Knowing that I am on my way, your mind is racing with what I am going to look like when I arrive. I arrive at the hotel and knock on the door to your room. You almost don’t hear the knock on the door. You walk to the hotel room door, open it and see me in a snug V-neck t-shirt, with my cleavage peeking out, a casual pair of jeans and a pair of flip flops, my hair spilling over my shoulders. A smile crosses my face when I see you. You step into the hall, take my hand into yours, pull me to you and tightly hug me. My arms wrap around your body, as yours wrap around mine. You lean into my hair smelling my perfume as you hear me exhale a sigh of relief to be with you. Then you hear me let out a little giggle.

We have been here before and we are now comfortable with one another. Knowing that we have missed the feel of each other, you pull me into the room. The door closes behind me as you kiss my lips. I allow you a slow passionate kiss; the very need behind the kiss tells you how badly I want you.

Slowly moving back from your lips I pull away and I tell you I have a surprise for you but that you have to sit down and be patient. You smile, knowing I have something cooked up in my head and wonder where I am going with this.

You agree to sit down but ask, “What have you got planned?”

I lean my face forward to yours, kiss you quickly and then pull away.

I tell you, “all I want you to do is sit there, enjoy yourself and whatever you do you’re NOT allowed to touch me until you are told.”

You smile back at me and begin to protest, but I press my finger to your lips telling you to promise. You shake your head in agreement.

I walk away from you briefly, setting my keys down on the desk behind you. I place my bag on the bed and kick off my flip casino oyna flops. You then hear me walking behind you. You feel my hands over your shoulders first. Beginning to rub my hands kneading your shoulders, telling you how much I have missed you, the feel of you, the warmth of you and your mouth against mine. Teasing down over your shoulders my hands over your chest you feel my mouth at your neck. Moving my mouth up against your earlobe I ask you if you have missed me also. You groan agreeing that you have.

My hands move back up your chest as you feel me walk to the front of you. You feel my hands moving up your thighs as my mouth is back to your lips. I don’t kiss you.

I whisper against your lips, “I bet I know how bad you want to be with me and how bad you want to touch me.”

You move your hand against mine and I move my hand away and simply say, “No touching”.

You feel me lean into you, feel my body against yours, and feel my hands moving to your t-shirt. My hands tug at your shirt, pull it over your head and drop it to your side. As I lightly kiss your lips, you feel me moving my hands down your chest. My mouth moves down your jaw, along your collarbone. You feel me lightly nibble your shoulder. I slowly bring my mouth down your chest, licking lightly over your nipple and then to your next. With me slowly moving down your body, you feel the heat of my breath.

I’m driving you near the edge; you want your hands on me, but you remember your promise.

My hands begin to move down your stomach. You feel me tug at the button of your shorts, the pressure of my hand pulling at your zipper at the same time. You feel my hands tease you. I am slowly rubbing them against your hard on.

Smiling up at you I tell you, “not yet.”

I slot oyna move my body back up yours as my hands tease the back of your neck. I put my mouth on yours and kiss you deeply, moaning into you, tongues playing together.

I slowly pull away from you and tell you that I have far too much clothing on. You see me stand up, turn around and stand right in front of you. You hear my zipper; see me motion to move my jeans down over my hips. You see a black thong hanging on my hips. I bend over slowly pressing my jeans down my legs, you see me draw my hands back up my legs. I stand up. Teasing you, my hands roam over my hips and catch my thong in my finger as I bend again slowly removing it exposing the moistness of my trimmed pussy peeking out. It’s teasing you as my t-shirt hangs against the top of my hips.

Slowly, I stand up. You see me pull at my shirt and take it off. My long hair is spilling down my back, as I drop my shirt to the side. I look over my shoulder, smile at you watching my every move. I reach back unhook my black bra, and slowly take a strap off one shoulder and then the next. I drop my bra to the side also. Standing in front of you completely nude, I turn and walk to you. I straddle your lap and put my breast at your mouth. You feel my body grind down against your lap. My hand moves over the back of your head and neck brings your mouth to my breasts.

I finally tell you that I want you and that I want you to touch me.

I move from your lap to the edge of the bed and lean back. All I can do is whimper to you that I want you and I beg you to take me. You stand briefly and then lower your body against mine. Your mouth finds mine as your hands begin to explore my body. With your fingers pressing my breasts, you feel my hard nipples under the palms canlı casino siteleri of your hands. I moan at the very feel of your hands on my soft skin. Your mouth kisses down my chest and your hand cups my breast. I feel the warmth of your breath over my nipple and then I feel your tongue. The feel of your mouth over my nipple has me moaning for you, wanting you. I feel your hand moving down my stomach slowly rubbing over my throbbing mound. Your fingers gently rub over my clit. You hear my breath catch. My hips move up against your hand.

You feel how damp I am.

We can’t take it anymore. There is a primal need for one another. We know we will have this for a only few days, so we start working against each other quicker and faster. You feel my body lifting against yours. My moans keep getting louder and louder. I grind up against you as you slide your cock in and out of my tightness. My hips roll against you as you press into me; my clit enjoying the feel of you driving into me. I tell you how close I am to cumming. This only encourages you to fuck me harder. Your cock gets harder, your balls draw as you feel me getting tighter and tighter with every inward thrust.

You lean into me, your mouth against my neck.

You tell me in my ear, that you want me to cum for you. All I can do is moan in response, yes, YES…now… You feel my warmth surround your cock. My body shakes below you, as my legs quiver against you. Then you give in. Your warmth is with mine as we both give in to one another together.

Holding each other as lust fills the room and heat fills and surrounds us. Working against you still, I let one final lustful moan out as you feel my body relax.

I look up at you fully spent and relaxing under your body. I feel you relax against me, not moving from between my legs. You lean your lips forward onto mine, you gently whisper how good that felt and then you kiss me. My mouth moans into yours.

We know that this will be the first time of many during our time together.



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