Uncle Nikki shoved the bra and panties and heels into my hands and sat back with Daddy on the couch.

“Get dressed,” Daddy said.

Shaking I tugged off my shirt and slid off my pants, my eyes glued to Daddy and Uncle Nikki who scratched absentmindedly at his groin.

“Stop whining, you’re nineteen!” Daddy barked.

I unsnapped my bra and slid off my panties and pulled on the new bra and panties. I might as well have just stayed naked, the garments were going to come off anyway. My breasts were heavy with milk and felt as though they would bounce or tumble free at any moment of the bra. The shoes were murder to stand in and boosted my height from 5’2″ to 5’7.”

Then Uncle Nikki produced a small stool and set it down in front of me.

“Up,” he said, snapping his fingers.

Biting my lip, I stepped up onto the stool. One leg at a time. I sat in a squatting position as though they wanted me to urinate on command.

Uncle Nikki stepped in front of me and unzipped his pants, his hard cock freed. Precum leaked from the tip and Uncle Nikki smeared it along his member as he held it close to my lips. I parted my lips for him to enter my mouth. His fingers threaded in my hair, he rocked his hips back and forth, then… SMACK! On my pussy.

“She’s already soaking,” Daddy said, his breath hot on my skin.

I gagged on Uncle Nikki’s cock, he held himself in place, his balls rested against my chin and his cock half way down my throat. Daddy smacked my pussy again, caressing the soft fabric of my thong with his fingertips and I moaned into Uncle Nikki’s cock as he bucked his hips gently against my face.

I wobbled on the stool, struggling to hold my place but Uncle Nikki’s bucking casino siteleri and Daddy’s smacking plus the five inch heels I was wearing made it difficult.

“Hold still,” Daddy said.

He cupped my pussy in his large hand and said, “You remember what happened the last time you couldn’t keep your balance.”

I nearly bit down on Uncle Nikki’s cock. My bottom was still sore and a little red from the other day. But as Uncle Nikki’s thrusting increased, the more I wobbled on the stool. My breasts tumbled free of the bra and hung heavily beneath me, swaying each time Uncle Nikki’s balls slapped my chin. But then Uncle Nikki cried out and my mouth was filled with the warm salty taste of cum. My foot slipped and THUD! as I landed hard on the stool cunt-first. Uncle Nikki cried out again. I thought he’d cum a second time but then he yanked me up by my hair and began to hit me about the face.

“Bitch! I told you to watch your teeth!” he roared.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” I cried, throwing up my hands to shield my nose and mouth.

Keeping a tight grip on my hair, Uncle Nikki stepped backwards. Pulling me with him, he sat back on the couch, pulling me forward. My legs shook as I fought to keep from falling forward.

There was a loud rip, I felt a breeze on my pussy, then felt my pussy pulsing as something rubbed and prodded my clit, running up and down my swollen lips.

Leaking more precum Uncle Nikki smeared some on his finger and brought it to my lips and I licked his finger clean. I took his cock back into my mouth, his big hands caressing my back. Daddy circled my clit with his cock, lightly tapping my clit with the head.

Uncle Nikki unsnapped my bra and reached beneath me, slot oyna rolling my hard nipples between his fingers. His cock twitched in my mouth and he squeezed my nipples hard, his grunts getting louder and louder.

I felt pressure on my ass, then stretching… It hurt. I did my best not to bite Uncle Nikki as I shut my eyes tightly. Daddy held my hips as he pushed his whole length into me till his balls rested against my sticky swollen lips. Grunting loudly, he bucked his hips hard and dug his fingers into my skin. His hips slapped against my ass and Uncle Nikki pumped my head up and down on his hard cock.

I moaned into his cock as Daddy thrust harder into my ass as though he intended to rip me in two. My breasts swayed heavily beneath me, threatening to splatter the carpet with milk at any moment. My legs shook, the heels squeezed my toes but I held myself still.

They came hard, their dual orgasms filling my ass and mouth. Daddy yanked me back against him by my hair, his cock still buried deep inside me, and I coughed up Uncle Nikki’s cum. He just grinned, watching his load run down my breasts and belly, and beckoned me forward with a single hand. Still holding my hair, Daddy pushed me forward and down onto Uncle Nikki’s lap. My legs straddled his waist as pushed me down on his cock.

Uncle Nikki smiled at me and put his hands on my waist, sliding his hands up to cup my breasts, gently squeezing them and circling my nipples with his thumbs. He teased my nipples with his tongue and lips, kissing, sucking, gently nibbling my breasts. I risked a peek and looked down at him through my slitted eyes to see Uncle Nikki with his head buried in my breasts, little pearl white droplets decorated my nipples and his fingers. canlı casino siteleri He smiled up at me, sucking one of my nipples between his lips and then the other. He massaged my breasts tenderly, coaxing a bit of milk to flow and he returned his lips to my full breasts. He bucked his hips gently, gently thrusting into me with Daddy. Daddy let out a soft sigh and let go of my hair, hugging my waist as he thrust into me. Their cocks separated by nothing more than just a bit of skin. I rested my head on Uncle Nikki’s shoulder and moaned softly, closing my eyes, resting my hands on his shoulders.

They were much more gentle this time, slowly thrusting into me, sandwiching me between the two of them. The air was filled with our moans, the soft sound of skin slapping against skin and the wet sound of their cocks moving in and out of my ass and pussy.

Uncle Nikki’s hairy chest became sticky with my milk as my breasts rubbed against him.

“Irma you’re making a mess,” Uncle Nikki chuckled, gently pinching my ears.

He hugged me tighter to him and Daddy did the same. They were hugging me so tightly I could barely move, or breathe. I let out a soft cry and daddy loosened his grip a little and lightly smacked my ass.

“Do you want to cum sweetheart?” Daddy asked, his voice soft in my ear.

He thrust a little harder into me, hugging me tighter to him.

“Yes Daddy, please Daddy… Please Uncle Nikki,” I moaned softly.

Daddy kissed my shoulder, his whiskers tickled and scratched my skin. They got a little rougher, their cocks digging deeper into me. I felt I’d break apart.

They roared as they both came, filling me with their cum and we collapsed together on the couch. Uncle Nikki with his head back, me with my head still resting on his shoulder and Daddy with his head on my shoulder as he stood on unsteady knees. He kissed my cheek and whispered softly to me, “Daddy loves you baby girl.”



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