a few ground rules for you and she starts to tell me MANLY and MOST IMPORTANT you wont be getting up the sort of thigs you did at home if i ever even think you have been i will do what ur mum should have done and slapped the head off you then ill send you to live with your nan of the farm is that ok with you i look up at her as say ok secondly you will do what ask you to witch you normal do anyway on the up side for you if you meet a girl you can bring her round and sit in the front room and watch tv but only when i am here i will even come out here and skype your mum or one of my friends sound good to you i said yes and we chat for a while and finish tea and coffee.. then my aunt tells me to go put my stuff away and that she be up to see how im getting on after she rings my i got to my room i know witch one is mine as iv spent a few nights here before but my aunt was seen someone and most of liked here as he was there the hole time i was witch i didnt mind we sat and fifa on the playstation all the time this time was going to be different been that it was just the to of us i had started to put my stuff away and was just about done when my aunt came up and said you dont seem to have brought much wjth you considering you have moved here for good no i haven’t as i could not carried it all ok my aunt you better not think im buying you more maybe in a while you dont deserve it yet i no i dont deserve new stuff i say loudly my aunt turns round and give me a look that id never seen the look was salihli escort anger even before she could speck i say im sorry and she heads down stars now smiling i put the rest of my stuff away. when i was done i lay i on my bed and start to fall asleep i woke up to my aunt call me for dinner i wipe my eyes the notice my hard on i do my best to hide it but in my jeans it wasn’t easy i head down stairs i see my aunt is still lifting dinner so i rush in and sit down sure she didnt notice we sit and eat latter i go in the front room and see the playstation was gone ireally didnt expect to see it there but had hoped my aunt comes in after me and she said she had rented a movie for tonight it was a romantic type of flim i wasn’t really up for watching it but my ask me to so i sat on one end of the sofa and my aunt on the we watched the film and changed how she was sitting she was now lying wiht her head in my lap i was a little surprised by this all i could think was were do i put my hands i had got them folded but she asked me to move them when she lay on my lap after about 20 seconds of awkwardness i put one hand on here hip and the other on the end of the sofa i started to get hard real soon i knew i couldn’t move i was stuck asn wit every inch my aunt moved to fix her hair i was sure i she was going to hit of it by now i was as hard as ever i sat as still as i could and waited for the film to end it soon did and we went to bed i went to sleep that night with relef the she hadnt notice the next few day went by incident free i was put to work by aunt i was to everything round the house by the end of them days i was to tired to do anything that including wanking it had been a week sence i last came,,, the next day i got up when my aunt called me it must have been 12 oclock her normal time to get me at whe i got down downstairs i went in to my turgutlu escort aunt she told me she had notting for me to do so i can do what i want i only had one thing i wanted to do but i wasn’t going to tell her that so whe she asked me what i was going to do i said relx for the day what bout you i said ah not much probably skype your mom later tonight thats about it ill call you and you can say hi i say ok will do and are you sure you dont need me no my aunt said ok im going to watch tv of a while i watched tv for 30 minutes the i taught to myself its time i have a good wank i head upstairs not saying a word to my aunt i go to my room and start to strip i like to be completely naked while wanking so i strip of my clothes and lay on my bed already whit just the taught of getting to cum again i start to stroke my cock it felt greaa few minutes pasted and i am just about to finish when all the sudden my aunt wales in and with i cum everywhere and at the same time trying to cover up my naked body my aunt just stood there with a black face all i could say was why didn’t youknock om my door my aunt finally spoke i dont knock on doors in my own house that why there is no locks on my doors im still trying to cover myself and now trying to reach for my clothes my aunt smiles and kicks my clothes into the corner and laughs you weren’t trying to cover yourself while you were pulling on that where you i didnt know what was going on i just looked to my feet once again my aunt laughs well did you enjoy yourself i just keep my eyes on my feet and didnt say a wordill ask you one more time and if you dont answer me you will regret it did you enjoy yourself i look up a little and say yes but my aunt jumps in you weren’t expecting me to walk right before you finished am i right yea and im she jumps in wath sorry no yor not but you going to be notting you can erdemli escort get dressed now and when your done come down ill be in the kitchen i say ok and start to get drest with the taught of wath just happend running in my head i then notice im getting hard with the taught of he seeing me i fix myself and head downstairs to the kitchen when i get there my aunt smiles and says have a set i sit right across form her she starts i REALLY hope you enjoyed that because it be the last time you cum in my house to you agree i look at her and remember wath she said bout sending me to live on the farm so i just say yes she smiles again then she says iv a few questions for you and you to answer truthfully and if you dont it to the farm you go and your nan can deal with you ok i said yes without even thinking she starts first how lond have you be um…… masturbating i look at her and say since i was 11 or 12 i think next questionhow many times a day i tell her the truth 2 or 3 more if i get the chance really she says that a high number right wath get so worked at home that you masturbate so much now i smile the girls form my street ok now i know i said that was the last one but after the last answer you gave me it leads me to another one i get tat the young girls get you worked up i understand that but you have only been around me since you got so whats got you going so much is um…um.. me i look at my aunt and get all awkward well its been a week since i last did that so it was just my bodys way of getting a release oh my aunt says so it wasn’t me for some reason she looke disappointed i jump in and tell her its not that your not sexy of anything because you are its jus i never really taught of you that way until then i reailsed what i was bout to say then i just continued until the first night my aunt looked at me strange and said wath you mean the first wath happend then it was when we were watching our movie and lay wit your head on my lap yes she said over eagerly i look he a say well i started to get hard and haven’t been ably to get out my mind oh my so you were thinking bout me yes i said before i could say a word she said right thats a enough go to your room i need time to think…..TO BE CONTINUED…………………



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