Thank you for your feedback to date, I am encouraged by the responses I have received so far, and I can sense the impatience and enthusiasm among readers in knowing more about my experiences with my in-laws and my auntie Jackqueline (Jackie). I have also received proposals from like-minded couples who want to visit us here on vacation, and will try to accommodate all proposals as soon as I can.

Recently, I invited my in-laws and my aunt Jackie over to my place and showed them what I have written; it was important that they are made aware of my intentions to share with others who appreciate sex as we do. I also had to verify details with them about events that took place over the past few years in order to re-produce them here as accurately as possible. This time, however, in order to consolidate more than just one or two episodes in one story, I realize that writing in the narrative form and including dialogue wherever it lends credence to what happened, will be best for what I want to convey. I have always believed that through dialogue, one is able to tell what is genuine and what isn’t. I tried include pictures in my stories, but apparently readers didn’t get to see them for technical reasons. When I did give some photos to readers who emailed me, one asked why I gave him a picture constructed through photoshop. For obvious reasons of course! I do not make love to my mother-in-law or aunt, or my sister-in-law with a camera in my hand! And I suggest none of you try that too unless you and your partner or partners have mutually intended to record your sexual escapades together! Nevertheless, What I did was merely re-enact scenes which actually took place – though the physiques are not exactly alike but similar, the faces, I assure you, are real. So are the positions, attires, etc. Perhaps when the situation allows, I shall happily get to record actual footage one day.

A few readers asked, especially my female readers, among whom I notice majority are mothers or married women, whether my mother-in-law Lyah and my auntie Jackie had ever met or got together with me, especially since I have continued my relationships with both of them on parallel grounds simultaneously. My answer is yes they have, and you will learn about it here, in this long story. They would lead me to levels never before experienced, and they are both good friends today. Lyah takes care of my daughter from aunt Jackie from time to time when we’re busy. And Lyah and Jackie are two of the most compatible women I know today.

Those in the Malay community will know that it is a tight community in Singapore. Believe it or not, even the Malays in Malaysia are more liberal and educated, so it simply was not a comfortable idea for my in-laws to want to have themselves photographed in a lewd act. They have expressed a desire to have our get-togethers video-taped, for our own viewing pleasure, but a photograph could easily get in the wrong hands. When my mother-in-law Lyah and her husband – Ran – saw my writings, they were actually aroused. Ran lead my wife Jasmin – his daughter – into the room, leaving me with Lyah in front of my computer, where we kissed and I probed my hand beneath her long traditional dress. Before long we could hear my wife moaning away and screaming as her father gave her his all on our bed. I simply cuddled my mother-in-law as she sat on my lap, resting her head in the crook of my neck as we kissed and fondled. When we entered the room to see what was going on, we found Ran heaving his way in and out of my wife, a tremendously beautiful sight – for that moment they were both wedded – she opened herself to him without reservation and he made love to her like she was his and had always been his. I could see the palpitations in her abdominals as his tool sliced in and out of her. She had her arms around his neck with a determined look on her face, feeling him not just physically but emotionally and spiritually within her. So I sat beside her and massaged her tummy, one of the sexiest part of a woman’s body.

Lyah whispered something in my ear and before long we were both nude and she was rolling a condom down my long hard cock. Grabbing a bottle of Vaseline, she rubbed some into her husband’s anus, running her fingers between the crack of his ass. She wanted me to take him. To her, since we became lovers, I was the dominant male in her life and any gesture to rank her husband a notch below me made all arrangements and priorities in her life concrete. I moved behind Ran, my arm circling his waist to secure his torso; Lyah held his cheeks apart – Lyah had straightforwardly told him one that he didn’t have to like it, he simply had to accept the facts – and I stabbed my manhood into my father-in-law’s rectum, all the way to the hilt. Soon I was over him like a wrestler pinning his subject, adding weight and impact to how hard my wife was receiving her father’s cock inside her.

“You’re going to bruise my cervix!” She cried from below us when she felt the weight of two men crashing into her, casino siteleri his glans now punching her cervix with each thrust.

“That’s the idea baby!” I smiled at her from above.

