Hi, this is Fucktoy and my second story. If you are tuning in late, I compose these stories for her, and she keeps her webcam on for me. Since she decided that the stories were going to be published, we have started using a third person narrative mode. Up until now, we have used second person. Please send us some feedback to let us know what you think.

You are getting a true look at our private life. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed composing it. If it helps you, imagine seeing what I see while I write them.


Tanya stepped out of the sliding glass doors of the hotel, a little unsteady on the unfamiliar heels. The limousine was waiting there for her, exactly on time, exactly where he had said it would be. She slipped into the back, and the driver closed the door behind her. There was a console holding what appeared to be a full bar in the cabin, and she really wanted a drink, but she had been forbidden to touch alcohol or drugs on this trip. She had spent the day seeing the sights of Paris, knowing she probably would never see it again, but all the time, her mind had been on the coming night.

She would finally get to meet him.

She would finally get to have him.

The driver maneuvered the car expertly through the streets of Paris, coming to a gentle stop at the Palais Garneir, and she climbed the steps of the famous opera house shakily. The gowns and tuxedos of Paris’ opera crowd dazzled her, as the usher led her through the Grand Foyer, past the lights and mirrors. Catching sight of herself in the elegant mirrors, she consciously straightened her shoulders, arching her back. She wanted to be beautiful.

The usher, a pretty, dark haired girl in the required black slacks and starched white blouse, led her to his box. Tanya wondered how many women the girl had led to him. Opening the door for Tanya, the girl gave her what Tanya imagined was a knowing smile. The box was beautiful. Rich, plush carpeting covered the floor, and soft, upholstered leather seats held him, and another woman, both rose and greeted her.

“Hello, Tanya,” he said, taking her hand gently. His voice was deep and unhurried. “You are as beautiful in person as you are in your photos.”

“Thank you.” She said, her voice squeaking. “This is Sigrun.” He said, indicating the girl next to him. Sigrun was blond German goddess, six feet tall and elegant, wearing the same green as Tanya. The dress was different, but the green fabric was exactly the same.

Do I look as beautiful as she does? Tanya asked herself. Sigrun reached out with one hand, much steadier than Tanya, and caressed Tanya’s cheek, but said nothing. She knew about lesbians, of course, she had the Internet, after all, but she never imagined that she was going to BE one. She still knew that she would do whatever he asked.

“Please sit.” He said, and went back to talking with Sigrun in French. Tanya, not knowing what to say, sat. A few minutes later, the usher came back with champagne for the three of them, and the lights flashed off and back on, indicating that the opera was about to begin. As the overture was playing, the house lights began to dim. Sigrun stood up, and walked to the back of the box, reached up, and unscrewed the light bulbs, leaving the booth in almost complete darkness. And then, she crept silently up behind Tanya, and expertly slipped the elegant gown off of Tanya’s shoulders.

Tanya knew that she was pretty. The boys back home had made that clear. She had, however, always tried to be a good girl, never playing the games that her classmates did. When she had gotten an invitation to come to Paris to be with Him, however, she had known that she would not be able to play the good girl with him.

And now she was seated in an opera box, her dress piled around her waist, with her breasts covered only by darkness.

“Take off the dress.” Sigrun commanded, and Tanya dutifully raised her hips, allowing the blonde girl to ease the dress off her hips. Sigrun did something with the dress, but Tanya couldn’t see what. She looked at him, to see if he approved, but he was watching the conductor, who was waving his baton. She waited as the opera began. He wasn’t touching her. Sigrun wasn’t touching her. Was she supposed to be doing something? Despite her nudity, Tanya started to watch the opera, the performers in their costumes moving through their paces, singing. She had never heard anything like it. She wanted to lean forward to get a better view, but she couldn’t without taking the chance others would see her. Then, unexpectedly, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She felt the manicured nails brushing her, and she knew that it must be Sigrun.

As the hero sang about his pure lady love, Tanya had another woman running her hands over her body. She caressed her shoulders, her neck, her sides and her back. The fingers ran through her hair, and then gently caressing her breasts. For the casino oyna longest time, Sigrun just rubbed her hands over her.

Still he didn’t turn around and watch.

Tanya wanted him to watch. She wanted him to see her. She wanted him to want her. She arched her back lifting her breasts up to Sigrun’s hands. As if that were a signal, the German girl’s hand crept downward, seeking the soft, tender flesh of her thighs.

