Aunt’s braThis story happened in my aunt’s house during the summer. She’s the wife of my uncle, and damn she’s hot as hell. 5’7, athletic build, great ass and small but round tits (34b). She’s blonde and works out a lot.Anyways I was 16 at the time, and my aunt was 30. My dad and my uncle decided to have a guys week out camping, so my aunt was home alone. My mom decided it would be a great idea if we stayed with my aunt for the duration of my dad and her husband’s trip. Naturally, I was ecstatic. Being a horny teenager, and having a hot aunt lead to her being in my mind a lot when masturbating.When we arrived at her house and she answered the door, my breath was quite literally taken away. She was wearing a tank top and shorts, and the outline of a dark bra was very visible under the white tank top. She was sweating, for she had been working out. It was also a hot summers day, so keep that in mind also.She welcomed us in, and told us to have a seat so she could make us some tea. But I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She started having some small talk with my mom and I took my time to look at her while she made tea. Oh god, I was already hiding an erection watching that hot ass as she bent over to get something in the cupboard. I was itching for release but didn’t have an excuse to leave, so I waited my erection out.I was torn from my thoughts when my aunt addressed me.”Hey, we have a PlayStation upstairs if you want to play. I doubt you want to listen to all this old lady talk,” she said with that sweet sexy smile. I snickered at her jest, my mom was 11 years older than her and she considered herself kars escort an old lady. I smiled gratefully and made my way upstairs and found the games room. I rummaged through the games basket and immersed myself in some devil may cry. I was probably on it for an hour when I heard a voice getting louder. It was my aunt telling my mom that she’d just get changed. She probably forgot I was upstairs so when she passed by the door she already had her top over her shoulders, the article of clothing blocking me from her view. But hot damn, I got an instant boner. She was wearing a sexy purple padded bra, wish pushed her cleavage together. Her tummy was slim and toned, her tits nice small and round and damn if it were acceptable, I would have pushed her down and fucked her right then and there.She went to the bathroom, and a minute later she came back out. Now dressed more modestly in jeans and a green flannel shirt. “Where are you going?” I asked as she passed by the doorway, unfortunately fully clothed this time. “Your mom and I are just going to visit a friend, we’ll be about two hours. The PlayStation’s all yours k**do,” she replied, running down the stairs. When I had an instinct to go to the bathroom. I paused the level and left the room as I heard my mom and aunt leaving. “Have fun!” My aunt shouted, locking the door behind her.I grunted in response and entered the bathroom to do my business. When I finished, and was about to leave, something on the basket beside the sink suddenly caught my eye.My heart skipped a beat and I became tense as I realised I was looking at my aunt’s work kastamonu escort out clothes. I debated on whether to examine them or not, and finally concluded with the aid of teenage hormones that it wouldn’t hurt to check. The moment I picked up the tank top I could smell her. Her faint perfume infused with sweat. It was oh so arousing. I popped a boner right there and then. Suddenly, something heavy fell from within the top and hit the floor with a muffled sound. And there it was. The icing on the cake.A dark purple padded bra. The padded bra I had seen my aunt wearing when she accidentally flashed me mere minutes ago.It looked oh so arousing, lying on the floor, its material shining in the light. I brushed it with my fingertips and instantly retracted my hand. It was still warm from her body. “Fuck,” I whispered, picking it up to inspect it, its slutty padded cups had held my beautiful aunts tits mere minutes ago. The front of the cups were made from a nice nylon material, which felt great. I held it up to my face to smell it, and damn it smelled just like her. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I felt a dampness on the inside of the cups.I turned the bra to see the inside of the cups were much darker than the dark purple colour of the bra.I realised that it was sweat from my aunt working out. My shaft was twitching painfully now, desperate for release. I placed the tip on the bra cup as a shock of pleasure was sent through me. I folded the other cup over, enveloping my dick and squeezed both sides. Revelling in the warm, silky, damp sweetness of the escort bayan padded bra. The fact that my aunt’s sweaty tits had been here moments ago almost made me burst right there.I pulled the damp garment up and down my shaft. It was heavenly,The warm, velvety and damp material did wonders to irk sensations in my dick as I jacked myself with my aunt’s dirty bra. The light padding adding to the support. It made squelching noises as I ravished it, courtesy of my aunt’s workout sweat. I imagined my aunt sucking me off as I fucked her bra, her sweet face, and red lips enveloping my shaft in wet goodness. Her blonde curls covered in white as I came.I continued fucking the bra until I felt the urge to come. Without thinking twice, I pulled away and ejaculated ropes of cum into the inside of the cups.Once done, I stared in awe at the image of my aunt’s slutty bra covered in my cum. Using my dick, i rubbed the cum into the already wet cups, glad of my aunt’s workout regime for hiding my deed. It was later that day when my mom and aunt came back and we had dinner, did my aunt declare that she was going to finish working out for the day. My mom commended her on her dedication, and I too. It was only when she went upstairs to change did I start shitting myself. She was obviously going to wear her workout clothes again before putting them in the wash. I prayed to whatever deity would comply that her sweaty bra had managed to hide my cum.And it was answered. When she came back downstairs she wore the same clothes she had worn in the morning. Tank top, workout shorts. And under that top was that slutty purple cum covered bra. My cum was on her tits, and she didn’t even notice. I masturbated to no end that weekend. It was perhaps one of the most erotic of my life. When I went home later that week I left her with multiple clean articles of lingerie I had jacked off with as a souvenir.



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