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Part 1 Escapade by the Pool

It was a typically hot and humid August afternoon in central New York State. Ashley could feel the oppressive sky pressing down on her as she slowly walked off of the soccer field. It was Monday, the first day of soccer practice before her senior year in high school. It had been a long day starting early in the morning with only a short break for lunch before finally ending at 2. Her jersey and shorts were soaked with sweat from the grueling hours with only breaks for water and lunch. Her clothes were plastered to her body revealing a shapely form that had been late to develop. Her brownish blond hair was in a French braid and also soaking with sweat. Every muscle in her tall muscular frame hurt. She knew tomorrow morning she would hurt a lot worse before the next practice session even started.

However, she was pleased with her performance and was confident she would make the varsity team. She was faster than any of the other girls and her ball handling skills were superb. Playing soccer in Germany and Italy had honed her skills even though the regular moves resulting from her Dad’s military career meant she was a year behind in school. She had turned 18 at the end of her junior year only a few months after her Dad retired from the army. He had brought them back to the town he grew up in just in time for her to start the second half of the junior year. Luckily she was practiced at making friends.

Ashley yelled to her new friend Emily, “Hey do you want a lift home?

Emily smiled and said “Only if we can stop for a milkshake and some calories. I think I’ll faint if I don’t eat a horse.”

Emily was small and lean at 5′ 2″. Ashley towered over her by a good 6 inches. Emily was a native of the town and in awe of Ashley’s world travels. They had become good friends since they shared several advanced placement classes together. Also they had both been on the track team in their junior year. Emily was a long distance runner while Ashley preferred sprints, hurdles and the long jump. Emily was also gay but it was not an issue for Ashley. They had established their boundaries and each was comfortable in the relationship.

The girls shoved their soccer bags into the back of Ashley’s Miata and set off for Papa Ben’s ice cream stop. They both ordered two Hoffman snappy grillers. In addition to the hot dogs they each ordered two large shakes and a cheeseburger. They settled at a table under an umbrella and began to ravage the food.

Emily said “No way, one shake would be enough!”

Ashley agreed and commented on the day’s practice, “You were awesome Emily. You stripped me of the ball so many times there is no way you won’t start as a defender. I hope you didn’t make me look too bad.”

Emily laughed. “I doubt it. The coach sure noticed all of the goals you scored after blowing past all of the defense. He was really impressed.”

Ashley looked down and said, “I hope so. Soccer is my favorite thing in life. I’d really like to settle down in one place for a while and play a whole season without interruption.”

Emily respected Ashley’s devotion to soccer but replied, “Well there is a lot more to life than sports. This is our senior year and I plan to have fun. If you were not straight it could be even better. Luckily Mary and I have a thing that will help me get past my failure to seduce you.”

Ashley laughed at this. “As if anyone could come between you and Mary. You guys have been special friends ever since kindergarten according to Mary. Hell, she’s so sweet she could even get me to join the other team.”

Emily put her arm around Ashley ignoring the fact that they were both still soaking from the practice. She looked Ashley in the eye and said “Any time you want to join Mary and me for a little fun you know we’d be eager. Mary has said she’d like to get into your track shorts more than once. So just say the word.”

Emily then laughed and gave Ashley a kiss on the cheek.

Ashley knew Emily was more than half serious and took the remark as a complement.

Ashley said, “Well you know I want to see where my relationship with Ryan goes. But if it goes on the rocks I may take you up on the offer. You know I love you both.”

Ashley thought about Ryan. He was extremely good looking but a bit conceited. Probably what you would expect from a football quarterback who came from one of the upper class families in town. He was smart but his grades suffered slightly from a lack of serious study. He knew his future was secure. Still Ashley’s Dad approved of the relationship since Ryan’s father was one of his better clients. Her Dad was focused on establishing a private law practice after all of his years in the Army JAG. He kept harping on how important social connections were and the need to make a strong effort to establish them.

Emily said, “Well there is still more to casino oyna the senior year than soccer and a boyfriend. We need to do some memorable things. Hell with your looks you should aim for home coming queen.”