Tanya, not quite knowing what to do, spread her legs, waiting for what she knew was coming next. After what seemed like forever, she felt Sigrun’s fingers brush her mound, and then drift away. Tanya, not knowing that a woman could possibly get her this hot, lifted her hips off the chair, hoping to press herself against that hand. Sigrun rewarded her, but first brushing, and then rubbing her labia.

Tanya let out an audible gasp, as Sigrun’s fingers slipped between her lips, and then slid upward to her clit. Sigrun’s fingers started rubbing slow, gentle circles around her clit, causing Tanya’s breath to come in ragged heaves. She closed her eyes, blocking out everything except the music and slow, gentle circles around her clit. She felt it building, as the music of the opera was stretching toward the climax of the first act.

And then, maddeningly, the fingers disappeared.

“You must put your dress on now. The lights are about to come back up,” Sigrun’s whispered into her ear.

“But…” she pleaded.

“Now!” Sigrun said. She scrambled into the dress, with Sigrun’s help.

They were still adjusting the dress when the lights were on, but Tanya didn’t think that anybody saw anything. Sigrun extended her hand, putting her fingers into Tanya’s mouth. “Lick them clean.” Tanya did so, wondering if any of the other boxes could see her sucking on the other woman’s fingers.

He stood up, applauding the opera, and turned to the girls. “It’s time for some champagne, don’t you think?” His smile was huge, white, and lustful.

In the lobby, the two girls descended the grand staircase on his arms, Sigrun on the right, and Tanya on the left. Tanya was glad to have the steadying hand, as her legs were even shakier than when she had arrived. They strolled among the opera goers, and Tanya caught the disapproving stares of many of the Opera matrons. He had done this before, and they knew what she was there for. Her cheeks flared with shame, but she stayed tightly on his arm, as he explained quirks and splendors of the opera house. She only barely listened. Sigrun returned with three sparkling flutes, filled with Champagne, and Tanya had to remember not to gulp it. He made small talk with several men in the lobby, all in exquisite tuxedos, and they complimented him on how pretty Tanya was, as if she was an accessory. After what seemed like an eternity, they were once again ascending the grand staircase toward his box.

Once the door was closed, Tanya’s hands went to the clasps on her shoulders, to take the gown off again, but Sigrun grasped both hands. “Wait until the lights go down. Tanya, shocked, looked out across the opera hall at the boxes across the way. Several of his friends were looking directly at her.

The moment the lights went out, Tanya undid the clasps, letting the dress pool at her feet. Sigrun made a scolding sound, and took the expensive gown off the floor, laying it carefully across the fourth chair in the box. She grasped Tanya gently, but firmly, by the hair on the back of her head.

She pulled Tanya’s lips to hers, and kissed her deeply, and passionately. Tanya had rarely kissed anyone, much less another girl, but she returned the kiss, hoping to go back to where they had been a few moments before.

Sigrun pulled her away, and said “Now, you will be pleasing me.”

Tanya, willing, but not quite knowing how to proceed, kissed her again, her hands reaching up to the shoulders of those treacherous gowns. Sigrun, like Tanya, was completely bare under the dress, and her blonde thatch of pubic hair was carefully trimmed. Never letting go of Tanya’s hair, Sigrun seated herself pulling Tanya’s lips down to the side of her neck.

Tanya, taking the hint, began to kiss and lick her neck. Sigrun’s alabaster skin seem to glow in the darkness, contrasting with Tanya’s South Texas tan. Sigrun, not content with Tanya’s fingers, forced Tanya’s head down to her breasts, and Tanya licked and sucked, stroking Sigrun with her hands, teasing with her fingers. Sigrun slid her hips to the edge of the chair, and forced Tanya’s head down toward her pelvis. Tanya, never having eaten pussy before, leapt in with enthusiasm, using he tongue alternately on the blond goddess’s clit and pussy, forcing her tongue deep one moment, and then teasing the clit the next. The blond was soon writhing on the edge of the chair, silently. Tanya counted three orgasms before the girl pulled her head up.

She turned Tanya’s head around, and she saw that He had been watching. His slot oyna face was rapt. He stood, moving to the back of the box, and Sigrun slid off her chair, kneeling beside Tanya. They both crawled naked across the floor of the opera box toward him.

