I text Brad: “We need to talk.”

“Shit… that’s never a good sign.” he replies.

“Can I come over?” I hit send.

“Yeah sure.” he sends back.

My stomach is in knots and the drive feels like it takes hours instead of thirty minutes. I park and walk up the stairs. Ashley’s car is gone, I don’t know if her not being home makes it easier or harder. I gently knock on the door. Brad answers it looking sad and worried. I try to avoid looking at his face as I step inside.

“Have a seat.” He says and points to the couch. A flashback of what Ashley did to me on that couch pops into my head, reminding me of the exact reason why I need to end this. I sit down on the couch and Brad sits next to me but keeps a fairly big space between us. Normally he would sit right next to me and put his arm around me. I think he can sense what is coming.

“So what’s up?” he asks reluctantly.

“I’ve been thinking and lately I just haven’t been feeling a connection between us.” I say.

“You have been pretty distant lately…” he says.

“Yeah I know and I’m sorry for that. I should have voiced my feelings sooner. You are a really great guy Brad. I’m not going to do the whole it’s not you it’s me speech. It’s really just about the chemistry not being there. I want you to be happy and with someone who is 100% dedicated to the relationship” I say.

“I can respect that and I appreciate your honesty. It still sucks though. I really like and care about you Mia.” he says.

“I care about you too and that’s why I am doing this. I’m sorry Brad.” I say. He just sits there with his head down, not moving or saying a word. Holy shit this is so awkward. “Umm well I think I’m going to head out now…”

“Oh ok.” he says. He stands up and opens the door for me, still a gentleman. We awkwardly hug and I leave.

Once I am back in my dorm room I text Ashley.

M: Well I think I just broke your brother’s heart.

A: So the deed has been done?

M: Yes

A: I’ll do damage control when I get home.

M: Thanks, he is lucky to have you as a sister.

A: 🙂


It’s been a week since Brad and I broke up and I haven’t been to their apartment, not even once, after the breakup. I was really missing Ashley and being able to spend hours and occasionally nights with her. My roommate recently informed me that she is going to be gone for a few days due to a family emergency and I formulate a genius plan. I grab my phone and quickly shoot a text message to Ashley:

M: Hey want to be my replacement roommate for a few days?

A: You know I would love to, but what are you talking about?

M: My roommate is going to be gone for a few days and there are no rules against having a fellow female student stay in the dorms.

A: Oh I see well when should I come over roomie?

M: lol As soon as you want.

A: I’ll pack some clothes up and I’ll see you in about an hour.

M: Sounds good to me.


Ashley shows up at my door precisely one hour and fifteen minutes later, yes I was counting down every second until she arrived. She smiles. “Hi M…” I pull her into my room and close the door. My lips are on hers before she can even finish saying my name. I kiss her hard pinning her against the door.

“I’ve missed you.” I say as my hands pull at her clothes. I push her hair out of the way and expose her neck. I trail my nose up and down her soft skin before giving her light kisses along the length of her neck. Ashley lets out a little moan. I yank her shirt over her head and toss it to the floor. My mouth goes back to her neck while my hands undo her bra clasp. I pull her bra off setting her gorgeous tits free.

“Damn Mia I like this aggressive side of you.” she says a little breathlessly. I pull her away from the door and push her up against the opposite wall.

“I’m going to make you come so hard baby.” I whisper into her ear. She trembles. My hands grope her chest. I rub circles with my thumbs on her nipples. She leans her head against the wall and moans softly. I lick up her neck until my tongue meets her mouth. I kiss her hard and my tongue dances with hers. My hands fumble with the button on her jeans finally getting it undone. I stop kissing her only long enough to pull her jeans and panties down to her ankles, then my mouth meets hers again. I keep kissing her for several minutes my hands running all over her body. Ashley pulls away, puts her hands on top of my head, and pushes down. I get the hint.