Lyah stood on the bed and straddled her husband’s back, creating a screen between my upper body and Ran’s. She fed her bush to me, and I feasted on her, my tongue hungrily lashing out into the crack of her twat. I can never express sufficiently that I just love eating Lyah, as much as I love tongue-fucking my aunt Jackie’s cunt. Let me reiterate that I do not have a fetish for hairy women, but I do appreciate a dense bush, not a shaved one. A dense bush seems more inviting, and it adds texture to a good-impact fuck or grinding. And Lyah had a gorgeous and well-seasoned cunt, I loved brushing my face against her bush. And I loved rimming her out too, something she confided in me Ran never did, at least not until our swinging began. I could eat Lyah for more than an hour. Lie the time when we were both on the couch watching television, and I lied back with my back against the arm-rest and my legs stretched out before me. Using my legs as a mattress, she lied down on my legs, her head nestled against my knees, and I lifted her hips as she hooked the crook of her knees over my shoulders so that my face was positioned firmly against her bottom. I spent 75 minutes eating her cunt and rimming her, and she must have climaxed a dozen times. Even when Jasmin arrived home from work, she simply kissed me on the lips to say hello – tasting her mother’s juices in my mouth – and I told her to leave us both alone, I wanted to spend the entire evening with Lyah.

I felt Ran’s body shudder beneath me and knew he was coming. I fucked his ass faster, increasing the strength of my grip around his waist, as I pinched his nipple with my other hand. He groaned and erupted in my wife. I pushed down on him to maximize his deposit of hot cum in her. I bucked against him and each time he spurted a lesser jet of semen in her. Lyah got down to her knees beside me, directing me to withdraw from her husband. She pulled her husband off my wife, peeled my condom off, and I entered Jasmin’s pussy next, forcing some of Ran’s cum to displace and ooze out as my cock occupied her crevice. I knew Ran was a bit unhappy about not being able to sodomize me – ever – but that’s the way things were and he accepted that. What I did to him was not out of a bi-sexual desire, but as I said, a gesture Lyah demanded from time to time. It was a personal thing kept within my wife’s immediate family. Even when in public, in social circles, I had taken precedence over Ran’s place when it came to Lyah. But Ran didn’t mind, he now had access to all three daughters and his wife’s sister too, and frankly, he loved it to be buggered. It made him come more than usually. His balls ached as every drop of his semen was extracted under such circumstances, and Lyah would massage his testicles and his anus.

I pumped away into my wife, displacing more of Ran’s cum, till I reached my peak too, and filled her with loads of my own jism. Her eyes were shut, her mind in another world, ecstatic over how two men had just taken turns to fuck her mad. Her mother was teasing her, telling her she was blessed with the mixture of cum from her husband and father. Lyah told her to relax, to allow the semen in her to coagulate, and perhaps she’d conceive in time. I kissed my wife and congratulated her, telling her she was an angel, and she smiled. Apparently Ran had not had enough of his daughter, and he surprised us with a second erection, so he mounted his daughter and penetrated her again. She received him willingly, despite her soreness, and took him in, thanking her dad for his gift.

“Go ahead, that’s it father, give your daughter your load!” She uttered in her breathlessness. Lyah and I left the two animals alone, and we went into the adjacent bathroom to enjoy a long shower together. I love my mother-in-law. She knows me better than my wife and all the women put together. We surprise many couples we swing with the amount of kissing and foreplay that goes on between us. If you recall, I related previously that Lyah had requested that I initiate her into the world of swinging. That she wanted to submit herself to the whims and fancies of other couples old and young. And I did.

Six of us squeezed into the car that was to take us to our weekend home across the causeway. Both my sister-in-laws Mas & Jali, my wife Jasmin, her parents – my father and mother-in-law Ran and Lyah. Jali was driving, and my mother-in-law sat in the passenger’s seat in front. Jasmin, Ran, and I got in the back seat, with Ran sitting between us both. Mas then climbed in and sat on my lap. She wore a mini-skirt that creased up her fair thighs as she planted her bottom on my lap, and inevitably against my crotch. Almost instantaneously I developed an erection that pushed back against the crack of her ass beneath the denim mini-skirt she wore. And moments later we were on our way to our house slot oyna in Malaysia. The journey would take about an hour or two, depending on the traffic at the causeway.

