At home one night,,,This is a continuation from, “My sisters sleepover”It had been about a month since my sisters birthday party sleepover, and every image was still in my mind, and I had a soredick to prove it! I’d get home from school after seeing those girls in class , and my dick was rock solid & needed relief.I’m just glad I did not get caught, my mom n dad had no idea then & still don’t. And other than the usual day to day pleasantries, my sister made no mention of the events of that night! For me that is a night I doubt will ever be outdone, or replaced in my memories.It was a Friday, I had just finished beating off in the bathroom to my memories of Lori, when a knock on the front doorwoke me out of my blissful recovery. It was Cindy, “Where’s your sister!” she demanded, sounding pissed.”Not home yet!” I replied in the same tone, “what crawled up your ass n died?” “Nothing, just another bad fucking day!” she said, “I failed a test I should have had her help me with!”As she started to calm down, she caught me eyeing her up n down, funny after that night, I’ve looked at her quite differently.She started to get a sly, wicked smile on her face, “What you looking at?” in a tone that was half hateful & half playful.Let me first discribe her outfit, a little sleezy, a little innocent, her long hair in a pony tail, athletic shoes, well worn jeanswith a few holes, and a blue “Styx” concert T shirt, and an early guess, but no bra.”Nothing really,,,” I responded. All the while in the back of my mind again, that night, and what she did to me! I was startingto get my usual reaction to memories of that night, and needing to re-adjust my dick before it became uncomfortable. Cindy was getting this horny playful look while twirling her ponytail in her fingers, and shifting her hips from side to side. It alsobecame clear at this point, no bra! Tiny perky nipples staring back at me, I think she was sensing my discomfort.”Can I wait in her room?” she asked, bouncing past me towards the stairs.”Yea,,, Sure” I stammered out as she went by, once she rounded the corner, I grabbed my cock and straightened it out, ohhhmuch better!”Having problems? she questioned peeking around the corner at me with my hand still firmly on my dick.Blushing, I turned away from her, “nope,,,nothing!” as I walked to the door and closed it for her, “You born in a fucking barn! Close the door next time!” I yelled back at her, Still peeking around the corner at me, licking her lips, she flipped me off and ran up to my sisters room.As my hard on subsided, I got to do my usual stuff around the house and about 20 minutes later my sister came home. She ran upstairs without saying anything to me, followed in the door a few minutes later by my mom. Asking about my day, if my sister was home, who was with her in her room, the same stuff. Since my dad was already at work and would not be home until themiddle of the night, it was the 3, err 4 for supper. I helped her get things ready, the table set, cleaned myself up.It was just before supper when my mother got a call, a friend was involved in a accident and in the hospital, nothingserious, but after, she was going to visit her & take her some left overs. We all sat down to eat, the same small talk, school,friends, sports, nothing special, nothing exciting. She asked what our plans were for this evening,”Staying home, no football games, no basketball, the team sucks!” I replied”Just hangin with Cindy in my room, watching TV” was my sisters response.Cindy just had that same look on her face, licking her lips and smiling, she had something planned it seemed.”Well you guys clean up, behave, I’ll be home later” my mom said as she packed some left overs & grabbed her car keys walking out the kadıköy escort door.The girls ran off, leaving the clean up to me, I’m glad they did, my hard on was back and I was afraid to get up from the table!Just then the phone rang, “I got it” my sister screamed from the top of the stairs,As I was cleaning everything up, Cindy stomped down the stairs, and out the front door. I was puzzled, not sure what happened”What the fuck was that all about?” I yelled upsairs,”Her mother got her a babysitting job & forgot to tell her, she would have stayed & blew it off, but she’d miss out on $40!”she responded, I just laughed, and finished cleaning the kitchen. I went upstairs to my room to watch TV and listen to some music, other thanlocal channels, all we had was HBO, nothing on there right now, but the titty shows would be on after 1am. Always something at my age to look forward to!It was almost 9 when my sister knocked on my door,”You decent? she asked shyly,”yea, what you want?” was my response,”I’m bored,,,” she said, it was then that I looked towards the door, she stood there in a long Tshirt of my dads and her fuzzy slippers. “Theres nothing on TV & everyone has gone out, no ones home to talk to” she said, a little depressed.”Can I watch TV with you?””If theres nothing on, its not any different in here!” I replied, but I