Ashley kicks off her shoes and I pull her jeans and underwear completely off. I lick her sexy flat stomach then kiss illegal bahis my way down to her pussy. I kiss the inside of her thighs which sends shudders through her body. I can’t wait any longer; I have to taste her. I inhale her scent and my mouth starts watering. I eagerly lick her clit and I can feel it swelling under my tongue. Ashley tries to keep her moans quiet. She tangles her hands in my hair and pushes me into her pussy. My left hand retracts her hood back so I can suck all of her clit in my mouth. I want her to feel my hunger for her through my mouth. I slide my right hand up her body so I can tease her nipples.

“Pinch them hard babe.” She tells me. I take her nipple and squeeze it hard. Pinching and rolling it between my fingers. Ashley cries out. I do the same to her other nipple while my tongue slides up and down her clit. Ashley starts to hump against my tongue. I slip my tongue into her pussy, fucking her with it.

“Mmm yes fuck me with your tongue.” she says, clenching her teeth as the pleasure overtakes her. She bounces up and down so that my tongue goes deep inside her. I use my free hand to rub her clit with my thumb making sure I am stimulating almost all of her most sensitive zones. She pushes my head against her even harder, signaling to me how bad she wants and needs me. I know she is close so I rub her clit harder and tug on her nipple. Her legs shake as she begins to come. Her hands leave my head so she can cover her mouth and try to silence her moans. I feel every contraction her pussy makes, squeezing my tongue on and off as each wave hits. I lick up every last drop of cum, making sure I am very thorough in my clean up job.

Ashley’s legs start to give out and she slowly slides to the floor. I help guide her down. She pulls me to her and kisses me. We stay sitting on the floor for a few minutes kissing each other. A smirk spreads across my face as I have another brilliant idea. I stand up and pull my shorts and thong off.

“Looks like you are in the perfect position to eat my pussy.” I say and smile down at her.

“I think you are right. Smother me with it baby.” she says straightening herself up so she will have better access. I face the wall and walk towards her until my pussy is perfectly lined up over her face. I place one hand against the wall for some support and grab her head with my other hand. I shove her face into my pussy which is already wet from the excitement of ravaging her shortly before. Ashley sticks her tongue out and lets me take complete control.

“Good girl, keep that tongue out.” I say to her. The second my clit comes into contact with her wet warm tongue I moan. “Your tongue feels so good Ashley.” I say. She attempts to smile with her mouth full of my pussy. I rub my clit back and forth across her tongue. My arousal mixes with her spit making it nice and wet. Ashley being so submissive is driving me wild. I grind my clit hard into her mouth determined to come.

“Look at me baby. I want to see your pretty face buried in my pussy.” I say. Ashley looks up at me and sucks my clit into her mouth. Her blue eyes are filled with lust and determination. I twist my hand deeper into her hair. I love seeing her face attached to my dripping pussy; I can’t contain my moans. I bite my lip trying to quiet myself as she expertly works my clit with her mouth. I’m starting to get close.

“Do you want me to come in your mouth?” I ask. She nods her head. I yank her head back. “Tell me.” I command.

“I want you to come.” she tells me, momentarily breaking contact with my pussy. “I want to taste it and eat up every drop.” I shove her head back into my pussy. I roll my clit all over her tongue, the pressure building up once again.

“Err I’m gonna come baby.” I say. I grind against her tongue a few more times before I explode. I untangle my hand from her hair and lean forward allowing the wall to support me; my head spinning from the orgasm. Ashley gently runs her tongue up my clit one final time before I pull away. I look down at her and cum is running down her chin. I grab her and pull her up so she is in between me and the wall. She wipes the cum off her chin and licks her fingers.

“Mmm you always taste so good Mia.” she says. I kiss her hard pushing her against the wall. I pull away to catch my breath.

“That was amazing.” I say. I give her one more kiss before saying, “help me rearrange the room.”

She looks puzzled. “What do you mean?” she asks.

“You know I enjoy sleeping cuddled up to you.” I say.

“As do I.” she says.

“Well this twin bed is barely big enough to fit me so I figured we could push the beds together.” I tell her. illegal bahis siteleri

“You are genius.” she says.