Mas and I mutually took pleasure whenever the road was bumpy, cause she bounced hard on my bulge, and she smiled each time she had a chance to crash her butt on my nuts. All of us in the car had already come to accept our incestuous relationships with one another. All except Mas’ and Jali’s husbands, who were left out of everything completely due to their prudish personalities and possessiveness. We shared our secret among just the six of us.

On the way there, Mas held on to the passenger seat in front of her where her mom Lyah sat, and pulled herself up, elevating her hips so that I had room to move my hand to my crotch to unzip my khaki pants and allow my hard cock to spring out. Ran lifted Mas’ skirt up her waist and pulled the crutch of her panties aside to expose her vulva; I held on to my tool and positioned it, letting it slide into Mas’ – her cunt already wet – as she sat back down on me. I thanked my father-in-law for assisting, and he nodded. He reached in front of his daughter and slipped his hand up her tee-shirt, grabbing her tits. My wife Jasmin, who sat on his right, began unzipping her father’s jeans, and I smiled at her approvingly. She retrieved his erect cock in the palm of her hand, looked at me and stuck her tongue out mischievously. She went down on him, her lips catching over the circumference of his glans. She used here tongue to probe his urethra, and he twitched in delight. While one daughter was sucking his strong old cock, he was busy molesting his oldest daughter’s tits while she allowed my long hard cock to marinate within her.

Lyah, who was sitting in front had rotated the position of her body so she could watch us four in the back. Although Jali was driving, our eyes kept meeting in the reflection of her rear-view mirror. Jali was becoming less enthusiastic about the whole arrangement as soon as she discovered she was falling in love with me. She wanted more discreet time with me alone, making love or just holding hands and walking by the beach. She was also one woman that is obsessed with anal-fucking, and she loved me taking her there.

I watched as Jasmin’s head bobbed up and down her father’s cock. And he really liked her sucking him off. She stroked his shaft firmly as he fucked her mouth, and I studied her lips rolling back and forth along his rod. Then she too elevated herself and like Mas, she was wearing a mini-skirt which she pulled up her waist. She wasn’t wearing any panties, since we all knew what our conduct was going to be like! And she guided her father deep inside her as she shifted herself to sit on him like me and her sister Mas. Lyah, looking at us from the front seat, reached forward to let her fingers run up her daughter’s bush, and Jasmin whined joyfully.

Singaporeans are by nature obtrusive and inquisitive, so we had to be careful with passing drivers; instead of having the two women buck their juicy twats up and down our cocks, they simply gyrated their hips so our fucking wouldn’t be noticed by motorists speeding by. Privacy is something one does not get to enjoy much in this over-populated city. Apart from the backward prudish and conservative citizens one inevitably encounters daily if you chose to jostle your way around in public, you hardly get a chance to do your own thing without prying eyes ‘checking you out’. I was once in the lift with two Chinese housewives on their way to the market; not knowing I am well-versed in the Mandarin dialect, one of them told the other that I was really tall and well-built. The other then replied that it would mean that I had a large cock too, and they both laughed. The first one then said she wished she could try me in bed, and then her neighbour replied that if that did happen, she wanted to participate. Imagine the look on their faces when just before the lift-doors opened on the ground floor, I greeted them in Mandarin and told them I was good with my mouth and would go down on the two of them any time they were ready! As I walked away, they both blushed and began giggling, and one of them said they’d take me on my offer. Three weeks later, I fucked them both for eight hours in one of their homes, in their marital-bed.

Back to me and my in-laws in the car. Mas and my wife Jasmin seemed to be enjoying a silent-contest on how effectively they could each gyrate their hips and massage our soaked cocks with their twats. I had my pinkie teasing Mas’ anus, cornholing her. Ran had his hands around my wife, fondling his daughter’s boobs under her blouse. Then the two women on top of us leaned towards one another and kissed a long passionate lustful wet kiss, tongues lashing out against the other like hungry bitches.

