Part One Reality

Let me describe Ashley so you get a mental picture. Ashley is about 5’6″ tall, long jet black hair that she keeps in a pony tail, weighs around 115 pounds, her breasts are around a 34b. And needless to say has a killer ass.

It all started with my new job. I had just switched jobs that had landed me into a vendor route and one of my two stops was Wal-Mart. During my training phases I was introduced to the person who would be receiving my delivers and checking them in. Her name was Ashley, and boy did she do something for me right away. I wanted to change places with her in a heartbeat, instead of her checking me in I wanted to check her in if you get my point. That hot little body she had screamed to me and I wanted to answer the call.

I, being kind of reserved could only stare at her every time she checked me in. I was hoping for a smile or comment that would let me know she might be interested. Will one day when my order was messed up she sat down on some containers so we could go over my order and find the mistake. Well as she was sitting there I got a glimpse of her ass. She had no underwear on and low and behold I got the glimpse of a lifetime. That ass was so incredible; I could just sit there and stare at Ashley’s ass all day long. Imagining my face buried in her ass got me stirred up and horny as hell and almost wishing I could bend her over the container she was sitting on and take her ass. Ashley has this nice toned ass that most women want and at this point I wanted it too. I wanted to bury my face in that ass and never come up for air.

As I walked in the door to my house that night her ass was still on my mind. I raced to the shower for a much needed masturbation session and to relieve the mornings sighting of Ashley’s ass. As I lathered up my seven inch cock and began to stroke it the only thought in my mind was of Ashley. My strokes became faster and faster with my minds eye drifting back to her ass. My cock started to jump in my hands as I imagined it was buried up to the hilt in Ashley’s ass. With this thought running through my mind I came with such a force that it left me weak in the knees. As I toweled off and settled down for some sleep I tried to focus on other things. Nope didn’t work because my mind kept coming back to Ashley.

The güvenilir bahis next day I went back to Wal-Mart to deliver more product and Ashley was there. We made small talk and during this time she told me about her nights activities. She said her family was all out and she had the house to herself. She told me that all she did was take a long hot bubble bath. Damn that got my juices flowing again. Imaging her and I taking a long hot bubble bath together and her ass sitting on top of me got my cock as hard a 2×4 again.

During our check in phase of course I meant to mess up so I might get a chance to see that ass again while we were looking for the mistake and she was sitting on those containers. Well her shirt rode up again and sure enough there was that incredible ass staring at me. I don’t know if she knew I could get that good of a view of her ass or if she really didn’t care. All I knew is that I cared and my mistakes may become a habit for me just so I get the chance to see her ass everyday.

When I got home again I went straight for the shower with the thoughts of Ashley’s ass in my mind. Again I had a tremendous orgasm just day dreaming about what it would be like to fuck that ass.


That night I had a powerful dream. A dream like no other dream hit me. Of course Ashley was one of the main participants in my dream.

My dream started with me checking in my product to Ashley. During the check in process she has a mischievous grin splayed out on her face. Seeing that sparkle in her eyes I ask what is up. She doesn’t let on. Of course there is a mistake again in my product order. She goes and takes a seat on those containers so we can go through and find the mistake. Of course her shirt rides up and again she is not wearing any panties. My eyes travel to that spot on cue. I can’t get enough of looking at her firm ass. Mid way through the process she catches me staring at her ass. She doesn’t pull down her shirt at all just keeps on going to try and find the mistake with a smile on her face. We find it and I go about my business of putting the product on the shelves.

As I was preparing to leave she saunters over to me and I noticed her jet black hair was now out of the ponytail and splayed loosely around her shoulders. She asks “what is on your türkçe bahis agenda tonight.” I respond that I have no agenda tonight and that maybe we ought to go out and have dinner and drinks. She gladly accepts and gives me her phone number and tells me to call her around 5 that night. She turns to leave and drops her pen. She bends down to retrieve it and her butt comes out to say its goodbyes to me. I smile and leave.

At straight up 5 I call her on her cell phone. She answers, “Hey there knew you would call” we discuss tonight’s agenda. She wants to eat and go get drinks at a local tavern called the Wormy Dog. I agree and we set a time for 7 to meet at Applebee’s.

She comes in to the restaurant and my jaw hits the floor. She is wearing a pair of jeans that hug her ass. She comes over to the table and sits down right next to me. It is a booth and I was thinking she would be sitting across the table from me but what the heck who was I to argue about the seating arrangements.

We start conversing about her and her ambitions in life. She starts telling me about her interest in the nursing field and the scholarship she just got to start pursuing that field. Of course this news interests me but then again there goes my chances of seeing that ass everyday while checking in. She tells me about her life and her likes and dislikes in life in general. I noticed I was less thinking about tapping that ass and more about paying attention to her. She had a weird effect on me. At the start of this date all I was thinking about was the ending and here we were at the beginning and the more we talked the more I got to know the goddess with the killer ass.

Dinner was far more enjoyable than I could have imagined. I got to really know her and the more I got to know the more I was intrigued. After dinner as we were walking out to our cars she reached over and took my hand in hers. This sent shivers right to my heart. I couldn’t believe my feelings for her at the time. As I led her to her car we agreed to meet at the Wormy Dog tavern. She asked if I could get the keys out of her back pocket. I was only too happy to oblige. As my hand reached in her pocket I could feel that she had no panties on as usual. My hand must have lingered there for a couple of seconds to long because she swatted me and güvenilir bahis siteleri said go get in your car and meet me.

At the tavern we had a few beers and talked some more. I was really getting entranced by Ashley. A song came on that she really loved and asked me to dance with her. As we danced she said she had something to tell me after the song. We danced close due to it being a slow song and I knew why we were dancing she was rubbing up against me to get a feel of my rock hard cock rubbing her pubic bone regions. It felt great having the woman I desired this close in my arms and rubbing her body against mine. The song ended way too soon for me but we headed back to the table to talk.

As we seeped our beers she said, “I am so horny and haven’t been with a man in about two months. Will you take me home with you and fulfill my desires?” The seep of beer didn’t reach its intended spot as I half chocked it down and have spit it out. I couldn’t believe she said this. I responded by taking her hand and leading her to her car. Follow me I said.

We arrived at my house and we both were like animals in heat. Soon a thought came to my mind. I wanted this to last as long as possible. I wanted this woman to squirm and experience wanton lust and desire. I slowly undid her shirt. She had on this see through black bra that incased her rock hard nipples. My blood was boiling but I relaxed and took in some air to slow me down. I slowly unclasped her bra and her nipples sprang forth. I took her breasts in my hands and slowly played with them while giving her a deep French kiss. As my hands played with her globes and our tongues danced her hand landed on my ass and she squeezed. We stayed like that for a bit just exploring one another’s mouth. I broke the kiss and led her to the bedroom.

I laid her down on the bed and slowly got her out of her jeans. When I had gotten the jeans off of her my eyes drank in the beauty of her form. She was completely gorgeous from head to toe. She locked eyes with me and asked, “Do you like what you see?” I responded that she had the best body of any woman I have ever been with. I take my time and savor the view of her naked form. Her heaving breasts, her shaven pussy, her long slender legs, her crinkled up toes that I would be sucking here in a minute. I asked her to roll over. She complied and I got another view of my prize. I drank it in and a smile formed on my lips. I started kneading her ass. She said, “Hey hold on there. That’s your prize if you can make me cum at least 4 times.”



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