So many thoughts were going through my mind as I sat in the Airport, waiting……It was almost one year exactly since I met Michelle, and now we were finally going to meet. I sat in the back area of the gate where her plane was to arrive. I had a good view of the debarkation area, and I hoped to be able to spot her as soon as she got off. I only knew what she looked like from photos ,and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find her….

The plane arrived on time, and I watched as the line of people streamed onto the gate and into the airport itself. There were families, couples, a few lone passengers….and then I saw her. I stood transfixed as she walked into the concourse, then stopped and looked around. She was gorgeous. I could tell even from a distance and under the long coat that she was wearing that she was very well endowed, her body a dream of soft curves…..

Our eyes finally met, and I was immediately swept with overwhelming desire to get this woman alone. We approached and finally embraced. Electricity filled my body as I felt hers press into mine; her scent filling my senses. I stood there and held her tightly, savoring the pressure of our hips together, and the feel of her large breasts pressing into my chest. I backed off a little, and our eyes met. No words were needed; our lips met and our tongues began their hungry exploration. I slipped my hands down her shapely sides, and rested them on her sexy ass. I pulled her even closer to me, I wanted her to feel the hardness and urgency of my erection…….

We broke the kiss and headed to the taxi stand, hand in hand. I had already made arrangements at a very local illegal bahis hotel, and my body was burning with animal passion. As we walked our bodies made incidental contact, each touch stoked the fires burning deep within my soul. I have never known such feelings before; my very essence screamed for her touch……

It was a very short ride to the hotel, and we kissed the whole way there. The soft wetness of her mouth, the way her tongue worked with mine… was so effortless, so natural. It was though we were made for each other.

I opened the door and got out of the cab. I helped Michelle out and couldn’t help but notice her legs as she slid over, and then out. She had a pair of high-heeled black ankle boots on, and she was wearing fishnets. I had to get her into our room; I was ready to explode. We strode quickly into the lobby, checked in, and set off for our room.

A few minutes later, we arrived. I opened the door and let her in behind me. Then I took the “Do Not Disturb” sign and hung it on the doorknob. The minute the door closed, I flew over to Michelle, who by now had taken off her coat and revealed herself to me. She looked absolutely breathless in the black, sleeveless dress that she had on. The curtains were still drawn closed, and it gave the room a seductive atmosphere. Unable to wait any longer, I grabbed her hard and pulled her close…….

Our lips once again met and our tongues danced…..I reached behind her and unzipped her dress, then ran my fingers up her spine to the base of her head. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it back slightly, driving my tongue deep down her throat. She gave illegal bahis siteleri it right back, sucking hard on mine as I drove deeper and deeper……

I began to haphazardly work the dress off of her sexy frame, but it got hung up on her magnificent breasts. I broke the kiss for a second and pulled away just far enough to brusquely pull the front of her dress down over her cleavage. She had on a black push-up bra, and her sweet tits were practically falling out over the under wire. I gasped and felt my head moving down to them, my tongue tracing a path from her mouth and along her neck. I stopped there and began to nibble on the spot where her neck meets her shoulder. My soft kisses soon turned into hard sucking, and I was rewarded with her moans of pleasure……

She reached down and undid my pants, freeing my throbbing cock from its restrictive environment. Her hands were so soft, so warm….she began to play with the head, rubbing it gently as I sucked hard on her neck………burning with desire, I pulled the rest of her dress down off of her, and took in the sight of her glistening, bald pussy.

I dropped to my knees and thrust my tongue between her cunt lips. She spread her legs apart and pulled my face hard into her crotch. I needed no encouragement; I ate her out with reckless abandon. I worked into her so hard that she could no longer stand up. She lowered herself to the floor as my tongue found her other hole. I probed her asshole just as roughly and hard with my tongue as I did her pussy. My fingers began to probe and play with the soft folds of her outer cunt…….her moans were getting louder and more canlı bahis siteleri urgent.

I stopped abruptly and pulled off the rest of my clothes, and then I attacked her chest. I pulled the bra over her tits and devoured the first one I saw. I moved to her side and began to finger fuck her while I sucked as hard as I could on her sweet tits. I mounted one of her legs and began to dry hump it as I kept up the finger fucking……I was a mass of sexual desire; I wanted to fuck every square inch of her wonderful body……….

I couldn’t wait any longer; my cock was throbbing. I had to fuck her…….

I reached up and grabbed her wrists, pinning them above her head. Then I lay on top of her, working my hips into hers. She lifted up her legs and spread them even wider. I could sense that she wanted to get fucked as hard as I wanted to fuck her. I slowly worked my cock around her outer pussy, gently probing the entrance. I slowly drove it deep within her cunt, and my whole body began to tremble. I could hear Michelle moan and beg to be fucked…she was urging me to go fast and hard…………

I tightened my grip on her wrists and let loose with my hips. I fucked her with a steady, driving rhythm……..the room was filled with the noises of passionate sex; the sound of flesh hitting flesh, the squishing sounds of our sweat and juices intermingling…..My mouth once again found my Michelle’s and we kissed deeply and passionately as our bodies ground and writhed together……..her pussy was so tight, yet so soft and yielding.

Our passions rose to that inevitable point of supreme ecstasy and our bodies contorted and spasmed with their orgasms. As I was in the throes of my passion, my eyes locked with Michelle’s and I realized that this was where I wanted to be from now on……..I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Michelle, exploring our wants and desires…..



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