The following story is based upon one of my fantasies. In my stories, the protagonist has my first name and physical attributes. However, I DO NOT think of myself as being beautiful. Any similarities in this story to anyone, live or dead, is strictly coincidental. All businesses are also fictitious.

This is a story about a middle age wife and mother meeting her daughter’s new friend, and the changes it causes in her world. I wrote this story in about 12 chapters. However, I only submitted the first seven chapters which completes this story. I am still not sure if I will release the rest of it.


Kendra finished putting the groceries away as Craig was walking in the kitchen to kiss her goodbye. Craig was pulling the late shift at the hospital tonight and would probably be home after 3:00AM. However, as Craig has stated so many times, a doctor’s hours were never set in stone.

“Goodbye honey, see you in the morning, I will crawl in when I get home so don’t be alarmed.”

Kendra gave him a wily smile but thought to herself: “Not tonight dear, I have a headache.’

Kendra laughed about it but in reality she seriously would not feel very “lovey dovey” at that time of morning. Craig jumped into his Mustang convertible and sped away with his blond hair staying immaculately in place.

Kendra often felt regret and was ashamed that she was not as attentive to Craig as she thought she should be. She loved him but the physical aspects of their relationship was not as Kendra thought it should be. Maybe it was the change coming upon her; after all Kendra was approaching her 42st birthday and she was slowing down some. Marriage to a doctor, added to the burden of raising two children, could take its toll on many people she thought to herself. She thought back when they first married. Craig was finishing medical school at IU and Kendra was finishing her masters in education. Kendra quickly found work at a local elementary school in Indianapolis as Craig started his internship at University Hospital. However, Kendra quickly became pregnant with Kasey and she realized she could not keep up with the busy schedule of teaching and raising a daughter at the same time.

Craig and Kendra both agreed that Kendra would give up teaching to raise a family when the time came. Then there was the birth of Richard three years later. Richard’s birth was a difficult birth; a caesarian procedure was needed. Craig had landed in a very good medical group, and his six figure salary could keep them in the comfort Kendra had always desired and dreamed while being raised helping her family back on the farm in Hanover. Kendra stayed home and became the ideal American mom with a great social life to boot.

While attending college at Butler University working on her undergraduate degree, she met Craig Jarvis the son of an accountant from Madison, Indiana. Tall, nearly 6 feet 5 and trimmed, the blond Craig was a sight to behold. Craig found Kendra to be a living doll. Kendra was tanned, stood 5foot 7 with honey blond hair, deep blue eyes, a cute pouty mouth with full lips, a healthy 38 C chest, and the whitest, straightest teeth Craig had ever seen. Craig liked the fact that Kendra was very curvy. Kendra felt she always carried a few extra pounds, but Craig loved the way she looked. Kendra worked hard on making herself sexy. She loved to think that men leered at her when she swayed down the street. Trips to the beautician and the tortures they bring were all worth it when she would receive the rewards of those looks from men. Now she was over 40 and she feared that gravity was beginning to take too much toll on her. She did not make over herself as much these days. Kendra felt why fight a losing battle.

Kendra did not feel sexy but worn out and haggard. “I am becoming an old maid” she would remind herself from time to time.

The door opened breaking Kendra out of her trance, and Richard dragged himself in after football practice.

“Richard, don’t forget to take those socks off as well as your shoes. I have enough to worry with without having to sweep up that nasty dust.”

“Right mom, do you need some help?” Richard asked as Kendra busied herself putting away the groceries.

“No thank you. Offering help? O.K. what do you want kiddo?” Richard stepped back and realized Kendra had figured out his intentions.

“Larry, Kent and I wanted to go over to Sid’s house to play some games.”

“Oh, not those violent war games again?” Kendra hated those games as she had read enough articles about the scars they can have on kids.

Richard assured her it was not a war game. Kendra gave permission as long as Richard finished his homework before going over. Richard frowned, and then reluctantly agreed. A minute later she heard the shower running as Richard was washing off the grime of another football practice. Kendra worried about her son playing football. She did not like that he was playing football; it was such a rough sport and there are so many injuries. However, illegal bahis she gave into Richard and Craig when they pressed her for her blessing. Luckily, Richard was on the freshman team and the competition was not as rough as it will get in subsequent years.

Kendra started to fix dinner when Richard came down to the kitchen. “Where are you going young man? You haven’t eaten dinner yet.”