“We’re reaching the causeway”, Jali announced from the front. “You two better come fast!” She glanced at me in her rear-view mirror. With her two sisters kissing, Ran and me reached canlı casino siteleri our peaks soon enough and we both ejaculated simultaneously, both women pressing down firmly on us as our cum filled them up full. We passed the causeway and customs without arousing any suspicion and looked forward to reaching our weekend-house fast so we could all play.

By the time we drove into the driveway of our house, Ran & I smelled of sex fluids. I had developed leg cramps from keeping my legs in the same position for too long, and had to limp into the house till the blood in my legs began its normal circulation again. Mas and my wife Jasmin had dried cum on their thighs when some of our cum oozed out of their twats. Lyah – my mother-in-law – walked past me and I playfully caught her in my arms and kissed her mouth.

“When’s your turn?” I asked.

Soon, I promise!” She laughed and wriggled free.

Sarimah is a Malay woman, in her late thirties, married, four kids, and a husband who is in the engineering profession. I am acquainted with both husband and wife, though her husband is oblivious to his wife’s private liaisons and adventures. I got to know her when I walked into a apparel retail outlet, where she attended to me. We became friends.

For a Malay woman, she has the sexiest personality I know, in view of the fact that Malays are usually conservative and puritanical by nature and due to their religious beliefs. She is not typically beautiful, but her uninhibited way of interacting with me when we were more familiar with one another, simply put her at the top of my list of sexy Malay women. For example, she would later, during our casual meetings and outings, casually relate that she had watched a good porn movie the night before and thereafter had given her husband a blowjob, and that she never fails to swallow his cum if he ejaculated in her mouth. She’d run her nail down my spine to make me shudder while she stared into my eyes to watch my reaction. I pleaded with her to quit arousing me, since she was a married woman and I had no way of satisfying my lust with her.

On another occasion, when I confided in her that I was experiencing some back ache near just above my buttocks, she asked me when I had last ejaculated. It then struck me that it had been a week or two when I last did, and I told her. She told me that was the cause of my back ache, and that I would experience relief if I went home and masturbated. That was how uninhibited she was, and she told me her husband knew about it, and when I finally met him, I found him to be a nice bloke as well. We would exchange movies through Sarimah from time to time, and it in fact gave her an excuse for us to meet for a drink or a meal.

Well, it was inevitable that eventually one thing led to another. First it was the discreet trips to the public toilet in a restaurant or some other public place, where we would both find a cubicle, and then she wanted to watch me jerk myself off. She got a kick out of it, and it made her day, the way she’d look at me or make facial expressions to show how lustful she felt. She did not want any physical contact initially because she said she was married, and could not permit herself to cross that line. I respected her wishes.

However, things advanced beyond that. I then discovered the tormenting conflict within Sarimah about her moral stance, when she revealed to me an unprecedented quirk. She was addicted to cum. She was just crazy about it. She had to have it, and to swallow it. She started visiting my place on weekends whenever her husband had to work the night shift. She’d wear the traditional Malay dress, in the form of a long parallel-cut gown that went all the way down to the mid-thigh, and a matching sarong-dress beneath it that reached down to the ankles. Although many her culture wore the traditional head-scarf, she did not, since her line of work barred her from doing so.

She’d lie in my single-bed, pull her sarong up her waist, then have me remove her panties. Her legs wide apart, she’d display her cunt to me, while I stroked my cock as she watched. Any physical contact was prohibited at that point, till I was about to come. I would then move to the side of her head, and she’s open her mouth wide and place it as close as possible to my glans so that I could ejaculate every single drop of semen into her mouth. She’d swallow every drop, then wait for me to recover and repeat the entire ritual again, up to three times a night. She loved the taste. It was the first case of semen-addiction I know of. I wanted to fuck her so badly, till today, but she would never relent. So I simply accede to what fancies her, and till this day, she’s good friends with me and my wife.

We are still contemplating on ways to seduce her, and she has explicitly expressed her desire to cross that line now and then, but the conflict within her continues to rage on. It will be such a waste if she continues to quell her desires as such, and the repercussions on her marriage cannot be underestimated. We have even advised her to coax her husband into swinging, but she has confided in us that he was too much of a prude to try anything unconventional. Perhaps readers would like to forward me their suggestions?



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