Ashley laughed heartily. “No way! I could never be home coming queen. I’m new at the school and home coming queen is a big deal. Besides I am sure Ellen has that all locked up.”

Ellen Somerfield was the head cheer leader and the most popular girl in their class. She had quickly made sure that Ashley knew her place shortly after Ashley had arrived. Things only got worse after that.

Emily drew herself up and looked at Ashley with intense seriousness. “Oh come on. I cannot stand the thought of that drama queen being the home coming queen. A lot of senior girls would like to see her knocked off of her high horse. You in particular should want to deprive her of that title”

Emily chuckled and said, “Now that I think of it, making you home coming queen would be the most awesome thing we could do for our senior year. Come on Ashley let’s go for it!”

Ashley laughed with her and said, “I’ll think about it. I am not sure I want to open up that wound again.”

Ashley’s boyfriend Ryan had been Ellen’s steady ever since seventh grade. Early in the second half of their junior year, Ellen had abruptly dumped Ryan for someone better. Ellen started going out with William Benton Pembroke III, the sole son of the richest family in the area. Ryan had been devastated and had poured his heart out to Ashley one day after school. After a few days of consoling the conversations turned to chats on things of mutual interest. They had a lot in common and their attraction for each other turned into a relationship.

At this point things turned ugly. Ellen became aware of their relationship and posted on Facebook that Ashley had stolen her boyfriend. This claim was followed by a campaign of lies and slander by Ellen and her cohorts. Ashley had been devastated and told her father. This affair was right down her Dad’s experience in the Army JAG. He sent Ellen’s Dad a strongly worded letter detailing the legal consequences if Ellen did not desist. All of the social media material quickly disappeared from the web and the whisper campaign at school also stopped. Ashley still had to endure the angry stares from Ellen and her followers. The thought of actually stealing the title of home coming queen was appealing.

Emily looked at her watch and shrieked. “My mother is going to kill me. I’m supposed to help her with the display for the fall clothes. Sara’s Dress Shoppe needs me.”

The girls threw out the trash and jumped into the Miata. Ashley dropped Emily at her Mom’s shop and headed home for a much needed shower.

She had the house to herself since her brother’s football practice would keep him busy for another hour or so. Her Dad would not be home until 6 o’clock as always. She tossed her soccer clothes in the washer and quickly downed two large classes of cold water before parading naked to the bathroom she shared with her brother. She took a long, lazy shower. The hot water felt great on her aching muscles.

After the shower she went to her room and took a small package out of her dresser. Inside was a new tiny Brazilian string bikini. It was so small it was barely large enough to show its blue and red floral print. The material was sheer and she could see the outline of her hand through the fabric. She pulled on the bottoms and adjusted the stings on each hip. She twisted and turned in front of the full length mirror on the back of her bedroom door. The bottom consisted of two small triangles. The larger one in the back left most of her buttocks exposed as well as the top of her ass cleavage. It showed off the swelling curves of her generous ass very nicely. The triangle in front was even smaller and barely covered the lips of her cunt. She had gotten waxed at the tanning salon so everything was smooth around the suit. All of her fine blond curls were gone. She was glad she had gone full Brazilian and not left a triangle as the stylist suggested. The suit would not cover even the smallest patch of pubic hair.

She remembered the family vacation a couple of years ago. They had spent most of a hot August in a German nudist camp with a number of other families. She remembered her mom’s large but neatly trimmed bush and seeing her Dad’s penis for the first time. They had all gotten very tanned and comfortable being naked around strangers. Both her Dad and Mom were lean and athletic and it was obvious that the fusion of their good genes had produced Ashley and her twin brother Josh. Sometimes she wished her breasts were as large as her mother’s but even so her breasts sometimes got in the way and required a good sports bra to tame them when she was running.

She picked up the top and laughed at the ridiculously small pair of triangles that were supposed to cover her generous breasts. Hell, they barely covered her areolas. Luckily she needed slot oyna no support at her age. She tied the elastic strings in back and posed in the mirror. She was happy with the look even though she was still uncomfortable with her body. She had been especially gawky in her early teens and only recently had her body bloomed into the shapely woman she saw in the mirror. After her growth spurt she had also been awkward and clumsy. It had taken awhile to regain her former agility.