I laugh. “Oh thanks. Just don’t let me forget to put the beds back before you leave or my roommate is going to have some questions for me.”

We manage to push the beds together and by using various sheets and blankets we make the mattresses fit together perfectly. We look at our handy work and smile.

“It’s getting late and I have class early tomorrow so I guess it’s time to try out our new bed.” I say.

“Yeah I have class at 8:00 a.m. so we should get some sleep.” she replies. Ashley digs around through one of her bags and pulls out her pajamas. She starts to slip the shirt over her head. I grab her hand and stop her.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“Getting ready for bed.” she says.

“Silly girl there is a rule in this room: you either sleep naked or you sleep out in the hall.” I say.

“Oh really? So you and your roommate sleep naked every night?” she asks.

“It’s a new rule that starts tonight.” I lean in and give her a kiss on the tip of her nose.

She laughs. “Okay I don’t want to break the rules.” she says with a hint of sarcasm and puts her shirt back into her bag. She hops into the bed and pats the spot next to her. I strip off my few remaining clothes and hop in next to her. I pull her against me tight, my favorite way to sleep.

“Goodnight Ashley.” I say.

“Goodnight Mia.” she says.


I text Ashley after my last class:

M: I’m going to the gym. I should be back around 4:30 p.m.

A: Okay I’ll be in the room studying.

It was a sweltering hot day today and I had a long workout so by the time I made it back to my room I was still covered in sweat. I open the door and drop my gym bag off to the side.

“Hey babe. How was your workout?” Ashley asks.

“Good but intense.” I say. Ashley is sitting at the computer. I walk up behind her and give her a kiss on the top of her head. “How is the studying going?”

“Ugh it’s so boring.” she says. I laugh.

“I completely agree. I’m covered in sweat so I’m going to shower.” I say.

“Ok.” she says.

I pull off my clothes, wrap a towel around me, and head to the showers located at the end of the dorm hallway. I walk in and the bathroom is completely empty. That’s not surprising since a lot of people are studying or about to head over to the cafeteria for dinner. I drape my towel on the rack and turn on the water. I shampoo my hair and rinse it out then grab the soap. I lather it up in my hands and start running my hands up my body, soaping everywhere. My hands reach my breasts and I let them linger there a little longer than normal, giving special attention to my nipples. Then my hand travels south to my pussy. I tease my clit thinking about Ashley and what I want to do to her tonight.

I hear the bathroom door open and my hand freezes on my clit. I hear footsteps then my shower curtain is yanked back. Ashley looks me up and down staring at my hand which is still in between my legs. Embarrassed I immediately remove my hand. She tosses her towel on the counter, steps into the shower, and pulls the shower curtain closed.

Whatchya doin?” she asks grinning from ear to ear knowing she caught me in the act.

“Nothing.” I mumble as I blush.

“Why don’t you let your roomie help you out with that.” she says. She backs me up against the shower wall. Her hands are all over my body. She pinches my nipples and I lean in to her touch. Then the reality of where we are hits me.

“Ashley someone could walk in and we would get kicked out of school.” I say slightly panicked.

“Relax, who is going to walk in at this time? The whole dorm floor is pretty much empty. Plus the shower curtain reaches the floor so you can’t even tell there are 2 people in our shower stall.” she says. I start to protest again but she kisses me. Her tongue enters my mouth, effectively silencing me. She grabs the soap and produces a lather between her hands before setting it back down. She proceeds to wash my body for me. Her touch is so light that it gives me goose bumps even with the hot water running over me. She flicks her fingers quickly across my nipples a few times causing them to harden and become extra sensitive. She squeezes and massages my breasts.

“Turn around.” she says. I do and then she runs her hands up and down my back. She massages my shoulders which are tight from my workout at the gym. Soon I am putty in her hands.

