Ashley’s first time pt. 2I woke up late on a Saturday afternoon, it was chilly that day so i grabbed my robe and wrapped it around my soft feminine body before walking to the bathroom to turn on the heat and hot water. letting the tub fill i started to check myself out in the mirror, rubbing my hands up my legs to my ass before gripping it tightly. i bent over to add some lavender scented bubble bath. i climb into the tub and get to work. I start with my legs, lathering them up before i shave them silky smooth. i just sat there in the tub admiring them and how sexy it felt to have my legs so smooth and feminine. then i proceed to shave my cute little man pussy, being sure to get everything as smooth as my legs, including my tight virgin ass. finishing washing up i climb out of the tub letting the water drip off my naked body i throw on my robe and walk to my bedroom.”Today’s the day!” i said to myself opening up my wardrobe. i start picking out my underwear, after rummaging around i find a cute pink thong which i slowly slip up my girlish legs. “now for a bra!” i eagerly declared grabbing a silky pink bra with black lace. I go to the mirror to look at myself and get turned on immediately, i could believe how sexy i looked! but i couldnt help but feel like something was missing, “i know!” i hurry to my drawers and grab i ordu escort pair of black thigh high nylons with a pink lace at the top of them and slip them right up my legs. i couldnt of looked more perfect. i then head to the closet and grab a cute gray sundress and slip it on followed by my 2inch black heels and make my way to my laptop.I open up my laptop to skype and thankfully this guy i met on the local craigslist was online. we had agreed to meet over skype first to avoid any awkward encounter. i start the video chat and to my surprise was this mid twenties hunk of a man. all i could do was smile in excitement until he finally greeted me and introduced himself as chris. after chatting for a bit we finally decide to meet. i head out my door hoping none of my neighbors see me as i run to my car. i make my way to the hotel after about ten minutes of anxiety crippling driving, i text him that im there and he quickly responds, “room 204, come on in and get comfortable. i’m washing up.” i pull out my make up bag and do a few touch ups, adding some lipstick and mascara. i get up and climb to the second floor to room 204. entering the room, its dimly lit im practically shaking as i realize what im about to be doing. sucking and fucking a strangers cock, for the first time. He comes out of the bathroom in mersin escort just a pair of nike sweatpants and towel wrapped around his damp glistening neck. “hi” i said shyly. “wow, ash, youre so much better in person” he says as he walks towards me. gripping me around the waste he pulls me in to the most passionate kiss ive ever had. his tongue swirled in my mouth as he pulled me in close. he then picks me up and throws me to the bed. i wanted him so bad, the way it felt, i was a true slut. he jumped on top of me kissing me a little rougher then forces my head to the side to expose my neck for him to bite and suck on. i reached down and grabbed his massive cock, atleast nine inches. i gripped it and stroked it as he nibbled my neck. he pulls me to my knees and slips my dress up and off me. when he saw my outfit he practically came and it drove him crazy. i flipped him over and pulled down his pants letting his huge cock breath. i slowly went down and licked from the base to his cum covered head and took it into my mouth. it tasted so good, i didnt want to stop. but he grabbed me by the head and forced every bit of it down my throat gagging me and then through me around pulling my ass up. all i could do was submit. he was an a****l. he knew what he wanted and how and i just wanted to be used like the malatya escort little whore i am. i stuck my ass up grinding against him as he ripped off my thong in one go, it actually really hurt, but i knew it looked really sexy and it just turned me on even more. he spit straight onto my tight shaven hole and rubbed his bulging cock against it. not knowing i was a virgin he shoved atleast half of it into me in one go. i moaned louder than i ever had before as he ripped into me. after about five minutes i finally adjusted anf learned to love it. the feeling of his cock filling me in the inside. the way it pulsed when i wiggle my hips. then he started grunting louder, he slapped my ass a few times and then told me ” beg for my cum like a good slut”, i could do nothing but obey. “please! cum in my dirty whore mouth” , ” cum all over me, i need you to!”, he slams his whole cock into my as about four more time and pulls out throwing me to the side. climbing ontop of me i beg, “cum for me, cumm!” as i suck his head. the first spurt hit me right in the back of the throat which made me gag. i pulled off and received the thickest facial of my life. as it dripped from my face i caught it and ate it like a good slut. he pulled up his pants and through me the towel. “enjoy the room” he said as he just left abruptly. i sat the covered in his cum, still warm. i giggled, “well, im a true slut now.” as i ate his cum and rubbed my man clit. exploding all over myself as i ate his cum off of my face. i wrapped myself up in the blanket and went to sleep covered in cum. like a good slut….



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