“Take his cock out” Sigrun whispered breathlessly. “Get it out and suck it.” Tanya obliged, feeling the rock hard cock underneath the tuxedo pants. His penis was big. It was certainly bigger than her brother’s, the only one she had ever seen before. It was her first erect cock. She lowered her head, taking the end of his cock between her lips, and started sucking. Sigrun took a hold of her hair again, and started forcing her head up and down on his cock, as if she was fucking him with her mouth. “Swirl your tounge. Wrap your hand around his shaft.” Sigrun whispered. She was forcing him deeper and deeper into her mouth. “Yes….That’s it. Make love to him with your mouth…” Sigrun said, her hands moving across Tanya’s breasts.

Tanya kept trying to suck his cock properly, but Sigrun kept distracting her. Sigrun’s hands pinched her nipples, hard, and rubbed her clit again. Tanya felt one of Sigrun’s manicured fingers slipping into her ass, while the fingers of her other hand slipped into her pussy. Sigrun started fucking her with both hands at once, pushing into her ass and pussy. Soon the three of them had a rhythm going, with Sigrun’s fingers causing Tanya’s mouth to move in time. Tanya was climbing closer, getting closer to the orgasm she desperately needed, as Sigrun called the pace. Then, she heard him grunt, and he jammed his cock deep into her mouth, gagging her. He was spraying come into her, and she was trying not to gag as he pressed into the back of her throat.

“Relax! Relax. Just swallow. That’s it. Swallow his come. Swallow his cock…”Sigrun whispered.

And she did. Tanya was amazed as his cock slid into her throat. He shuddered slightly, and settled back into his seat.

“Quickly!” Sigrun said. “Get him dressed.” Tanya and Sigrun quickly put his cock away, tucked in his shirt, fastened his pants, and adjusted his cummerbund. “Now, get dressed!” Sigrun commanded, pulling he own dress on. Tanya dressed as quickly as she could, but she was still pulling her dress down as the lights came up for the second Intermezzo. Tanya was in full view as she licked and sucked Sigrun’s fingers clean a second time.

As they walked again through the grand foyer. Tanya leaned over and whispered in his ear. “This isn’t fair! I am the only one of us that hasn’t come yet!”

“No, it isn’t.” He said, smiling. “Now go and wash your face before somebody smells Siggi’s cunt on you.”

Horrified, she rushed across the foyer in search of a bathroom. The bathroom was packed, with a line of women in the outer room. Tanya had to wait, smelling of German pussy, until she could get to a sink. Her makeup was a wreck. After wiping down with a towel handed her by a girl black pants and a starched white shirt, she reapplied her lipstick.

She found Him and Sigrun in the lobby, with Sigrun holding a glass of champagne for her. She downed the expensive drink in a single swallow. Almost immediately, the lights flashed, indicating that it was time for the third, and final act.

Back in the box, Tanya waited impatiently until the lights went out, and was nude, at the back of the box, within seconds. She knelt at His feet once again, eager to have Sigrun’s fingers in her again. Eager to have the woman finally finish what she had started.

But Sigrun just took the other seat.

She crawled over to the German woman, and said “What should I do now?”

“Shhhhh….” Sigrun said, running her fingers through Tanya’s hair.

She slipped into one of the back row of seats, slipping from the opera gown, and putting it on the chair beside her. She sat, naked and beautiful, on the edge of the chair.

“Start with my feet, lick me.” Siggi said. And Tanya, a good little Baptist girl from Texas, started licking her feet.

She removed Sigrun’s elegant shoes, and licked between her toes. Slowly, using the now familiar hold on her hair, Sigrun moved her head up, her knees, her thighs. When Tanya’s face was even with Sigrun’s pussy, Tanya moved to lick her cunt again, but Sigrun slipped one of her hands behind her own knee, and pulled her leg up.

“Lick my ass, little girl.” She said.

Tanya did. She felt little shudders pass through Siggi, as she licked, thrust and tried to suck on the woman’s asshole. Tanya couldn’t see it, but she knew when He reached out and gently pushed Siggi down onto the carpeted floor of the box. Once again, she was amazed at how silent Sigrun was. With the girl on her back, Tanya could lick both her pussy and her ass, and she went at it with a vengeance, knowing that her own ass was pointed directly at Him. Siggi kept coming, almost silently muttering in German. Probably very dirty words, Tanya thought, as she drove her tongue canlı casino siteleri as deeply as she could into the girl’s asshole.

And then she felt His hands on her hips.