She fantasized about wearing the bikini for her boyfriend Ryan. Maybe when the time was right, she would try it. It was likely that wearing it would be a strong invitation to sex and she wanted her first time to be special. She thought it would be Ryan but maybe she was just in love with the idea of having a very popular and hot boyfriend. Maybe she wasn’t actually in love with Ryan himself. She wanted to be sure.

She grabbed a beach towel, a bottle of Gatorade, her cell phone and a large tube of sun screen. She went out to the pool and left these items on a table next to a chaise lounge. She was glad that their house was isolated from the nearest neighbor by a quarter of a mile of trees. The house was in a V shape surrounding the pool and provided privacy from the country road. Behind the pool the land plunged down into the valley containing the town. Most evenings there was a view of a gorgeous sunset. One wing of the house held her bedroom and her brothers with a bathroom they shared. The other wing held the master bedroom and her Dad’s office. Each wing had a separate door to the pool area. In the middle of the house were the living room, formal dining room and a kitchen coupled with a large family room. There was a single door in the front. The arrangement shielded her Dad from what he referred to as noise and what they insisted was music.

She adjusted her swim goggles and dove into the cool refreshing water. Her swim top immediately came off and wrapped around her neck. Obviously the top was for decoration despite the catalog insisting that the suit was suitable for swimming. She dropped the top by the side of the pool. She swam twenty quick laps and made sure she did not push off with her racing turns. She had hoped that the swimming would relax her muscles. It did feel good but fatigue and soreness overwhelmed her and she reluctantly climbed out of the pool.

As she walked to the chaise lounge, she looked down at her suit bottom. She was shocked to see that the thin material of her wet suit bottom was practically transparent. It was also sticking to the lips of her vulva. She thought she could even see the bump of her clitoris. This was definitely not going to be a pool party suit unless she stayed out of the water.

She left her top by the pool and lay face down on the chaise lounge. She put in her ear buds and selected Rhye’s album Woman on her cell phone. She thought about her day and Emily’s comments about being home coming queen. Soon she fell into a much needed sleep. She began dreaming about being the home coming queen and dancing with Ryan at the home coming ball in a hot sexy dress.

She was startled awake by a hearty greeting from her twin brother Josh.

“Hey Ash, What’s with sleeping the day away?”

Ashley turned her head and glared at her brother. “You obviously know that there are no breaks in soccer. Football is mostly standing around in a huddle talking about what you plan to do next. Talk about lazy!”

Josh was used to a constant stream of jibes from Ashley. She had made her disdain for American football well known since they had come back to the states. Josh had been a good goal keeper when he played soccer in Europe. He had a 6’4″ muscular frame and natural speed. His ability to catch balls was a major asset playing goal in soccer. However, he found there was more glory in football at an American high school. His ball handling skills made playing wide receiver a natural switch. The coach was sure to make Josh first string varsity.

Josh changed the subject and commented on Ashley’s swim suit. “You are going to get a really bad sun burn with that skimpy suit. You know how Dad is about sun exposure. How long have you been out here anyway?”

Ashley looked at her cell phone and saw it was almost 3:30. That meant she had been out almost 30 minutes. Most of her was tanned from being outdoors a lot during the summer. She had also used sun screen before practice. But that protection was gone with her shower and Josh was right – the suit exposed a lot of skin that had been hidden before.

“OK Josh make yourself useful. There is a tube on the table. Can you do my back for me?”

Ashley and Josh had always been close as a result of constantly being relocated and periodically losing all of their friends. They had also been physically close as long as they could remember. They had been wrestling and horsing around so much when they were young that their Dad enrolled them in karate. After that their fighting was focused on canlı casino siteleri practicing their karate moves. They both had advanced to brown belts in the last year and were eager to test for black.

Their Mother had countered by signing them up for dance classes. At first Josh had protested but she insisted that learning how to handle your body was important to not only dance but also karate and every other sport. She had been right and both of the kids had developed exceptional athletic talents.