Richard turned and huffed “uh, we are having pizza. Mrs. Simms is ordering us the huge meat lovers special.” Richard said as a smile widened on his face.

“Well, O.K. Richard, but you make sure you are home by ten.”

“Aw, come on mom, like it is Friday night.”

Kendra turned toward Richard, “All right, but no later than twelve or I will come and get you!”

Richard smiled, “thanks mom, see you later.”

Richard took off down the street as the phone ringed. “Oh, good grief, what now?” Kendra thought to herself.

“Hi mom” as Kasey’s sweet voice blasted through the telephone.

Kendra smiled at her daughter. “Hi honey, how is it going, are you done?”

Kasey was meeting with a sponsor chosen by Indian University. This sponsor was to act as a mentor to Kasey telling her what she needed to do her senior year to prepare for her program. Kasey was accepted into a prestigious pre law program. It was hard to get there for her precious daughter, but Kasey gave up a lot of her free time to reach her dreams of being a lawyer making her parents proud.

Kendra asked her daughter if she was ready to be picked her up. Kasey’s car was in the shop getting its 30,000 mile checkup. She would have normally driven her mother’s Explorer, but Kendra needed it for her shopping. Both mother and daughter agreed Kendra would come and pick her up at the high school when the end of the week evaluation was done.

“Don’t worry about it mom, Mandi is giving me a ride home. She would like to meet you; so if you have any questions you can feel free to ask her anything you want.”

Kendra agreed that would be a pretty good Ideal as she wants to know more about this program and what toll it would take on Kasey. Kendra was very anxious about Kasey going college. Even though it was in the same town she lived in, Kasey was going to live on campus. Kendra and Craig both agreed this would be a good thing for Kasey to do giving her experience living away from home. Her sponsor Mandi Ulrich comes from a very reputable family. Her father was the senior partner in Ulrich, Banks, Sowders, and Thompson; the most prestigious law firm in Indianapolis. It was also nice that they had an office in Bloomington. Maybe Mandi could help Kasey get an internship at the firm.

Kendra had to be careful. She is so protective of Kasey, when Kasey started dating Todd, Kendra made sure she kept Todd in the living room until all of her questions had been answered to her satisfaction. Kasey was quiet a catch with her long, waist length, honey blond hair, her father’s angular face, and her mother’s deep, clear blue eyes. Kasey was also blessed with her mother’s breast as she was now wearing a C cup bra. However, Kasey had slimmer legs than her mother ever had, and Kasey’s 5 foot 9 frame made the legs appear to go on forever.

Kendra’s looked at her own legs as she stretched out, looked back over her shoulder to look at the bulbous, well tanned calves. Most men found her legs to be a perfect part of a voluptuous woman. Voluptuous another word for fat Kendra often thought to herself. Kasey’s hips were rounding out but were still pretty slim. At 18, Kasey was already a budding beauty.

Kendra went about fixing dinner. Spaghetti was not the most challenging dish, but Kendra often made it more of a desirable meal with a nice garden salad and baked French bread. Kendra began to fill the beginnings of a migraine headache circling in her head. The phone broke the sound of the boiling water. Kendra answered the phone recognizing the number of her friend and fitness club partner Lisa.

Lisa’s cherry voice echoed over the phone. “Hey girl what are you doin?”

“Oh, you know the usual fixing dinner for just two of us.” The tired mother of two responded.

“Craig at work as usual uh? Poor baby got that big ole house to yourself. I should be so lucky. I can’t get Steve out of here. He just sits here in his sports chair and watches ESPN nonstop.”

Lisa and Steve had been married for almost ten years and yet they had no children. They often seemed kind of distant with each other. Kendra thought them to be more like brother and sister than husband and wife.

Kendra sighed and responded to her friend. “Yea and Richard is at his friend’s house.”

The ever cheerful Lisa could hear her friend clanging the cookware. “What are you doing just cooking dinner for Kasey and yourself? What are you having?”

Kendra sighted again. “Spaghetti, garden salad, French bread and sweet tea.”

Kendra smiled and asked Lisa if she wanted to come over because there would be plenty. illegal bahis siteleri “Kasey is bringing her pre law sponsor by; I will ask her to stay if she wants.”

“Ah, give her the old third degree, uh Ken?” teased Lisa

Kendra laughed. “Nah, I will work on her with my charm and good cooking and let that be my weapon of choice.”

