***(This is my first submission to Lit, so please feel free to give me feedback and criticisms!)***

“I want u naked in ur hall, on all fours so the 1st thing I c is ur pussy”

I re-read the text message and shivered with delicious apprehension. Knees digging into the cold oak floor of the hallway, I obediently kept my position, waiting on his arrival. Fabulous, filthy thoughts floated around my head as the draught from the corridor outside wafted under the flat door to meet my naked pussy, shaved immaculately smooth on his instruction, and already moistening at the idea of what was to come.

He had instructed me that once he arrived, I was not to look him in the eye, not to talk to him unless he requested it, I was his slave, his fuck-toy, his slut for the night. I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I knew that with him, I was in for a night of hard, uninhibited fucking.


The sound of the key in the door sent an electric jolt through me, my nipples immediately hardening in exquisite tension and anticipation. I forced myself not to look at him, fearing the punishment if I did, seeing instead in my mind’s eye every contour of his body, his deep brown eyes, short blonde hair and stocky, athletic frame.

He didn’t speak a word to me, instead, my whole body trembled as I felt his hands, cold against my hot skin, roughly caress and knead my arse. Without ceremony, I felt his tongue lap over my dampening pussy and up to my arsehole, making me exhale loudly and sink down onto my elbows in delight.

“You are a horny little slut, aren’t you,” he breathed, working a finger around my clit before pushing it inside me, right to the knuckle in one swift movement, making me moan in bahis firmaları surprised pleasure. My cunt tightened around his teasing finger, trying to draw it deeper inside me, my arse bucking up to meet his ready tongue to encourage him to rim me some more.

I wasn’t prepared for the sharp slap across my backside. “No, my little whore. I’m controlling the pace of things,” he said, pulling his finger out of my sopping wet pussy. The tenderness of his voice belied the harsh words as he pulled me up by the shoulders.

“Now be a good slut, and suck my cock.”

He stepped in front of me, and for the first time in the evening I saw him, dark eyes flashing with the excitement of being in control; his cock straining at the front of his jeans. I slowly unbuttoned his fly, brazenly exposed to his watching eyes as he reached down to pull on my nipples. Easing his jeans downwards, I hungrily eyed his rapidly hardening cock, before teasingly running my tongue gently around the head.

He groaned in ecstasy as I pulled his dick deep into my mouth, determined to take as much of him as I possibly could, flicking my tongue back and forth across the underside of his shaft. I felt the almost painful twist of his fingers into my long dark hair as he repeatedly fucked my mouth, making me gag on his length, eyes watering as I struggled to accommodate his cock.

“Bed,” he commanded, abruptly pulling back and wiping the tears from my cheeks.

I staggered to my feet and followed him to my bedroom, where he wordlessly motioned me to lie on my back on the bed. I settled back against the pillows and surveyed him quizzically.

“Show me how you were touching yourself last night when you were texting me,” he said.

Obediently, kaçak iddaa I spread my legs and started to rub and stroke my sensitive clit, before delving two fingers deep into my burning hot cunt. He stood at the end of the bed, watching me intently, and wanked his hard cock in time as I worked my fingers in and out. “You’re my little toy, you don’t cum until I say you can,” he warned, and I whimpered my compliance as the sound of my own fingers squelching in my pussy filled the room.

“Didn’t you mention using a toy last night as well?” he prompted, nodding towards my bedside table.

I nodded and without further instruction, sucked my rabbit vibe into my mouth before pushing it hard into my waiting cunt.

“Fuck, that looks so hot,” he whispered, coming closer, stroking his cock and stripping off his t-shirt so he was gloriously naked by my bed, the sight of his toned body turning me on even more. “I love seeing you stretched around that big vibe, you look so slutty lying there pounding your own pussy.”

I turned up the speed on the vibe and pumped myself hard with the thick blue rubber phallus.

“Are you close?” he whispered, looking me in the eye and leaning over me.

I nodded breathlessly, painfully close to orgasm.

“Cum for me, then, like the horny little bitch you are.”

He leaned forward, pushing his finger into my open mouth, before sliding it into my tight arsehole as the combination of sensations rapidly brought me off. I cried out as I clenched tightly around the vibe and his finger, my pussy and arse contracting and spasming wildly as I came.

Gently, urgently, he removed the vibe from my grasp as I was still shaking in the aftermath of my orgasm, and rolled kaçak bahis a condom down his hard shaft. As though I weighed little more than the clothes he’d thrown on my floor, he flipped me over doggy style and thrust his cock deep into my soaking pussy.

I cried out as he sunk all the way into me, his balls nestling against my clit, his hands reaching forward to grab my tits as he started to pound me hard from behind.

Slamming his body into mine again and again, I felt my knees start to give way from sheer lust as he ploughed into me, over and over, his balls slapping my pussy and his hot breath on my shoulder. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, whispering obscenities in my ear, that I was his, he was my master, that he had been saving his cum up for me for the past few days.

My pulse rushed in my ears as I worked his cock with my pussy, gripping him tightly as he pushed in, making sure that he could feel me tightening around him. I arched my back, pushing back against him with each stroke so that I could get him as deep inside me as possible.

I felt a drop of his sweat run off his forehead and land right between my shoulders as we fucked, animalistic and frenzied, the smell of sex and our mingled sweat heavy in the air.

“I’m going to…”

A few final hard thrusts, and he pulled out of me, leaving me feeling suddenly empty. I felt the hot shower of his cum as he ripped off the condom and released his load over my back and hair. I groaned with delight as I felt the hot liquid start to run down my back towards my arse, and collapsed onto my side on my bed.

Still breathing hard, he got up, gave me a chaste kiss on the forehead and was gone. No intimate cuddling afterwards… But I suppose that’s just normal, when you’re messing around with your Mum’s boyfriend. It’s been going for six months now, but please don’t judge me. No-one gets hurt as long as she never finds out… right?



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