Josh laughed and said “I’m glad you have an extra-large tube because there sure is a lot of white shin.”

Ashley laughed too. “Just be sure to rub it in well because every muscle in my body aches. What I really need is a massage.”

Josh quipped, “I thought soccer was all legs and running. How did you even use any muscles above your waist?

Ashley sniffed, “Well the coach believes in total fitness so she had us doing a lot of core and arm exercises. You know one needs arm strength to do a long throw in. Anyhow every muscle in my body is sore.”

Josh kneeled on either side of Ashley’s back and squeezed some lotion into his hands. He leaned forward and began to work on Ashley’s shoulders. This brought a groan from Ashley and made Josh realize that his sister really was in pain. He had strong hands and worked Ashley’s back muscles intensely. He kneaded her back repeatedly from top to bottom and back up for what felt like a pleasant eternity to Ashley. He included her neck and upper arms as well. Working her lower back produced the loudest moans from Ashley. Josh kept applying more lotion as needed.

Ashley was in heaven as her body relaxed under the powerful kneading. An old memory made it into her conscious and she made a request to Josh.

“Can you rub some of the sun screen under the top of my suit bottom? I always burn bad along the edge of my swim suits.”

Josh was happy to comply and put some lotion on his fingertips. He pushed his fingers under the top of her suit bottom and rubbed from side to side. He laughed as he realized that his fingers were brushing across the top of her ass crack. When he was done he asked if she wanted him to do the backs of her legs.

Ashley was enjoying the massage so much she had no desire to interrupt her brother. She felt lazy and mellow lying on her stomach.

“Please Josh, my legs are screaming in pain.”

With that Josh moved down to her feet. He bent her lower leg up and took some lotion. He began to rub it on her right foot being careful not to tickle. Next he moved to her right calf. He loved the shape of his sister calves. Unlike most girls with skinny calves, Ashley’s calves were nicely curved from exercise. She didn’t need heels to produce a pleasing shape. But now Ashley’s calves were knotted in pain and Josh’s deep kneading brought forth groan after groan. The lotion made her leg slippery and Josh had to grip hard. Finally he laid her foot down and began to work on her thigh starting at the knee and ever so slowly working up to the bottom of her suit. Josh loved Ashley’s legs and ass more than any woman’s he had ever seen. He liked his girlfriend’s ass and legs a lot too but Ashley’s were spectacular. From the side, Ashley’s ass curved out spectacularly followed by the taper of her thighs to her knees. He was in heaven since he had never touched any women’s legs as intimately before.

She was lying with her feet slightly apart so he had access to her soft inner thighs. Ashley was breathing hard and whimpering as Josh worked out the knots in her muscles. Ashley was in a contemplative trance. She was thinking about when they were younger and they had practiced kissing each other in preparation for a party involving truth or dare. It had been the first kiss for both of them and they had tried every variety of kissing on the mouth they could find on the internet. They kept it up for a week before the party and got very good at it. They had both been very popular at the party. It was a warm memory for Ashley and Josh’s hands were making her warmer. She felt moisture growing in her cunt.

Finally Josh moved to her other leg and ever so slowly repeated the process. Now he was kneeling above her gorgeously rounded ass massaging her upper thighs.

Josh quietly asked Ashley, “Do you still want sun screen under the edge of your suit.”

Ashley was in heaven and did not want to break the spell. She knew Josh was almost done with her back and did not want it to end. All she could manage was a soft “Yes please.”

Josh was thrilled. Ashley had just once let him touch her breasts while she was distracted watching a romantic movie on DVD but this was far better. He didn’t know where this would end but he hoped it would never stop. He was glad he had on his baggy wind pants because he was getting very hard.

He put some lotion on his finger tips and slid both hands under the lower edge of her suit; one on each hip near the strings. He slowly rubbed his fingertips from the sides of her suit toward the juncture of her thighs. He was squeezing her buttocks as his fingers pressed toward the center of her bikini bottom. He was amazed at how wonderfully soft her butt felt despite how developed her muscles were.



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