Aunt Terry Joins Mum And Me For Girls NightMy beautiful mom and I like to take care of each other sexually. I know that not everyone can accept that. But, for us giving each other pleasure is one way we love each other. No strings of course, completely consensual, and soo much fun because she’s an incredible lover and has taught me things about my body I would have never known.She recently told me that she learned most of it from my aunt, her older sister. They used to hook up in high school and college. But, since she married dad, they haven’t had sex. I found it super hot and asked if she thought Aunt Terry could join us sometime.”Ohhh, I bet she’d love that. We should surprise her!” My mother is devious and fun that way. So, we planned a girls night when dad was away for work. We dressed up and want out for a nice dinner. Then came back to our house and drank wine. Mom started talking about having a sleepover, which was their code for “let’s have sex tonight”. Aunt Terry got this gümüşhane escort priceless look on her face, like she was protecting me from their secret.”She knows all about it, Terry. In fact, she wanted you to join us tonight for the sleepover.” Terry got so aroused! I’d never seen this side of her, of course. But, she practically pulled mom back to bed with her. Aunt Terry threw mom down and began to kiss her sweetly. “Oh my god, it’s been so longgg…” she said, as she began to push her tongue into mom’s mouth. It was such a turn on watching them make out. I laid between them and started to play with mom’s legs. I knew her panties were getting wet like they always did when she got aroused. I reached up inside her dress and rubbed her between the legs through her sheer bikinis. She moaned softly. Terry watched me for a minute, then pulled mom’s dress up, unfastened her bra and began to suck on her nipples. It was obvious they had a routine, which was super sexy. I pulled escort gümüşhane mom’s panties off. All I could think about was how fucking hot it was that I was about to have sex with two married women.Terry sat back and said she wanted to watch mom and me kiss. So I pulled my dress off and climbed up onto mom’s body and kissed her deeply, pouring my tongue into it for Terry’s enjoyment.”Your mom and I used to do this several times a week. I would sit in class and get horny thinking about it,” she said as she rubbed her breasts through her dress.”You should come back here and show me,” I said. Aunt Terry unzipped her dress and let it fall to the ground. Her body still held up. I loved her breasts and couldn’t wait to have her nipples in my mouth. I kissed down mom’s body as Terry made out with her some more. I took mama’s vagina in my mouth, troweling her lube into my throat with my tongue, licking her clean until she was purring happily. Terry continued to kiss her as gümüşhane escort bayan I ate her pussy happily. I told her to flip over and I ate her butthole for a while as aunt Terry licked my crack, down over my ass and onto my throbbing vagina. She was wonderfully skilled at pleasuring a woman.”You are as young and beautiful as your mom when we used to do this,” she said between licks. I loved their sexy history and being a part of it now. While mom’s tongue probed and stimulated my hungry slit, I pictured them, young and beautiful, tumbling around their beds in my grandparents house, trying to stay quiet as they made each other cum over and over.Mom wanted to switch, so I stuckmy ass up towards her the way she likes it, so she could lick me back there. She lovingly lapped at my butthole, eventually moving down to my drippy opening, pushing two fingers inside, just as I like. She knows me so well. In a few minutes I had my first orgasm while Aunt Terry ate mom from behind, then moved to my back, licking and caressing my body while mom ate me and I rubbed my clit. The orgasm was intense and longggg. Terry wanted to kiss me. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths while mama felt me up. I had a feeling this was going to go on all night!



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