Lisa Jennings was probably Kendra’s best friend. They were both members of the Timberwood Circle Health Club were they played as partners on the tennis team. It was one of the marquee clubs in Bloomington. Kendra was always jealous of Lisa’s petite little figure and the fact that Lisa was six years younger. Lisa’s auburn shoulder length hair, broad shoulders, and thin waist would often drive Kendra insane with envy. When the tennis matches rolled around, Kendra would have to look at Lisa’s thin, athletic white legs. Lisa’s skin was white but as precious as alabaster. She was indeed a beautiful woman and drawled the attention from the guys and away from Kendra.

In fact, Lisa always felt Kendra was the one getting attention from guys. Kendra’s had one of the most beautiful faces of any woman that Lisa knew. Kendra was like the classic 1950’s baby doll. A blond Jane Russell as Lisa often teased her. Lisa often grew jealous of Kendra’s greatest asset. That shapely round ass of hers. Kendra took pride in wearing tight clothes. The clothes were actually too tight for her age and body size thought Lisa. Kendra often wore those red denim shorts that contrasted so well with her thick, tanned thighs. Kendra like to wear tight black crop pants to demonstrate her curvy calves and round bottom. Her jeans were always well worn on her shapely bottom and tight; very tight. Lisa always felt that Kendra was fighting an uphill battle against father time, but it was a battle well worth fighting.

“Well, take it easy on the child will you” beamed Lisa.

“Don’t worry, I will leave her in better shape after the talk, she will enjoy my wonderful dinner” smirked Kendra as she said goodbye to Lisa.

Kendra was thinking about what was coming. The fall festival at the school in which she always volunteered here services. Christmas shopping was over half done, but the other half can still take it out of her. The only good news was Craig being out of town at a convention the middle two weeks of December. That would give Kendra some much needed rest. Oh yea, how could Kendra forget her 42 birthday in September. Well, she wished she could forget it. Everything is so humdrum I wished there was some excitement in my life, something to look forward to in the coming months.

“Mom, I would like for you to meet Mandi.”

“Hi Mrs. Jarvis, I am Mandi Ulrich.”

Chapter 2

Kendra was a little taken aback when she turned around to face Mandi Ulrich. Mandi was About 5′ 4″ with a slim, athletic looking frame. She had the prettiest face. It was a round face that squared off to a cute little chin. Her lips were thin, but very pert. Her eyes were dark brown but looked black and seemed to gleam as she stood in the doorway. Mandi’s hair was dark brown and extended past her ears to just above her shoulders. Her nose was perfect. A cute little button nose. Mandi was just too adorable; she looked so much younger than her age.

Kendra smiled and extended her hand. “Hi Mandi, it is great to finally meet the young lady who is going to help guide my Kasey to college.”

“It is my pleasure Mrs. Jarvis.” Mandi said as she accepted the older woman’s hand in her little hand and gazed into Kendra’s deep set blue eyes.

“Hey, none of this Mrs. Jarvis stuff please call me Kendra.”

Mandi laughed as she released the beautiful woman’s hand. The two women silently stood for a few seconds smiling and staring into each other’s eyes. A move that was not unnoticed by Kasey.

Mandi’s voice was dainty and high pitched. A voice much like a 12 year old. Her chest and thighs gave her age away as both were nicely rounded. She was wearing a white IU t-shirt and dressed in red satin gym shorts that rode high on her thighs giving anyone a nice full view of two very well defined tanned legs which stretched down to her open end sandals which proudly displayed her pretty little toes. Yes, Mandi Ulrich was a pretty little doll.

“Well you girls must have had a very casual meeting being dressed the way you are.” Kendra was curious about the meeting. She assumed it would be in a more official place like a library.

“Mom, it is so much better to meet in the park than any old stuffy office.” Kasey rolled her eyes as she looked at Mandi.

Mandi chimed in “you see Mrs.—I mean Kendra”

Mandi blushed and smiled as Kendra noticed the beautiful mouth full of white teeth.

Mandi continued: “It is really only about what direction Kasey wants to take, does she want to go into criminal litigation or into business law. Once Kasey decides, we can then work out a curriculum for her.”

Kendra shook her head up and down as she perfectly understood canlı bahis siteleri what Mandi was telling her. “Well let’s discuss that Mandi while you have dinner. Can you stay for dinner?”

“I would love to Kendra; I would like to get to know you better.”