“That feels really good baby.” I say. She gives me a kiss along my neck and I feel her hands rub canlı bahis siteleri my ass. She squeezes my ass and her hands start to wander close to my pussy. Her fingers trail along my pussy lips. I can tell she is in a teasing mood this evening. She puts her hands on either side of my pussy and gently pulls which opens me up. God I want her inside me. She turns me back around so that I am facing her. Her mouth is on mine instantly and she sucks on my bottom lip causing me to moan softly. She glides her hands all along my body, making me tingle everywhere. She avoids all of my extra sensitive areas and the teasing is driving me crazy. I can’t take it anymore so I grab her hand and place it on my pussy. Before she has time to react I’ve managed to maneuver myself so that two of her fingers slip inside me. The feeling is impeccable. I push her hand so that her fingers go deep inside of me.

“You dirty girl.” she says.

“Ashley please fuck me and fuck me hard.” I plea. She curls and uncurls her fingers inside of me causing my pussy to clench with pleasure. Even with her fingers finally inside of me she continues to tease me. She finally starts to slide her fingers in and out. She pulls her fingers nearly all the way out, leaving the very tips of them inside of me. She lets them linger there for a few seconds before slowly pushing them back into me so that I feel every inch, every centimeter.

“Is this what you want?” she asks.

“Harder baby, faster.” I answer.

She thrusts her fingers into me hard and I cry out. She gets really close to me and whispers, “You little slut. That’s what you like, huh? Getting your pussy fucked hard until it hurts.” she says. Oh my god Ashley is so hot when she talks dirty.

“Mmm yes make it hurt.” I say. She kisses my neck and is about to thrust into me again when the bathroom door squeaks and someone walks in. Ashley pulls her fingers out and jumps away from me. We both look at each other with panic in our eyes, holding our breath. The person who walked in is whistling some annoying tune. I recognize the whistle instantly and I know it’s Sarah, my dorm’s residential advisor, in other words, the girl in charge of my dorm section. Ashley looks at me because the expression on my face changed once I realized it was Sarah. I mouth “it’s my RA”.

Ashley raises an eyebrow at me and gives me a wicked smile. She closes the distance between us and starts to play with my tits. I look her square in the eye and frantically shake my head no. I know exactly what she is up to and she is going to get us caught.

She presses her lips to my ear, “let’s find out if you can keep quiet while you come.” Her fingers snake their way back into my longing pussy. I clamp my hand over my mouth. She starts out slow but that doesn’t last long. Soon she is really fucking me hard and my moans are starting to slip out. Ashley tries to help me by placing her hand over mine. She keeps eye contact with me while her fingers continue to thrust in and out. My legs tremble and want to give out. I’m not sure if they will support me for much longer. Ashley can see I’m struggling to hold myself up so she pulls me against her pushing my head into her neck. I kiss her neck hoping that will distract me enough to keep my moans at bay.

Ashley withdraws her fingers, pulling completely out of me, and then slams them back inside. I bite down on her neck hard. She clenches her teeth to keep her own yelp of pain from coming out. I release her neck and kiss her collar bone and shoulder as Ashley pumps at my g-spot. My legs are really shaking now and Ashley decides to repeat her earlier act of removing her fingers all the way and then fucking me hard. This time I bite into her shoulder and leave my mouth there while she fucks my pussy so hard I know I will be sore tomorrow. Every time she takes her fingers out she pushes against my g-spot. My eyes roll back in my head as my orgasm hits me hard. I taste blood in my mouth and realize I broke the skin on Ashley’s shoulder. I remove my mouth from her and she is left with a perfectly round bite mark. That’s what she gets for pulling this little stunt.

I hear footsteps again and the squeak of the door. Sarah’s whistling fades and then disappears once the door closes.

I look at Ashley, “You bitch.” I say but with a smile on my face. I’m still holding on to her as I get my bearings back.

“Oh please you loved every second of that.” she says and gives me a kiss.

“Maybe… but just wait until I get you back.” I say.

“I look forward to it.” she says. She gently slaps my now sensitive pussy, making me jump. She steps away from me making sure I am steady enough on my own two feet and opens the curtain. She grabs her towel, wraps it around herself, and walks out of the bathroom. I switch the water temperature over to the cold side and try to cool down before stepping out and thinking of how to punish Ashley.



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