With no fanfare and no preliminaries, he positioned his cock at her entrance, and started slowly working it into her. She was drenched from all the earlier treatment, but it still hurt.

Tanya had lost her Hymen on horseback years earlier, but she still had to stifle herself to keep from crying out in pain.

Sigrun’s hand, still entwined in her hair, forced her back down into her pussy. Tanya started licking again, as He started to call the rythm now. Gently at first, but with ever increasing force, he thrust himself into her. They were eerily silent, both of them, and Tanya had to keep concentrating to keep from making a lot of noise. This time, he lasted a lot longer, thrusting again into her, and forcing her head down into Sigrun’s cunt. Sigrun kept having her little, silent orgasms, until finally he grunted quietly, and sprayed Tanya’s insides with his come.

When Tanya’s head stopped moving, Sigrun pulled Tanya’s head out of her pussy, pulling her up. “Go, lick his cock clean.” Tanya crawled to where he had seated himself on the chair again. She took his shrinking cock in her mouth, and started licking. She felt Sigrun’s mouth on her own pussy, sucking his sperm out of her, and trying to get all of her juices off.

And Sigrun knew what she was doing. She quickly took Tanya closer and closer to an orgasm, and Tanya started expecting the lights to come on again. But she didn’t stop, and Tanya heard Him say “You must be silent. Don’t make a sound.” And the orgasm crashed down onto her. Wave after wave shook her, as she shuddered again and again.

As she was recovering, Tanya heard Sigrun whisper “She’s quiet. We should keep this one.”

And she heard Him whisper “Get her ready. I am going to take her ass.”

“You can’t. She’ll make too much noise.” Siggi whispered desperately.

“It doesn’t matter.” He said. “Get her ready.” Siggi immediately took Tanya by the hair once again, and pressed her face down into the carpet. Tanya, not quite conscious yet, felt something strange on her anus. It wasn’t Siggi’s finger, but something round and cold, with unrounded edges. It squirted something cold into her asshole, and Siggi’s fingers started pushing it up, into her ass, wetting it, and slicking it. Three times, Siggi squirted the stuff into her ass, and worked more and more fingers into her, forcing her open. It hurt a little, but Tanya would have done anything at that point.

“Enough!” He said, sliding down off his chair, his elegant tuxedo all mussed, and he slid into position in between Tanya’s knees.

Tanya felt Siggi’s delicate fingers withdraw from her ass, and felt the end of His cock on her asshole. It had felt big in her pussy. It was going to feel huge in her ass.

And she couldn’t wait.

Oh, She thought, if Brother Nathan could see her now, he would just die.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he worked his way into her ass, giving her a little, and then pulling back, before coming back in a little deeper. Sigrun’s hand was over her mouth, which was good, and he was timing his thrust to match the growing beat of the music. Finally, he was all the way in, and she felt his pelvis against her butt. He waited a little while for her to try and get used to his cock, and then he started thrusting in time with the music.

It hurt like hell, but she had to have it. She found herself pushing her ass back against him, pushing herself onto his cock.

For what seemed like forever, he just kept slamming into her, and, impossibly, she felt another orgasm building. Siggi was whispering something frantically in German to him. He gave her an order in the same language, and Tanya felt Siggi’s hands on her clit again. That was enough. Tanya plummeted off the edge of another orgasm, moaning desperately into Siggi’s hand. She felt the muscles of her ass start to twitch in time, and He sprayed his seed deep into her ass.

Instantly, Siggrun was off of her, pressing him back into his chair, slurping at his cock.

Very quickly, Siggi had his clothes straight, and dove for the dresses piled in a heap on the other chair. She threw Tanya’s to her and whispered “Get dressed! Now.” as she threw her own dress over her head, quickly fastening the clasps at the shoulders.

She rushed to Tanya, who was groggily pulling her own dress on, sitting on her ass on the floor of the box, and finished fastening Tanya’s dress. She yanked Tanya to her feet, and shoved her down into a chair.

“Don’t leak on the dress!” Sigrun said.

And the lights came up.

Sigrun, perfectly poised, slipped her own shoes on, and picked up a small, elegant purse. She extracted a cell phone, and dropped a tube into the purse. Turning the phone on, she spoke quickly in French, and hung up. They waited in the booth while the other opera goers filed out, until He looked at the now empty boxes and floor seats, and they stood up. Sigrun took a moment to rearrange the chairs, and they made their way down to his waiting limousine.



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