knew she was going somewhere with this, she does not come to my room for no reason.She just jumped on my bed, sat indian style watching TV, I just sat in my chair by my desk, not really interested in her.About 30 minutes went by, “hey,,,,, do you ever think about that night?” she asked in a very timid voice, not sure of my response.”What night?” playing coy”You know dumbass, my party!” she said, now with a happier sound in her voice.”Oh that night, not really” Bull SHIT!! I think about it every day! Every time I see those girls in school!”Oh,,,” she replied, sounding depressed.”Why?” curoius where this was going,”Well, I, Uh, well, I, kinda think about it alot!” she stammered”Like what?” I played along”Like you know I’m not a virgin, Mom thinks I still am” “Yea, so who did you lose it to?””No one, one of the girls taught me how to,,, you know, take care of myself, I lost it then””Really? how?” Now I was curious and getting kinda turned on, but my sister?”Mom has some things in her dresser drawers, with batteries & stuff””Oh? what kind of things?””You know!,,,,,DILDOS, Vibrators!””Nooooo!” EWWWWWW, MOM? yuk!”Yea!” and with that she jumped off my bed & ran to they’re room, I didn’t think anything of it, but it looked like she had no panties on.Running back in my room, she threw my moms toys on my bed, a 6″ cock looking vibrator, a 6″ slim vibrator, a 10″ flesh colored 2 headeddildo that was flexible and rubbery.”This one!” she exclaimed proudly grabbing the 6″ cock vibratorI just laughed, “So who told you about masterbating?””Never mind!” she replied, “So do you really not think about that night? You know the girls talk about how much of a man you were!””Really? what do they say?” I said, playing along”Everything, but mostly tease me about getting butt fucked by you! My ass hurt alot the next day” She said with her head hung low, looked kind of ashamed and embarassed to talk about it with me.”You know it was just an accident, I really did not even wanna put it in you, you are my sister n all, its just not right!”Yea, but we were all a little drunk and things got outta hand” she said.I know she was drunk & I know she also enjoyed herself with me, up until her friends holding her down & forcing me to fuck her.”Something like that should never happen again” I said and with that she looked üsküdar escort up at me with a surprised and sad look on her face.”Yea, I suppose, I would not want to get in any kind of trouble, you know, pregnant!” She replied, very sadly.All the time she was talking she still had the cock vibrator in her hand, just handling it, but now kind of stroking it! It lookedinstictive and not planned, but seeing it was causing my dick to stiffen a little. She did not say anything more, sat up indian styleon my bed, watching TV again. I turned away from looking at her, in hopes my dick would go down, but then she turned on the vibrator, just a little, causing it to humm lightly. She started softly and slowly, rubbing it around her face, neck, down her chest, causing her nipple to stiffen to the touch, first the left, then the right, she threw her head back, enjoying her teasing of her nipples.”You know I masterbate, thinking about that night, you, I know its wrong, but you taught me alot that night, about me, about sex”She said, still rubbing her boobs with the vibrator.”Do you ever masterbate, thinking about me?” she asked, kind of timid.”Once, but not since” Yea, I lied, I just blocked out the fact it was my sister.”Can you show me how you do it?,,,, please? I’ll show you how I do it!” was her response.”Well, I,,uh,” and with that she slid off the bed & crawled over to my chair & grabbed my snap on my pants, not noticing I alreadywas hard as a rock. With that she grabbed my belt loops & pulled me up out of the chair, unzipped my pants & pulled them down.”Please!” she said, looking up at me with her hands holding my pants at my ankles,”I’m not sure,,,” and before I could finish she lifted my foot out of each pants leg, “Wait” I said covering my dick with both hands.With that she stood up & removed the T shirt, I was right, no underwear at all.”I can’t just start doing it with you watching!””Why not? Ashamed?” and with that she again dropped to her knees in front of me & tugged at my boxers, pulling them down & off of me!So here I am, in my bedroom, with my 7″ hard dick covered by my hands, my sister on her knees having left only my socks & Tshirton me.”Gotta take this off too!” and saying that stood up, lifted my shirt over my head, pulling my hands away leaving my dick bouncing between us! “There, so is this how you do it?” she asks taking my dick in her right hand & stroking it.”uhhh, yea,,,but here, I’ll do it” was my reply. Here we are at the point of no return, I sat back down on my chair, spit on my handand started stroking my dick, in front of my sister, who is now laying on my bed, naked, wearing her fuzzy slippers yet!Staring like a hungry wolf at my hard on, my right hand stroking it slowly, up n down, watching the look on her