Kendra smiled. She liked Mandi Ulrich and wanted to get to know her better as well. “Great, you girls sit there and talk and I will finish dinner.”

Kasey and Mandi chatted a while before Kasey said she needed to go change her clothes into something more comfortable. Mandi leaned back in her chair and focused on Kendra. Mandi observed Kendra closely. While Kasey was attractive, Kendra seemed to glow as she was mature, voluptuous, and beautiful –very beautiful. The two of them talked as Mandi only paid half attention to the conversation.

Mandi could not take her eyes off of Kendra Jarvis. Kendra was dressed in a tight black tank top and when she turned to the side to chop some lettuce Mandi observed the large full breast straining to stay in the tank top even if they were held in place by a bra. Kendra’s had the prettiest deep set blue eyes which seemed to burn right through you. Her blond crown and glory was in a ponytail that fell about half way down her back. Kendra turned back to the stove. Mandi looked at Kendra’s heels in the dark sandals she wore and followed them up, over the curvaceous golden calves to the perfectly shape buttocks encased in a pair of tan cotton shorts. Kendra’s ass was a woman’s ass being large, but not too large, and curvy. Mandi noticed Kendra’s arms were large with a muscular tone. Kendra wondered if Kendra could lift her and carry her. How would those arms feel wrapped around her? Mandi was in total lust. Mandi was jarred back to reality when Kendra asked her age and what class she was in.

Mandi straightened up and answered the blond goddess. “I am twenty and I am a junior. However, I have taken some summer classes and will be starting my senior year in the spring semester. Kasey seems like a nice girl, and now I see where she got her looks from.”

Kendra looked back over her shoulder as she stood over the stove and responded with a smile; “thank youuuu!”

Mandi shivered at the cute way Kendra responded. Kendra became aware that Mandi was flirting with her and she was fascinated more by the fact that she loved it. Kendra loved attention, usually from men, but it was thrilling to thing that such a lovely young girl finds her attractive. Kendra could feel Mandi’s eyes burning into her back as she finished preparing dinner. Kendra reached back to scratch her upper thigh raising the tight shorts up a little. Mandi smiled at the lovely sight of the generous amount of leg and thigh on display. Kendra called out to Kasey telling her dinner was ready.

All during dinner Kendra would look into Mandi’s beautiful brown eyes. The most soulful, hypnotic eyes Kendra had ever seen. Kendra watched as Mandi sucked down a piece of pasta. Her lips so pretty as Kendra watched the piece disappear into Mandi’s approving mouth. Mandi watched as Kendra licked her tongue around her lips to remove the excess marinara sauce. Kendra and Mandi had both lost their sandals as they ate. Mandi shifted in her chair and her right toe came in contact with Kendra’s left foot. Mandi then shifted her foot so all of her toes were resting over Kendra’s toes. Mandi realized what she did and withdrew as she looked at Kendra. Kendra winked and smiled at Mandi’s embarrassment thinking it was just an accident. Kendra admitted that the foot of the young girl felt nice against her toes, yet her titillation as such an act was somewhat disturbing. If Mandi were a man, Kendra would be flirting with him about now.

Kasey noticed her mom and new friend staring at each other from time to time. She notice her mom actually blush a little, and it made Kasey very uncomfortable.

“Well I need to go hit the books” cooed Kasey as she stretched getting up from the table. “I will see you next Friday Mandi”

Kendra, broke from her trance staring at the young Mandi, spoke up. “You go ahead dear; Mandi and I need to talk a little. As a matter of fact, why don’t I show you the house Mandi?”

They left the spacious kitchen and walked into the living room. The floor was a lovely dark walnut hardwood. There was a white sofa in the middle of the living room with a glass table in front. A white love seat sat off to one side and white recliner on the other side. The fire place was black marble with a white shag rug spread out on the floor in front. In a cubby hole above the fire place was the plasma TV screen. Kendra led Mandi into the next room which was the den. There was an oak desk, dark gray sleeper sofa and gray chair with matching ottoman. Kendra showed Mandi the upstairs. Mandi eyed the sway of Kendra’s hips as she climbed the stairs. The bold eyes of Mandi could see the undulation of the muscles in Kendra’s legs, upper thighs and buttocks. It was then that Mandi tried to start removing such thoughts about a woman old enough to be her mother. There were three bedrooms each with their own individual bathroom. Kendra led Mandi in to the guest bedroom, called the blue room because of the carpet and paint. Then it was back down stairs and to the basement.



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