Back in my early age it seemed older men were attrI was only about 16 years old at this time. My mom, me and 3 sisters moved over to the east end of this city. It was sort of a welfare building, your normal row housing. On welfare, you can’t afford that much, especially with a lot of mouths to feed.I wasn’t doing to good in school at this end of town. I had a bad habit of playing hookie from school. Naturally I was skinny and had very little clothing that fit me properly. I just couldn’t consintrate in class, with my stomach rumbling all the time.I used to go down to the docks where all the k**s hung out on the weekends. I felt that was a good place not to be seen by a truancy officer or police. I used to make up a fishing line out of whatever was laying around down by the docks and try catching fish. I figured if I caught something to eat mom wouldn’t be as mad at me when I did get home.This day, I started out early. Everybody was in school at 9 am so I headed down to the docks. Through the bush and down over the railroad tracks and across the old road. It was a nice hot sunny day, perfect for relaxing and cathing fish.I sat on some rocks right beside a place called Tullock Fishing. I dangled a line in the water and let the rip tide take it out further. Boy was I ever hungry. My stomach was growling and I didn’t have a lunch to take with me, naturaly.It was noon now and some of the men that worked on the dock were sitting around eating thier lunch. An older man, I guess in his 40s wandered down to see what I was doing. He asked, “Hows the fishing?’ I stated, “Not so good.” He asked if I wanted half his sandwich. Wow, I jumped at it as he handed it to me. “No school today,” He said. “No, I said, I had a dentist appointment this morning, so I thought I would spend the reat of the day down here.”He then said, ” I got some juice up in the truck, your welcome to come have some.” “OK.” I said, and tied my line to a log and followed him to the truck. We got in and he opened his thermus and poured out a cup bornova escort of juice for me and handed me some cookies out of his lunch box. “Thank you”, I said. We started talking about fishing and ended up talking about a little girl that used to come down here and have lunch with him once in a while. He said that she used to play hookie from school and come down here to hide for the day. “Ya”, he said. ” She used to put out to most of the guys that worked down here”. I was dumb. I asked, “What do you mean?’ Then he told me that she used to let guys feel her all over and and finger her. He then said that she liked it especially when they would give her a couple of dollars after they were done. That sent ideas through my head. All I could think of was money. But I am not a girl, How was I going to make money? Then I remembered the time when I was younger and that male baby sitter that made me feel him and the first time I ever saw or felt a male cock.All the time I was thinking about that, the man was rubbing my leg of my very tight pants I was wearing and causing my cock to harden. I didn’t have any underwear on so my cock was showing through my pants. I think he could see that because he moved up to my crotch area and started rubbing my cock bulge, which wasn’t much, I was small in size and still haven’t been able to cum yet. Not from the lack of trying though. I used to masterbate all the time since that babysitter. I also used to put things up my ass hole because it felt so good.As time went on, the man said, “I still have half an hour of lunch time left, and you look like you need some attention,” while staring at my crotch. He then unzipped my fly to see my cock of which sprang out of my pants and stood up about the size of a mans finger. ” That’s a nice little toy”, the man said, as he started to stroke it with his two fingers. He then took his other hand and pulled his own fly down and fumbled with his clothing to get his cock out for me to see. This was different bornova escort bayan to me. It was sort of pointed and didn’t have a head. He then pulled back his forskin to reveal the hole at the end. It was getting hard as he stroked his own cock, and the skin was tightening to show his whole cock. It was sort of big but not huge like I had experienced before. I didn’t know there could be different looking cocks. “Go ahead and touch it,” he said. I then reached over and touched it with my small hand. I actually atarted to stroke it like he was doing with mine. I wrapped my little hand around it as much as I could and went up and down as it grew even larger. At this time it took quite a big stroke to get up and all the way down to his ball sack of which he pulled out all the way. Then he told me how the little girl used to go down on him with her mouth. I was hesitant at this time. I never did this before. But down I went to his cock and placed my lips on the end of it. He gently placed his hand on the back of my head and guided my mouth over his cock even deeper. I was choking a little. He could tell so he would lift my head a little then reintroduce me again. While I was doing this I could feel his hand over my back and down to my ass hole. He was rubbing around my hole and pressing his finger in to it. This I had felt before. It felt good but I didn’t say anything to him. He then reached over to his compartment and opened it to get out a tube of something. He squeesed some onto his finger and replaced his hand to my ass hole. I could feel him pushing his finger in deeper and moving it around. This was really turning me on. He then pulled me up so that I was laying across the seat over him and he was able to continue pushing his finger into my ass hole even deeper. I could hear his breathing start to get heavier and he would push his cock deeper into my mouth. All of a sudden I felt this warm fluid start to shoot into my mouth. I had to swallow a lot of it, I escort bornova couldn’t spit it out anywhere. He kept pushing it in deeper. I thought I was going to choke to death. Finally he relaxed and stopped pressing jis finger into me. I guess this ment he was finished. I felt good, but didn’t cum.The man then pulled me up so that I was sitting facing him behind the steering wheel. By this time my pants were off me all together. I felt a little freer to move around now. He reached down and started playing with my little cock again and I could feel his spent cock below at my ass. Just a lump between my cheeks at this time. As he played with my cock His lump was getting hard again and he was moving it around my ass crack. It was slippery because of the stuff he put into my hole. He was hugging me to his chest and I could hear him breathing heavy. “You are even better than that little girl,” he said as he kept pushing his body up to meet my ass crack. I then felt him reach under and direct his cock to my ass hole so he was able to push it into the hole with every push up he did. I could feel it enter my ass hole and go even deeper as it grew larger. It felt really good to me but I still didn’t say anything. Obviously he was also feeling good. Deeper it went and he started to move a little faster. Again that warm feeling of fluid was entering my ass. I could feel it all the way up to my stomack this time. He was breathing heavier and pushing it deeper until he was making jerking movements with his body and ramming it in further to my not so virgin ass hole. Yes, this felt good. Now I know why that little girl was doing it. Soon, he was finished, as I felt his cock pull out of my ass slippery and wet. He helped me over to my side of the truck and gave me some rags to wipe myself off. I then was able to pull my pants on and finish my drink and cookies.”well,” he said. “That was great, how do you feel?’ I just nodded and said “ok”.” I got to get back to work” he said. “But I hope to see you again”. Then he slipped me a two dollar bill and told me not to be a stranger. I was so happy. I told him I come down a lot then left his truck and started over the tracks and up through the bush toward home. I thought, now mom can’t be mad, I made some money. Well I’ll tell her I found it. HA HA Till next time.



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