face. Her hand is motionless on the bed and the other on her hip. A blissful look of happiness is on her face as I think about that night with 1 girlriding my dick, and 1 sitting on my face. I close my eyes & really get into it, becoming totally ignorant to her even being there,my right hand stroking up n down while my left plays with my balls, bouncing them playfully around. My state of uphoria is broken byher telling me, “let me know when you are gonna cum, I wanna be right in front of you” she says in a sexy voice I’ve never heard before from her.Stroking it more, I can feel it building in my balls, needing to shoot, “Uhhhh, getting,, ready,,,uhhhh, yea,,,,,ummm, gonna cummmmm!” She dropped off of the bed, sat at my feet, staring like it was something to savor & enjoy when it arrived.”aaahhh,,uhh,cumming!” and with that stopped pumping, gripped the shaft tightly & shot globs of jizz in the air and over my lap & tuzla escort hands.”Oh! My!” was her reply.I opened my eyes when I calmed down & looked at her face, she had my jizz in her hair & on her face, some dripping off of her nose.She looked at me, not sure what to do, “Wipe it up with your finger & put it in your mouth!” I said, not thinking she would even do it.”Ok” and with that, took the stuff off of her nose, put her finger in her mouth & licked it clean.”Not bad, the girls said it tasted disgusting, I don’t think so!” She said excitedly & wiped the rest off of her face & licked those fingers clean as well.”Well if you like it, here!” I said, holding out my jizz covered hand. She licked each finger clean, the back of my hand, not missing a drop, and in a shock of the second, my thigh as I moved my slowly deflating dick out of her way.”OK, My turn!” as she jumped back on the bed, the vibrator still humming, and her nipples still rock hard.”What got you going so fast?” she asked.”I just thought about that night, 1 girl riding me and 1 girl on my face,,” “You liked that huh,,” she said.”Yea, every guys fantasy, 2 girls,,,””I liked watching that, it was sexy, a little different involving you, but sexy”She turned up the speed on the vibrator, but did not have her pussy facing me, she was kind of turned away.”Slide around, I get to watch, just like you did!””Oh,, All right!”With that, she slid her ass towards me, opened both legs slightly, still massaging her boobs with the vibrator & her hand.”mmmm” was all she said as she slid her free hand between her legs, started rubbing her lips together, not sticking any fingers in yet.Her head was now thrown back on my pillow, moaning more, she slid first 1, then 2 fingers in her pussy. Then lifting her ass off of the bed, reached down with the vibrator, parted her lips & rubbed the head of the dick around, getting it slick, but when she touchedher clit, her ass rose up a little further off of the bed. Her free hand turned up the dial on the vibrator & it was really humming now.She brushed it one more time accross her clit & with a muffled “Uhhhhhhh” dropped her ass back on the bed, sliding the dildo in her pussy,”Oh yea” was all she said, as she held it there for a few seconds before starting to slowly fuck herself with it!She was not vocal as I found out, not the way I was, but it was still a turn on. Slowly picking up speed, fucking herself with thatfake 6″ of man meat, I think she came again, but no sound, just the juices flowing out of her pussy. It was starting to sound likea sloppy wet fuck when she exclaimed,”Oh My God, uhhh, god damn!!” and with that, slumped in a heap on my bed, the vibrator still inside her & both of her hands squeezing her boobs. As she slowly pushed the dick out of her using no hands, it dropped out of her & on my bed, slick, wetand glistening with her juices.”That was great!, did you enjoy it? she asked in a purr like a happy kitten.”Pretty,,,well fucking nice!” I responded, Fucking nice? really?She finally sat up, looked totally out of it, looking over at me with a look I seen earlier on Cindy. Only satisfied, but not completely. Unsure of what to say, only smiling, seeing my dick coming back to life.The phone rang, startling us back to reality, she jumped up & answered it, it was my mother.”All right, see you then” She said, hanging it up.Walking back to my room,”She’s leaving the hospital in a few minutes” and with that grabbed my moms toys & went into the bathroom to wash them off.I just sat there, my dick about half hard, I could hear my sister putting the toys back in my mom’s dresser, as she walked in myroom, she walked over, grabbed my dick in her hand & gave it a little squeeze, looking in my eyes, “Thanks for showing me!” A little cum was dripping from my dick on her hand, “MMMmmmm, still tastes great!” she purred as she licked her finger clean, grabbed her T Shirt off the floor, “Oppps, gotta change your bed!” she declared, running out of my room.She was right, I had a wet spot bigger than a basketball on my bed. And more memories to play with, LOL!!!



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